Their Love Stories / My Pampered Splendid Little Wife / Lair & Love Game / Mr. Intrigue’s Love Game 一见钟情, 毒宠绝色小娇妻 / 套路先生的恋爱游戏 by 云起莫离 Yun Qi Mo Li

Mo Su Qing’s boyfriend who she was dating for seven year, having an affair with her half sister. Feeling deeply hurt, she get drunk.

Unexpectedly, Mo Su Qing’s lingering with a stranger man overnight. Just one sentence, “I’ll be responsible for you”, let her flash marriage decisively.

In the marriage, she was overwhelmed by her husband’s tenderness. Increasingly entanglement in this agreed marriage, unexpectedly her husband who was originally a small assistant was actually the Big Boss of the Imperial Feng Yun Group.

Behind the deception and lies, exactly how many unknown secrets are hidden…..

(Credit: Manga Sy)

[Ebook][Eng Translation][Manhua][Manhua in Eng][Audiobook][Cô Vợ Nhỏ Nuông Chiều Quá Lại Thành Ác!!][용의주도 대표님의 연애 게임]


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