Marriage of the Di Daughter (The Double) 嫡嫁千金 ( 墨雨云间) by 千山茶客 Qian Shan Cha Ke (HE)

The young lady of the Xue family was talented and with an unmatched appearance, and at the age of 16 she married her sweetheart. They lived in harmony and conjugal bliss as she accompanied her husband, who was preparing for the imperial examinations. Three years later, he became the Top Scorer.

He was now a glorified scholar married to a commoner wife, and he coveted the power and wealth of nobility. She became the stumbling block in his path to marrying the Princess, so he was willing to murder his wife and child.

The arrogant and willful princess stood before her and ridiculed her: “You may have an unparalleled appearance and talents, but in the end you merely are a small official’s daughter. For this princess to crush you, it’s as simple as crushing an ant!”

To smear her reputation, they hanged her but claimed she committed suicide. Her younger brother was murdered when seeking justice for her, and when her father received the news, he fell gravely ill and finally passed away.

In the year 42 of Hong Xiao’s reign, Yanjing’s number one beauty Xue Fangfei passed away. However, she reincarnated into the body of the Chief Assistant’s official daughter Jiang Li, who had drowned, and was granted a new opportunity in life!

With one foot in the doors of this prestigious family, shameful secrets were continuously revealed by her. Along the road, when met with monsters and demons, she would always retaliate. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Her former soft heart became as sharp as a knife! Jiang Li pledged this vow, this time around, she would no longer let herself be trampled like mud. In this lifetime, her blood debt would be repaid!

He was Northern Yan’s youngest Duke. Unrestrained and gorgeous, yet cruel and moody. In his house, he gathered the world’s most wonderful and unique flowers.

Everyone said that the second miss of the Jiang family was lively and adorable, with an honest character as pure as a white lotus.

Clad in magnificent red clothes, he replied with a smile: “A white lotus flower? She clearly is a vicious man-eating flower that doesn’t even spit the bones.”

Jiang Li: “Duke, be careful not to break your hand”

Ji Heng: “Such a ferocious man-eating flower, naturally I have to bring her back home.”

The cruel and willful handsome youth versus the daughter of an influential family. A pretty and flirtatious Lord and a white lotus-like Lady, stubborn and unyielding, joining hands to make the world submit to them.

(Credit: Blooming Translation)

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