Nothing But You 他逆光而来 (眼里余光都是你) by 左瞳 Zuo Tong

In order to protect her twin, the cute and easily overlooked Jiang Lili has no choice but to pretend to be her sister’s stand-in. She meets a black-bellied president who tells her they must “live together.” Luckily, Jiang Lili has a band of friends alongside her as she ventures into the entertainment industry.

Jiang Lili has a ditzy and “good-for-nothing” image compared to her “ice queen” twin sister Bi Xiaoran who is a seasoned producer. Jiang Lili has to pretend to be Bi Xiaoran after the latter has gotten into an accident. She encounters a domineering executive in Lai Zhengyi who asks to cohabitate. Meanwhile, Bi Xiaoran meets a “puppydog” love interest in Qin Yanfei Having experienced the extremes between her own life and her sister’s hectic life, Jiang Lili gradually becomes the best version of herself and also finds love.




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