The Bamboo Horse is a Wolf 竹马是只狼 by 睡懒觉的喵 The Mew From A Cat After A Lazy Nap (HE)

The year she was five, Yan Xiao mistakenly becomes hated for all eternity: When she was playing with toy cars with Wen Yi, she accidentally smashed one onto his forehead.

Wen Yi, who’s feature had been broken, cried as he bawled, “Don’t you know that I won’t be handsome anymore if a scar’s left there? Don’t you know that no girls will come play with me like this? Don’t you know that…”

Yan Xiao cried back in rage, “What are you crying for? If it’s a biggie, I’ll take you as a husband!”

Thus, twenty years later, tragedy occurs —

With that heroically, threatening, handsome face, Wen Yi pushes up the fringe on his forehead and protests coquettishly, “This scar was caused by you. Take responsibility!”

Yan Xiao, “I remember it didn’t leave a scar back then.”

Wen Yi, “Uh-huh…I smashed this myself. But it’s still your fault. You must marry me!”

Yan Xiao, “…”

The facts prove that shamelessness has no bounds.

(Credit: Lil’ Bliss)



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