Wang Ye, Wang Fei (Part for Ever) 王爷, 王妃说此生不复相见 (婉婉如梦霄) by 旌墨 Sheng Mo

Ye Chuyan loved Pei Xiuyan for twelve years, but he was not moved at all. In return, Pei Xiuyan wiped out the Ye family and tortured her father and brother to death for three days in heavy snow. She finally understood that she and Pei Xiuyan would have no love but hatred for the rest of their lives, and they would fight till death.

Later, Pei Xiuyan knelt in front of the Buddha and prayed sincerely, hoping to grow old together with Ye Chuyan.

Ye Chuyan smiled.

“Pei Xiuyan, I have already made a wish to the gods and Buddhas: When I pull you into the endless abyss and hell, I wish to never enter reincarnation and suffer the pain of hell. I only hope that in this life or the next, I will never see you again, I will never have any grudges against you, and I will have no debts or repayments.”

(Credit: Precious Translations)

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