Who Rules the World 且试天下 by 倾泠月 Qing Ling Yue (HE)

Legend has it that two experts left a half-finished chess game on the hilltop of eastern dynasty’s number one mountain called “King Mountain”. A few sentences are left on the board at a time when the eastern dynasty is experiencing turmoil, chaos and instability.

A woman dressed in a simple white robe like the snowy moon, praised as having “unsurpassable grace,” also happens to be one who acts and speaks freely, wild like the wind, such a person is praised and respected by the rest of the martial arts world (wulin). How is she to be “Carefree as the Wind” in such a wrecked and chaotic time?

A man who is completely opposite, dressed by the dark moon. He is graceful and honorable, kind and tolerant. This kind of person that the rest of the martial arts world (wulin)  admires and submits to. In such a chaotic time where morals are loose, what kind of benignity can he accomplish?

A prince, born into exaltedness. His martial arts (wugong) is matchless, he is proud and strong, ambitious, and said to have the “arrogance of a King”. In this ever chaotic world, how will he accomplish his dominancy?

A noble princess who is beautiful and glamorous.  With an ambitious and calculating heart, how she manoeuvres her way to reign supreme in the dangerous palace harem?

A world well-known intelligent princess who is good at martial arts. How in the face of national crisis, she guards her country and people in this troubled times?

A reclusive and mysterious prince who is well loved by his people. In such troubled times, will he live in seclusion or step out?


Home and country, how to counterbalance?
Love and hate, how to define clearly?
Gratitude and revenge, how to repay?
Beauty and world, which is more important?

In this troubled times, there are many talented men. The chess game on the hilltop is between two people but to rule supreme in the world, only one person is needed!

The prequel is Phoenix Coming from the Sky and the spin-off is Lan Yin Bi Yue.

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  1. peanuts
    peanuts August 5, 2012 at 5:09 am |

    I saw this title on a top ten poll & is very interested in it. There is HEA ending & the audiobook is excellent !

    Nice fanmade MVs
    http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/MizHgQzvOe4/ – Raymond
    http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/rYjfObEP2n8/ – Louis

    Who Gets the World’s Characters Chart in English (With Minor Spoilers) – by Peanuts

    白风夕 (Bai Feng Xi) – a playful & greedy for food wuxia heroine who specialises in ‘Feng Xiao Nine Days’ martial arts.

    风惜云 (Feng Xi Yun) – the princess of 风国 (Feng Country) who’ll later become the ruler. She’ll help Feng Lan Xi ‘get the world’.

    黑丰息 (Hei Feng Xi) – a mysterious wuxia hero who is called ‘black fox’ by BFX.

    丰兰息 (Feng Lan Xi) – the prince of 丰国 (Feng Country) who’ll later become the king. He’ll marry Feng Xi Yun to form a political alliance.

    皇朝 (Huang Chao) – the prince of 皇国 (Huang Country) who’ll later become the king. He likes BFX.

    华纯然 (Hua Chun Ran) – the princess of 华国 (Hua Country) who’ll later marry Huang Chao. She likes HFX.

    玉无缘 (Yu Wu Yuan) – the 1st ‘gongzhi’ of wuxia who’ll help Huang Chao. He likes BFX but has no fate with her just like his name.

    韩朴 (Han Piao) – BFX’s adopted brother who follows her around but is sent away when she returns to rule Feng country.

    燕瀛洲 (Yan Ying Zhou) – Huang Chao’s general who is rescued by BFX & likes her but got mistaken as Qiu Jiu Shuang so got killed.

    秋九霜 (Qiu Jiu Shuang) – Huang Chao’s general who killed Bao Cheng, one of the ‘Fengyun 6 Jiang’.

    皇雨 (Huang Yu) – the younger & childish brother of Huang Chao who likes Qiu Jiu Shuang.

    萧雪空 (Xiao Xue Kong) – Huang Chao’s general who likes BFX. He is known as ‘snowman’ & got injured by Xi Yun.

    君品玉 (Jun Pin Yu) – a skillful doctor who likes HFX . She ended up marrying Xiao Xue Kong.

    凤栖梧 (Feng Qi Wu) – a musician who likes HFX. She ended up being good friend with BFX.

    久微 (Jiu Wei) – a culinary expert who treats Xi Yun as family and wants her to ‘get the world’.

    修久容 (Xiu Jiu Rong) – one of the ‘Fengyun 6 Jiang’ who is the descendant of ‘Jiu Luo’ tribe & got killed while protecting Xi Yun.

    白琅华 (Bai Lan Hua) – the princess of 白国 (Bai Country) who wants to be better than Xi Yun. She likes Xiu Jiu Rong.

    任穿雨 (Ren Chuan Yu) – Lan Xi’s adviser who’ll help him ‘get the world’ but is hostile towards Xi Yun.

  2. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 3:09 am |

    I’ve been meaning to read this but haven’t gotten around to it since I’m more of the modern/fantasy genres. If everyone’s doing this, I’ll follow along too.

  3. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 3:14 am |

    I have no idea what the story is about, but the important thing is I read it’s a happy ending for the main couple XDXD

  4. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 3:15 am |

    pls let me know the pace you guys want to do this and I’ll try to follow along

  5. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 3:35 am |

    OK, I promise I won’t be obvious in stealing the hot guys. I’ll just be my usual sneaky self…hehe (evil laugh~~)^^

  6. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 3:57 am |

    Thanks for the heads-up. I did a quick check, I think we have the same chap cut-offs b/c the end of ch. 2 is some medicine being stolen, hence the BS? Total chap in my version is = 54.

    If not, it’s OK if the chap cut-offs is different. i don’t mind you guys discuss things I haven’t read since I’m the type that searches for spoilers, not avoid them, when I’m watching/reading stuff.

  7. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 5:44 am |

    Gosh, can’t believe they got the Louis clips from Against the Blade of Honor. That’s one of my fave TVB wuxia series!! Too bad Louis didn’t film a lot of wuxia series b/c I thought he was one of the hottest actors in wuxia costumes.

    Thanks for digging for the MVs, peanuts. I watch way too many TVB series since I recognized most of the series where the clips came from..haha

  8. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 6:35 am |

    Yes, ending was a big WTH?! Noel dies, then her dad and Louis have the big battle with each other. Then bam! ending credits so it’s an open ending where we have no idea who wins/loses/lives/dies/maimed? I read discussions that say it’s an open ending in the book too (the same as in the series) but not sure since I haven’t read the book. Really wish this would get another remake since this is a good story minus the ending, of course.

  9. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 7:01 am |

    This is a remake of an old old TVB serial with Damian Lau & Angie Chiu. Is this Gu Long’s book? If yes, then he is ambigious & loves sad ending which mirror his own messy life. I like Jing Yong wuxia but Gu Long is different in that his plots are rather unconventional & full of surprises. Either you love or hate it & sometime drive me up the wall, haha

    Look what I found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYauM9btu4g hehe
    I didn’t know there was an earlier version w/ Damian. Would love to see this but don’t think it’s possible to get a hold of it now.

  10. chancy426
    chancy426 August 22, 2012 at 5:20 pm |

    It seems that the main girl is a princess of a kingdom also, she’s just left her country to go out to pursue martial arts. So if her kingdom is in dangered, she has to go back, as her other identity is a princess.

    The main girl is from 风国.
    The main guy is from 丰国. Both is sound like Feng Guo, but different Feng.
    The second girl is from 华国 (Hua Guo)
    The second guy is from 皇国 (Wang Guo)
    Another girl is from 白国. (Bai Guo)

    I don’t remember the details, when I listen later, I’ll update if no one has clarified on the political background.

  11. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 10:21 pm |

    Hope this is correct regarding the background of the story….

    Over 300 yrs. ago, the lands were united under one person. The king then divided his lands into 7 kingdoms to reward those who had helped him: Wang, Ning(?), Feng 丰, Bai, Hua, Feng 风 & Nam(?). The king also made a Xuan Zun Ling(?), and the 7 kingdoms swore loyalty to the XZL.

    Over the years, the sucessive kings become worse and worse, and the court is taken over by corrupt officials. Conditions are bad for everyone (except the corrupt ppl, of course) so the Ning kingdom finally rebels. The king unites the other 6 kingdoms with the XZL, and they successfully put down the Ning kingdom. Now there are only 6 kingdoms left, with the Ning’s land absorbed by the surrounding kingdoms.

    For some reason, the XZL disappears so now each kingdom is independent of each other and only out for its own good. Everyone in jiang hu wants to find the XZL b/c whoever finds it can use it to control the 6 kingdoms (ie., become numbero uno in the land).

    chancy426 is ahead of me b/c I haven’t gotten to the part where it’s explained that the main girl is a princess from Feng Guo. Based on the description in ch. 1 (my version) in regarding to the kingdom strengths, here’s my understanding….

    – main guy/second guy are from Feng 丰 Guo & Wang Guo respectively, which are the 2 most powerful kingdoms with the largest land areas.
    – main girl is from Feng 风 Guo, which is average
    – second girl is from Hua Guo, which is the richest
    – other girl is from Bai Guo, which is one of the 2 weakest kingdoms.

    I’m at the part where the little kid is tagging along with the main girl after his family has been killed and his house burned down. They meet the main guy then separate again. Does the story get better b/c I’m have no idea where the story is going?

  12. chancy426
    chancy426 August 22, 2012 at 10:43 pm |

    History 101 for 且试天下
    Now, there is a Dong Dynasty with 300 years history. It’s territories are consist of 7 states governed by 7 Generals who were titled Lords over each state after Dong Dynasty was established. Apart from the 7 states, there is also the Capital, which is governed by the Emperor. All 7 Lords/Generals have sworn loyalty by blood for their obligation to listen to the command of the Capital’s Seal. The 7 States are: 皇 (Huang)、宁 (Ning)、丰 (Feng)、白 (Bai)、华 (Hua)、风 (Feng)、南 (Nan).

    The Dong Dynasty has been by a line of emperors from good to bad.
    The first 3 emperors were: Chung Di, Guang Di, and Yan Di. These 3 emperors were very good and Dong Dynasty flourished under them.

    The second batch of emperors were untalented, but still alright. They were: Zhi Di, Yi Di, Qi Di, and Yao Di.

    The last batch of emperors were horrible and corrupted. They were: Jia Di, Xi Di, Yi Di, and Li Di.

    Li Di is the last emperor from the lineage. He was the worst and wastes money. Li Di had lead Dong to war with Meng (another kingdom) and lost two wars consecutively. The states inside Dong is in uproar with discontent and 宁 (Ning) state’s Lord leads army to attack the Capital. Li Di is afraid that they would usurp the throne and dies in his sleep out of stress/fear.

    After Li Di dies, his son Jing Di succeeds his throne. He uses seal to command the remaining 6 states to push the 宁 Ning army out. Ning state’s Lord dies and the 宁 (Ning) state is gone. 皇 (Huang), 丰 (Feng), and 风 (Feng) takes over governing the 宁 (Ning) state’s territory and becomes more powerful as a result.

    Although capable, Jing Di who had to take care of his father’s mess during the battle with 宁 (Ning) had taken an arrow and becomes ill. Due to the States becoming more powerful, he is very stressed out and dies in 3 years. He has no successor so the throne is passed over to the 皇 (Huang) State’s Lord.

    皇 (Huang) State’s Lord titles himself Li Di (#2) after taking the throne. He is a very brutal king who is engrossed with women. He has a bad temper and likes hunting humans for sport. Since he was not from the original Dong lineage, he loses control of the 6 states. Is later killed by angry citizens.

    Li Di’s son, Prince Qi takes over his position, but notices that the Dong Seal is missing. With no Seal, the other states will not listen to his command so he can not become Emperor.

    Each state is building up their own power at this time. With the Capital having no governor each State takes over lands that use to belong to the Capital.
    皇 (Huang) located in the South now has 34 cities
    丰 (Feng) located in the West now has 36 cities
    白 (Bai) located in the North now has 10 cities
    华 (Hua) located in the Middle now has 20 cities
    风 (Feng) located in the Southwest now has 20 cities
    南 (Nan) located in the East now has 10 cities.

    皇 (Huang) and 丰 (Feng) becomes the powerful states in Dong.

  13. lidge
    lidge August 22, 2012 at 10:54 pm |

    haha, yours is more in-depth^^

  14. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 22, 2012 at 11:39 pm |

    Yuan Chuan Yun reminds me of Ou Yang Ke inside Roch. I don’t like this guy, he seems sly. Its also pretty awkward when the main girl is so strong. Lol

    I’m really addicted to this book.

  15. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 22, 2012 at 11:57 pm |

    They are fictional. I super like the main girl, she’s soooo fun! and Yan Ying Zhong. I ship them together already!

  16. lidge
    lidge August 23, 2012 at 2:11 am |

    Off-side comment so not sure where to post so will just post here, but I like the “Featured Reads”. Helps to keep track of which books we’re concentrating on.

  17. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 23, 2012 at 3:37 am |

    Ok, girls catch up on this since no update on Chong Zi yet. Its so addictive. The second guy who i think the main girl likes first is such an intense person while the main guy is so aloof. I think peanuts will like main guy.

    I’ll b off tomorrow. Going to Cali for camping.

  18. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 23, 2012 at 3:58 am |

    Yan Ying Zhong seems to be a man that Bai Feng Xi will like first but won’t end up with him. So he’s the second lead. Hei Feng Xi is main guy and will show up in chapter 5. Seems Bai Feng Xi is hiding her real identity because baidu wiki says she is a princess. Hei Feng Xi does not hide his identity as a prince. His first appearance was very…..unique and unforgettable. It was so funny.

  19. chancy426
    chancy426 August 23, 2012 at 4:18 am |

    ok…..I think I got it messed up. Yan Yin Zhong is not male 2, he’s probably male 3. Both male 1 and male 2 are princes, Yan Yin Zhong is a general.

  20. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 23, 2012 at 7:03 am |

    YYZ is from Huang Guo. 2nd male lead is also from Huang Guo and is the prince. Don’t know his name yet. It should be Huang something.

    The author purposely named them both Feng Xi. They don’t call each other that though. They have nicknames for each other.

  21. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 25, 2012 at 2:48 pm |

    Yup its same reader. This one is very strong wuxia feel. I feel that Hfx does like Bfx, they’ve known each other for ten years, but she is considers him more as friend more.

  22. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 26, 2012 at 1:26 am |

    I finally meet the nth male leads, Wang Chao and Yu Wu Chang. Im really liking the little 13 year old orphan boy that she now has to take care of. He reminds me of Wei Qing from grand dreams, except more better lifed and younger. I would totally be happy if they make this into a drama, would be so awesome!

    Think this is totally sherry’s read.

  23. lidge
    lidge August 26, 2012 at 3:12 am |

    Sorry, I’ve got to cut back on my reading significantly. This is my last semester of school, and it’s crucial for me. I’m also working full-time too so don’t have lots of time available. Will try to follow the discussions as much as possible, but I’ll definitely be more active once school’s done.

  24. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 26, 2012 at 4:08 am |

    He sounds more coated, smooth, and casual as Hfx. But i like the voices he gives to his side characters best. Haha

  25. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 26, 2012 at 4:09 am |

    Same here. What’s Ur major?

  26. lidge
    lidge August 26, 2012 at 4:20 am |

    library science♥♥♥
    What can I say? I love books! My dream job is to work in a library so I can be around books and have time to read allllll day, every day!!^^ What’s your major, if you don’t mind my asking?

  27. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 26, 2012 at 7:44 am |

    Im a marketing major. Hope we both do well on our last sem. ^^

  28. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 26, 2012 at 3:14 pm |

    This novel picks up so fast. I got way ahead at like 30 now, but behind on Chong Zi if need help understanding i can help. Sherry said Tong Hua made a constructive critism for this book about the background talk takes away from the plot? I find it rather unique. The is like painting a scene/setting and than putting her characters in. This novel seems like it embodies some mysteries too.

  29. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 26, 2012 at 8:02 pm |

    I think i became a Bu-gege fan from these two recent audiobooks. His picture is really handsome too. *squeals*

  30. Chancy426
    Chancy426 August 27, 2012 at 1:12 am |

    Who killed him is still a mystery. Yan Yin Zhou’s master wants the seal so he’s loyal enough to die for something he wants. Its a symbol of authority, that seal. Just a symbol, no real power in it, but that they all know. His pic is one his blog on cxt8.

  31. chancy426
    chancy426 August 27, 2012 at 2:18 am |

    lol Yes, I’m curious for a front view too. I found one on google images, it’s the 7th pic. Handsome, but I still like his angled view best. haha They’ve become celebrities in our audiobook world. Ur didn’t just make the plan to go to Shan Dong just now right? j/k j/k

  32. chancy426
    chancy426 August 27, 2012 at 3:23 am |

    Heyyyyyy! you change guys too fast. Poor C-gege. I forgot to tell you to put the cxt8 with his name. Or you’ll get this basketball guy. I uploaded the pic, it’s only on cache because it was his old pic, he’s replaced it with his pretty new one. Can only screen cap it for you.


    You so lucky can go to so many places, have you been to Hangzhou? I love it more than Su Zhou which I thought I’d like better. I like the ancient cities more than the modern cities.

    You know? this book actually is party of a series of novels in this fake dynasty that the writer created. BUT, there’s no audiobook, so I’m not flipping it unless someone does an audiobook.

  33. chancy426
    chancy426 August 27, 2012 at 3:27 am |

    That Huang Chao guy, I’m not really digging him. He’s sooo proud it turns me off. Not sure if anyone else has that feel.

    I’ve reached the stop sign now, I’m out of eps. Now back to Chong Zi.

  34. Chancy426
    Chancy426 September 6, 2012 at 2:39 pm |

    Yup. Better to save and marathon latter. This project posts really slow.

    This novel and its poems. Gahhhhh… I don’t understand them. Sounds like a baby’s chatters to me. Don’t know what book have this dialogue: i know those words but they don’t know me.

    Im at where white is finally going back home. Will hold off here and wait till they finish to marathon. Chong Zi is more readable in a non marathon way as it is too heavy.

  35. chancy426
    chancy426 December 11, 2012 at 4:17 am |

    I love the scenes with the 2 foxes too, but we never get enough of them. =(
    The kid is cute too right? I think he is going to have a crush on Bai Feng Xi. I think I’m at 50? At the part where she goes back because her dad is sick.

    I think this book would make a great drama. The way it’s written, the author really paints the scene (scenery and setting) out very vividly. However, as a book those descriptive might pull you out of the story sometimes. I think that is what Tong Hua’s comment is trying to say also. >< Poems, I never enjoy too many poems in a book. They put me to sleep because I can't understand or appreciate them.

    1) Who is that pretty girl feng zhi wu (?) who is following black fox around? She likes black fox?

    A: She's a girl that plays the 琴 very nicely. Because she's pretty, Black Fox asks her to follow him and play for him. She likes black fox on first sight.

    2) Has the second girl from 华国 (Hua Guo) who is going to choose a husband soon made an appearance?

    A: If you just got to the girl in Q1, than she'll come in like chap 40 I think.

    3)The second guy from 皇国 (Wang Guo) is Huang Chao or his follower who used to dress in white?

    A: It's not Yu Wu Yuan right? All I know is that Huang Chao has alot of followers and I think his general also wears white. It's either him or Yu Wu Yuan.

    4) Has another girl from 白国 (Bai Guo) made an appearance?

    A: She hasn't yet. I haven't met her yet either.

    5) Where does Yu Wu Yuan fit into the story? Does he like Feng Xi?

    A: Yu Wu Yuan will like Feng Xi and he's also the one Feng Xi likes first. I'm not sure if it's just admiration for each other or really love. I think he rejects her or he just doesn't accept her even though he likes her. I have no idea what's with this guy. Maybe he has a health issue and doesn't want to tie her down.

  36. chancy426
    chancy426 December 11, 2012 at 5:26 am |

    1) The second girl from 华国 (Hua Guo) likes who?

    A: She likes Black Fox

    2) Yu Wu Yuan has never been Huang Chao’s follower. That follower is the one Feng Xi teased & thereafter he didn’t wear white anymore.

    Ah….that guy with blue eyes. lol Yu Wu Yuan is not a follower, but he’s a supporter. I would expect that it would either be him or Huang Chao to lead, but he decides that he will support Huang Chao instead. Did not get any in depth explanations yet, but I think it’ll come close.

    3) Why Feng Zi likes Yu Wu Yuan & not black fox? What is so great abt him? Is he more highly skilled or respected than black fox? I find Yu Wu Yuan boring:P

    Yu Wu Yuan is the one she respects the most out of the 4 公子. She said that to Huang Chao that the one she wants to meet out of the 4 would be be Yu Wu Yuan who received the title 天下第一公子. Feng Lan Xi (Black Fox) is known for his elegance, Huang Chao for his arrogance, 3rd Gong Zi I don’t know who, and Yu Wu Yuan is known for his gentleness (kindness). I’d say that Feng Xi respects him the most because she also has a kind heart even though she’s very wild.

    T_T I deleted all my audiobooks.

  37. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 12, 2012 at 11:07 pm |

    Hey Chancy, spoiler pls:)

    I am at chapter 40. I am confused ! Is Lan Xi, black fox? How come nobody knows? I though they know black fox is a prince?

    Also, did black fox really marry princess Hua? Eeeeeee, I don’t like her violent & sly dad, goosebumps, lol. If yes, then how he gonna end up with Feng Xi?

  38. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 12, 2012 at 11:43 pm |

    Black fox is Lan Xi, but I’m assuming that only Bai Feng Xi knows that Black fox is Lan Xi. I’m not even sure that she knows though. It’s kind of like how everyone knows about the Princess from Feng (Bai Feng Xi) is famous for her intelligence (poems and stuff) yet they don’t connect that Bai Feng Xi is the princess.

    Hua Princess wants to marry Black Fox even though her father prefers Huang Ciao. They won’t marry because in the end it is Huang Ciao that marries the Princess. Two person that don’t love each other. I haven’t gotten to where she marries Huang Ciao, but it just is going to go that direction. I won’t spoil you as to how Black Fox started off with asking Bai Feng Xi for her help to marry the Hua Princess and end up not marrying her. =P

    Thanks for nothing, lol. Ok ok, it is enough to satisfy part of me, haha….So does black fox know Feng Xi is a princess? I can’t say I fancy Hua Princess but I don’t like her marrying Huang Ciao either. I think she should marry YY that guy who works for Hua King bcos Abu is the reader, lol. I just do not like Huang Ciao. I gonna catch up to you by this weekend:)

    Btw, Abu replied to our complain & said after Devil’s Law, he’ll read shorter books. But he didn’t thank me for praising his voice but thank the listener b4 me:( Bah, he still holds a grudge bcos I complained his joke is cold:P

  39. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 13, 2012 at 12:41 am |


    Yahhhh I don’t want Hua Princess to marry Huang Ciao either. I don’t like Huang Ciao. I make faces whenever he shows his prideful side. 我是王者!I just roll my eyes. I really can’t imagine this reader’s voice in Hua Qian Gu as the main guy. He sounds so…unxianly.

    He gonna be reading HQG’s shifu? Wah, he sounds so old, suitable to be dad, grandpa or master. I didn’t pay attention to HQG’s shifu age or appearance but I already don’t like the shifu/student r/s. How to tolerate his voice with HQG, shivering now:( I better appreaciate Abu as LYF, lol.

  40. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 13, 2012 at 3:20 am |

    lidge: No, I’m way behind everyone else.

    Aiyo, now I only notice my crying avatar is gone:( I deleted it from my pc also.

    You don’t like the book so you don’t want to catch up? The audiobok is really good, so addictive. Too bad, you can’t understand mandarin. The music chosen is very wuxia. Whenever I listen to it, I feel like it is telling me wake up wake up, don’t sleep:P Whereas other books music is very melancholy like a lullaby to sleep, lol.

  41. lidge
    lidge December 13, 2012 at 4:06 am |


    You don’t like the book so you don’t want to catch up?

    I couldn’t get into the story.

  42. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 13, 2012 at 9:17 am |

    Muahahaha, when Chong Zi music came up, I just can’t help burst out laughing:)The voices of the 2 candidates at the marriage contest are spider & that guy from Chatters? I’ve never heard spider’s voice, so guessing only. Oh, I am liking this audiobook more & more as the music is very wuxia & appropriate. I feel like doing somersault everytime I hear it, lol. The voices also very fitting for the characters & a lot of sound effects.

    Yeh, she updated a chapter today. Go, go go………:)

  43. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 14, 2012 at 10:20 am |

    Cheh, so anti-climax as he just walked away, lol. I am at chapter 48 now. I think Feng Xi knows black fox is Lan Xi bcos she thought Hua King chose Wang Chao to be the son-in-law so she said to black fox if he take out something (show that he is a prince), he’ll surely get the princess. Also, I suspect Yu Wu Yuan knows he is Lan Xi & likes Feng Xi. That is why he rejected Feng Xi so that black fox will not marry Hua Princess. He doesn’t want them to marry & bcome ally. He supports Wang Chao so he wants him to win. Wu Yuan = no fate, so poignant. I still feel Yu Wu Yuan has hidden agenda. I like Feng Xi’s reply when Wang Chao proposed to her.

    I didn’t read any spoiler & not planning to but I want to guess the story or write my own story, lol. I think Feng Xi’s country will get attacked either by black fox’s country or Wang Chao. Oh, this story is getting interesting. It’ll be great if I can watch it on tv. Although some music is repeated, I find the overall quality of the audiobook to be very good. I love 4 voices books:)

  44. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 14, 2012 at 10:51 am |

    Heehee, I’ve been thinking, Feng Xi’s country most probably will be invaded by Wang Chao with Hua country as ally after he married the princess. Black fox’s country can’t do the invasion otherwise how they gonna end up together. Then after the fall of her country, black fox will probably go & help her to pick up the pieces & fight Wang Chao.Grrr, really hate that Wang Chao. Just bcos his surname is Wang, he thinks he can be 王者. As Feng Xi said to him being so prideful will make him fall big time one day. I bet he’ll lose everything & commit sucide.

  45. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 14, 2012 at 1:16 pm |

    Hahaha, I am reading all the comments on this book. Wow, this book is long. I guess abt 150 chapters. Mian sis is sworking day time & studying at night so no wonder the slowness in the update. She got another unfinished book which I read is a good book. It seems she has quite good taste in books. Even Abu praises her “眠的后期的确很棒” Why she calls Abu 兰兰桑? It will be great if she can work again with Abu or C gege.

    Oh, just read that she missed a chapter of the book bcos she used an old online version. Thereafter, the author edited the book. She said what has been recorded & uploaded can’t be changed. Maybe there might be more missing bits & pieces here & there. I don’t blame her. When I read online novels, I also find it very fustrating with a few versions floating around. Also, some of them have missing chapters or parts.

  46. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 14, 2012 at 2:53 pm |


    i have to say, ive never read an audiobook that puts so much effort into it. i think reader goes to school in hk. if she is from hk i am very impressed with her mandarin.

    >< really want to watch this on tv. the book im reading is soooooo good too.

    It is good of her to have such high std so we shouldn’t pester her to update faster. I think she moved to HK to work & study. That is why she said she has problem adapting to the language & is staying at rental accommodation. There is no way a true blood Hongky able to speak such good Mandarin.

    I wonder who bought the tv copyright. I am just afraid they’ll change the story beyond recognition or cast crappy artists or maybe horrible costumes. Maybe better don’t spoilt it, if it can’t be done well. What book are you reading? That bloody one, lol?

    Heehee, I think I know how the story gonna develop & end. Anyway I’ll continue to enjoy listening & see how accurate is my guessing, haha…Btw I think this book is better heard than read bcos I’ll probably give up by chapter 2:P

  47. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 14, 2012 at 11:11 pm |

    I’ve just finished chapter 55. You’ve to pay attention to what they said as very meaningful. Yeh, for once I am ahead, lol. Quickly, come & listen with me bcos I need someone to discuss. There are continuous interactions b/w the 2 foxes so I cannot stop till the end of chapter 55, heehee.

    I’ve to say this is one of the best audiobook I’ve listened so far. I love the story as well as the broadcasting. After the author tone down her descriptions of everything, the story starts to pick up. I like the palace & wuxia fusion, just like Jin Yong’s books. In fact I like her better bcos Jin Yong’s books are too male-oriented for my liking.

    Oh, I like Feng Xi very much & wish I can be like her, lol. I don’t want to belittle Chong Zi but that girl really got on my nerve for being 2 weak. Probably I’ll like that book better later but I just lost patient. Whereas Feng Xi’s character is more layered, rounded & strong. Also, this book is different fr those power struggle in the palace. It is power struggle b/w countries so this makes it more dynamic & larger. In addition, it is not based on history so it makes everything more mysterious. I’ve the urge to soldier on to chapter 96, haha…But then I’ve to wait painfully each day:(

    SPOILER – Read below after you finished chapter 55.

    I am partly right. Hua king gonna attack Feng Xi’s country after the death of her dad. She becomes queen. Black fox follows her & even met her dad but no love declaration:( She said she’ll give the country & army to black fox by announcing an alliance but I am not sure black fox agree or not. I just wonder why black fox doesn’t help her or is warm to that idea, knowing Wang Chao might help Hua king if he is losing. Ha, that slimy Wang Chao thinks Hua king will lose but he has no plan to help him. I think he wanna wait till he lost then take over Hua country, such a cunning man.

  48. raini
    raini December 15, 2012 at 5:58 pm |

    peanuts, what chapter the reader reach? I agree JY is very guy-centric. I notice that I haven’t really read anything with guy main character lol Have you guys tried any of the guy-narrated audiobooks? It’s very hard to find guy narrated with girl actually reading the girl parts. It bothers me a lot more than girl reading guy lines. I really love Feng Xi’s character, liked her since the very beginning!!

    I don’t really understand Yu Wu Yuan’s supporting Huang Chao. None of the guys necessarily good or evil?

  49. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 15, 2012 at 9:53 pm |

    peanuts, what chapter the reader reach? I agree JY is very guy-centric. I notice that I haven’t really read anything with guy main character lol Have you guys tried any of the guy-narrated audiobooks? It’s very hard to find guy narrated with girl actually reading the girl parts. It bothers me a lot more than girl reading guy lines. I really love Feng Xi’s character, liked her since the very beginning!!

    I don’t really understand Yu Wu Yuan’s supporting Huang Chao. None of the guys necessarily good or evil?

    The reader has uploaded till chapter 96 & I am at chapter 60. Wah, the war scene sound effects are really good. All the drum beating, feet stomping etc. I normally listen a chapter or 2 b4 falling asleep but with such adrenaline pumping sound, I can’t sleep, lol.

    I think next to impossible for guy to sound manly & feminine at the same time. I get goosebumps listening to male trying to sound like female, lol. I’ve not tried books with guy anchor. Abu & Cgege are each doing an on-going long books with another female reader. I think Chancy gave them a try.

    Hey, this is not a xian xia book so there is no good vs evil:P Everyone is just character driven, some more ambitious & cunning than others. I read some complains that this book doesn’t have enough lovey dovey scenes so can’t be considered a romance novel, lol. But I like it that way as the storyline is broader, not just love love love:P I like the power struggle between countries as each is driven by different motives. Beats the power struggle b/w persons in the palace/work place//sect.

  50. chancy426
    chancy426 December 16, 2012 at 12:56 am |

    You should read Ah Shou’s Fragrance. It’s sooooo good. Very war and tactics, but enough romance. Multiple pairs.

    I’ve more into Ah Bu’s on going book compared to C gege’s because of the premise. C gege’s is about a future world which is very hard to relate. Ah Bu’s is also very hard to relate to because it takes place in Europe. I like the girl reader’s choices much better. ><

  51. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 16, 2012 at 1:26 am |

    Heehee, that book doesn’t have Abu or Cgege:P Nowadays, I need at least 2 voices & extremely happy with 4 voices:) Also, xiaoyuer & skyblu didn’t finish the book. Anyway, fr what I read, I don’t really like the leads’ characters as the losing guy sound more ship worthy than the winner and the girl is not as likeable as feng xi. Whereas in this book, I ship black fox fr beginning:P Anyway, when I run out of book, I’ll give it a try as I like Ah Shou. Btw, Red Cherry said her work is coming soon, yeh yeh.

  52. Peanuts
    Peanuts December 16, 2012 at 11:05 pm |

    Hey everyone, am I still leading at chapter 65, lol? So exciting, everyone knows who is everyone. I’ve never been so fast in listening audiobook:P Arrrgh, the 2 foxes have yet to get together but Abu is continuously helping Feng Xi, so sweet. But that girl kept on complaining to Abu why so many girls like him? She knows the real black fox so she is immune to him etc. Wake up, wake up, lol. They know who Yu Wu Yuan is but I don’t really understand who he is so Chancy quickly explain to me, haha….Now it is Huang Chao & Yu Wu Yuan vs 2 foxes.

  53. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 4, 2013 at 12:13 am |

    Haha, I also planned to read 2 chapters a day but ended up listening to more as I can’t stop:( After certain point, this book becomes really addictive so atsu hang in there. The beginning is really confusing & throughout the novel there are many characters so nearly all of cxt8 readers made cameo appearances so stay awake to spot them, lol.

    I am at chapter 75 now so chancy can catch me if she wants:P Arrrrgh, I want more interactions b/w the foxes but the focus is more on the war with Huang Chao:( This help me to slow down, haha..At least the 2 foxes are allies now so I hope he is not going to want to conquer her country.

  54. atsu-chan
    atsu-chan January 6, 2013 at 8:24 pm |

    Bai Feng Xi!! A girl after my own heart. Why are you so awesome? I sort of want to do a cross-genre fanfic with Bai Feng Xi and Chu Bu Fu ^^

    I’m in the 40s right now when Hua Chun Ran makes her first appearance. There are so many characters and sometimes I forget who is who and allied with what country but then it makes sense after a while. Hua Chun Ran sounds kind of fake, as in she’s up to more than she looks like. I think Hei Feng Xi is a really great character too, how he looks like the hero but if you look closely, looks even more like the anti-hero. Yu Wu Yuan is like a misplaced LYF and Huang Chao doesn’t sound very likable. They always kill off the most likable characters first (like Yan Ying Zhou!) Han Piao is all sorts of awesome. I want to adopt him too! And of course, Bai Feng Xi! I actually like that their names are 风夕、丰息. So it’s pronounced differently but if you say it fast, it sounds the same.

  55. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 7, 2013 at 12:34 am |

    Arrrrgh atsu, why u copied & pasted all my comments, lol? Bai Feng Xi is really awesome, better than Jing Yong’s heroine. After a while, everything will make sense. If I can follow, I am sure u’ve no problem. But the word feng is really giving me a lot of problem bcos I am listening & not reading so sometime I don’t know which feng they are talking abt unless they add black or white feng in front. Later the 2 fengs will form an alliance so things are getting a lot more interesting.

    Wah, you are really fast. I am on chapter 76. I downloaded till 102 but my pc won’t syn with my ipad after my upgrade so I can’t listen further till I fix this problem. Sob sob, I am suffering fr WGTW withdrawal now:( The reader mian mian has put in a lot of effort into the audiobook as you can hear fr the many sound effects & music she uses. I like the song at the end of chapter 76. I like her voice also. She sounds different narrating & as Feng Xi.

    With Feng Xi, who is interested in HCR? I don’t like her yet don’t really dislike her. How can she be the most beautiful woman when nearly all the guys like Feng Xi? I think Feng Xi is my most fav heroine in a wuxia book. I like her even better than Huang Yung. Hei Feng Xi is a bit of a mystery as he isn’t really a hero yet he is not a bad guy. I like this kind of hero, shady, haha. I don’t like the goody 2 shoe & boring kind like Guo Zheng yet I don’t like the wicked one like Yang Kang. Abu sound different in this book compared to Chong Zi, right? Can u still hear traces of LYF in Hei Feng Xi, lol?

    Btw, do you know why the new book is delayed? It is not Cherry’s fault but Abu, heehee…This is bcos Abu recorded it 6 mths ago & he feels his tone is too dry & is not satisfied with the end product. Thus he is re-recording now. Oh my, he is such a professional, so dedicated to his craft. Such a perfectionist, just like me, lol. My admiration of him is growing everyday, lol. I really need to start paying to show my appreciation of his hard work. Yah, I haven’t find out way to use the online China banking during my holi as I was too busy hosting my cousin who came fr Canada:(

  56. chancy426
    chancy426 January 7, 2013 at 12:52 am |

    i love han piao. i almost forgot about yan ying zhong. im at 56 now.

  57. chancy426
    chancy426 January 7, 2013 at 12:54 am |

    haha peanuts he sounds like Wang Yue.

  58. atsu-chan
    atsu-chan January 7, 2013 at 3:17 pm |

    Ah is it very bad if I ship Bai Feng Xi and Yu Wu Yuan? He’s so dreamy! 绝对不简单 but still…..

    He has no traces of LYF in Hei Feng Xi. I think like Chancy -he sounds more like Wang Yue haha!

  59. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 7, 2013 at 10:45 pm |

    Huh, why u like Yu Wu Yuan? It is ok. U can have him while I take Hei Feng Xi:P Hey atsu, you better don’t listen too fast. Heehee, I did 10 chapters last night bcos most of the chapters did not have my Lan Xi so I kept on going till I get him:(

    I am at chapter 85. Spoiler, read at your own risk:P

    The 2 foxes are getting married to form the political alliance. The proposal is so unromantic in the form of a letter fr Lan Xi. When Feng Xi received it, very sad music is being played & she is so reluctant to marry him saying it is all for duty & responsibility to her ppl. Come on girl, if I get a proposal like this I’ll jump with joy, lol. I think her cook 9 something likes her. Is he read by spider? Anyway keep my fingers crossed that the marriage will take place so gonna marathon tonite till I hear them married, lol. Btw Lan Xi admitted he is not a hero & doesn’t want to be one. He said he wanna be a ‘small’ person:P

  60. atsu-chan
    atsu-chan January 8, 2013 at 7:25 pm |

    I love spoilers! And I sort of guessed that HFX was actually Lan Xi. That is kind of sad. And weird. Who wants to be a 小人 anyways? HFX is such a weirdo.

    And you know me, I always like the odd guy out with a heart of gold (like Wan Jie!!!) You can take HFX. He’s all yours! ^^ I sort of want to marathon but then I’m afraid the wait will be more unbearable. I’ve been looking for a good modern read and haven’t seen any. It’s really sad….

  61. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 8, 2013 at 10:59 pm |

    Aiya atsu, we already know that:p We were wondering if other characters in the book know the foxes real identities. Why sad & weird? I find it so interesting they’ve dual identities. HFX is not pretentious wanting to be a hero. I like mysterious & frank guy like him, lol. What did Yu Wu Yuan do in the novel to captivate your attention? I can understand why you ship Wan Jie but YWY helps Huang Chao that obnoxious guy against the 2 foxes.

    Since you like spoiler, I’ll give u a big one if u r not there oredi, lol. Yan Ying Zhou didn’t die in the beginning but later in the novel. As for why he didn’t die & how he died later, u’ve to listen to find out:P

    I am at chapter 90 & I am not sure if the 2 foxes are married. I heard there are 5 steps in getting married & I am not sure which step they are at. Anyway exciting few chapters but not much on the r/s b/w the 2 foxes even while they are getting married:( I don’t think this is a romance novel at all. The most romantic part is Lan Xi paved the pathway with lan hua (flowers) when Feng Xi was entering the city to get married. But Feng Xi reacted with indifference:( Which chapter are you at?

    Cxt8 doesn’t read many modern novels. Go & listen to Let Me Look at you since so many recommendations or lost youth, haha….Or have you finished 银色十字梦?

  62. chancy426
    chancy426 January 8, 2013 at 11:01 pm |

    i get the impression that wu yu yuan has a illness and will die later on.

  63. atsu-chan
    atsu-chan January 9, 2013 at 3:17 pm |

    Oh, that’s a great spoiler! I’m just waiting to like Hei Feng Xi more because I really want to like him more. Oh, I meant that it’s a little weird that HFX wants to be a 小人 because don’t most novel heroes want to be a 正人君子?Ah, and by sad I mean how Bai Feng Xi was forced to marry him ^^ I like Yu Wu Yuan because….I like people with nice eyes? Kidding, I think it might be because of the way he speaks and acts and plays and how he’s so noble and gentlemanly about things. So no matter which side he’s on, I still like him.

    Hooray, I’m glad Yan Ying Zhou is not dead. I’m still in the 40s (didn’t have much time to read yesterday) but I’ll work hard to catch up. Excited to find out what happens!

    I never read 银色十字梦…I’m allergic to vamps as well but I might give it a try since everyone says it’s good. I was thinking of trying Let Me Look At You….

  64. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 10, 2013 at 12:34 am |

    You’ll get to hear more abt HFX’s family after chapter 90 as the focus will be shifted to Feng Guo. Muahahaha, Ah’Shou is HFX’s step-mum, the Queen of Feng Guo. He has got many siblings who wanna fight with him for the throne. My poor HFX. Arrrrgh, love chapter 94, listened to it twice, lol. HFX is so sweet but BFX still doubts him. A lot of ppl say he is bad yet a lot of ppl also say he is good. I don’t think he is bad, just that he needs to appear to be bad to survive in such a complicated environment. Anyway, I don’t care, nothing gonna make me stop shipping him, lol. Hey atsu, I know why u like YWY. It is bcos he distributed the buns to the poor, lol. My HFX is also noble & gentle:P BFX isn’t really forced to marry HFX. She could have married Huang Chao which is worse, haha….HFX really loves BFX & did a lot for her but they’ve been frens/foes? for 10 yrs so their feelings kind of mixed up:(

    The song in chapter 92 is nice. I gonna leave a msg to mian mian to tell her what an awesome book she has on hand. All her songs & music are so good & not many recycled one. Arrrrrgh, I can’t find chapter 105. The one on ysts8 isn’t working & I can’t get it anywhere else. Why chapter 104 in chong zi was stuff up now chapter 105 here:(? This will hasten my research into how to pay, lol. According to mian mian this book gonna end in a mth time, will have around 130s chapters. Yeh, hopefully finish b4 CNY. But I don’t want it to finish at all, lol. I gonna stop at chapter 95 now & listen to big bear. Hey Chancy, you read or listened to big bear?

  65. chancy426
    chancy426 January 10, 2013 at 1:02 am |

    I heard HFX will do a lot of sacrifices for BFX. One of those sacrifices I’m so glad is reversible or else they would need to switch names. haha You’ll get it when you get to that part. I’m still at 59. I’m taking it very slowly also.

  66. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 28, 2013 at 12:31 am |

    Lo! Can someone post the link to the audiobook?

    How long is this book anyway? Has everyone finished it or is the read together still on?

  67. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 28, 2013 at 1:30 am |

    Lo! Can someone post the link to the audiobook?

    How long is this book anyway? Has everyone finished it or is the read together still on?

    Here is the original link, http://www.cxt8.com/static/chapter_2794/. The audiobook is not finished, out till chapter 115. Most probably will finish during or after chinese new yr. I guess this book shall end between chapter 130 to 140 or maybe less. I am at chapter 104. I think atsu is around chapter 100. As for chancy, she is maybe around chapter 60 as she is busy working. If u r fast, u can catch up b4 the book ends, lol. I better warn u the beginning is slow & the book has a lot of poems & very descriptive which might put u off. I only manage to understand abt 75% or less of the book but this didn’t deter me fr liking it, haha..I feel this is one of the best audiobook bcos of the time & effort put into producing it.

    Here is the pirate link, http://www.ysts8.com/Yshtml/Ys7641.html. We are supposed to pay & support the original work to encourage & support the readers’ hard work but bcos we dun live in china so it is difficult for us to pay as they are not using credit card or paypal. China got a diff platform:(

  68. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 28, 2013 at 2:40 am |

    Hahha. Thanks. Recently I came across an internet meme that’s written like a survey question. If I recall correctly, it goes something like this:

    Why do you download pirated content from the Internet?
    Most popular answer in 199x – 200x: I’m poor.
    Most popular answer in 201x: I’m rich but the most recent episode/movie (or chapter in this case) is not available in my home country.

  69. lidge
    lidge January 28, 2013 at 2:50 am |

    Hahha. Thanks. Recently I came across an internet meme that’s written like a survey question. If I recall correctly, it goes something like this:

    Why do you download pirated content from the Internet?
    Most popular answer in 199x – 200x: I’m poor.
    Most popular answer in 201x: I’m rich but the most recent episode/movie (or chapter in this case) is not available in my home country.

    haha, so true! so true!

  70. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 28, 2013 at 3:43 am |

    Haha, this is a good one but it is the truth. China has weibo, qq, youku, tudou, alipay whereas we’ve facebook, twitter, youtube & paypal. I find it so out to dig out info in chinese when they’ve such incompatible system/ software.

    Heehee, today is public holi so I spent the whole morning watching many 且试天下 fan-made MVs in youtube. Arrrrgh, all of them also very good & nice. Love the songs. I wish there is a drama on it but I scare they gonna screw up the adaption with bad casting, script & CGI. Although Wallace is over-age, I still feel he is ideal as my hei feng xi:P If KC get the role, I gonna kill him, lol.

  71. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 28, 2013 at 7:56 am |

    Really?! Where are you from Peanuts? It’s public holidays for me too…. but I’m working from home 🙁 And d/ling this audiobook.

    Hahahahaha….are there any characters where we don’t mind KC getting the role?

  72. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 28, 2013 at 8:24 am |

    I live in Aust. Today is the replacement holi for Aust day which fell on Sat. You better download a few chapters to test try bcos you might not like it. As for me, I’ve to declare this is my fav wuxia book. If u’ve any question, u can always ask me:) Sorry, I don’t like Jin Yong novels with those female vases & emotionally weak males except the Condor Heroes.

    Actually I don’t mind KC getting a part as this book has many good looking male characters but he CANNOT be Lan Xi/He Feng Xi !!! Maybe he can be Huang Chao bcos I dislike that guy, lol.

    Btw, how & when did you get started on chinese novels? How do u find this site? You only listen to ancient audiobooks? Which books have u listened to beside Lonesome & HXY? Sorry, so many qns bcos I am excited to know someone who shares my interest/obsession, lol. None of my friend is into chinese novels, not even those who can read Chinese:( Thus, I always hangout here, haha….

  73. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 28, 2013 at 9:27 am |

    Hahahah… Ms K at Koala’s Playground was gushing over HXY. So I HAD to google it. And I found this site and refuse to leave cos it has links to audiobooks. Lol. That’s how I started on audiobooks.

    So far I’ve only finished HXY and almost finishing Lonesome Fragrance. I really want to learn to read fluently chinese one day! Actually – audiobooks are too slow for me (I read quite fast in English). So it’s actually quite exhausting for me to listen to audiobooks. I should stop – but once I’m hooked, I need to KNOW the ending. So 157 chapters for Lonesome Fragrance translates into around 40 hours of audio over three-four days? Haha – talk about obsession.

    I kinda started on Hou Gong Zhen Huan Zhuan but I’m not keen to continue because for one, 500+ chapters sound scary even for me and two, watched the drama… which probably got all the good parts in. Started on BBJX again which I follow… but again, watched the drama and I think it follows quite closely? So there’s no urgency to “finish them”. Started on Once Promised but heard it’s a tropical thunderstorm for that one and you need a freaking Ark to survive the flood… so am putting it aside for a while. Honestly – I don’t think i’m such a fan of xianxia.

    So far, I’m more into ancient-setting chinese novels. Just preference i guess, even with c-dramas, i prefer historical/period settings to modern dramas. But I did consider going to listen to Sealed with a Kiss… but again, I heard that it’s so much rain!

    I agree mostly with your Jin Yong comment. My favorite is LOCH because of Huang Rong and Guo Jing (who are really partners in the truest sense of the word). I won’t say Guo Jing’s emotionally weak – a bit square definitely, but I have to admire his morals and integrity. This is followed by Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre because of Zhao Min. Zhang Wuji is a bit meh in HSDS because he’s really a reactionary character and his only redeeming quality is that he chose to be with Zhao Min at the end. And it’s true – he would have made a CRAP emperor. I admire Zhao Min’s courage to pursue what she wants in life. Third is Duke of Mount Deer because Xiao Bao is such a hilarious anti-hero.

  74. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 28, 2013 at 10:01 am |

    Ahahaha, seem like most or maybe all of us fell victims to koalaplayground & she is not even fr Australia:P Then u must have read her English translated novels Ballad of the Desert & Song in the Cloud? If not, you must read them. Our downfall started fr following her translated novel Ballad of the Desert:)

    Actually audiobooks are really interesting compared to reading the books as you get sound effects, songs & ability to imagine the characters. No need to tear my hair out when the casts are horrible:P Also, audiobooks are good for the eyes, lol.

    Tell me abt it. I copy & paste chinese books bits by bits into google translate to read to me bcos the stock for audiobooks is limited:( Ok, I admit it, I am a die-hard addict, lol. Thus, it takes me ages to read a book but this doesn’t deter me one bit:P

    After I’ve watched the drama, I’ve no interest to read the novel. Thus, watch Hawick in Sealed with a Kiss & Wallace in Too Late to Say I love U as they are better than the audiobooks:) Btw, I haven’t watched Zhen Huan bcos it is so long plus that emperor is not handsome enuff:(

    Since u dun fancy xianxia, it’ll limit your choice of audiobook. Actually I m also not that into xianxia with a few exceptions. There are some good modern audiobooks also. You like the reader for HXY & Lonesome? Her name is A’shou & we love her:) If you need any recommendation, feel free to ask me:) Btw this book Who Gets the World has 4 voices so it is very good as I prefer my guy to sound like a man, lol. A’shou will have a cameo appearance in I think chapter 95 as the Bai Li Queen so make sure you recognise her, heehee…

  75. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 28, 2013 at 11:44 am |

    Your dedication to reading chinese novels is too impressive. 🙂

    Yes – I wonder if Ms K knows how many victims have fallen at the shrine of her site. I think she sold me on chinese novels when she translated the epilogue from BBJX. After that, went straight to DMY. It’s a pity that she didn’t complete YZG although I didn’t enjoy it because it I know LFL dies and my OTP can be no more. 🙁 Speaking of which, I compiled all the chapters of her DMY translations and loaded them on my Kindle. Which led to my mom reading it as well. XD

    Haha… The reason why I picked up Lonesome Fragrance is because the reader is A’shou (and it was recommended on Dandeliontrail.livejournal.com). I think her pacing an diction is good without being monotonous. I struggled with SLMY’s phrasing in Once Promised – but I will pick it up again one day since it comes so highly recommended.

    Hahaha… I’m not too worried about being limited in choice of audiobooks right now. After all, I’m too spoilt for choice at this moment. It’s like being introduced to the wonders of ice cream at an all you can eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream buffet. The mind is boggled.

    Hahahah… Chen Jia Bin (ie the emperor in HGZHZ drama) is actually a good actor. He actually commented in one interview that “everyone complains that I am too old to play Yongzheng! But I’m actually the same age as Nicky Wu (who played Yongzheng in BBJX)!” Poor guy.

    Honestly, HGZHZ drama is good in the first 50 or so eps? Jiang Xin’s performance as Hua Fei is awesome… I was like thinking, “Man, she’s just a way more interesting character than Zhen Huan”.

  76. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 28, 2013 at 12:38 pm |

    You know that sparkskey picked up where Mrs K left off in her translations? If not, you should at least read till Ling gege dies:( I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but sparkskey’s translation is very accurate, words for words plus footnotes as well. She is one merticulous & dedicated translator. I like LFL but I also like MJ equally:P MJ has a sad life if you read further so he deserves my love, haha… I like shady guy, not purely goody 2 shoes:P

    Dandeliontrail is chancy’s blog. This is also her bar but I think I’ve now taken over its operation, lol. I also didn’t listen to Once Promised bcos I’ve no more tears after YZG:( You should listen to all of A’shou’s books as they are all good.

    SLMY is the 2nd female reader in Who Gets the World. Have u started?Waiting for your feedback later:) Make sure u read chancy’s note. The guy who reads Hei Feng Xi who I think will appear in chapter 4 sounds good, right, heehee? We called him Abu or Bu gege & he looks good in photo too, lol.

    Yes, I am shallow:P If Chen Jia Bin looks anything like Nicky, I’ll probably gooble up the drama in 1 go, lol. I don’t care which female gets him bcos I don’t want him, haha….Since I read so many good reviews, I might give it a try one day when I am hungry:P

  77. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm |

    I figured that…. actually, there’s a “oligopoly” of english c-book sites. I guess book lovers of a feather, flock together. Everywhere I google, it’s the same people – not that that is not a good thing. :).

    I just finished Lonesome Fragrance. I might post a short note on it later but it was a good ride. I don’t think Lonesome Fragrance makes me passionate the way HXY does. I like the characters well enough and it’s pretty zippy in most places (except that they get separated one too many times for my liking).

    yeah – i know someone took over YZG’s translation. One day, when i’m free – I’ll sit down and devour YZG in one go. But one good thing about audiobooks is that I get to sit multitask. Like listen when i go walking in the morning, when i’m doing administrative work etc. But I think sometimes, there’s just something about reading the written word at your own pace.

  78. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 28, 2013 at 1:23 pm |

    Hey, hey there is also hamster & xiaoyuer’s sites but they translate xian xia novels. Yah, we are the usual suspects. If we are good in chinese, we would have hang out in baidu & weibo:P Heehee, chancy tried hard to sell me lonesome but I didn’t buy yet bcos it is too long & i feel i might like the 2nd lead better. I always root for the underdogs unless the male lead is 2 swoon worthy, lol. Since I like A’shou, I’ll give it a try eventually.

    I always fall asleep with audiobooks except some parts in Who Gets the World when they are at war bcos I listen to them b4 bedtime:( So, nowadays I listen to them while I am in the train. The downside is when there is something funny, I can’t contain my laughter & look silly smiling at myself, lol.

  79. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 28, 2013 at 1:56 pm |

    So true. Although that also makes us sound sad – the chinese illiterate group who like chinese novels. Thank god for audio technology

    I find xian xia novels too hard to visualise when someone is reading it to me in Mandarin. I’m already not familiar with the language and they are using “invented” words. It just boggles me too much. haha.

    I think you are unlikely to root for the 2nd lead in LF, because the 2nd male lead never truly romantically loved the main female character? So from the outset, the OTP was THE OTP. But the 2nd male lead in LF is really tragic and pitiful – I don’t think it’s likely that you would root for him to end up with the heroine, but I think it leaves you wishing that the character made wiser choices that would have given him some measure of contentment, if not happiness.

    Yeah – the length got a bit draggy in some parts, but I do think that the main events (including all of the separations and conflicts, etc) were necessary to tie up the story in the end. I just wished the story edit was tighter – ideally, would have liked LF to finished forty chapters earlier. i guess it’s different when you’ve been marathoning it day and night for 3 days in a row? But I seriously think it should have finished in chapter 120+.

    Haha – but dragging us back to the book topic at hand – just started Who Owns the World! I see what you guys mean by entertaining – so many voices. And its more like a radio drama then an audiobook. 😀 Need to go read Chancy’s post up there to make sense of it now. 😀

    Psst Peanuts – do you have skype/gmail chat or something? I feel like we’re spamming random threads with random topics and am feeling a bit bad.

  80. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 28, 2013 at 2:32 pm |

    Btw, can someone tell me who are the OTP in this story? I like going in knowing who to ship here. 😀

  81. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 28, 2013 at 11:14 pm |

    Btw, can someone tell me who are the OTP in this story? I like going in knowing who to ship here.

    Hey, you are supposed to ship the guy u like in the novel:P Huang Chao & Bai Feng Xi is the OTP. Hahaha, bluff you one:P I gave u so many hints already. Of course, it is Bai Feng Xi & Hei Feng Xi, just look at the book cover:) But atsu likes Yu Wu Yuan & chancy likes Yan Ying Zhong. That is ok so Hei Feng Xi is all mine, lol. Although they can be considered OTP, their r/s is quite complicated. You don’t get much lovey dovey scenes & there are a few guys & gals b/w them. Btw, I relistened to the front last nite. Hei Feng Xi will appear in chapter 5. The interactions b/w the 2 of them are pretty funny, so do pay attention & concentrate, lol.

    There are a few good xian xia audiobooks which I’ll recommend u later when your Ben & Jerry ice-cream run out. Give Haagen Dazs a chance:P Oh, I always have a soft spot for the tragic & pitiful character so that is why I don’t dare to touch lonesome:( It is a norm to spam here as lidge & I do that often, lol.

  82. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 29, 2013 at 6:38 am |

    I like to know the shipping schedule before I get on board. Would like to go on the one that almost definitely survives… but then again look – we had the Titanic.

    I watched the few MVs with Wallace Chung inside. meh – so not a fan of him. I’m sorry – but I think I borderline dislike his face in Wuxia dramas when he’s trying to act cool and aloof. It makes me think that he’s in a commercial for laxatives.

  83. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 29, 2013 at 7:45 am |

    Haha, u better dun let Mel or xiaoyuer read your comments on Wallace as there are many die hard fans here:P This is probably bcos u didn’t watch that wuxia drama he was in. His character is some sort like Hei Feng Xi, mix of good & bad. He is supposed to look cool & aloof, lol. There are many guys here so u can ship them eventhough you’ll drown:P Maybe I’ll draw up a list of guys to ship for u, heehee….

    Let me dig out some anime or MVs with other actors who hopefully is more your taste, haha….But the songs are nice, right? The MVs also look good & majestic. How abt the one with Louis? I think got one with Hu Ge. I am listening to the radio drama now, not the audio book. Radio drama is short so rather confusing but the sound effects are better. I always listen to them after I heard the audio book.

  84. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 29, 2013 at 9:16 am |

    Whoops. 😛

    Well maybe I haven’t watched the right Wallace drama then. 😛

  85. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 29, 2013 at 11:00 am |

    Have u watched any Wallace’s drama at all:P? FYI, I m also his fan but I
    am open-minded to criticism on him bcos I do that a lot myself, lol. I think I’ve watched most of the MVs on Who Gets the World & can confidently say abt 90% of them has Wallace as the lead. So happy, so many ppl think like me he is most suitable as HFX, haha… Below are some good ones I manage to dig out for u, without Wallace so make sure u watch all of them:) Which chapter are u at? Any problem understanding & knowing who is who? U better dun ship HFX since he is not a good guy & he is mine:P


    http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/MizHgQzvOe4/ – Raymond
    http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/rYjfObEP2n8/ – Louis

  86. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 29, 2013 at 11:03 am |

    Have u watched any Wallace’s drama at all:P? FYI, I m also his fan but I
    am open-minded to criticism on him bcos I do that a lot myself, lol. I think I’ve watched most of the MVs on Who Gets the World & can confidently say abt 90% of them has Wallace as the lead. So happy, so many ppl think like me he is most suitable as HFX, haha… Below are some good ones I manage to dig out for u, without Wallace so make sure u watch all of them:) Which chapter are u at? Any problem understanding & knowing who is who? U better dun ship HFX since he is not a good guy & he is mine:P

  87. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 29, 2013 at 12:01 pm |

    I will probably ship HFX you know. I’m at Chapter 5 and bleh – I think I’m in love with BFX x HFX. I hope this ship survives and reaches port safely at the end of it.

    Actually, I walked away really liking BFX. She’s so amusing because she behaves like a MALE wuxia semi/anti-hero with her flippancy, unreasonably reasoning – but so totally gets away with it because she’s a cute young girl (who can really kick ass). Gawd I luff her.

    I have problem viewing tudou (always fails to load) but I’m going to give it another shot at home anyway.

    Re Wallace: Didn’t he do Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao? Watched that. Like the other guy more. I finished the drama so that’s a good thing right? Actually looking back at the discography now – that’s the only drama of his that I watched… so maybe it was a character thing. 😛 You can recommend me his other works and see whether I will change my mind or not.

    I appreciate the effort that went into it… So far so good with understanding it and yes, the background sfx is pretty awesome! The only little whinge I have is in the second chapter, the bg music used for the confrontation when BFX saves YYZ(?) was a bit too techno/modern. Otherwise, I love the soundtrack – so old school – i recognised a lot of them from old TVB dramas. XD

  88. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 30, 2013 at 12:13 am |

    Do u want spoilers:P? Hey, I am relistening fr the beginning bcos I think I fell asleep here & there so missed bits & pieces. The beginning is just average but it’ll get better. Oh, I love this book so much that I still enjoy listening to it the 2nd time. I just can’t get into the book recommended by atsu eventhough my fav Abu is reading:( I think it is partly the sleepy narration & the flat storyline.

    You are only at chapter 5 so u’ve not met most of the guys yet. So far, you’ve only met HFX & Yan Ying Zhong. Han Pu that little kid will appear soon. Huang Chao & Xiao Xue Kong will only appear in chapter 14 or 15. Then Yu Wu Yuan will appear in chapter 16 or 17. HFX, Yan Ying Zhong & Yu Wu Yuan are taken so u can only choose the remainders, lol. Take Han Pu, he is cute & adorable. Or u can take that arrogant & cocky Huang Chao:P Come on, you are getting the ruler of the world, haha…I honestly can’t stand him. Feel like bashing him, lol. Xue Kong is also good, just like a snowman, heehee..

    All of us also love BFX. Come to think of it I like BFX more than HFX, lol. She is so like me being greedy with food, sleepy & lazy, haha….I was thinking how nice if Ah Fu will play the HXY for me so I can get into a dream being BFX, stay there forever & not wake up:P Haha, yah I know I need to go for detox:P

    Use google chrome to view tudou. Give me your email address & I’ll fwd u an add-in. Thereafter u can view all the chinese websites without any problem.

    Urrrrgh, don’t get me started on that stupid drama called Horizon Moon Knife. I’ve to admit Wallace is bad at choosing script. I hate most of his dramas:( He looks awful in that drama with that madman hairstyle. I didn’t even bother to watch after 1 episode. Haha, this shows I don’t blindly worship whatever my favs dish out:P Go & watch him in uniform in Too Late To Say I Love You. Actually that drama is based on a book by Fei Wo Si Chun who also wrote Sealed with a Kiss but I don’t really like the story. The only highlight is watching Wallace smoking hot in uniform, lol. Or watch the dated 逆水寒 / Ni Shui Han. Initially I watched that drama for Chilam (u know who he is?) but ended up fast fwding his parts & only concentrate on Wallace:P His character is rather pitiful & sad so very my cup of tea, lol. Last option is wait for Secrets to be released (ASAP pls). It is based on a novel written by Tong Hua. If you know nothing, go to Mrs K’s playground to dig out all the info.

  89. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 30, 2013 at 1:14 am |

    Bwahahah… By the time I read this comment, I think i’m at chapter 15 or so?

    Of course I know Chilam – Julian Cheung right? I used to think he was adorable as Guo Jing with Athena Chu until I watched the version with Hu Ge and Ariel Lin. ZOMG. the latter is the dream pairing although that version of script is SO errr unconventional.

    Hahaha… Ok – if there’s a no poaching rule up, I’ll take Han Piao. Although sigh – I feel a bit craddle robberish. I suspect that I’m a few years older than the rest of you guys because you guys are still in school/college/uni? But he’s a cute lil brother. 😀

    Actually, not staking claim on hotties don’t bother me that much. I’m more of a shipper – I just want MY SHIP TO SAIL. 😀

  90. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 30, 2013 at 2:22 am |

    Don’t worry, your ship will arrive safe & sound. But along the voyage, there are wind & storm so hold tight:P This book is better than Jin Yong right? What I like abt BFX & HFX is their bickering & lack of declaration of love. It gets boring when they are in love:( I don’t like books with palace setting where all the ladies fight for that ugly emperor or all the princes fight for a pretty bland girl, lol. Have u met Huang Chao yet? Listen properly to what that guy said. Everytime I hear him talking, I get goosebumps, lol. Oh, I feel like compiling the meaningful or funny lines in the novel:P

    Yes, yes, I also like Huge & Ariel but the story sucks. It is just plain weird compared to TVB versions. I don’t know why most mainland dramas got unconventional & draggy storylines. Maybe cultural diff or whatever but I prefer HK dramas but they don’t film good wuxia anymore:(

  91. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 30, 2013 at 8:12 am |

    I’m at chapter 18 and gawd Han Piao is a precocious young ‘un isn’t he? Heartbreakingly adorable!!!

    Yes, met Huang Chao, YWY and girl who’s apparently good at Qin. I wish we have an english character chart somewhere so that I can keep my head straight. Oooh… and can you give me a run down on who’s doing who’s voice in there? Huang Chao’s a certified megalomaniac – wish that he will fall flat on his face.

    Different books la…. I don’t mind the palace-setting ones cos they’re usually SO pretty to look at. 😀

    You know, I don’t think BFX knows that HFX is LXGZ as of chapter 18-ish anyway, because if she did then she would have commented more when he said he was going to give the Seal to LXGZ. And that the precious gems and pearls he gave Doctor Han to pay off BFX’s debts were from LXGZ as well… Unless he has the habit of talking about his alternate persona in third person. Hahaha.

  92. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 30, 2013 at 9:25 am |

    Enjoy your Han Piao slowly bcos I think by chapter 50 he will be gone. Don’t worry, he is not gonna die. I can do a character chart very fast for you since I m such an expert with this book now, lol. You want it with spoiler like how that person end up? Hey, only 4 voices, u also can’t differentiate them:P? Ok, will grant u your wish, master:P There are cameos here & there but I can’t recognise all of them. I can only recognise my favs or those I heard b4. There are many readers in cxt8 & I’ve no time to support everyone:)

    If u’ve read my previous post, I hope Huang Chao will commit sucide for losing the war but unfortunately this is no the case:( Yah, I can’t contain my curiosity so I read spoilers:( Don’t blame me for spoiling u:P They’ve known each other for 10 yrs & they are smarties so they can guess each other real identities. Later, u’ll hear clues that they know as long as you pay attention:)

  93. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 30, 2013 at 9:38 am |

    Hahahah…. no i’m not allergic to spoilers! Thank you for the charts and spoiler information.

    Sigh… i have to go slowly on this book man. Busy week. x___x.

  94. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 30, 2013 at 11:28 am |

    Who Gets the World’s Characters Chart in English – by Peanuts

    白风夕 (Bai Feng Xi) – a playful & greedy for food wuxia heroine who specialises in ‘Feng Xiao Nine Days’ martial arts.

    风惜云 (Feng Xi Yun) – the princess of 风国 (Feng Country) who’ll later become the ruler. She’ll help Feng Lan Xi ‘get the world’.

    黑丰息 (Hei Feng Xi) – a mysterious wuxia hero who is called ‘black fox’ by BFX.

    丰兰息 (Feng Lan Xi) – the prince of 丰国 (Feng Country) who’ll later become the king. He’ll marry Feng Xi Yun to form a political alliance.

    皇朝 (Huang Chao) – the prince of 皇国 (Huang Country) who’ll later become the king. He likes BFX.

    华纯然 (Hua Chun Ran) – the princess of 华国 (Hua Country) who’ll later marry Huang Chao. She likes HFX.

    玉无缘 (Yu Wu Yuan) – the 1st ‘gongzhi’ of wuxia who’ll help Huang Chao. He likes BFX but has no fate with her just like his name.

    韩朴 (Han Pu) – BFX’s adopted brother who follows her around but is sent away when she returns to rule Feng country.

    燕瀛洲 (Yan Ying Zhou) – Huang Chao’s general who is rescued by BFX & likes her but got mistaken as Qiu Jiu Shuang so got killed.

    秋九霜 (Qiu Jiu Shuang) – Huang Chao’s general who killed Bao Cheng, one of the ‘Fengyun 6 Jiang’.

    皇雨 (Huang Yu) – the younger & childish brother of Huang Chao who likes Qiu Jiu Shuang.

    萧雪空 (Xiao Xue Kong) – Huang Chao’s general who likes BFX. He is known as ‘snowman’ & got injured by Xi Yun.

    君品玉 (Jun Pin Yu) – a skillful doctor who likes HFX . She ended up marrying Xiao Xue Kong.

    凤栖梧 (Feng Qi Wu) – a musician who likes HFX. She ended up being good friend with BFX.

    久微 (Jiu Wei) – a culinary expert who treats Xi Yun as family and wants her to ‘get the world’.

    Xiu Jiu Rong – one of the ‘Fengyun 6 Jiang’ who is the descendant of ‘Jiu Luo’ tribe & got killed while protecting Xi Yun.

    Bai Lan Hua – the princess of 白国 (Bai Country) who wants to be better than Xi Yun. She likes Xiu Jiu Rong.

    Ren Chuan Yu – Lan Xi’s adviser who’ll help him ‘get the world’ but is hostile towards Xi Yun.

  95. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 30, 2013 at 1:00 pm |

    I’ve decided to give u minor spoilers to tempt u but won’t give u big spoilers. (evil laugh:P). Go slow bcos the audiobook has not finished recording. You should savour it slowly, lol. So manage to see tudou now?

    Who is Talking?
    Narration & BFX – Mian Zhi Yu fondly known as Mian Mian (眠之域)
    HFX & YWY – Bu Lan De fondly known as Abu (布兰德)
    HCR, HP, FQW – Si Lu Mian Yin (丝缕绵音)
    HC – Hua Feng (华风)

    Did u notice HFX & BFX’s wuxia & real names sound fairly similar but written differently in Chinese yet are spelt the same in English? Also HC & HCR’s names also sound fairly similar yet written entirely different in Chinese. These show the richness & scope of Chinese language. Oh, regret didn’t study the language when I was young:(

  96. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 31, 2013 at 2:52 am |

    Yeah. I wish I studied harder at Chinese too… But its much easier to appreciate the language when you’re not forced to memorize the characters.

    I’m at chapter 43 now. Hahaha… not d/ling fast enough to keep up with my listening. Haven’t watched the MVs either – going crazy at work.

    HC and HCR are really a piece of work – a match made in heaven. *shudders*. I know what you mean now – BFX and HFX don’t really get many scenes together. I wonder if BFX is really oblivious about HFX’s feelings towards her. She’s too smart and yet… if she knows, isn’t her behaviour like tugging at the sleeping tiger’s whiskers?!

    Sigh… perhaps not for the first time I wish Liu Yi Fei has greater control over her facial muscles. In terms of the description of ethereal beauty and grace , I cannot imagine anyone but LYF. 😛 China got a LOT of pretty actresses… but… oh well…

  97. lidge
    lidge January 31, 2013 at 3:21 am |

    I also think LYF is very beautiful in ancient costumes. However, her acting leaves me cold.

  98. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 31, 2013 at 3:31 am |

    At this stage it is really hard for us to learn Chinese as one needs to start young:( I think it is one of the most difficult language. Also, I am poor at art so I definitely can’t write well in Chinese:( Also, poetry is never my strength be it in English or Chinese. Well, there is next life, lol.

    Wah, where is the fire? Slow down & work hard:P Btw is HCR also involved in the sect that killed Han Pu’s family since she asked the maid to burn the handkerchief? Sometime I m not really clear on some of the characters bcos of my poor command of the language & my lack of concentration:( All along, I always think HFX is a goodie & YWY is a baddie, lol.

    HFX only realises his feelings for BFX when he was abt to marry HCR. So it is not surprising BFX doesn’t know HFX’s true feelings. Even I am not too sure until I read the spoiler, haha…This is bcos HFX is so calculative in his actions. Everything he did seem like for a good cause but actually for his own gains. When u continue to listen, u’ll find out. How’ll BFX know whether HFX married her for love & not to form an alliance to help him ‘get the world’? Words are empty, it is the action that counts. Thus I can’t wait to see him in action, haha….Anyway he can do no wrong in my eyes, haha..

    No LYF pls !!!!! Yes, she is pretty & looks like an eternal beauty but she doesn’t have BFX’s spunk & playfulness. LYF acts like a log of wood, zzzzz:( I prefer LSS eventhough she doesn’t look as good as LYF. China has a lot of pretty actresses but hard to find one who looks beautiful in the classical sense yet charming & captivating.

  99. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 31, 2013 at 3:47 am |

    Exactly – I think LSS can pull it off because she’s a good actress but LYF really got it in the looks department – she seems to personify the classical chinese beauty the classics describe. Too bad her acting is so botoxed.

    Ahhhh… There’s no fire? I leave it on and listen to it while I work on the brainless stuff. It’s just that I wanna get to the good stuff I guess. How many chapters are in this book? You need to recommend me another one after I finish.

    Need more BFX x HFX scenes NOW. Hahahah. I am sprinting until I get there.

  100. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 31, 2013 at 4:12 am |

    How can you concentrate while you are working? Hey, u r doing this nearly perfect audiobook an injustice by not giving it your undivided full attention:P. It deserves better than that. I told u the audiobook has not finished recording so don’t know how many chapters but fr my experience should be b/w 120 to 130:) I understand how u felt. I planned to listen to a chapter or 2 but bcos of the lack of BFX & HFX, I ended up listening to more than 5 chapters just so I get to hear abt them:( Btw chapter 105 isn’t working in all the pirate sites:( I’ll try to get it fr the original site once I figure out how to pay.

    Wow, you are giving me a difficult task bcos I can’t think of another book that can top this book in term of storyline, execution or music. I left a msg for Mian Mian telling her she is recording the best audiobook on earth, lol. Ater this, anything u hear will be pale in comparison so u need to adjust your expectation. I am still in the transitional phrase so feeling a bit lost as I can’t get into any other books, sob sob……After being fed on Ben & Jerry, I ask you to eat Magnolia or Walls, how would u feel?

  101. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 31, 2013 at 6:11 am |

    Wahhhhhhhh…… That bad eh.

    Don’t worry – I’ll be happy with just a good storyline. Another wuxia maybe. Yeah…. you warned me that it’s a WIP. What to do la… I might relisten when I’m done the first time.

    Stuck in a rut now… no BFXxHFX scenes….

  102. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 31, 2013 at 6:56 am |

    Wah another wuxia:( If modern or xian xia, I can probably recommend u some quality audiobooks. If wuxia, the quality of the book is questionable so listen at your own risk:P

    凤囚凰 (Feng Qiu Huang) is a popular book but I didn’t listen bcos I read the detailed summary of the whole story in English, lol. Actually the story is good. The audiobook has only 1 voice & is long but there are many awesome guys in the book:( Oops, I m not sure this is strictly wuxia, more like time travel.

    蔓蔓青萝 (Man Man Qing Luo) is also a popular book but I don’t like it. Read the detailed English summary & tried the audiobook but gave up bcos I can’t stand the guys’ sissy voices:P I think this is also not really wuxia:(

    独步天下 (Unrivaled in the World) is a popular time travel/palace book where u can find some info in this bar. I don’t really fancy time travel novel plus single voice so no no for me.

    歌尽桃花 (Song in the Peach Blossoms) is also a popular book but not really wuxia where u can find some info in this bar. I listened to it but didn’t really enjoy it bcos the quality of the audiobook is not up to my std:(

    These 4 are on the top 20 books list in China. There is a shortage of wuxia audiobooks:(

    Which chapter are u at? BFX & HC are at war now? Love it when HFX just left HCR’s marriage selection party, haha….I can probably tell u when there is BFX & HFX:P

  103. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 31, 2013 at 9:20 am |

    Thanks! I’ll go explore. Maybe I’ll go listen the rest of TQGZ’s books. 😀

    Isn’t there a drama ver of Feng Qiu Huang? Chapter 46 now. See… slowing down! YWY and BFX are talking about music. Heh. *waits for ship to sail*.

  104. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 31, 2013 at 10:45 am |

    Oh, I like all of TQ’s books & have heard all of them:P Don’t listen to 3W3L10PB (xian xia) bcos the audiobook isn’t good but read the English translations although hamster skipped some bits so kind of disjoint. The sequel, The Pillow Book has good audiobook with my fav Cgege & her sis reading:P But the book is incomplete bcos TQ has only released part 1. If u can’t stand on the cliff, better dun listen till part 2 is released maybe later this yr.I like Double Life, TQ’s modern book although the story is nothing new, very Kdrama feel. This is bcos of the good audiobook’s readers being SLMY & another guy who only read a book a yr. U can find all of them here:)

    I don’t think there is a drama version of FQH but there are many MVs. Heehee, most of them got Wallace so you better stay away:P Xiaoyuer’s blog has plenty of info on that.

    Arrgh chapter 47 is good when HFX rejects HCR & tells BFX he is not gonna marry her. Then BFX lol but HFX very angry so pushes her, so childish but I like it:P I also like it whenever he calls BFX, lady, heehee. I listen to this many times:P Did u pay attention when HC declares his love to BFX? He said I m not a hero but I m kingly, eeeeee vomit blood:P

  105. HuiEr
    HuiEr January 31, 2013 at 12:04 pm |

    HC’s very slimy. Slimeball. Eck.

    Yes. Chapter 47 was so good – I listened to it TWICE! hahahaha before moving on.

    Sigh… Han Pu’s going away. *weeps*. Does he make an appearance later?

  106. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 31, 2013 at 12:28 pm |

    Yes, HC is slimy but in a fun way, lol. I don’t like him but he is entertaining:)

    Yah, chapter 47 is a highlight bcos after she goes back to rule Feng country she changes fr BFX to Si Yu so no more fun:( The silver lining is HFX also follows her back:) But, still not much intereactions b/w them:( I just finished chapter 107. Both of them were discussing war strategy when I want them to exchange love words, lol.

    I don’t think Han Pu will come back but hold your tears bcos you get to hear his kiddy voice in TQ’s book, Double Life. The kid there kind of like Han Pu, very cute & adorable. Another good news is you can download it free fr the original site:) You can listen to it to slow you down on this book.

  107. HuiEr
    HuiEr February 1, 2013 at 5:40 am |

    Chapter 72. YYZ lives! and dies. all within 3 chapters. FTW.

    You’re right – BFX and HFX’s relationship is too complicated. I hope this book is not filed under romance, but there isn’t much of that. Lol.

    Last few chapters very tiring… because it’s all mostly action… can’t wait for the two feng xis to come back together… no fun when they are apart.

  108. Peanuts
    Peanuts February 1, 2013 at 6:10 am |

    I think YYZ’s purpose is to make BFX dislikes HFX more, to deepen their distrust & misunderstandings & also to show the brutality of war. Bcos of the chaotic nature of war, you can mistakenly kill your loved one:( That is why I like this book so much due to its complexity as life is like that:( Luckily with an unrealistic happy ending:P It is romance but not the std kind which makes it so much more interesting. I am kind of sick of the formulaic love story.

    HFX went back to his country? If yes, then long wait for BFX to go there. Later u’ll get to know HFX better, his dysfunctional family:( Man is shaped by his environment. Did u pay attention to HFX’s speech? He said it is the process of ‘get the world’ which thrills him. Quite romantic when he laid the path with I think orchids for BFX when she went to his country for the wedding. Unfortunately that lady doesn’t appreciate it:(

    Btw, I just left a msg in Chinese to Mian Mian to ask her to include the epilogues as well as telling her I recommended my netpal to listen to this novel & she likes it, haha….

    I just finished downloading 2 new books to try out for the weekend. Both are WIP. One is Shang Jun which is posted here. Another one I think is a funny one. Both are wuxia. If they are nice, I’ll recommend u.

  109. HuiEr
    HuiEr February 1, 2013 at 6:29 am |

    Not yet. BFX just returns from recovering the Yen(?) city to meet with the rest of troops, where she left HFX in command.

    I a bit in despair that it seems that BFX will never fall in love with HFX. sigh.

  110. Peanuts
    Peanuts February 1, 2013 at 6:36 am |

    Wahahaha, I was feeling like u so I went to search for spoilers. When I started this book, I promise myself I am not gonna read spoilers. This is bcos once I read spoilers, I’ll lose interest in listening to the book:( But this book is a special case, lol. Don’t worry spoiler said BFX will love HFX. I am still waiting to listen to how this can be achieved as I am stuck at the boring part:(

  111. HuiEr
    HuiEr February 1, 2013 at 6:47 am |

    Hahahaha… thanks for the link but too late – I’ve already d/led all the chapters (except 105).

    It seems so difficult for BFX to love HFX. Sigh sometimes I hate it that she takes him for granted. But i can’t blame her because HFX is a slick one too.

  112. Peanuts
    Peanuts February 1, 2013 at 7:25 am |

    That link can be used for your next book:P For this book, I also downloaded 1 by 1, lol. Hey, I gonna gmail u a new yr song sang by HFX, haha…..Can u hear Who Gets the World in the lyrics:P?

    It is difficult bcos both of them are rulers, at the pinnacle of power in their own countries. There is a part where BFX’s subordinates are not happy that I think her chair is smaller or inferior to HFX. But HFX’s subordinates said she is just the Queen so this is right but BFX’s subordinates replied she is our ruler so should have same kind of chair as HFX. Guess how this is solved by HFX? The writer of this novel or should I say HFX is such a smartie, heehee…
    She takes him for granted bcos she doesn’t trust him. When u listen further, u’ll know why BFX is like that. Intially I was annoyed with her as well but later I understand where she is coming from.

  113. Melanie
    Melanie July 30, 2013 at 11:46 pm |

    I watched the few MVs with Wallace Chung inside. meh – so not a fan of him. I’m sorry – but I think I borderline dislike his face in Wuxia dramas when he’s trying to act cool and aloof. It makes me think that he’s in a commercial for laxatives.

    Haha, it took me about half a year to catch that comment by HuiEr. :p Hi, HuiEr, by the way. I’m one of the Wallace Chung fans Peanuts was referring to. Haha.

    I thought Wallace’s portrayal of Fu Hongxue was lacking somehow. Fu Hongxue was suppose to be a deeply, emotionally scarred character, a loner, and yet very proud. Hugo Ng did a fabulous job portraying those aspects of the character in the old TVB version. Hugo was a hard act to follow, and it was difficult to not compare Wallace’s Fu Hongxue to Hugo’s. In the 6 episodes I had seen of the new version with Wallace, I was far from impressed. I feel that the new script should share some blame for Wallace’s Fu Hongxue being too OVERLY emotional and too trusting and naive. Anyway, maybe one day, I’ll go back and watch the rest of that drama.

    If you want to Wallace at his best as a villain, I think you should give Ni Shui Han a try. I think he portrayed his complex villain character very well in that drama, so much that he instantly became a fan favorite, even though he was the antagonist. I loved his character so much that I rooted for him, even though I knew he had to be stopped because he was so evil. Even now, 10 years after Ni Shui Han had aired, I still see new MVs of his character popping up on tudou and youku.

    I hated Wallace’s character in Too Late To Say I Love You and spent a fair amount of time bashing his Murong Feng on spcnet, so I won’t bore anyone with my gripe again. :p However, he did look very dashing in military garb.

    Peanuts – How did HFX solve the throne size issue in you last post? I haven’t listened to the audiobook, since I don’t think I’ll understand one bit of the story given my poor Mandarin understanding. But from all these posts, I, too, believe Wallace Chung would make a fabulous HFX. 😀

  114. jadebunny9
    jadebunny9 September 7, 2013 at 7:11 am |

    This is one of the best wuxia novels I’ve read in a very long time. If they ever make a drama for this, I pray that Yu Zheng doesn’t get his hands on it.

  115. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 7, 2013 at 9:16 am |

    Arrrgh, don’t scare me. I just did a quick check in baidu, so far I think it is safe. I don’t want this to be made into a drama at all. I am satisfied with the well-made audiobook. Beside YMM, there are many other looney producers in cdrama-land eg the one who destroyed Hua Xu Yin.

  116. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 13, 2013 at 4:34 am |

    The actual book is not that long, abt 2 books, lol. Listen to the audiobook. Guarantee u it is nice, otherwise I pay you, haha…Hey pls post the prequel & give some comments bcos I’ve not read it:) There is also a spin-off which I also have not read. If you are interested, it is posted in the bar.


  117. Pm
    Pm September 13, 2013 at 3:31 am |

    Ok folks….I’m done with the ebook….and I’m totally totally confused……how come the ebook story is different from the snippets and the described characters?

    The link here talks about the original 8 siblings and their conquests…but they dun talk about the later generations…..

    The only later generation they talk about is feng du ying and feng ji’s later generation talking in long xiao Dian…..

    I didn’t read about the lives of the later generation……

    I’m so confused…..enlighten me someone…..

  118. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 13, 2013 at 4:12 am |

    Hahahaha, I am very very sorry Pm but you read the wrong book:P I know I am bad but I just can’t stop laughing that you didn’t even realise you read the wrong book. The first thing you do in future b4 starting a book is check the title.

    You’ve read the prequel to Who Gets the World. Since you’ve read that, could you please register, translate the Chinese synopsis to English and post it with a short comment? After you’ve registered, I’ll give you author privilege to write & post in the bar.

    I’ll fix the link with the real book. You’ve a talent in finding books with broken or incorrect links:P Anyway, it is the bar fault for misleading you, sorry ar:( As compensation, I highly recommend you to listen to the audiobook for Who Gets the World bcos it is one of the best !!!!

  119. Pm
    Pm September 13, 2013 at 4:23 am |

    Wah!!!!! U r joking rite??? It took me a week to finish reading….considering the super late nights too 🙁

    It’s a super duper long book….sob sob….but interesting….

    Haha….yep yep…I seem to be choosing all the “wrong” books…

    If that is a prequel…how long is the actual book??

  120. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 13, 2013 at 7:30 am |

    I’ve changed the link so you can read the other half of the story. If you need the summary, go to my blog but they only focus on the 2 protagonists. My Chinese is poor so I don’t know who are their ancestors & I cannot differentiate who is who except the few key players. After you finish WGTW, pls tie it back to what you wrote on the prequel, lol.

    Is Bai Feng Xi, the female lead in WGTW the decendent/grand-daughter of Feng du ying?

  121. Pm
    Pm September 13, 2013 at 8:31 am |

    By the surname, I should think so……also, which I think is abit far fetched, she is wearing the white half crescent moon on her forehead and her all white dressing…..I the story, feng du ying wears a white crescent moon jade pendent around her neck, and feng ji hangs an identical black crescent moon jade pendent on his precious flute. So I presume that the two of them are the descendants of them ill fated lovers…

    Haha…I read the summary…that’s why I was so so confused…..wondering where in the world those characters came from…and why mine were different…

    Is the main story a happy ending? The prequel was not really…I was abit sad……but yet, well….must read to understand…..I can blabber on…but that would mean I divulge the whole story…hehe.

  122. Melanie
    Melanie September 16, 2013 at 9:39 pm |

    Peanuts – You never answered my question.

    How did HFX solve the throne size issue when BFX’s subordinates complained that her throne was smaller compared to HFX’s?

  123. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 16, 2013 at 11:49 pm |

    Peanuts – You never answered my question.

    How did HFX solve the throne size issue when BFX’s subordinates complained that her throne was smaller compared to HFX’s?

    Oh, sorry ar. Although I actively patrol the bar, sometime I also miss some comments like the police not being able to catch all the criminals:P

    Just have one big throne which can fit 2 persons. Isn’t he smart, lol?

  124. Melanie
    Melanie September 17, 2013 at 12:22 am |

    Hahaha. I thought he was going to suggest that she sit on his lap. One big throne for two people is funny, too. What were BFX and her subordinates’ reaction to his throne solution?

  125. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 17, 2013 at 12:33 am |

    Hey, hey, they are in the public eyes before their subordinates & citizens, not in a karaoke bar, so have to appear regal, prim & proper. They are satisfied & marvel at Lan Xi’s ingenuity. Don’t quote me on this as I can’t remember if the ingenuity bit is from the book or peanuts’ imagination, lol.

    Btw, I also have problem listening to audiobooks with single reader. There are a few good books which I didn’t listen bcos they are read by single reader. Currently, WGTW is the best audiobook you can ever find with officially 4 readers but many guests reading also.

  126. Melanie
    Melanie September 17, 2013 at 12:54 am |

    I am just thinking of the long, full robes rulers wear, especially the beautifully elaborate ones that the queens wear. I only worry that they will trip over each other when they get up from that one large throne and fall over each other. It’s probably easier if she just sits on his lap. :p Then, she can get up first and he can get up second (since she needs to slide off his lap first before he can stand up). Otherwise, there will be controversy about who has the right to stand up first. Someone will suggest that they get up at the same time, and then, whoa, TRIP!

    I think I do want to give this audiobook a try but I really fear I will get lost and confused among all the characters. I am trying to listen to Two Ex-Husbands on One Stage, and I am already confused, even though there are not that many characters.

    I do agree that an audiobook with multiple readers is more enjoyable and easier to follow. I also find it very abrasive when a woman tries to read a male character’s lines. I love Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost and thought that the audiobook was done relatively well. However, it could have been a lot more enjoyable had they had Ah Shou reading Jin Mi’s lines, another guy reading Fire Deity’s lines, and a second guy reading Night Diety’s lines. I think I would have loved Fire and Night Deities more if their characters’ lines were read by guys. It is hard to picture a hot and handsome character in my mind when I keep hearing a woman’s voice pretending to sound like a man.

    By the way, does BFX love HFX? From comments here, it almost seems like HFX loves her but she can never really trust his motives or his love for her, since he is so ambitious and manipulative.

  127. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 17, 2013 at 1:29 am |

    Those ancient ppl are used to walking with their flowing robes just like some girls with a few inches of high heels can walk faster than me in flats, lol. There is no way she can sit on his lap. It is improper & embarassing. They sit & stand at the same time on 1 throne is the best solution.

    Did you listen to the radio drama for Heavy Sweetness? It is incomplete and not as detailed as the audiobook but the quality is really good with proper male voices. If not, you should give it a try since you know the gist of the story. Yah, I get goosebumps listening to sissy male voices, lol.

    It is not really explicit in the novel as to whether BFX loves HFX or not. I think she is not sure of her feelings and did not really think much abt it considering they’ve been friends for 10 yrs. I do think she loves him yet also hates him, haha….Have you read the latest translated snippet I posted on my blog 2 days ago? Maybe, you’ll understand their relationship better after you read it.

    Indeed the novel has many characters but I did prepare a who is who list to help you out. I suggest you take it slowly & listen to it with the ebook in front of you. You can get google to translate the ebook. Although the English is pretty bad yet you can still kind of undestand it.

  128. Melanie
    Melanie September 17, 2013 at 9:18 pm |

    Haha, Peanuts, you sounded so miffed when I mentioned about BFX sitting on HFX’s lap. 😀 Ok, how about if HE sat on HER lap? Would that be better? Haha. Since I haven’t listened to the audiobook yet, I am not sure how much of a jokester the two main leads are. If they like to tease each other, then I am surprised HFX has not made the suggestion for BFX to sit on his lap (as a joke, of course).

    Anyway, I have read your translation of the two leads’ relationship on your blog. Thank you for that! It is a wonderful read. Is that part in the middle of the novel? Do the leads actually get married and consummate their marriage or are they only engaged throughout the entire story? I would love to read an excerpt of how they interact with each other after they consummate their marriage and compare it to the passage you have just translated. In the passage you have just translated, they seem close but I feel a barrier between them, mostly put up by BFX. HFX seems ready to take that leap from close friendship to lovers, but BFX appears very hesitant and confused about her feelings for him. That is why I wonder how she treats him AFTER marrying him.

    I just finished listening to the radiodrama of Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost after your suggestion. Ah, it is wonderful hearing male voices for Fire and Night Deities! The radiodrama skipped a lot though, so I felt that the essence of the story was lost along the way and would have confused someone who had not already listened to the audiobook. I wish they would remake the audiobook with male voices for the male characters. How come no one wants to adapt this book into a series? It’s fairly straightforward enough and has quite likable characters! However, Yu Zheng should stay away from this, as he would probably make Jin Mi fall in love with the Heavenly Emperor and create a love rectangle among Jin Mi, Fire Deity, Night Deity, and the Emperor. :p

  129. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 18, 2013 at 3:09 am |

    Huh, I am not miffed at all. Just don’t think what you are suggesting is approrpriate unless it is in private or modern setting. Hey, they are king & queen, so have a regal image to maintain which doesn’t include sitting on someone’s lap:P

    The 3rd snippet is around the middle of the book. Haha, why you wanna know if they consummated their marriage:P? They did get married but the consummation is at the end of the book. FYI, this is not really a romance novel. There is romance element but it has many other themes as well as per my summary. Most of the time the states are at war and so are the leads. It is a really poignant story with many quotable quotes. Maybe I should translate some of my most loved ones, lol.

    Radiodramas are just summaries but they are well-made with many voices & sound effects. They are akin to movies. Maybe the CGI in China is not up to std to adapt this drama. Or maybe SAFT disapproves of fantasy novel. Or the producers in China are blinded by Jin Yong & Gu Long’s novels only, lol. Anyway it is best that there is no adaptation. If it is not done well, you’ll vomit blood:(

  130. Melanie
    Melanie September 18, 2013 at 7:02 am |

    I want to know if BFX and HFX consummated their marriage because I won’t know it unless someone tells me! Remember Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost? I had no clue any sex was had between Jin Mi and Fire Deity until xia0yuer told me! :p But seriously, I ask because I have serious doubts that BFX would go through with the marriage from reading your excerpts, since she does not seem like she is sure she wants to become HFX’s wife.

    What happened to Huang Chao (the guy who gave up BFX for jiang shan) in the end? Did he ever regret letting go of BFX when he realized she and HFX were engaged?

    Should I listen to the radioplay or the audiobook for this story? Is the radioplay even complete?

  131. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 18, 2013 at 7:48 am |

    Hahaha, I think you’ll know when they boat in this book but there is a red herring, lol. I remembered a reader who shall remain nameless was very excited abt it & asked me for confirmation. I wasn’t sure so I’ve to resort to checking the book, lol. Yup, bcos of the distrust & lack of communication, their r/s isn’t good until the end of the book when he made a big sacrifice for her.

    The road to the throne has always been lonely. Huang Chao is an arrogant & ambitious guy who put the world before everything else & he got his wish in the end. Thus, I don’t think he feels any regret, just being sentimental abt his love for BFX. There is an epilogue on him which have not been read yet.

    Of course, you’ve to listen to the audiobook which has fantastic readers and sound effects. Moreoever the radioplay is incomplete but the audiobook is finished except the epilogues. The radioplay skipped a lot of interesting parts. This is such an epic story which deserved to be listened to properly from beginning to end. Ssssssh….don’t tell anyone that I’ve listened to it a few times, lol.

  132. Pm
    Pm September 18, 2013 at 2:50 pm |

    Sighz…can’t believe the descendants of the 8 siblings who were so close and united are fighting over the stupid throne!!!!!!

    Their ancestors will be rolling around kicking and screaming in their graves!!!!

  133. Melanie
    Melanie September 18, 2013 at 9:31 pm |

    I think the story would have been better and more memorable if HFX had died from saving BFX.

  134. Pm
    Pm September 19, 2013 at 2:34 am |

    I will strangle the author if that happened!!!!! I hate sad endings!!!!! I was so so so so upset with dmy and yzg…Sheeze..and bbjx…..all my lovely man just didn’t get their girl!!!!

  135. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 19, 2013 at 3:15 am |

    I will strangle the author if that happened!!!!! I hate sad endings!!!!! I was so so so so upset with dmy and yzg…Sheeze..and bbjx…..all my lovely man just didn’t get their girl!!!!

    I second that !!! There is no way they’ll have a sad ending when I ship them like mad, lol. Also, they didn’t have much romantic interactions in the book, so at least must let them end up happily together forever. Hey pm, listen to the audiobook so your progress will be faster. I bet you don’t know how to read at least a qtr of the words in the book:P

    It is inevitable the next generation will squabble over the wealth/throne of the previous generation after most or all of them passed away. The bond will slowly but surely be broken. That is the reality of life.

    Throw mooncakes at Mel for daring to suggest killing HFX, grrrrrrhhhhh:P The current ending is poignant in that he gave up the whole world for her. Not many male leads in an ancient novel will do that. You don’t necessary have to kill off someone or die to become memorable. That is too heartless:(

  136. Melanie
    Melanie September 19, 2013 at 8:05 am |

    I will eat every mooncake you throw at me! 😀

    From the comments here, BFX and HFX only interact in 25% of this novel?! How could they be considered the leading couple then? I mean, each scene they are in together does not have to be lovey dovey but at least put them in contact with each other more often than just 25% of the time! If they barely even interact with each other, then how can they be a favored couple among internet readers? I’m very confused. No wonder, BFX doesn’t love HFX… She doesn’t spend enough time with him to figure out what her feelings are for him and what his feelings are for her. :p With so few interactions between those two, I am surprised at the depth of HFX’s love for BFX that he is willing to sacrifice his life for her. If this gets adapted into a drama, I know for sure the scriptwriter will have to modify the story a bit to give the leading couple more screen time together.

    Anyway, I feel that HFX’s sacrifice for BFX cannot truly be called a sacrifice if he could easily become young again. Therefore, I think the story should have ended with either (1) BFX finally realizing her love for HFX and staying by his side for the rest of his life until he passes away from old age, or (2) HFX dying from saving BFX and BFX staying by his graveside for the rest of her life as a way to honor and remember the man who had loved her enough to die for her. These endings would have been so much more poignant, yes? Am I like Fei Wo Si Cun? :p

  137. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 19, 2013 at 2:42 pm |

    Ok, I exaggerated. Probably 50% interactions but 25% on more personal level. They are main couple bcos nobody else in the book has more interaction than them. The other 50% is their interactions with other characters. There are a few other guys & gals who also like our protagonists. They did have a lot of time together as the book begins with them already knowing each other for 10 yrs. Just that the author did not write abt that 10 yrs. It is the quality not the quantity which counts when it comes to love. Anyway, listen to the book b4 you give your verdict:P

    The sacrifice is indeed one bcos he didn’t know he will be saved. He is on the brink of dying but bcos this decendant from the Jiu Lo tribe who knows magic saves him. The dying ending you suggested is not memorable but sadistic. Giving up everything to live a carefree live in the martial art world is the perfect ending for peanuts, no dispute on that:P If you want anything else, by all means go & read FWSC & get tortured by her, lol.

  138. Pm
    Pm September 19, 2013 at 4:09 pm |

    Hahaeanuts u kw me well….yes im struggling thru the Chinese…plodding slowly but surely will reach the end… :p I’m still on page 2 🙁 but I will still plod thru…hehe….dun like listening coz I can’t catch the words and meanings fast enuf….reading I can still take time to understand…hehehe….

    Dun waste mooncakes…i throw the mooncake box instead k??

    But yes….go read fwsc for sad endings or yzg….arghz……ling gege ling gege….why u die so sad and early, why ur offspring died at the hands of such an irritating and annoying creature…

  139. Melanie
    Melanie September 19, 2013 at 9:04 pm |

    Actually, I don’t think Yun Zhong Ge is that sad. I don’t understand why everyone else feels that it is an incredibly sad story. It’s probably because I am not able to read the entire story since it hasn’t been completely translated into English, so I am not able to totally connect with the characters to feel sad for them at the end. Despite the changes made to the original storyline, I am waiting anxiously for Yu Zheng’s Yun Zhong Ge. The drama stills look beautiful.

    Perhaps once I listen to the audiobook for WGTW, I’ll be able to connect with BFX and HFX and want a happy ending for them.

    I like happy endings like everyone else, but I don’t mind sad endings if done correctly and tastefully. For example, after learning about the sad ending in the novel Too Late To Say I Love You, I thought it was a more appropriate ending than the stupid happy one in the drama. I felt that the drama should have stuck to the novel’s ending, which would have left a bigger impact than forced happy one for the sake of having a happy ending. Anyway, that is just my opinion for TLTSILY (not for WGTW since I haven’t listened to that story yet). I know there are plenty who want to see the leading couple in TLTSILY live happily ever after. However, sometimes living “happily ever after” is too forced and just not possible given the storyline.

    Why are there sudden talks about moon cakes? Is it the Moon Festival already? Did I miss it? 🙁 It’s so sad that I am so busy I forget one of my favorite festivals now. 🙁

  140. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 20, 2013 at 1:56 am |

    Pm, I know you are a stubborn girl but your ears are missing out & you are abusing your eyes, lol.

    Why jumped topic to YZG? Don’t post all over the place:P Mel, did you read the book properly fr beginning to end? If not, then you can’t judge that the book is not sad. I agreed with Pm it is indeed sad. I wet a few tissues over it so I’ve decided not to read another Tong Hua book:P Hey, I may end up shipping Liu Bing Yi in the drama bcos of you know who, lol.

    A word of warning to Mel, the Chinese in WGTW is really hard to understand and it is also long-winded. A lot of poems & song lyrics which I don’t understand at all !!!! It is not funny happy like Heavy Sweetness. I assure you the ending is not forced at all. Arrrgh, how I wish I know how to read Chinese, next life, next life, lol. Hey Mel, you like ancient book only? If not, it is a lot easier to listen to modern book.

    TLTSILY can have a bad or sad ending if WC is not in it. Since he is in it, it must have a happy ending bcos most of his dramas have bad/sad endings !!! The same applies to Best Times. Mel, you may want to give Eastern Palace by FWSC a try:P

    Mid Autumn Festival was on 19 Sept, wake up Mel:P

  141. jadebunny9
    jadebunny9 September 20, 2013 at 7:21 am |

    I’m still waiting for the Vietnamese version to be finished translating. It’s already so long-winded and prose-y in Vietnamese, I can only imagine how it would be in Chinese. My Chinese is super elementary, but perhaps one day I shall tackle a story, with the help of google translate, and see if that improves my skills at all.

    Sometimes it’s not how many lovey dovey scenes a couple has together, but how significant they are. Though I wouldn’t have minded a few more!

    Huang Chao is such a blah character I never considered him second male lead at all. Is he supposed to be? Such an arrogant, slimy guy. I don’t know who I dislike more between him and Yu Wuyuan…they’re both pretty blah. YWY is really just like his name, so BLAH. He had a chance with BFX, but then rejected her, for reasons I still don’t quite understand. Help me out here Peanuts.

    Happy Mooncake Day to all!

  142. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 20, 2013 at 8:47 am |


    Sometimes it’s not how many lovey dovey scenes a couple has together, but how significant they are.Though I wouldn’t have minded a few more!

    Huang Chao is such a blah character I never considered him second male lead at all.Is he supposed to be?Such an arrogant, slimy guy.I don’t know who I dislike more between him and Yu Wuyuan…they’re both pretty blah.YWY is really just like his name, so BLAH.He had a chance with BFX, but then rejected her, for reasons I still don’t quite understand.Help me out here Peanuts.

    Huh, so you’ve not finished reading the story? I thought you read the Chinese version:) Where is the Viet version translated until? Actually there are quite a few lovey dovey scenes but not the std one. What I like abt this book is that it is not a typical love story with misunderstandings, parental or society disapproval, weak or irrational female lead etc. It is an evenly matched novel and the story is very epic.

    Yah, I never like HC. Yet HFX is actually also rather arrogant & snobby. Just that he loves BFX more & willing to give up a lot for her. Whereas HC is purely ambition driven. Some of his lines just crack me up eventhough they are not meant to be funny like “I am not a hero, I am a king”, lol. Anyway with HC’s ruthlessness & single-mindedness he’ll be a powerful king who can unite the states and put an end to the wars so it is a good thing after all.

    As for YWY, I do feel sorry for him in the end. So sorry to him becos I omitted him in my synopsis translation as well as my summry:P He has quite a fair number of supporters here as well as in baidu. It is not that he doesn’t like BFX, it is just that he is destinated to die bcos of the sin of his ancestors. They participated in the massacare of the luo tribe and are cursed for generations. It is elaborated in Phoenix Coming fr the Sky, the prequel. Thus, he rejected BFX for her own good as he died in the end:( He is being considerate & giving. He knew at the very beginning that he won’t get to live long so he & BFX has no fate just like his name ‘Wu Yuan’ which in Chinese means no fate.

  143. Pm
    Pm September 21, 2013 at 2:59 pm |

    Hehe……I’m having crossed eyes at the moment….but stillon page 2 🙁 so so slow…..but somehow I prefer the prequel….maybe I haven’t reached the juicy parts…I’m just at the hua mei ren part…..

    Sorry…my yzg was just to intro Mel to a sad sad sad ending…dun ship liu bing yi…bad bad evil evil Wang en fu yi fellow…..

  144. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 22, 2013 at 7:11 am |

    Hehe……I’m having crossed eyes at the moment….but stillon page 2 :(so so slow…..but somehow I prefer the prequel….maybe I haven’t reached the juicy parts…I’m just at the hua mei ren part…..

    Sorry…my yzg was just to intro Mel to a sad sad sad ending…dun ship liu bing yi…bad bad evil evil Wang en fu yi fellow…..

    Huh Pm, you serious or what? All the interaction b/w BFX & HFX are so juicy. From your summary & the MV, I don’t really like the prequel. Ok, most of my reviews are based on the quality of the audiobooks. I may not like some good books bcos there is no audiobook or they are bad. I may like some not so good books bcos the audiobooks are good. In some cases both the novels as well as the audiobook are also good.

    Chen Xiao is Liu Bing Yi, so I gonna ship him, lol.

  145. Pm
    Pm September 24, 2013 at 12:15 pm |

    Peanuts…. I just read thru the summary…eh….I think there’s a slight error….I think?? Correct me if I am wrong k….

    Black feng xi is looking for the missing seal, whereas white fei xi is searching for the mysterious duan Hun men sect…coz duan Hun men killed her pretty little fren who saved her,and she has all along been searching to eradicate them, but hei feng xi’s main search is for the missing seal…they just happen to fall o to the same path….coz of Han piao’s family’s death.

    Bai feng xi knows the seal is in huang chaos hand,already but she doesnt care abt it…..it was hei feng xi who went to hua guo and met her there…..

  146. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 24, 2013 at 1:30 pm |

    Pm dear, I honestly think you are here to torture me, lol. Joke aside, I am glad to have you police my blogs as well as my work so that I’ll not be lazy:P Lidge said since nobody knows if my translation/review is correct or wrong, I can just simply do them. But suddenly I remember there is Pm, lol.

    What I wrote is not strictly right or wrong. Although BFX is not interested in the seal, she is implicated as well. Her involvement with Yan Ying Zhou and the Duan Hun Men sect or those masked men in black is bcos of the seal. She did not actively participate in the search for the seal but she is embroiled/involved in it nonetheless. Thus, I stand by what I wrote:P

  147. Pm
    Pm September 24, 2013 at 4:46 pm |

    Hehe…sorry peanuts……dun mean to torture u :p just make u walk on tippy toes….hahaha….

    sorry…my bad…..but yep…now tat u put it in this light…bfx is indirectly involved in the seal as well…….I tot she just wanted to save yan ying Zhou coz he was good looking…..

  148. jadebunny9
    jadebunny9 October 3, 2013 at 5:54 am |

    Peanuts: Huh, so you’ve not finished reading the story? I thought you read the Chinese version:) Where is the Viet version translated until? Actually there are quite a few lovey dovey scenes but not the std one. What I like abt this book is that it is not a typical love story with misunderstandings, parental or society disapproval, weak or irrational female lead etc. It is an evenly matched novel and the story is very epic.

    Yah, I never like HC. Yet HFX is actually also rather arrogant & snobby. Just that he loves BFX more & willing to give up a lot for her. Whereas HC is purely ambition driven. Some of his lines just crack me up eventhough they are not meant to be funny like “I am not a hero, I am a king”, lol. Anyway with HC’s ruthlessness & single-mindedness he’ll be a powerful king who can unite the states and put an end to the wars so it is a good thing after all.

    As for YWY, I do feel sorry for him in the end. So sorry to him becos I omitted him in my synopsis translation as well as my summry:P He has quite a fair number of supporters here as well as in baidu. It is not that he doesn’t like BFX, it is just that he is destinated to die bcos of the sin of his ancestors.They participated in the massacare of the luo tribe and are cursed for generations. It is elaborated in Phoenix Coming fr the Sky, the prequel. Thus, he rejected BFX for her own good as he died in the end:( He is being considerate & giving. He knew at the very beginning that he won’t get to live long so he & BFX has no fate just like his name ‘Wu Yuan’ which in Chinese means no fate.

    Indeed I like that their love is not interrupted by factors such as family or dumb misunderstandings, but rather by mostly her distrust of him.

    While HFX can be arrogant and snobby, at least he has a sense of humor. Humorous guys always get extra points in my book. HC was just blah from head to toe, though I guess he gets points for being good-looking? Then again, which guy isn’t good-looking in this novel?

    Ah so that’s the background for YWY…okay now he’s not as blah to me. Poor thing. Oh well, better luck next lifetime.

    I’ve also read bits and pieces of Lan Yin Bi Yue…I think it might actually be a better story than WGTW, though the male lead can’t compare to HFX.

  149. Pm
    Pm October 10, 2013 at 2:35 pm |

    I finally finished this book!!!!! Took me so so so super long……..nice read though….but somehow…I still prefer the prelude…dunno why??

    But one thing I didn’t like abt this book is the ending….too many people “missing” so sad 🙁

    Actually I’m abit confused….if I read correctly, the yu Jia family did not participate in the massacre of the luo tribe….the main culprit is feng ji and dong shi xiu. Coz of many factors…and the luo king himself had part to blame…. The luo,king wrote on a piece of cloth that he was the one and only king or sth like tat and floated it down the mountain to “threaten” people…this cloth was handed to feng ji. So when feng du ying went there to settle the “bandits” (as they were led to believe it was a group of bandits who were causing havoc), and did not come out for so many days, the 2 guys thought she was killed, so in a fury, they charged up the mountain….and so the story goes….the main massacre was brought about by a huge misunderstanding…

    So well…at the end of it, the luo king actually survived the massacre, and came to take revenge on dong shi xiu, since he was the king and he gave prders to wipe out that moutain. He used magic to fight, but since feng du ying was “covered” with magic protection by jiu Yao, she managed to save dong shi xiu….and the yu Jia shi fu managed to come in time to save the situation as well…the luo king wanted to throw the blood curse on dong shi xiu, but yu shi fu blocked his path to protect dong shi xiu, and thus, yu shift got hit with the curse on his forehead. So poor yu Jia family took the brunt of the luo revenge instead…..

    But I’m not sure why jiu Wei is angry with ywy tho? By the way, it is interesting that jiu Wei is the descendant of the luo 2nd king, jiu rong is the descendent of the 1st luo king and bfx is the descendent of the 3rd luo king….both guys protect her.

  150. Peanuts
    Peanuts October 10, 2013 at 11:06 pm |

    Pm, Welcome home from your time travelling to the wuxia world, lol. Are u gonna take a break or soldier on to Lan Yin Bi Yue? If you want something modern, highly recommend paper rose but the downside is a wordy book. If you are reading Jade Orchid, either you or jadebunny, pls write me a detailed summary bcos I am kind of lost with the radio drama:( I feel Jade Orchid has more of a wuxia feel but it lacks an interesting greyish character like HFX.

    I suspect you like the prelude more is a case of love at 1st sight, haha…Anyway diff ppl has diff taste so you are still normal, lol. I think YWY did mention that although it was the king who masterminded the massacre, his family who was the subordinate will also have to bear the curse. I think they did take part in the massacre, just not the instigator. JW is angry bcos of what YWY’s ancestor did to the Luo tribe. BFX is one lucky girl with so many guys after her or protect her, haha…Hey, not that many ppl died in this book. The saddest one is Jiu Rong & YWY. Did you read all the epilogues?

    I didn’t read the prequel so i can’t comment or compare but I like WGTW is bcos of the blurry relationship between the 2 awesome leads plus the speeches they make abt war, country, character etc. I still remember HFX said it is not so much as getting the world which thrills him but the process of conquering the world. It is akin to it is not the ending of a book which attracts me to read it but the enjoyment in the process of reading it, lol. As jadebunny mentioned, this book also has a lot of handsome guys, lol. Wah, if it is filmed into a drama, I hope they’ll cast all the handsome men in c-drama:P

  151. Melanie
    Melanie October 10, 2013 at 11:24 pm |

    I started listening to the audiobook for WGTW and it’s so confusing. 🙁 I couldn’t get past the first chapter. 🙁 Is anyone translating this novel to English? I think I will put this on the back burner for now and then get back to it once my Mandarin improves. If someone adapts this story into a drama, it might become more popular and get translated by a fan into English (like the Jin Yong stories).

    Peanuts, do you have any more Dian Xian audiobooks/radiodramas to recommend? I like her books because they are more lighthearted and somewhat easier to understand.

  152. Pm
    Pm October 11, 2013 at 2:22 am |

    Hehe..thanks peanuts…..not much movement here either… ..which one is jade orchid? Think I’m going to take a break….I’m cross eyed…and the poems were just too difficult to understand

    Spoiler spoiler spoiler below!!!!!

    But I think u r right…love at first error is more like it….haha…so many people died….bfx lost 3 generals, yyz died….blh died..even tho she asked for it herself….xjr died…I was so sad..but at least he traded his life for love…oh well….the way ywy died was well…quite cool… Haha….hc died, the dong ye Tao also died….

    But I didn’t like they had no epilogue on bfx meeting up with Han piao nor what happened to feng qi wu and xiao er….but I guess all the other guys married bfx’s 2 trusted maids.

  153. Peanuts
    Peanuts October 11, 2013 at 2:25 am |

    Oh Mel, don’t give up. There is history 101 here to help you out. Bcos we didn’t read the prequel so it is confusing. When I started I was like WTH:P It’ll get better later till you don’t want to stop listening, haha….

    There is another book by Dian Xian but I better warn you it is pretty screwed up so don’t come and complain if you ship the wrong guy. I don’t really know the story so check it out yourself. No radiodrama, only audiobook & single reader only so good luck:P

  154. Pm
    Pm October 11, 2013 at 4:08 am |

    Actually I think even without reading the prequel it’s not too confusing, coz the prequel just tells how the country got split up into 7 states and why the yu family is as it is, and why the enmity between the luo tribe and the dong and yu family. Oh yes..the doomed love between the first feng ji and feng du ying….

    Mel I dun thnk anyone is going to translate this book…waaaayyyyyy to difficult….. :p

  155. Peanuts
    Peanuts October 11, 2013 at 4:36 am |

    Jade orchid = lan yin bi yue, forgive my bad chinese:P YYZ is not BFX’s general. He is with HC’s camp. BLH, u mean that princess who likes Jiu Rong? She didn’t die in the book but I didn’t read her epilogue. Will be great if the author continue the story with Han Piao all grow up & ready to explore the martial art world. The book ended with feng qi wu going to live in YWY’s ancestor home quietly for the rest of her life but YWY told her to find a good guy & marry. Who is xiao er? Who married BFX’s maids?

    Pm is right in that translating this book is like a sucide mission lol. Lidge told me even the Viet version is incomplete. I am doubtful anyone will do it except for maybe for money. Even with my deep love for this book, 3 snippets are more than enough to kill me:P Hey Pm, since you know Chinese, why don’t you translate it so that you can be famous like Jin Yong lol.

    I believe you don’t really need to read the prequel to get this story but the beginning is really confusing & overwhelming for a newbie to the story. I nearly threw in my towel but bcos of the superior quality of the audiobook, I continue and is richly rewarded. Mel, hang in there & you’ll slowly get it. You are like a baby learning how to walk, lol.

  156. Pm
    Pm October 11, 2013 at 4:45 am |

    Peanuts…it will render me crazy…haha…too too difficult….the poems were just off my scale….think at least 1/3 of the book was in poems….

    Spoiler spoiler….

    Yep I know yes is hc’s general….bfx was so upset when she she killed him..but hey…who asked him to wear a mask??!!

    Yep..bai Lang hua..the annoying princess..super super annoying….she had a sad ending tho….the audio book doesn’t talk abt it? Want me to summarize?

    Oohh..if that’s the case..then the ebook has a longer ending with epilogues..did hc die in the audio book?

  157. Pm
    Pm October 11, 2013 at 4:54 am |

    Spoiler spoiler

    In the ebook, it was a bit confusing, coz it didn’t say that they were in the ancestor home…only asked her to follow him…then he called for his “chariots” to bring him home…as in he died….

    Bfx had 2 maids….can’t rem their names now…one is the main head maid and the other a junior..both were with her in the army camp….the head maid married jiu Wei and the other married qi shu….actually it was more like bfx entrusted them both to the guys, but in qi shu’s own words was: bfx asked him to find her a good man to marry, but it looks more like that man is him, coz she totally entrusted everything to qi shu. So well…they lived together..

    Xiao er is hfx’s female bodyguard cum maidservant…he entrusted feng qi wu to her and they left together to live in ywy’s home…… Feng qi wu also happened to be the descendant of the very first empress of dong shi xiu…so basically her lineage is the “empress” lineage coz all the empress, famous generals and court ministers came from the feng line, till the qi emperor decided to get rid of them….

    In the book…there was a point that Hfx almost asked her to marry him…coz his great adviser ren chuan yu wanted to get rid of bfx and get Hfx to marry fqw coz it will appeal to the masses that she was from the empress lineage.

    Blh had a tragic life due to her naive ness and stupidness….she wanted to be better then the rest, but she didn’t realize her own limits…so she got herself into trouble and. Lamed it on bfhx pair…oh well..she died happy at least.

  158. Peanuts
    Peanuts October 11, 2013 at 5:19 am |

    The audiobook doesn’t have any epilogues:( The reader said she may read them later but she is super slow:( HC didn’t die in the book. He rules half the world. I know he died in the epilogue. Can summarise that bit for me:)? Did you read the epilogues on Han Piao & Jiu Rong? The ebook link I gave you is incomplete but don’t blame me bcos it is the best I could get. You need to ask someone in baidu for Jiu Rong one as I can’t find it anywhere. I may have Han Piao’s one somewhere if you wanna read it. There are also a few other epilogues missing if you check the physical book in baidu. You need to buy the book or get them off someone with the book eg request from zhidao. I can’t do it bcos I can’t write chinese:(

    Thanks Pm, now i remember that parts abt asking the guys to take care of the maids. Who is Qi Shu? Aiya so many characters, I forgot their names. I tut HFX’s maid names are Chung Li & Chung Yuan??? Ya, I heard the part abt feng qi wu. Anyway she likes HFX very much. I don’t like ren chuan yu. He gives me the creep.

  159. Pm
    Pm October 11, 2013 at 5:59 am |

    Haha…eh..I can’t write :p…. Reading is one…writing is another….whahahaha…
    Jiu rong and Han piao….nope…just a little on him looking for his sister tats abt it…

    Qi shu is bfx’s number one general….The one she left in charge of her country and the other 50k hidden feng yun ji. He came to rescue her when she was trapped and Hfx didn’t come save her…I cannot rem the names of the maids tho…
    Neither do I…he’s so cunning and annoying..if not for him….the bad parts would not have happened…..and it turns put, he’s a descendant of the Ning brother…..who’s supposed to be sly by nature…..

    Hc got injured in the last fight….think he had 3 arrows by dong Tao ye I think? And he didn’t get them treated well…so it became a lingering illlness. He was supposed to die earlier, but huang yu went to seek pin yu’s help, and that’s where he found snowman…. Despite begging her, she did t want to go treat him..but later snow,an asked her to marry him and follow him back to the capital and she agreed…so she has been treating him and prolonged his life…he had 3 sons with hua chun ran…..on the his last day, he was at that moutain he first met bfx. Oh yes…..rem he told bfx he would flatten the place and dig a pond for her to bathe/swim in….. He did just tat and built a small smole palace there. Called it bai hu or sth like tat…

    Oke, so basically he was losing his strength and told hua chun ran he wanted to go to this moutain place, and at this point, he fell into a coma, and was brought there in a comatosed state. by this. While there he was in a coma, till suddenly, he heard a voice saying how pretty the lake was and how clear the water, and by some miracle, mr comatose woke up, took his sparkling white lotus shaped bowl tat was constantly by his bed, walks out to the lake, bends down and scoops water, and brings it befor bfx. She washes and says she has fulfilled her promise. She turns to leave, but hc calls her back. But I can’t rem now wat they said :p….but yes….he suddenly has a spurt of energy and asks for his horse….he gets on it and tells hua chun ran who has appeared next to him, that he will not die on the bed. So he rides off to his death…I guess…abrupt ending…but my guess is he wanted to race after bfx……

  160. Twinkle
    Twinkle March 27, 2014 at 7:20 pm |

    Can someone provide me with a English translation of the whole book? I would very much like to read this book.

  161. Peanuts
    Peanuts March 28, 2014 at 2:55 am |

    Bingo, I found someone is translating it so hopefully she can finish it, add oil:) Oh, so excited.


    The beginning is a bit slow & confusing but hang in there as it’ll get better. Chancy wrote some comments on history 101 here to help you to understand better.

  162. decembi
    decembi March 28, 2014 at 6:49 am |

    OMG surreal!

    Peanuts, you know one of the reason why I did not put Who Get The World higher on my reading list (besides the fact that it’s very long and I don’t really like to read palace politics), is because I always thought that you would translate it one day! Lol.

    So excited. I may follow the translations too 🙂

  163. Peanuts
    Peanuts March 28, 2014 at 7:08 am |

    Haha, decembi, you think too highly of me:) Actually I did plan to translate it after I retire, lol. I am not translating this but my blog may have a surprise for you later, lol. The book is not really abt palace politics. It is more epic, it is abt countries, duties, sacrifices & wars. You can support the translation but I also encourage you to read it in Chinese. I hope she can finish translating the book which is very long.

  164. decembi
    decembi March 28, 2014 at 8:43 am |

    Yay, surprise!

    I actually read the prologue in chinese before I even read the english translation. The prologue in chinese already gave me a headache haha! It’s certainly harder to read than the average c-novel.

  165. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 4, 2014 at 12:54 am |

    Sooo I decided to start with this book first cus the audiobook was readily available. I love it already! BFX is soo funny as the female lead, her voice in the audiobook is really lively and animated. The guy voices are not so much… It’d be much better if the HFX had a more lazy/laid back voice like YeHua in one of the audiodramas on ximalaya. Also HC’s voice makes him sound like a 40 year old ._. Isn’t that guy 25/6. I actually think YWY’s voice is the smoothest of them all. Oh boy, I can tell I’m loving HFX already! That whole part with BFX and YYZ was really cute too, then HFX got all jealous cos of the bite mark on her lip!! Haha, off I go to listen&read some more.

  166. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 4, 2014 at 4:32 am |

    I always told hui3r, trust me, lol. Yeh, you’ve chosen my fav audio book so I expect you to comment heaps on it, haha….Unfortunately the audio book didn’t include the epilogues which are long & some are not related to the 2 leads.

    FYI, YWY & HFX were spoken by the same reader. I guess he was a bit unatural with HFX’s voice. At least he sounded good & Chancy used to have a crush on him after seeing his real life picture lol. I think in reality the reader for HC is indeed middle age. However it is ok since he is not the main character but an annoying one. I dislike his arrogance, vomit blood lol. Ok, HFX is also arrogant in a likeable way so I am bias:P

    The story feels very epic & with depth. BFX is kind of like Huang Rong & HFX is kind of like Yang Guo. Their relationship is much more interesting than the love relationships in Condor Heroes bcos both of them are evenly matched. There are humour, sweetness as well as angst, such a perfect pair, heehee..

  167. Redhazel
    Redhazel May 4, 2014 at 1:00 pm |

    i can’t decide which one should i read first, this novel or Eastern Palace. Both are depressing novel and quite long. i read all the summaries and scenes in your blog and Xia0yuer tumblr. My head will ache reading the translation from google and bing, but i’m extremely curious! *blame peanuts*
    Peanuts, i thought you just like fluffy, happy and funny story :p

  168. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 4, 2014 at 2:07 pm |

    Hey redhazel, are you on a suicide mission lol? Don’t read this book with google bcos the Chinese is too advanced for google. Also, it’ll put you to sleep. Read & wait for the English translation. You can try Eastern Palace with google bcos that book is a pretty easy read. Actually, best that you read modern novel with google to maximise your understanding.

    Yes, I know I am shallow lol. But when I am sick, I also have depth lol. When you eat too many abalone, you crave for something different:P Anyway, this story is happy & funny in some parts. Bcos there is a great audio book so I listened to it. Otherwise I won’t touch this book at all bcos the Chinese is so poetic & hard to understand. Even with audio book, I only understand abt 70% of what I heard & guessed the remainder lol.

  169. Redhazel
    Redhazel May 5, 2014 at 10:23 am |

    hahhaa, thanks for saving me, peanuts *throw this book away!*
    i’ll try Eastern Palace then 🙂

  170. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 6, 2014 at 9:42 am |

    Oh my god. It’s like 5 in the morning and I’m still reading the audiobook/reading the text. It is so good! Thanks so much for recommending this Peanuts! Well I just skimmed through the 200~ ish comments on this page and realized I got no emails on follow-up comments ! Well I’m at the part where XiYun, nvm I’ll just refer to her as BFX shot the masked general then omg I don’t know what happened cus she went all depressed after. So I kept reading and found out it was actually Yan Ying Zhou that she shot! Did Huang Chao plan this?! Ugh he’s pissing me off as I read on. No wonder she got depressed though… She thought he was dead all this time and he was the first man to protect her (Well HFX does it too but she’s just in denial) and kissed her. Ugh can we proceed with some more intimate interactions HFX and BFX PLEASE?!

    So you should send me the pic of this HFX/YWY voice actor’s picture 😉 I agree BFX and HFX’s interaction is quite epic. I love their dialogues with each other, it shows this unspoken bond and it’s super funny too. I love BFX as a female lead, she might be my fave female lead of all time! Well not that I’ve read that many books… But XiaoYao from Chang Xiang Si used to own that spot. How can one be so beautiful and have such wisdom and wonderful/carefree personality. I have this tiny female crush on her! I can’t wait to read more about HFX and his backstory or whatever.

    At this point I believe that BFX is slowly realizing her feelings for HFX even if she denies it. It’s taking a turn point from 10 years of bickering friendship to oh he’s kind of handsome why did I not realize this before? The part where they made the promise on the roof was uber cute! I was having little spasms while listening in bed, she touched his face! SUCH PROGRESS! And was like oh that doesn’t seem like your usual blackfox sly smile and all. Then you get HFX holding onto her hand and forgetting to let go. Please pull her in for a kiss? Oh gosh I sound like such a perv. I think I’ll go sleep now :c

    @redhazel if you can read chinese just stick with this book, it’s amazing. I was deciding between Eastern Palace too but went with this… oh boy am I glad I did XD Or even if you can’t read… just listen to the audiobook, it’s so amazing! I think you grow accustomed to some voices that are iffy at first. Please do give it a shot :3

  171. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 6, 2014 at 1:52 pm |

    Oh, my soul mate, welcome to the 5am club lol. I also listened until the wee hrs of the morning. But you are luckier bcos the audio book is finished. During my time, I was chasing daily like mad then it went on hiatus bcos the female reader has to finish her study. I became depressed lol. FYI, I sent msgs to both the readers b4 & he even posted my English snippets in his blog lol. Below is his picture as per Chancy. Thinking back it is bcos of this novel that I met hui3r and became a guest blogger so that I can post my translated snippets lol. My very first translation, such fond memory haha…


    It is not mentioned if HC purposely sent YYZ to fight against BFX. But he didn’t know BFX likes YYZ. They are in the opposite camps so meeting in the battlefield is inevitable. YYZ has too little book time for me to feel sad abt him. But it is quite poignant in that in war, you could accidentally kill your loved one. HFX should also shoulder part of the blame for BFX to mistaken Qiu Jiu Shuang as YYZ. Hence he is not your mr nice guy as he didn’t tell her YYZ didn’t die. She confronted him & his reply is so classic.

    Not many intimate interactions b/w HFX & BFX but everyone of their interactions are interesting. I like their verbal sparring, so subtle, funny and memorable such as when HFX told BFX he is not marrying HQR which I translated. HFX even cooked for BFX, so sweet. She bought him back to meet her dying dad & her dad is so smart knowing that he is the prince. He helping her in the war. She even asked him to chase the mosquitoes away for her, lol. I think there is 1 part where she jumped down fr the wall & he tried to catch her, so heroic lol.

    Their dialogue are also very good like when HFX told BFX, the world doesn’t mean much to him but the process & challenge of conquering the world is the attraction. BFX always calls him black fox & criticises him. It is logical that they deny their feelings for 10 yrs since they are young and knew each other too well like they are best friends. Then when they become the monarch, they distrust each other bcos too much is at stake. The progress of their r/s until nearly all is too late is the highlight of this novel. When BFX accuses HFX for being sly & calculative, he replied she is not any better as she also wanna make use of him to help her defend her country. It is this tension & confrontation that kept me sleepless lol.

    HC is annoying. I can still remember his phrase I m not a hero, I m a king. Puahahaha, so conceited lol. I laughed so hard when he proposed to BFX. I love only you but I can’t marry only u. WTH??? I feel he loves only himself. His wife HCR isn’t any better, so fake. Atsu likes Yu Wu Yuan but he is not my cup of tea. Initially I am suspicious of his motive in helping HC. Later, I find him boring. Han Piao is adorable. I feel that he has a crush on his sis BFX haha,….

    Redhazel can’t understand Chinese at all so it is pointless to ask her to listen to the audio book. In order to appreciate this novel, you need to understand Chinese, be it reading or listening.

    OMG, I’ve written an essay on this lol. If the current translator is not continuing or needs help, I am thinking of translating it next yr since I like it so much. lol. In the meantime, I gonna listen to the audio book again. I think around chapter 90 when HFX confronts the dying dad part is where u get to know him better. The radio drama is also good but only part 1 has been released & it is very summarised.

  172. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 7, 2014 at 4:01 am |

    Uh that voice actor, I’ll pass on that! I think the part where YYZ gets shot again, I don’t actually feel bad for him, but more so for BFX since I guess it was the first time her heart skipped a beat and feel protected by the opposite gender.

    The writing paints beautiful pictures in my mind. Every smile, every look, every little gesture has a deeper meaning than it seems. I wonder if this ever gets made into a drama, if actors would be capable of capturing the essence the intricate interactions between the characters. But these days, China and its limitations + YuZheng, imagine the horror.

    Anyways through listening/reading sometimes I feel like I understand but I don’t. It’s confusing. Like the part where BFX and JiuWei talks about the wedding plans since HFX sent his underling to deliver her a proposal letter. BFX and JW was both like if she accepts, it’ll be the end of hers and HFX’s 10 year relationship. And the part where she says, ‘everytime I get closer to him, there’s always this barrier that we can’t overcome, he can’t, I can’t’. And then she was like ‘if I was still JiangHu’s BFX and not the Feng Queen that day on top of the mountain I can hold his hand and leave, who cares about his world, his ambitions, or if he’s HFX or LanXi….yadayada’. So now this complicates me because I sort of understand there is this distrust between them since they are more than they seem as BFX/HFX and as LX/FXY, even as much as they can rely on each other or understand each other there’s always the thought of ‘is he using me to get this or that since he’s always scheming as the black fox he is’. Then we have ‘him’ which she refers too, is it YWY? Probably, right? But then what does that make YYZ? Since she had more interactions with him than YWY in the whole book up to this point right? I feel like she merely likes him because he’s the first gong zi and he is also the one who is not fighting for the throne despite helping HC. But how does she know she like him? She met him like twice?! Once after she impersonated HCR then after when they meet on the mountain top and YWY was all like we just have no fate(?), wu yuan, like his name. Ugh I’m frustrated, or is it because BFX does feel something for HFX, but believes he’s only doing this as a step closer to the throne?! But then JW asks ‘ how about you? because of this world… your life can only be like this? you and him can only be like this?’

    You know how there’s sparknotes for those Shakespearean plays. I need a sparknotes for this to blatantly tell me what is going on. This is why I can’t sleep. I have to read on and find out why WHY WHY?! It’s actually easier to read HFX’s moves since we know he likes her… but BFX… it’s like she thinks she likes YWY, but has some sort of a past/ first crush or something almost there with YYZ, and this weird ‘friendship/acquaintance’ relationship with HFX for 10 years. My mind’s about to explode. I guess it’ll be 5 AM again.

  173. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 7, 2014 at 5:03 am |

    Sometime ago, I read in baidu that Yumama gonna get his slimy hand on this novel which I hope is not true. Any author who has any love for her novel should never sell to him unless gone insane like Jin Yong. It is best that there is no drama bcos I doubt the adapatation will do the book justice. The audio book is good enough.

    Wah, you are really into analysing the novel. I didn’t really think much except ship the two Fengs all the way fr beginning till end:) Even their names are the same, just written differently so how can they not end up together lol? This is how I’ll interpret it. YYZ is something like a first crush or first lust lol. BFX may have a deep friendship & subconsciously likes HFX but that doesn’t preclude her from admiring a great male figure like YYZ especially when she saw him topless, lol. Bcos she thought he died while protecting her, it left a deep impression with her. I think after she was rescued by HFX, she reasoned with herself that how can she like YYZ who she doesn’t know well.

    She thought YYZ has died so don’t expect her to carry a torch for a dead stranger. Hence, when she met YWY, she has a new crush. Since she is not officially dating HFX, she is free to set her eyes on any outstanding guy. Although they’ve met only twice, she is very impressed with him. He is everything that HFX is not which she wishes HFX has. YWY is heroic, compassionate, upright & other good qualities. YWY is like a male version of BFX except YWY is more serious so it is understandable that she admires him. Actually YWY also likes BFX but bcos of the curse on his family, he has to reject her interest. HFX knows abt BFX’s interest in YWY. I won’t say she loves him bcos as you said they’ve only met twice but she is definitely interested in him.

    As for BFX’s r/s with HFX, she is confused bcos of their deep friendship. Because she has been so confortable with their friendship, she cannot imagine it can be more than that. Moreoever she doesn’t even like his characteristics. In the midst of her criticism of him & distrust b/w them, she also strangely trust him enough to bring him back to her country & show him everything as well as pledge her army to him. She is also willing to enter into a political marriage with him. There is one part where one of her subordinate questioned her why don’t she get the world for herself? Why need to form an alliance with HFX? Also, if form an alliance why with HFX & not others? This is quite normal bcos not everything can be explained rationally. She just failed to recognise her love for him or else she wouldn’t have done all that for him. Or she is afraid to acknowlege her feelings bcos HFX is not an ideal or good man. Plus, they are the monarch of opposing countries. How can she be sure that HFX really like her & not bcos he wants to take over her country or he just want to use her to get the world?

    I like the part as to who gets to sit on the throne. There is only one throne & the subordinates of BFX & HFX argued as to who should sit there. BFX is not HFX’s queen. She is also a ruler of her own country. They are supposed to be equal. Haha, I forgot who said HFX sits on the throne then BFX sits on HFX so both can sit on the throne together, lol. As you can see, there are many problems that are hindering the progress of their r/s. I believe the ending is perfect as there is no other way they can end up together.

  174. decembi
    decembi May 7, 2014 at 9:26 am |

    Ooooh you guys are really tempting me to read this. But 5 am days are scary!!!

  175. Redhazel
    Redhazel May 8, 2014 at 1:58 am |

    Redhazel can’t understand Chinese at all so it is pointless to ask her to listen to the audio book. In order to appreciate this novel, you need to understand Chinese, be it reading or listening.

    Acrosstime: aww, thank you for your concern 🙂 unfortunately i’m 100% chinese illiterate 🙁 So, i take Peanuts suggestion to stay away from this book.
    you’re great coz you can understand the audio book. You should post the interesting scene here for me 😀
    Acrosstime, you’ll look like a raccoon if you stay up until 5am :p LOL

  176. lin
    lin May 8, 2014 at 4:57 am |

    Peanuts…..I did 5am 3days in a row listening to the audio. Thanks for the characters chart. It helps me to get started on the audio. Decembi, you must give it a try. 🙂

  177. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 8, 2014 at 6:38 am |

    To lin: Did you finish it in 3 days lol? I am rather bad with names so I need a characters chart. When I first listened to this, I mixed all the other ppl up, haha…Thus, I posted it to help others who are like me. I am glad you find it helpful. Also, I feel relief that I am a normal night owl, lol.

    To decembi: See, see I am not bias:P So many readers share the same taste & opinion with me:) But, if you don’t enjoy this book, it is because you’ve been reading & not listening:p Yes, the audio book makes a world of difference. The novel is good but the audio book makes it even better.

  178. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 8, 2014 at 9:58 am |

    Hello all, it’s 5AM again~
    @Redhazel I’m quite the night owl, practice comes from them all nighters I pull for exams and there’s also concealer, girl’s bestfriend to rely on haha! I would post some snippets of cute parts but there’s so many good scenes and my translating is just horrible, I’m incapable 🙁
    @Peanuts, my sentiments exactly! Everything that falls upon YuZheng’s hands gets ruined. Well I think the change of DongFanBuBai in XiaoAoJiangHu wasn’t too bad cus Joe Chen played it and she stole the show. I was totally shipping her and LingHuChong, it was actually pretty interesting then the drama took a turn for the worse with YuanShanShan.

    So I’m at the part where they defeated Bai Guo and LangHua, Bai’s princess made her appearance then got engaged to JiuRong. We see that BFX is still BFX, she wanted to protect LangHua cus she’s still a pure child who resembles her much of herself when she was BFX. Makes me sad that BFX is locked away now, for the most part anyways. 🙁

    There’s a part that wasn’t covered by the audio, or maybe because I’m listening from ximalaya but the part where BFX takes HFX to the room filled with presents and paintings of her and her brother XieYue who died when he was younger. I cried so much while reading, who would’ve know BFX had such a bittersweet past, and even more surprisingly to share it with HFX. She says it’s because she doesn’t want him to touch that room when he gets his hands on her country’s hidden riches, I felt at that moment, there was a deeper connection that established between them.

    Moving on to BFX arriving at HFX’s Feng Guo, it really went into more depth of why HFX is the way he is. I feel really bad for him, his own ‘blood’ brothers, not really since they all have different mothers scheming against him, thus he had to learn how to protect himself from a young age. It’s sad cus he doesn’t know what love is, thus feels nothing, not even for his own father that was at his death bed. Now I know why he is so careful around everyone. Hopefully BFX learns of his past soon and realizes maybe this man who schemes around the whole world will not scheme around her. *Flashback to when HFX was like to BFX, you can scheme against anyone, except me. Then when BFX’s father was like, you can tease/bully anyone but you cannot bully her. And he was cute, but I don’t know how to translate it into english words!

    Up to the point where I left off, there’s been quite a few moments where they both feel something more beyond the friendship line in their interactions. There was this part where HFX finds BFX’s weakness for cats and he said if I had to choose between the cat and you, I’d obviously choose you and she BLUSHED. Such progress! It was so adorable. They had other cute moments too but I’m getting super tired, must sleep.

  179. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 8, 2014 at 12:26 pm |

    Hey, at least you can read Chinese but I am illiterate:( Hence, your translation can’t be worse than mine. Even I shamelessly dare to translate some snippets lol. I translated the part on the cat. Redhazel, go & read my translation, haha…..

    Oh, you are around chapter 100+ so you should be finished by this weekend. Even LangHua finds HFX handsome lol. I find her silly & useless, not like BFX at all. I think in the epilogue on her, she has sad ending so you better skip it.

    I can explain abt the part not covered by the audio book. This is indeed true bcos the reader has an incomplete version of the novel so she missed that. A listener pointed it out to her & she promised to read it with the epilogues but a yr has come & gone but she still has not fulfilled her promise:( You click on the audio book link above & you’ll find the version that reader uploaded in ximalaya is the same as all the other versions in ximalaya. Since you can write Chinese, pls leave a comment to remind her:) Illiterate peanuts searched high & low online for the epilogues & email her but until now she still has not read to me:(

    Hey translate the missing audio book part for us since I am not so dedicated like you to read along with the audio book. I lied comfortably on my bed & listened to it as my lullaby. Then I felt asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I always heard HFX talking like I am dreaming he was talking to me, lol.

    HFX’s dad has too many children so he has no time for them. Also, he knew his current queen is the one who poisoned HFX’s mum yet did nothing. Such a bad dad. I like what he said to his dad. Something like “Father lord, I will not be like you. In your whole life, you also do not know what you want so in the end did not manage to grab anything. However, I know what I want. I want the world and also that person who will accompany me to get the world together. These two things, I will definitely get them!” I can’t remember if BFX will learn abt HFX’s past but he said something like this to her when she mentioned in every generation there is only 1 successor so there is no bloodbath in her clan : The lonely phoenix clan is also blissful. At least, I have not seen it in my phoenix’s clan.

  180. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 9, 2014 at 4:25 am |

    I think the reader occasionally checks her ximalaya & cxt8’s comments or I can give you her email address. Get her to read the epilogues although a big chuck of them are not related to BFX & HFX. But I think got an epilogue on them when they were young lol. Maybe you can read the epilogues & summarise for me since I can’t read haha….

    Firstly, I need to warn you I am bias so of course I’ll tell you WGTW is the best so no need to read EP lol. The audio book for EP only has one voice & her voice is rather soft. She is ok but is nowhere near WGTW fanstastic audio book. Also, I am not a Fei Wo Si Cun’s fan. But I think EP is one of her better novel. The plot for EP is pretty straight forward, nothing epic & there are not that many characters like WGTW. Hence, you should find this book an easy & fast read. The female lead in EP is admirable but is weaker than BFX so I do like her. But the male lead in EP is hateful. Although he appears to be as imperfect as HFX, all his actions for the female lead are nowhere comparable to HFX. He deserves the bad ending in the book. I don’t ship them to end up together bcos he is just too bad. The epilogue on him will make you vomit blood. In conclusion, do give it a try as it is quite exciting & entertaining. Plus if you don’t compare, how would you know HFX & BFX are the best!!!! LOL

    Since you like audio book & 3L3W10MPB, I recommend you this novel https://www.shushengbar.net/?p=581

    To redhazel: That girl in tumblr is translating the book. I think she finished a chapter already so you just wait for her patiently lol. If I’ve time, maybe I’ll do more snippets but don’t have any high hope, lol.

  181. Redhazel
    Redhazel May 9, 2014 at 3:20 am |

    @ Peanuts, i’m done reading all your snippets about this novel that’s why i desperately want to read this. Do you have a plan to add some snippets for a helpless reader like me? :p

    @Acrosstime, how could you say that you’re incapable?? you understand the audio book and can read chinese so it’s more than enough 🙂 anyway, thank you for sharing all your thought here 😀

  182. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 9, 2014 at 3:47 am |

    Haha thanks @Redhazel, but you know how this is a wuxia type novel, the way they speak is really different from modern day speech. Also they throw in these poetic lines, I usually grasp the main idea but can’t translate perfectly since I’m usually not very articulate with my word choices 😛 But maybe I’ll attempt a translation soon? The parts that are cut out was the part where BFX talks about her deceased brother and a loooot of song lyrics that BFX ‘sings’ is cut off. I feel like those lines would set the mood of each character more. Since I didn’t hear it in the audio, I usually just skimmed those lines and half understood, sometimes it’s too deep for me XD

    Also I think LangHua isn’t that annoying she’s just a little child, pure and says whats on her mind, something that BFX wish she could still do but sadly now she bears the weight and responsibility of her country and citizens on her shoulders 🙁

    Where is the reader more active? Ximalaya or elsewhere? Let me know I shall message her cus she’s missing a really really good part. I wish I wasn’t so close to finishing the book T_T What do you think about eastern palace compared to this book?

  183. Redhazel
    Redhazel May 9, 2014 at 7:48 am |

    @Peanuts, i just read a new translation from translatisms.tumblr and i’m in love with BFX! She’s a truly kick ass girl. A strong, shameless and smart girl! she made a famous general blushing red and speechless. maybe that general find it’s much worst than lose in a war. lol
    is he the one that she love but accidentally killed by her?

  184. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 16, 2014 at 1:38 am |

    Yo @Peanuts what is with the 3 lives theme in books (read in british accent, because I am attempting so as I write) So I finished the audio/book for this and I am feeling super empty and don’t know what to do with my life anymore. I don’t want to move on from this beautiful novel because it was all happy. I really wish there were more flashbacks to BFX and HFX when they were younger 🙁 All of their flashbacks in the book were so short but so meaningful, I’m sure they had more 🙁 I’m so so so sad. I was actually listening one night, and proceeded to skimming the rest of the novel to find out the ending cus I just had to. Then half way through the near ending, I skimmed through the epilogue @_@

    Anywho I loved loved loved the novel. What HFX did in the end was so sweet. After BFX said she needed to leave, was it planned between the two to prepare everything and leave, or was it a mutual understanding that HFX just did the final preps for everybody before he left to find his love since it never explicitly said they agreed to letting go of their positions together. But hey I’d like to interpret it as HFX deciding he cannot live without her, thus prepared everything for everyone so they can have a peaceful life under HC then he headed off to find BFX, but she already knew of his decision and came back to ‘steal’ him away. Which by the way that part was super adorable!

    So yes the epilogue that I skimmed. HC deserved his loneliness, I never liked him anyways, but it was nice that BFX actually completed her promise with bathing in that hole he digs for her. It was sadder for HCR actually, she fell for a guy who already had another woman in his heart and lived her life in solitude but hey she has kids. Okay so LangHua deserved it since she could have lived her life comfortably if she never left the arrangement BFX/HFX made for her. But she decides to leaves for her ‘freedom’ then became all bitter, I do feel sorry for her since all the males in the novel falls for BFX. But in the end that general she saved ended up promising her a happy life and to make her his world, so that was nice, even if they ended up dying. Han Piao totally became the male BFX in the end after he comes back from the 5 years of training which was cute, even having matching white outfits with his sister. I wish there was more BFXHFX in the epilogue cus I love reading their interactions!

    Anyways I must eat nao, and dwell on this sad day that I finished the book. But I think I may read the author’s other novels as well… We’ll see how that goes.

    @Redhazel the general is more like her first crush, somewhere along that line. HFX said he died, but he was saved, then she killed him. Sorry for the spoiler XD

  185. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 17, 2014 at 11:22 pm |

    Where are you peanuts 🙁 I’m all alonee here

  186. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 17, 2014 at 11:54 pm |

    Haha, peanuts is busy listening to the new audio book by HFX. It is called My Hot Demon Husband, lol. Oh, of course it can’t compare to this novel but it is rather silly & funny. Go & listen to the Floating Life which I recommended you. The audio book is good. Or Hua Qian Gu which is read by HFX. Also, you can listen to the radio drama of WGTW & watch all the fan-made MVs to fill your emptiness haha…I did that, lol. Or you can translate some snippets like me to relive it:P

    I didn’t read the prequel to WGTW bcos sad ending I think. It is abt the history & formation of the 6 states. It’ll explain abt things you only heard here like the massacre of the Jiu Lo tribe. As for the spin-off, I listened to the beginning of the radio drama. Too summarise so I got a bit confused & need to find the time to read up the summary to understand it better b4 I continue.

    I think you can’t find all the epilogues online bcos I can’t find the one on Jiu Rong & a few others. You can check in baike baidu for the list. Since I can’t read, no point for me to buy the book. Did you read the epilogue on BFX & HFX when they were young?

    Yes, HFX is one of the best male character in C-novel land. I sort of wrote a post to fangirl him lol. Physically he has the good look & mysterious appearance. He is skilful in martial arts as well as cooking. This is especially attractive for someone who is always hungry like me lol.. As for personality he is not a goody 2 shoes but it is ok bcos nice guy is boring haha….He may be calculative & cruel at times but he didn’t do anything that is evil or terrible, just doing what one needs to survive in a chaotic time. In addition, he has a sense of humour. Best of all, he is willing to give up everything for the woman he loves. Arrrgh, where can I find such a man lol? I always remember the last part so funny. Even though they decided to go & roam around, he still have to bring his 20? trucks of clothes & belongings, lol. I still remember he has to drink his own tea at the beginning of the story. He is one choosy & fussy guy just like me, lol. Hey, he is better than all those Jin Yong’s characters right? I feel he is kind of like Yang Guo of ROCH.

    As for BFX, she is one awesome woman just like Huang Rong in LOCH. Actually I find her having more depth than Huang Rong in that you can see her struggle and reluctance. I always imagine she looks as pretty as Xiao Long Nui as both of them also dressed in white & adored by many men. Her r/s with HFX is perfect in that they progressed from childhood friendship to something more than betrothal, mistrust & doubts, life & death experience & finally a happy ending. They went thru all the stages of a relationship. I tend to lose interest in books where the leads get together too early. Argh, I was quite sad when HFX didn’t come on time to rescue her leading to the death of Jiu Rong. I skipped that chapter bcos I can’t bear to listen to it:( All in all, I feel they are the most perfect & compatible couple in a C-novel that is filled with wuxia as well as the palace setting.

  187. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 9, 2014 at 3:42 pm |

    Hi, everyone! I can’t read Chinese and I rely on Google Translate but trying to read this novel on Google Translate isn’t such a fantastic idea like what someone said before. Hence, I’m bracing myself to listen to the audiobook even though my Chinese listening skill isn’t very good.

    I’m doing all these – why? Because I fell in love with the novel after reading the summary, the Bai Feng Xi / Hei Feng Xi scenes and the early translated chapters! I’ve reread all of them multiple times. Heck, even all of the comments here. But I’m dying for more!

    I read that BFX/HFX only have interactions in 25 percent of the novel? Looking at the 54 chapters of the eBook and 154 chapters of the audiobook, could anyone (please, please, please!) tell me where are these interactions? I’m asking this because I will surely get lost in all the descriptions and with their names sounding so alike, I probably won’t make out the head or tail of their scenes!

  188. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 11, 2014 at 1:51 am |

    @Riley_Elizabth Okie I’ve been listening to the audio on repeat for the past… However long. I put it on as bedtime music LOL. K so in the audio:

    005: When BFX encounters HFX at Han Xun Ling’s 60th birthday celebration.
    008-010: HFX saves the poisoned BFX. Then both arrives at the Han household while it was burning down cus the whole family except for Han Piao got massacred.
    011: HFX, BFX traveled together by boat somewhere.
    028: They meet again in Hua Guo (country). I think from here on they pretty much interact throughout the rest of the novel in one way or another. Just nothing too intimate.

  189. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 11, 2014 at 2:46 am |

    @AcrossTime Thank you SO much! Exactly what I needed. I’ve just finished listening to chapter 11 and am already squealing at all the BFX/HFX interactions! When HFX tsk-tsked at BFX for thinking that people might mistook her as his woman because he always called her “woman”, I went like, he totally deserved it when she laughed at his “failed attempt” of marrying HCR later.

    I’m so sad that I came into this WGTW party so late and have no one to discuss and obsess over this novel with now. Are you on Twitter, by any chance?

    I started the novel already safely in the BFX/HFX ship but am surprised that I also enjoyed the scenes between BFX and YYZ immensely!

    Oh, I need to ask: who are the two elderly dressed in black and white in the prologue and epilogue?

    @Riley_Elizabth Okie I’ve been listening to the audio on repeat for the past… However long. I put it on as bedtime music LOL. K so in the audio:

    005: When BFX encounters HFX at Han Xun Ling’s 60th birthday celebration.
    008-010: HFX saves the poisoned BFX. Then both arrives at the Han household while it was burning down cus the whole family except for Han Piao got massacred.
    011: HFX, BFX traveled together by boat somewhere.
    028: They meet again in Hua Guo (country). I think from here on they pretty much interact throughout the rest of the novel in one way or another. Just nothing too intimate.

  190. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 11, 2014 at 6:47 am |

    @Riley_Elizabeth Dont worry, I came later on in the party as well x) but hey we dont have to wait for chapter releases since its all out already. (It sucks typing on my tab.) This is so well written, its my favourite novel of all time! So no worries ill always be lurking around. Sadly i dont have a twitter, i do have a tumblr if you ever want to shoot me any messages.

    The dialogue in this novel really captures every characters personality very well. Its just the poems that are harder to decipher. As you can tell i love analyzing this novel. I wonder why some things are said sometimes, deeper meanings and stuff, feels like im back in an english class haha! There was one part between feng qi wu (she followed hfx from jiu wei`s restaurant) where hfx told her that her name, feng qi wu is very pretty, then he said he`d find her a very beautiful _qi wu_ tree (her name is a type of tree i suppose). Then she wondered to herself, why did he say hed find me a tree instead of planting it for me. Then later on in the novel you find out that hfx tried to plant a type of special orchid for 8 years to give the bfx because itd be something new that shes never seen before.

    The two old men on the mountain peak did not have names. From what i understoospd, their importance was just an intro to the battle to conquer the world between huang chao_yu wu yuen and hfx(lan xi)_bfx(xi yun). The two old men decided that theyd let them decide who wins the game of checkers by winning the world.

  191. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 11, 2014 at 8:08 am |

    @AcrossTime I’m so happy to meet you! Thanks for replying! I haven’t got Tumblr & I’m wondering if I should get one just to shoot you messages! When I’m immersed in a story, I’ll have loads to say & I need someone desperately to discuss! Without Twitter & Tumblr, do you think it’s appropriate to discuss here? I wouldn’t want to clog up this comments section. Btw, I have a good mind to quote your older comments & ask you for further details! Please don’t mind me! =P

    Please, please share all the analysis you want on this novel. I have just started & it’s clearly becoming my most favourite novel (previously, it was Lost You Forever & Da Mo Yao). I didn’t expect BFX & HFX to even top my all-time favourite OTP of Huo Qu Bing & Jin Yu!

    Thanks for telling me about the two old men! When I was Google Translating the eBook, I mistook them for BFX & HFX. It’s only when I listened to the audiobook did I realise that both were men! That’s why I got confused into thinking if BFX was 20 years old or 60. Btw, did you read the prequel? If BFX & HFX had met when they were teenagers & had that bet, did they know each other as FXY & FLX then? When they were together for 10 years as BFX & HFX, did they know each other’s real identities?

    I love the HFX/FQW snippet you just shared. It will help me understand better when I listen to that part. I’ve just started chapter 13 & I think Huang Chao is coming in! =)

  192. Peanuts
    Peanuts June 11, 2014 at 8:32 am |

    Ah aha, another converter:) but you caught me on the wrong time as I am on holidays so no time to comment much. Your first exposure will usually be tong hua’s novel but thereafter you will find there are better one out there. The audiobook compliment the book very well. Otherwise if you just read the book only, a bit dry.

    I saw your comment but did not have time to reply until now but my 6th sense tells me acrosstime will do it lol. Welcome to the WGTW fan’s club haha. Feel free to comment here as this is a book bar as your comments will benefit future readers who do not have a good grasp of mandarin. As you will notice the audiobook is easy to follow as it added hei and bai in front of their names. If you have the text with google translate while listening to the audiobook, you should be able to follow it.

    I think one of the old man is hei Feng xi’s shifu and the other one probably huang chao’s shifu. Isn’t it revealed towards the end? Or have I been reading the fanfic lol?

    The 2 Feng xi suspected each other true identities but were never sure until much later. In the wuxia world, one usually does not ask people’s past or background. As a reader you are also not reAlly supposed to know that they are the same person until later but spoilers are everywhere here.

    I translated the part where HFX gave BFX the orchid. I think this took place after chapter 90 of the audiobook. I have all the good parts marked in my PC at home so I cannot get hold of them till July. But I still remembered a few of my fav parts lol.

  193. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 11, 2014 at 9:02 pm |

    Woohoo @Riley_Elizabeth on the boat :3 Haha @Peanuts, you know me too well. Yeah peanuts is correct. I totally forgot, through the dialogue between the two men at the end they seem to be huang chao and HFX’s masters/teachers. It was funny because they said their students turned out to be total opposites of themselves – HC fought for the world where as HFX gave up the world for his love, BFX.

    It was kind of eluded to though. During the part where BFX and HFX infiltrated the hua lou (like a prostitute/racy kind of place) to look for clues regarding the Han family massacre and everything. HFX was like to BFX, you need to do the dance and pretend to be one of the girls here to get information out of the rich guy who payed Duan Hun Men to massacre the family for their secret family medicine. So HFX was all like, aren’t you notorious for being able to learn anything after one glance. BFX was all like but I’ve never danced these kinds of dances before. HFX then replied, oh it’s not anything you haven’t done before, or something of the sort. So it was like maybe they were almost certain of each other’s identity. Also their half moon head accessory were also dead give away too right. Like how could two people have matching accessories, they were obviously somehow linked and they’re smart people too, after having spent ten years together I’m pretty sure they knew.

    Also @Riley_Elizabeth, if you go to the prequel, in the prologue there was a scene between BFX and HFX when they were young. I attempted to translate it, you can find it on the shushengbar page for that novel if you’re interested 😀

  194. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 12, 2014 at 12:38 am |

    @Peanuts Thank you! I’m really happy to be in the WGTW fan club! If you can, do share whatever favourite bits you remember! If not, I shall patiently wait until July. But hehe, I hope by then I’d have finished the whole audiobook. I really loved your three snippets and I was very sure that there would be more. But those three were your most favourite BFX/HFX moments?

    Wow, I would never have guessed that the two old men were HC and HFX’s masters! Does it get revealed how BFX and HFX came to be together for that 10 years? And who is BFX’s master? I just finished chapter 26 when Han Piao asked about her skills (Feng Xiao Nine Days) but I don’t think I caught anything about where she learnt it from. How did FXY become BFX?

    @Across Time Precisely! BFX/HFX half moon head accessories are dead giveaways! They were even wearing them when they met as teenagers! Oh! I totally loved your translated epilogue of their first meeting of the prequel! That’s the only thing I’ve been reading again and again from the prequel. Hehe. Is it true that BFX/HFX are descendants of the ill-fated Feng lovers in the prequel?

    I’m so excited that I’m coming to chapter 28 when BFX & HFX will meet again. But guess what? I’m actually enjoying everything else of the novel even when it’s not the two of them. Needless to say HP is so freaking cute! Oh, I didn’t really like FQW. She seemed so blah. Why did HFX ask her to follow him & why did she agree to follow him just like that? I can see that FQW is infatuated with him but to follow him like that? Did HFX like her too?

    I hope it’s not too much to ask but do share anything you guys remember! And I’m going to read through this whole comments section again. =)

  195. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 12, 2014 at 3:34 am |

    I told myself I would read the prequel but after the prologue I felt that it was super dry especially since Feng Du Ying isn’t as kickass as BFX. She’s a hardcore strategist, general, but without the cool laid back attitude of BFX. Soo it’s been a bit hard to digest. On top of that, I am still hung over this novel… which is why I’m reluctant to start reading other ones. But from WGTW, BFX’s founding ancestor was married to the Jiu Luo tribe(?) I don’t quite remember.

    I’m guessing you don’t mind spoilers. But if you do, cover your eyes. BFX’s master is some weird old guy that lives on top of a mountain. Later in the novel when BFX has to become the new ruler of her Feng Guo, thus taking on her FXY name again, she sends Han Piao to her old master. She told Jiu Tai to take Han Piao there and tell the old guy that, Han Piao is there to return the student that he lost years ago. Regarding BFX’s skills, she said some were passed on from her family, some were forced upon her, and some she stealthily learned from other tribes/ people.

    If I recall properly BFX first entered ‘jiang hu’ when she was 13 years old. There is a section in the novel that was not covered in the audiobook about her brother (realistically, cousin, but she called him ‘ge ge’) and how she started to roam around at a young age. Obviously FXY is a princess and someone with such high status can’t go roaming around with her real identity. As to why BFX and HFX came up with the same sounding name was never explained. 白风夕(BFX) – 白(bai) is from Bai Feng Guo (White Feng country), where she is from, 风(feng) means wind, and 夕(xi) her deceased brother used to call her ‘xi er’, he said it suited her much more than her FXY name. As for 黑丰息(HFX) – 黑(hei) is from Hei Feng Guo (Black Feng country) where he is from, 丰(feng) is the ‘feng’ guo (country) that he is from. Remember they’re both from feng guo, but written differently in chinese characters. 息(xi) is the same character from his real name, feng lan xi.

    More spoilers for Feng Qi Wu. You know how BFX said before that HFX never does anything that does not benefit him? Well, FQW is a descendant from the feng clan which has been said throughout the past that the one to marry a descendant of the feng clan and have her as queen will conquer the world. More stuff regarding this is digged into more later on in the novel once BFX and HFX returns to their respective places as FXY and FLX.

  196. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 12, 2014 at 6:18 am |

    @AcrossTime It’s indeed my good fortune that you’re still hung over on this novel or else no one will entertain my questions & I will be all alone here. I love, love, LOVE spoilers, so please spoil me all you can! I’m one who reads the spoilers/recaps before season finales, so.. =P Guess your feelings about the prequel is how I feel about reading Once Promised after Lost You Forever. I loved Xiao Yao so much that it’s hard to like her mother after that. =)

    Thanks for the spoiler on Han Piao! I was worried about where he is going after chapter 50! But I read the comments above on his epilogue, so all is good. Does he really have a crush on BFX? I loved how he said he wanted to follow BFX after she dies and then, she told him that he’d have more important people in his life such as his wife and children.

    Is Jiu Tai and Jiu Wei the same person? I didn’t really understand why that guy in chapter 23 wanted to follow BFX so much. What actually happened 6 years before?

    Oh, so FXY didn’t have a brother! It was her cousin? I thought that because he died, she had to take over the throne when her father died. How did that cousin die? Which chapter in the novel mentions this cousin? I could go Google Translate it. Hehe.

    This Feng Clan that FQW comes from is different from the two different Feng countries? So BFX becomes FXY around chapter 47 first? When does HFX become FLX?

  197. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 13, 2014 at 12:59 am |

    I’m at chapter 50 & I’m filled with questions! But first, I adore Han Piao’s devotion to BFX! When she asked him to train at the mountain for 5 years & promised that she’ll fetch him back after that, I nearly cried along with Han Piao! I’m beginning to think that Han Piao really had a crush on her as Jiu Wei (I now know he’s different from Yan Jiu Tai!) suspected. If he had been older, I guess he’d have pursued her later. Reminds me of a certain other story (cough, cough). I must say that BFX & HP are my most favourite pair besides BFX/HFX. As much as I like HP, I don’t like HCR. No wonder someone said she’s so fake. I find it amusing that she & HC got married after being rejected by HFX & BFX respectively.

    So, my questions:

    1) Why did HCR ask BFX to pretend to be her in front of the candidates for the husband selection? Was it some sort of a pre-selection? What were the two conditions set? HC recognised BFX first before YWY got to meet BFX for the first time?

    2) What flower was both HFX & YWY looking at in the market? I love this scene so much. It’s right after when HFX realises BFX might like YWY & imagine his surprise that YWY could feel the same way about her. Haha, HFX! You had BFX to yourself for 10 years & never knew of BFX’s ability to attract the opposite sex! Why did HFX tell YWY not to bother buying the flower for BFX? & then, HFX ended up buying it instead? I was so happy that BFX asked for it from HFX & did he give it to her?

    3) I love HP because he devotedly thinks that his jie jie (BFX) is more beautiful that FQW & HCR. Is BFX really the prettiest of all? Why then did HCR get the title of being the prettiest? When BFX becomes FXY, will people start saying that this princess is indeed the prettiest of all?

    4) When HC asked BFX if she’s rejecting him because he could not promise her not to take other wives or is it because she already had someone else in her heart, what did she say? How come HC was willing to make her his Empress even though she’s from the jianghu?

    5) Who was the man the Hua King reprimanded & killed (or was he just taken away?). The Hua King told him that he no longer qualify to want to marry HCR because of his failure to do something. What was it?

    Can’t wait to read the rest.. =)

  198. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 13, 2014 at 2:04 am |

    @Riley_Elizabeth, my sentiments exactly regarding Once Promised. Koala was my intro to this world of amazing xian xia genre novels. I loved loved loved Lost You Forever, I read it twice. And omg my Xiang Liu <3 Then I continued to Tang7's novels and now I'm here thanks to @Peanuts for opening my eyes :3

    I'm going to read the chapter about BFX and Xie Yue (her brother) again to confirm whether it's cousin or brother actually. It's a beautiful chapter though, I might translate it.

    I think Han Piao does like her more than a sister. But then again he's young right? I remember Jiu Wei having a talk with him (I actually just listened to this part on the bus) telling Han Piao that it's a pity that he met BFX so early on in his young age. That other girls will never enter his sight again. Even HCR, the most beautiful maiden did not enter his eye. Jiu Wei continued to say, although HCR may be the most beautiful, with time her beauty will fade and she will just be a normal woman, but BFX is not only beautiful, she's beautiful in all her ways, from her laziness, her carefree attitude, even when she's 100 years old, she will always be the BFX you know that can make you laugh and cry.

    Jiu Tai and Jiu Wei are both from the Jiu Luo tribe. Jiu Tai used to be a gangster of sorts, and BFX defeated him and his tribe because they used to do bad things then gave him a scar. He then started a new life with his brothers from his tribe. He then became a successful businessman owning casinos and pawn shops. He saw BFX by chance when she went to one of his casinos and won money to buy clothes for Han Piao. He then told her he wanted to serve under her, so she let him. He was also the one to bring Han Piao to BFX's master to train him for 5 years when she decided to take on the responsibilities of her country.

    Jiu Wei is a very talented chef who owns uh uh uh that well known restaurant whose name I can't recall. He knew of BFX's true identity from the start I believe. He's a direct descendant from the Jiu Luo Tribe though. He'll be there for BFX when she needs to confide her problems or decisions later on after she becomes the rule of Feng Guo.

    FQW's 'Feng' is the same as FXY's 'Feng' except I think they're different lineages, since FXY is the direct descendant of Feng Du Ying (founder of Feng Guo). I think I'd have to read the prequel to sort that all out properly… but it's so hard!

    Regarding chapter references I'll get back to you later since I don't have the ebook opened right now. Gotta find the baidu source later if they haven't locked it up yet.

  199. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 13, 2014 at 3:11 am |

    Chapter 27 is the part about BFX and XieYue. HFX’s identity is revealed and confirmed by BFX’s father, king of Feng Guo when BFX returns after hearing news of her father’s illness. I think that is around chapter 18 or 19.

    HCR IS fake. She admitted to it herself to BFX. And because of that fact alone I respect her. She told BFX, that she was born in the palace, and although the outside world is fun and exciting, she knows she wants to be in the highest and most grand position (queen) and admitted that she wants to be true with BFX because BFX is from ‘jiang hu’, she did not impose any threat upon her position. All in all she’s manipulative and gets what she wants, as seen with how she convinced her father (king; Hua Wang) to let her choose HFX as her husband. Then later on in the novel, able to take hold of the army and order it to help HC who was in a battle against FXY’s Feng Guo.

    1. It was never explicitly stated that HCR asked BFX to pose as her for the selection. HCR did ask BFX to help her get HFX. I guess it was a pre-selection of sorts since the appointment of HCR’s husband did not occur until later. The first condition was to be able to use ‘qing gong’ aka being able to fly from wherever they were standing up to the podium where BFX (posing as HCR) was, only using the water once as a point to help their momentum to reach the destination. The second was to write a piece of writing/essay that exceeds the imfamous essay that princess FXY wrote when she was 10 years old. The essay was so well written that no one dared to write regarding the topic again. Of course one of the participating guys was like oh, why are you messing with us, giving us such impossible conditions, has anyone achieved that before. BFX (as HCR) then told him, BFX meets the first and another woman has written a more precise essay on the topic, thereby meeting the second condition.

    2. They were both looking at a hair accessory for women (zhu hua). HFX started saying, “you shouldn’t bother buying this for her…”, then YWY, cut him off saying, “because she will only use it to buy wine/alcohol…” Then YWY suggested HFX buy it instead for a “jia ren” aka a beauty or something. BFX saw him with it and stated, ” I’ve known you for 10 years but I’ve never seen you with a woman accessory before, who is it for? FQW? HCR? Why don’t you give it to me so I can use it to buy some alcohol?” It was so lols XD I think at that point HFX was jealous and shocked that YWY knew BFX would react that way.

    3. It was explained in the chapter that is missing from the audiobook that when BFX was younger, there was a royal party/ceremony of sorts and BFX hated that sort of thing since she had to sit in one place. So she told her Xie Yue gege (brother) to pose as her while she roamed around. Her father, the Feng king then found out and Xie Yue was scared out of his mind, then fainted or fell or something, since his health wasn’t great in the first place. Since then, rumours of FXY being a very sickly child started to spread. Also since BFX was always running around in the ‘jiang hu’, she was rarely ever in the palace anyways so no one knew of her physical appearance. So HCR was declared as the number one beauty. Later on FXY is the royal ruler and they’ve always described her as ‘風華絕世’ translates to like timeless elegance or gracefulness.

    4. I don’t think she gave him an upfront answer because at that point she did not know herself. She was on her way to meet YWY on the mountain top I believe. She didn’t want to be one of his many women and she also said there are no friends that lasts forever. He was willing because she was the only woman in his life that defy him or had the talents to. How she acts so carefree like the wind. I believe he really fell for her, but also because he was never able to have her.

    5. That was the guy that was in charge of the Han family’s massacre for their secret medication ingredients. He failed to do it, and also lost half of Hua Guo’s wealth. Remember when BFX posed as an exotic dancer/prostitute to get information out of one of Hua Guo’s richest men? The other rich one got killed by Duan Hun Men (the killer organization that kills whoever for money). So one rich guy died, the other one one fled the country, the medical ingredients for the medicine was never found, half of the country’s wealth was taken by HFX. Bam. King’s mad. Got reprimanded. Died somewhere in a battle against FXY and FLX in later chapters.

  200. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 13, 2014 at 5:42 pm |

    @AcrossTime You are amazing! Thank you so much. You basically wrote out entire scenes with translated word-for-word conversations that allow me to better understand what I heard with my rudimentary Chinese. Case in point being I mistook the hair accessory for a flower because I only caught the “hua” instead of “zhu hua.” Are you laughing at all my silly questions & misunderstood knowledge? =P

    Oh, you are a Xiang Liu shipper! Guess who I ship? Zhuan Xu! Haha. Don’t get me started on him. I love his every conversation and scene with Xiao Yao. And their last scene at the graves totally broke my heart. 🙁

    I’m at chapter 73. When is HFX’s proposal letter coming? Which chapter has the wedding? Is it true that Han Piao is not coming back? The end of the book is not 5 years yet from when he went to the mountain? Btw, do the ebook & audiobook have different epilogues?

    Does Huang Chao still want to marry BFX even after knowing she is FXY? Or is he planning to conquer Bai Feng country by getting rid of her? I find his exchanges with YWY about BFX really amusing. Both were so shocked to discover that BFX is FXY after hearing the Hua Wang ridicule the new Feng Queen. And then HC was worried that he might lose YWY’s support because of her. Did YWY ask him twice if HC would kill BFX when it comes to the last battle? But HC did shoot the arrow that nearly killed her & HFX almost died for saving her, right?

    Why did HFX lie to BFX about YYZ being dead? Did he say he wasn’t sure that YYZ was going to survive when he left him?

    Gah! We know that HFX already loves BFX from the time when he left the HCR husband selection ceremony but why does he do and say what he did & said to create all these unnecessary misunderstandings between BFX & him? I thought BFX already pledged her support for him to take over the world. Doesn’t she already mean she was going to marry him? I love what HFX said when he saw YWY & BFX together: YWY has chosen HC, you have chosen me. Both of you are going to be on opposite sides.

    If you plan to translate anything, I’d be the happiest person ever! =)

  201. Peanuts
    Peanuts June 15, 2014 at 2:48 pm |

    Ok, I’ll try to answer your queries with short answers:p The marriage proposal is on its way bcos the postman can only depend on a horse as a vehicle of transport. There isn’t any wedding but there is an exciting betrothal ceremony in chapter 80+. HP won’t be back but you get to read abt him in the epilogue. The audiobook does not include the epilogues so you need to google read or ask acrosstime to translate.

    HC had already married HCR and BFX had already rejected his marriage proposal twice so he is not so silly to harbour any hope. Bcos he wants the world and the 2 fengs are in an alliance to get the world, HC has to beat them. You can read my summary for the other queries.

    HFX did not lie to BFX abt YYZ’s death. He presumed he was dead. He did not bother to explain what happened to her.

    They did not realize they love each other or can trust each other until much later. Not marrying HCR does not mean HFX realizes he loves BFX or trusts her. He is suspicious of everyone bcos of his upbringing. Also he is unsure how BFX feels abt him. She agreed to enter into a political marriage with him, not confesses her love for him. They are both rulers of diff countries so it is not easy to trust the other does not have ulterior motive.

  202. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 15, 2014 at 4:18 pm |

    @Peanuts Thank you loads! Short answers are good enough. =)

    I’m at chapter 104 now and filled with new questions! I swear that as I listen, I try to remember all the questions that pop up in my head to ask here. When HFX’s proposal letter came, why was BFX so sad but I think her face did turn red after reading it? Did she actually tell Jiu Wei that she didn’t think HFX would really want to get married even though she proposed a political alliance? As the Bai Feng Queen, did she not think of getting married? And knowing her real identity, how did she allow herself to like Yan Yin Zhong & Yu Wu Yuan when they are of different camps?

    When BFX arrived at Hei Feng country with Jiu Wei, she first became aware of the fragrance of the lan huas and I thought she did blush when Jiu Wei admired the work that got into preparing all the flowers for her. Why did someone commented that she didn’t appreciate the flowers that HFX prepared for her when she came into his country to marry him?

    Whatever happened during the betrothal ceremony? I got lost at the five conditions (whatever they were??) and suddenly, I realised that they were under attack! At the end of the attack, HFX and his father were injured? Please tell me who ordered the attack! Why did BFX tell JW that it was HFX’s plan and he was sad that HFX chose to spoil the beautiful ceremony with such a plan? Is that why BFX refused to see the “recuperating” HFX until after a few days later?

    @Peanuts Thank you for all your three snippets! The third one made chapter 94 a much pleasurable read because for once, I understand the whole thing!

    Who is Feng Du? Bai Lin Huo’s son? And what on earth was he talking to his mother about? And that 16 year-old prince who was talking to the Feng King? What happened to all the princes in the eunuch’s announcement? Needless to say, I got lost with the lengthy description. =P I totally love the conversation between HFX and his father!

    After the argument about the throne for FLX and FXY, what ceremony did they have after both of them walked into the hall to greet their officials?

    Grrr.. HC and HCR give me the creeps especially that crappy speech he gave her about being his wife blah blah blah. And he gave her the Xuan Zun seal! Did HC marry anyone else besides HCR later?

    I came to the conclusion that HFX realised he loved BFX at the HCR’s husband selection ceremony because he left after thinking, “She (HCR)’s not her (BFX), she’s not her.” Because from that moment, he was already jealous of YWY and HC. Hehe! Why is there no wedding? HFX asked BFX when they should have their wedding and she answered to have it after his coronation?

    Oh, I nearly forgot! There was one scene after the Hua-Feng battle when the Hua King, Feng Queen, HC, FLX & YWY were together and they were pledging to preserve peace. That was when the Hua people saw the Feng Queen for the first time and was admiring her among all the men. How did all of them come to be together? I love the scene in the garden after that when BFX met YWY & HC and went to HFX. =)

  203. Peanuts
    Peanuts June 15, 2014 at 9:02 pm |

    I want to write a disclaimer in that my memory may fail me or my interpretation is off since I cannot read Chinese and my understanding of mandarin is at best average.

    She is sad bcos the political marriage will change the nature of their relationship forever, no turning back. This is not a love match but a political marriage so of course she is not happy abt it. Moreover she does not like HFX’s calculating nature. Don’t forget she is more a wuxia heroine than a queen which is forced upon her since she is the only successor. Hence she will wanna marry for love and won’t mind the guys are fr diff camps.

    She was not overly enthusiastic with HFX paving the road with flowers. You can read abt her lukewarm response to the orchid in my 3rd snippet.

    There are a few steps b4 they can get married, a lengthy process. HFX’s siblings plotted the attack but he knew abt it but let it went ahead so that the dad will punish them. He sentenced them to death so HFX managed to get rid of them without blood in his hand, very calculative. Feng Du is queen bai li’s biological son. HFX caused him to be crippled so he told the mum he wanna seek revenge as well as the throne.

    Oh forgot what ceremony, probably formality to seal their alliance. Not sure if HC has other concubines since he is a king but HCR is his queen till he died.

    I associate love with trust so I do not feel HFX realized his love for her until she is dying. He realized he likes her and wanna be with her during the husband selection ceremony. No time for the wedding ceremony bcos of wars.

    Acrosstime, pls answer the last part bcos I forgot that part entirely. Sometime I felt asleep while listening lol.

  204. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 16, 2014 at 12:30 am |

    Okie dokes, I’ve been mia cus hectic life. Work when there’s no school and finals approaching @_@ Summer is for fun, don’t take summer courses.

    @Riley_Elizabeth you’re actually zipping by so quickly with the audio XD It’s hard to keep up, let’s see what I can cover that @Peanuts hasn’t. I feel the wars can fall a bit dry at times, I keep falling asleep on their first battle between Hua and Feng Guo. Oh fyi, I’m also trying to translate the chapter that wasn’t in the audio book, it happens right after the first war ended and they went back to BFX’s Feng Guo.

    Regarding HFX leaving the husband selection just right when HCR was going to pick him. He had some thoughts racing through his mind. I feel like he did realize his feelings for BFX at that moment where it was going to be final that he was going to marry HCR, not out of love, but for benefit. I mean why wouldn’t he? He could’ve easily owned Hua Guo if he just married her. Interpret it as you will though:

    Early morning, HFX is proceeding into the palace for the ceremony,watching his back, BFX couldn’t help but laugh to herself, but in her heart has this unknowing bitterness, she took a deep breath then shook her head and got rid of that bitterness, placed a chair in the middle of the garden, sunbathing, and fell asleep, such comfortable and free days, where is the bitterness from, why bitter?

    Every since he entered the palace, HFX’s thoughts were really restless, his eyebrows sometimes furrowed, seeming like there is a problem, but he did not know how to answer.

    “Feng gong zi! (gong zi= formal way of addressing a male)” He suddenly heard someone quietly calling his name, suddenly snapping back to reality, it was HCR standing infront of his table, with such beautiful mesmerizing eyes looking at himself.

    That’s right, the half of the ceremony has already passed, it’s about time the princess should start appointing her husband, inside her sleeves, she is holding the golden pen, and she is already infront of his table, that gold pen will momentarily be his… however seeing her dressed in a pink ceremonial gown, head neatly styled, with a phoenix accessory in her hair, she has an essence of elegance, with such beautiful brows and cherry coloured lips, that face white like jade, when her gaze fixes upon him, a subtly blush forms on her cheeks, such indescrible beauty, it is a once in a lifetime beauty… however his heart suddenly became clear, she is not her! It’s not her!

    HFX suddenly stood up, but maybe he got up too quickly that he hit his table and made a loud noise, all of a sudden everyone’s gazes fixed upon him.

    “Feng gong zi!” HCR exclaimed as he saw him suddenly stand up, only thinking that he knew that she was going to give him the pen so he was extremely excited, she wanted to immediately… however the hand holding onto the pen suddenly started shaking, it’s him… it is him… her eyes gently fixing upon him, she lightly raised her arm, exposing her jade like finger tips holding onto a little bit of gold, that is…

    “Sir (to hua wang), I suddenly remembered I had something important to attend to, I must excuse myself, please forgive me you highness.” HFX gave a bow to the king, he did not wait for anyone to say anything, he didn’t care for their reactions, nor did he care for HCR’s shocked expression, he walked out of the palace, he must quickly leave, just incase he regrets this!

    BAM BAM BAM. INTENSE. I really liked this scene XD So yes I do believe he realizes he liked BFX and HCR just wasn’t worth it when he thought “she is not her”. Doesn’t mean he all of a sudden realized he loved her though, the conditions still stand with trust issues as Peanuts stated.

    They came together at the peace ceremony because all four of them ( BFX HFX YWY HC) knew that it was pointless to continue the battle since it’ll result in a lose-lose for both forces. Plus Hua Wang got shot by BFX and they were like, this is not the determining battle for the world anyway, so Hua Guo sent a peace treaty, yada yada. Thus leading to the battles after HC and FLX becomes kings of their own lands first then they proceeded to take down Bai Guo (white country), then headed to Di Dou (where the like main emperor of all ofthe countries resided). Actually it was also one of my favourite scenes because it was basically BFX’s farewell as BFX to YWY and HC, then Jiu Shuang came and made it hilarious. I thought it was adorbs, BFX and Jiu Shuang could’ve became really good friends!

    “You came” YWY lightly stated, raising his head, BFX was quietly standing infront of him. This is BFX, the simple and carefree one amongst the ‘jiang hu’, simple white gown, scattered hair, white jade like moon, such eyes like stars, upon her face is a subtle smile, her expression is that without bounds, without fear.

    “I came to say goodbye, BFX should not be one that leaves without a goodbye.”

    “You farewell, is that right? This world will no longer have BFX ma?” YWY said.

    “From hence forth, there will only be Feng Guo’s female ruler, Feng Xi Yun.” far away a purple figure slowly walked towards her.

    HC silently gazed at the white robed black haired female standing infront of him, looking at the smile upon that flawless face, those eyes bringing a hint of smile (I’m toolazy to find synonyms that better describes today, forgive me), clear like water, clean as lotus, this person… suddenly it seems like he’s traveled back a very long time, went back to the start, at that time they were on the wild mountain, meeting for the very first time, they were like how they are right now, he said he wanted to “dig the mountain to make a lake”, to invite her to “clean the dirt off her face”, she said “even if she was at the end of the world, she would come back”, however… it has not even been a year’s time, they’ve walked a very very long distance from that.

    “BFX really will not exist anymore?” HC asks.

    “When FXY is there, BFX will not be!” BFX lightly smiled, voice bringing such softness but with such certainty.

    -Qiu Jiu Shuang(QJS) enters the scene-

    QJS walked over, only wanting to see that person that made Xiao Xue Kong (Xiao Jian) change so much, that person that even gong zi (HC) complimented that she was one of a kind’s BFX, what kind of black magic does she possess?

    At a glance, there was no temptress, only a loose fitted white robe, scattered black hair towards her back, yada yada more descriptions of BFX. (I’m getting lazy, sorry!)

    Is this wu lin’s best female, BFX?

    “Are you ‘HanShuang General’, Han Jiu Shuang?” BFX stared at that hero-esque green robed female, she asked, she asked so naturally, smiling with such warmness, at this moment they were close friends, at this moment they werenot enemies, she never shot Feng guo’s Bao Ceng General, and she never shot Huan Guo’s Yan Ying Zhou.

    “Yup, `tis I, QJS”

    Those eyes that were clear as water, could see the eye’s deepest place, that kind of flawless, lightly gazed upon her face, many people has gazed upon her face and would pity that frightening scar, but those eyes only has a sense of compliment and admiration, then her face flashed a sense of pity, however she knew that what she pitied was not the scar on her face, but seemingly pitied something else…

    “It’s such a pity, it we met earlier, I’d totally invite you to Zui Gui Gu (Drunk Ghost Pit (?) It’s just a place) and steal Lao Gui’s (old ghost, name) alcohol to drink.”

    “Huh?” QJS was wondering what she was pitying, who knew she would pity this, because there is one less person to steal alcohol, was she really confident that she would be glad to go with her?

    “The alcohol that Lao Gui makes is the world’s best alcohol! However he guards it too closely, but if you and I went, we would have the best teamwork and drink all of his alcohol, it’s going to make him so angry he becomes a real ghost!”

    “I can drink 10 bottles (or jars or whatever those big things they use to hold alcohol) at once!”

    “Haha, Lao Gui said his alcohol is world’s number one, but I’m the world’s best alcoholic!”

    Yada yada more descriptions of the scene

    Far away of the valley entrance, walked by a shadow, at the entrance it did not enter, only silently stood there, like it was waiting for something, the scene was like an ancient painting.

    BFX saw the shadow, then looked back and smiled, “We’ll meet again” Eyes gazing the three persons, “Or we won’t meet again!”

    Then she turned around and flew towards the shadow. Seeing BFX walk towards him, HFX suddenly felt his heart relax, slowly, lightly exhaled, afraid that if he exhaled too quickly, he would expose something.

    With beautiful qin sounds in the background, her legs seemingly paced quicker subconsciously, really wanting to throw back a glance, however infront of her… that silent figure was standing there, but she knows he is waiting for her, coming closer, his feature were becoming increasingly clear, those eyes like jade, that kind of gaze, not sure why made her heart skip a beat, but what was that skipped beat?

    LOVE HOW QING LING YUE DESCRIBES THINGS. OMERGAWD. There’s always this contrast between HFX and BFX, like the black and white they are.

  205. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 16, 2014 at 3:51 pm |

    @Peanuts @AcrossTime Both of you are amazing! Thank you so much for always answering my questions. If not for you, I’d have gone crazy! =P

    @Peanuts Please don’t worry about the disclaimer! 🙂

    @AcrossTime THANK YOU for translating TWO of my most favourite scenes. I read them multiple times already and were smiling to myself like crazy. Are you translating your favourite scenes from the book in your “spare time”? Translatisms would need a very long time to finish the book and I’d be so happy to have snippets like what you and @Peanuts did to tide me over.

    Ta-da. More questions:

    1) Why does Ren Chuan Yu not like BFX? He did seem to admire her after their successful attack on Bai Guo. Why did he badmouth both her and HFX to Duan Wu (whoever he is)? He said she’s not fit to be married to HFX and HFX is not fit to be Hei Feng King. Grrr.. I hate him. Can he go and die already? As FLX’s grand advisor, did he really ask FLX not to marry FXY and marry FQW instead? I hate him. So, spoil me, what happened to him in the end and what was his hidden agenda?

    2) Chapter 115 has another potential favourite scene! BFX went to look for HFX but he was not at his place. She found him with FQW and BLH. She asked him if it was a bad time and he asked her back when would it be a good time. Jiu Wei suddenly entered complaining of the heat. HFX neared BFX and asked her to taste the wine that he complained was bad.

    I was nearly squealing as I listened. BFX told him that he must be drunk because there was nothing wrong with the wine. She remarked that this was so unlike him. HFX called out, “Xi Yun..”, not once but twice. She muttered, “Lan Xi..” Omg, is this the first time she calls him “Lan Xi” and not “Lan Xi Gong Zi”? Narrator says that this is the first time in 10 years that HFX and BFX were this close. HFX said a whole lot (what, what?) and I think he said to get drunk together but BFX asked, “When are we leaving?”

    @AcrossTime Could you please, please translate this?? I hope it’s your favourite too! =)

    3) I love Jiu Wei as much as I love Han Piao. I love that BFX could totally be herself with him and he indulged her. I love how BFX warned HFX not to touch JW even over her dead body and he asked her if JW was a substitute for YWY. Only when she told him that they are two different people did HFX agree. What’s the history between JW and BFX? Did he ever like her? But she married one of her maids to him in the end?

    Omg. I couldn’t believe my ears in chapter 120 when JW told BFX that she actually loves HFX! He really said that, didn’t he? What was the whole conversation? I got lost again and only caught this part and the part when she hugged JW and told him that everything she did was to realise JW’s dream, even through helping FLX get the world. JW said that’s why he has returned to her and will always take care of her. What is between them both?

    4) I love the first conversation between BFX and BLH. I can’t believe that HFX heard how BLH wanted to be better than FXY so that she can get a husband like FLX! Was it written if he was smiling ear to ear? I love how FXY match made XJR & BLH. She’s so smart to know that they already like each other without knowing it and he’d protect the Bai Princess. Why did this couple have a bad ending?

    Omg, what’s going to happen next? =)

  206. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 17, 2014 at 4:27 am |

    Haha, no problems! I’m in progress of translating the missing chapter… but haven’t gotten very far. It’s a difficult chapter and I have loads of work, replying here is like a stress reliever in a way.

    Ren Chuan Yu… if my memory does not fail me, he was one of the people after YYZ for the seal thingy at the beginning. BFX dislikes him because he’s a very sly and scheming person. As he said himself, he’d rather be selfish and scheming rather than a good but poor person. So he’s basically everything BFX hates. On top of that, other than FLX, BFX reads him like a picture book so he dislikes her as well. Another thing that worries Ren Chuan Yu the most is because FLX took 8 years to grow an orchid, Lan Yin Bi Yue for BFX as their wedding gift. So he’s afraid that FLX will choose BFX in the rather over the world. Since BFX HFX has basically swore they will stand by each other as alliances, they’re technically married (correct me if I’m wrong), as I told you before FQW is the descendant of the Feng clan, which apparently if you marry a feng clan woman and make her queen you will own the world. He was SOOO close in asking FQW’s hand in marriage but he didn’t. One of my fave scenes btw, I won’t spoil, I’ll let you get there by yourself. Ren Chuan Yu was pretty much alive at the end… who cares what happens to him though, oh well.

    I’ll translate that part after… It was a cute scene (: FLX was very possessive hehe.

    JW is a direct descent of the JiuLuo Tribe of which BFX’s founding ancestor, Feng Du Ying married to. Apparently the ruler who liked Feng Du Ying ordered the Yu clan to eliminate the whole Jiu Luo Tribe. So BFX’s family swore to restore their clan in the future and BFX is keeping to that promise. JW is like almost 30 if I recall correctly, he probably admired BFX as a sister or he knew she wouldn’t end up with him so he’s always been more of the supporting older brother for her. Yeah she married the head maid to him I believe.

    I’ll find that JW BFX convo and translate it later as well. I think it’s important to understand that their bond is through blood.

    Actually Jiu Rong has always loved BFX, not Lang Hua. You’ll see later on. When he encountered Lang Hua, she bit him causing him to blush like crazy, but that was only because he’s not very close to females. So basically there was this scene where Jiu Rong was going to war and told Lang Hua to stay in the palace. At the scene where BFX engaged the both of them, she gave Lang Hua her jade bracelet and gave Jiu Rong another item for their betrothal. So Jiu Rong was leaving, then he asked Lang Hua for an item, the jade bracelet that belonged to BFX… he told her that if he made it back he’d give it back to her (Lang Hua). Obviously Lang Hua was ecstatic and gave it to him, but on the side FQW was like… why would he ask for the bracelet of all things? Could it be? So yeah, it’s evident Jiu Rong likes BFX and dies in the end protecting her from the enemy army. So basically he died and Lang Hua decided to go for freedom after BFX HFX retired from the fight to conquer the world. Even though they planned for her to have a pleasant life, she chose to run away and have her own. Bam got caught by some guys, raped or something, then years later when HanPiao’s 5 years on the mountain is up, went to find his sister but found Lang Hua at some hua lou (prostitute house) reciting and playing the poems that FXY wrote. Then yada yada, she’s all scarred and blamed BFX for attacked Bai guo (her home country). This is all in the epilogue.

    AH PEANUTS. The epilogue used to be on 19lou but they took down the thread cus of some China web cleaning movement… now I can’t find it T_T me sads and tired, nighty nights.

  207. Peanuts
    Peanuts June 17, 2014 at 5:03 am |

    Don’t worry, I have the epilogues in my PC at home. I will email you later. I think 19 Lou did not have the epilogue on HP. I found them in baidu. I think I have all the epilogues except the jiu Rong’s one and maybe a few minor ones. They are not available online bcos they are in the commemorative limited edition so nobody posted them.

    I leave it to you to answer liz since the novel is still fresh in your memory and you have so much to write lol. I bet liz has finished the book by now. I tried to listen to the book again but was too tired so felt asleep haha…..everything you wrote are spot on. But I don’t really like chapters 100 onwards until BFX’s injury bcos pretty sad and less focus on the 2 fengs.

  208. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 17, 2014 at 2:28 pm |

    @AcrossTime @Peanuts I start my every post with a HUGE thank you to you both. I’m crazy enough to wait for your replies every day with as much anticipation for a new post of a translated chapter of a novel! =)

    @AcrossTime I’m so happy you said that replying here is like a stress reliever! Hehe. I feel guilty for every question I ask. =P

    @Peanuts Could you please e-mail me the epilogues too??

    Ugh! I really hate RCY! Why does FLX need him as his grand advisor anyway? His words are so poisonous. I’m glad FQW didn’t succumb to his plea. I was thinking that RCY himself should go marry FQW if he wants to get the world so much. I totally love the confrontation between JW and RCY. JW warned RCY, “If you dare harm Xi-er, I will make sure that you wish you were dead instead of being alive” and that’s when RCY realised that JW is from the Jiu Luo tribe! Haha! Serves him right.

    I find it somewhat amusing that RCY was advising FLX not to marry FXY and JW was advising FXY not to marry FLX. When JW was asking Xi-er if she really wants to walk the path with FLX, I was half expecting for him to offer to take her away from everything! Did my ears deceive me but did FXY tell JW that she was willing to allow FLX marry FQW for him to get the world? I nearly fainted! If that was the case, why wouldn’t she marry HC? HC wanted to get the world too!

    I listened to the part where JR died protecting FXY before I read your post. I was thinking, wow, what a loyal General! I loved how he encouraged her to stay alive for the people and for the country because they needed her as their Queen. After I read your post, my heart totally broke especially when FXY asked JW to bring JR’s body back, when she looked frantically for her blood-soaked clothes and when she cried terribly over the jade bracelet.

    I wouldn’t have realised his love for her if not for your explanation! Omg! How did JR feel when FXY betrothed BLH to him? Now I feel so sorry for him. When I listen again later, I shall look at JR in a new light. Sigh. Poor guy. Did he grow up with FXY and they trained together? I love childhood love stories. =)

    @AcrossTime I was truly tortured when you said that FLX was so close to asking for FQW’s hand in marriage. When she appeared with the birthday noodles, my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach. When he said, “Qi Wu, would you be willing to..”, I nearly died. What were the thoughts running through his head when he suddenly moved towards the window and then, heard the qin being played?

    *SQUEAL FLX might have been touched by FQW’s birthday noodles but it cannot top FXY’s song! I totally loved that flashback. Sigh. I miss those times of “nu ren” and “hei huli”. Like what FLX wondered, do you know why FXY chose to remember and play that song that day? Did she really remember his birthday? Has she forgiven him?

    Btw, why didn’t FLX help FXY when she was in trouble? And how did she ended up being captured by the enemy with XJR? I got lost in the battle.

    Gosh, I didn’t realise BLH ended up like that! It’s so sad. Don’t tell me that Han Piao rescued her and they live happily ever after? Did Han Piao ever find his sister? I’m guessing that BFX and HFX left to roam the world before HP’s 5-year training was done.

    @Peanuts Haha! I’m not that fast! Listening to chapter 138 now and am excited to get to the end but will be sad when it ends.

  209. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 17, 2014 at 11:00 pm |

    @Riley_Elizabeth no worries, I reply to the best of my ability.
    @Peanuts OMERGAWD. Send pls. Han Piao’s epilogue was actually posted on 19lou, that was the one I read.

    醉歌起意 (Zui Ge Qi Yi – drunk songs rising desires)
    Ninth month, sixth day, clear, infront of Bai Wang Palace’s Xie Yi Palace.

    “Is Xi Wang (HFX, now Xi King) in the palace?” Asked Xi Yun.

    “The King is in Wu He Dian (Hall for dance/songs or whatever)” The guards politely replied but did not immediately relay the message to the king.

    This is a kind of strange occurrence, no matter feng or feng guards, palace men, eunuchs, even without being told, they would not relay messages to the the other Wang that one is approaching, may it be during feng wang’s baths, if the other feng wang wants to enter, they can.

    (I’ll use Wang since the term means king, and it’s difficult because FXY is a woman, the term king sounds awks, and the term queen is not her position. Chinese why you so difficult!)

    “Mm” Xi Yun nodded, walking towards Wu He Dian, with Jiu Wei following behind. As they stepped in the palace’s entrance, they heard a song from the distance.

    Qi Wu is singing and Lang Hua is present blah blah, then Xi Yun enters. Then they both quickly bowed and left. All of a sudden the songs and dances all stopped and every one retired away.

    “It seems I didn’t come at the right time, I disturbed your mood.”
    “Then what does Feng Wang think is a suitable time?” Lan Xi stood up from his chair and slowly walked over, his hand still holding a jade cup, silently gazing upon the person in the hall.
    “Or maybe when the night dawns and there’s no people around…” a step away, Lan Xi slowly lowered his head with jet black eyes that knows no depth, “will Feng Wang bring fine wine to taste and speak about heroes with I?” (horribly worded, my apologies.) After he asked, his gaze seemingly with no intent fell upon the person standing behind Xi Yun.

    That gaze that fell upon standing behind Xi Yun’s Jiu Wei all of a sudden felt a sudden trace of coldness, the feeling made him think of the night before.

    “It’s so hot, Xi Er, do you have any icy cold skills that can help me cool down. Who knew Bai guo’s september would be so hot! How did you not feel this!”

    “Oh Jiu Wei, you poor thing, afraid of the cold and the heat” Xi Yun stated as she saw the balls of sweat forming on his forehead and shaked her head. She reached out for his hands, at an instant, Jiu felt that there’s a stream of coldness spreading from his hands, up to his arms… and not long, his whole body is freezing cold.

    Jiu Wei & Xi Yun exchange more words like Lan Xi wasn’t present.

    Suddenly behind him, he felt a stream of cold intentions on his back, he couldn’t help but look back, he didn’t know when Lan Xi has approached them, standing at the entrance, his eyes set upon the place where Jiu Wei and Xi Yun’s hands has met, Jiu Wei only felt his hands feeling like and ice blade has cut through his skin, that kind of coldness and pain.

    So… Jiu Wei left. Now we begin Xi Yun/Lan Xi’s cute dialogue.

    Xi Yun looked at Lan Xi, at a twitch of her eyebrow stated, ” Even if the night is long, Feng Wang does not lack anyone to drink with.”

    “The only one able to drink with me, is only Feng Wang” Lan Xi elegantly smiled.

    “Is that so?” Xi Yun lightly smiled, “Feng Wang’s alcohol tolerance is good, however… wine did not intoxicate you, you yourself got drunk, (it’s a beautiful line but I just butchered it LOL, lemme pin yin it out for ya – Jiu bu zui ren, ren zi zui) could it be that Xi Wang already drank thousands of cups? Or is there something else that intoxicated you? You seem like you’ve been intoxicated.

    “I’m not drunk… only…” Lan Xi raised his cup of wine to his nose, then seemingly with a sense of regret shaking his head ” however this year’s Lan Ruo Wine, has some sort of sour taste?” Walking towards Xi Yun, bringing that scent of wine released it right by her cheek, “Feng Wang, are you able to smell it?” His arm lightly shifting, bringing the cup of wine under Xi Yun’s lips, “Feng Wang help me taste to see if it’s my wrong sense” his dark eyes starting intently at her.

    With no reason, his face felt a bit hot, lowered his eyes and moved back, however that body is still following, and the cup still under her lips.

    Lifting her gaze, annoyingly starting at the person infront, then stating, “Xi Wang, you’re really drunk, where is the sour taste in this wine?”


    Sound coming from right by the ear, that intoxicated breath and low breath sifting by her hair, only feeling a tingle, that cup is at her mouth side again, “Feng Wang should try some of this wine, it’s actually very pleasant!” As the voice dropped, she only felt a tight grip at her waist, somehow could not move, and then a stream of wine pouring into her mouth.

    He swiftly moved his arms, so quickly it did not make a single sound, their bodies were intertwined together.

    “I’m only willing to get drunk with Feng Wang, at the same time, Feng Wang can only get intoxicated with me (Xi, they refer to their own names)!” He lightly spoke but bringing a sense of authority, “So from now on, when Feng Wang wants to drunkenly sing, you only have to sing for me!”


    A voice suddenly sounded, the whole room is filled with refreshing and sweet smell of wine, suddenly breath breathing quickened and a sighing like breath sounded…

    “This really isn’t like you” after a while, Xi Yun lowly said.

    “Xi yun…” Lan Xi lightly called, his fingers raising her chin, maybe it’s the wine’s intoxication, that jade visage with a light layer of make up, cherry red lips, clear eyes, ” (Lan Xi recites a line of a poem about being drunk and stuff)”, then both of their forehead lowers, the breath of their noses intertwined, “From hence forth, all of the compassion and desires will only belong to me!”

    “It’s really not like you.” Xi Yun said again. Lifting her head, wanting to take a clear look at this person, lifting her hands, gently placing it on that face that is within an inch away, eyebrows and eyes is that incomparable handsomeness, the light smile on his lips brings that elegance, only those eyes, those eyes as deep and hard to read as the sea is a bit different, black like the night sky at this moment has a sense of sparkle like the night stars, this little bit of light mixed with these ten years of unseen gentleness… light flames of warmthness…

    “We…” she lightly opened her mouth, but when words were right by her lips, it suddenly disappeared, her fingers moved to his long black brows, those jet black eyes staring intently at her, in his gaze lies a very little hidden stream of expectations, “Lan Xi…” the voice disappeared again, then a long sighed came out, her lips curved up into a light smile, however the smile was like a dream, that kind of beauty, such beauty that is surreal, that is unable to grasp a hold of.

    The palace hall returned to its silence, those two, after knowing each other for ten years after, it was their first time this close, it was their first time their foreheads touched, the first time their hearts beat… however that is only in this palace’s hidden hallway of the Wu He Dian.

    A long time after, a voice sounded again with clarity, “We… When are we going?” (to war of course)

    Okiee time to finish the korea vs russia match, still 0-0~ be back laterr.

  210. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 18, 2014 at 12:46 am |

    “Jiu Wei.” Xi Yun turned her gaze upon Jiu Wei who is silently sitting beside her, she lifted her forearm into her sleeve to take out an item she is tightly grasping on, she opened her fingers, the Fei Yun Ling was sitting in the palm of her hands, “This item, I will now give to you.”

    “Fei Yun Ling?” Jiu looked at the seal in her palm, then questioned, “This is Feng Yun Qi (her army)’s head general’s seal, why would you give it to me?”

    “Because…” Xi Yun walked closer to Jiu Wei, beside his ear, she whispered in a tone that only he could hear.

    “…” After hearing, Jiu Wei opened his eyes wide, with a very surprised expression and looked at Xi Yun like he couldn’t believe what he heard, so shocked that he could not utter a word.

    “You are so shocked, much less him.” Xi Yun lightly smiled, however a hint of bitterness flashed through that smile,” This step is something I cannot not take, so… Jiu Wei, you must not make a move before I tell you too, you must, it must be after!”

    “But… Xi Er, If… you both… it is very dangerous for you!” Jiu Wei furrowed his brows, with only an expression of worry in his eyes, “Since you’ve already made this step, then it must be right… You cannot be at ease, since it already so, then why do you… why don’t you directly…”

    “No!” Xi Yun strongly stated “Absolutely not before my aforementioned time! If I could…” with a slight pause, after she let out a long sigh, “If I would, I wish you wouldn’t have to use this seal, you have to know, if you make this step, you cannot return, and after…” her gaze set waveringly upon a distance far away, “I really cannot imagine…”

    “You cannot imagine?” Jiu Wei’s gaze in deep thought, looking at Xi Yun, and then he lightly smiled, that smile bringing some irony, “Or you dare not imagine? Or because you’re afraid of his reaction?”

    Xi Yun’s gaze is still set somewhere far far away, like her soul is drifting away, like she did not hear what he said, but at the moment that Jiu Wei thought she wasn’t going to reply, she opened her mouth.

    “Jiu Wei, Feng Yun Qi, Mo Yu Qi’s been able to work together until now is because they have one goal in mine, and the most important is that their two lead generals – Xi Wang and I – In country’s people’s eyes, we are of one body, that is why the two country, two armies are naturally also intertwined. And the reason we can continue until today is because… not only the situation forced us, but it’s also because him and I met in the ‘jiang hu’ and has known each other for ten years now! Ten years, a person does not have many ten years, two people who are unrelated has been intertwined during life’s best years for tens years, no matter how much we are unwilling to accept, reality is… but there is more or less many things that was been sealed together, that bond is unable to be ripped apart and abandoned!”

    Speaking til then, she raised her hands, five fingers lightly pressed against her eyebrow, the expression on her face is of that much bitter, “we’ve known each other for ten years, logically speaking, we should be able to know, trust, sympathize and know each other as ourselves, but…” her five fingers gently trembled, her eyes shut right, on her tongue lay trace of bitterness, “however… we… Jiu Wei… like he said before, that type of putting one’s life on trust is just… too hard, it’s like we’ve never promised each other! We can’t… and we do not dare!”

    “Xi Er…” Jiu Wei lowered his eyes looking at the seal within his hands then lifted his gaze back onto her, seeing that type of difficult expression upon her face, giving a deep long sigh, “Xi Er, honestly… You are still loving him right? That’s why it’s so contradictory, that’s why it’s so a troubling feeling, and because you’re like this…” Jiu Wei suddenly stopped what he was saying, only looking at Xi Yun in a complicated manner.

    “Jiu Wei…” Xi Yun lifted her hand to cover her face, it’s the first time her voice is that weak, only because inside she has held in too many too many things, “This is our sorrow! We are not each other’s ideal person, we don’t want… but… yet… that’s why we are so unwilling to accept, but it is this much hopeless (inevitable)”

    Jiu Wei speechlessly stared at her, that pair of sad eyes looking at her, in his heart, he sighed and sighed again…

    “Jiu Wei, in this whole world I wish the the person I can trust the most is him!” Xi Yun looked at Jiu Wei, those pairs of clear eyes like a gush of violent wind has whipped across a lake’s surface, “But… I don’t have that certainty! So I have to take this step, but… if this step is taken, all that we had these ten years… will all disappear if this step is taken! At that time, not only him and I, but Mo Yu Qi and Feng Yun Qi, Bai Feng Guo and Hei Feng Guo, or even this whole world….”

    “Xi Er, if at that time, what will you do?” This question, Jiu Wei originally did not want to ask, however in the end he asked, because the answer… he wishes the answer…

    However Xi Yun did not answer this time, she let go of the hand covering her face, gentle lifting her head, gaze far upon the room doors, seemingly looking at an unknown future, however the storm in her eyes have calmed, the calm expressions of Feng Wang has slowly restored.

    “When that step is taken… if success, then we both win! Lose, then we both lose!” When the last word was spoken, her hands grasped onto each other tightly behind her back, both eyes beaming with a snow sword’s bright rays, a seeping sense of unfrequented determination!

    Suddenly there was a very long deep sigh seeped into Jiu Wei’s heart,looking at the silhouette in the tent, white robes like snow, long hair like ink, almost like a black and white cut out shadow, standing on top of the highest peak, frail yet strong, lonely yet proud…

    Lightly walking up ahead, reaching his hands out and putting that female warrior and emperor that lead thousands of soldiers to kill the enemy into his embrace.

    “Xi Er…” He deeply called out, not knowing what to say, also not knowing what he can say, the only thing he can do is put her in his embrace for her to breathe, giving her a hint of warmth and consolation.

    “Jiu Wei, I knew I could trust you, the kind that I can put my life on the line to trust.” Xi Yun put her head upon Jiu Wei’s shoulder, closed her eyes, lightly but a very peaceful sigh, “From the first time I saw you, I knew, We are… family!”

    “You did know.” Jiu Wei said in an unsurprised manner, lifted his hand and gently put it on the head that was resting on his shoulder, gentle petted that smooth silky hair, bringing an infinite amount of love and sympathy, and deeply touched.

    “Of course I knew.” Xi Yun hugged Jiu Wei, the corner of her lips raised a slight, but very real smile, “Jiu Wei, the reason I came upon this war, one of the reasons is because I need to make your dream come true! The moment Lan Xi and I can hold onto this world, is the moment I can make your dream come true! That is also our Feng clan’s promise these three hundred years that we have never forgotten!”

    “I know, I know.” Jiu Wei gently repeated, ” that’s why I came to your side, I will watch you grant this promise! Xi Er, I will protect you! I promise!”

    Gentle lifted up Xi Yun’s face, put her hair aside revealing her forehead, with her half moon accessory as usual, his hand moved to the middle of her brow, the tips of his finger releasing a light breeze of air, then after their foreheads touched, at that moment there was a clear ray of light between their brow, then suddenly disappeared just like an illusion.

    “This will let me know if you are safe.” Jiu Wei lightly stated, then brought Xi Yun back into his embrace, his long arms held her behind her back like a strong wall, “Xi Er, I hope I do not have to use this seal!”

    However, life always does not progress the way one wishes! If you want to make your wish come true, then there must be a price to pay, even if that cost is something you cannot calculate!

    This was such a deep convo, I really love the dialogues! Qing Ling Yue makes everything have much more depth then it really is. After I listened to the audio the second time, I realized many things were said on purpose that eluded to future events! So awesomee :3 I had fun translating this, flipping through my dictionary and all. Sorry if I butchered some phrases. It just sounds so much more elegant in chinese!

  211. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 18, 2014 at 2:17 am |

    LOL omergawd, reading through my translations I made so many grammatical errors. Woops, forgive me, I didn’t proofread XD

    Huhu I see you’ve gotten to one of my favourite parts! I think I’ll translate the part where HFX almost asked FQW to marry him and the part where they went on a hunt for bai guo’s langhua fruit cus BFX wanted to. I love their childhood flashbacks, there’s not many of em :/

    So the fight for the world part is where there is heavy politics and it gets kind of dry. From my memory, so you know how there are 7 states, all who are ruled by one supreme ruler which is the Di Wang. But yet now there is a struggle between HFXBFX and HCYWY to take him down since he’s quite corrupt, doesn’t do the citizens any good. So the general from that king plans to attack BFX, she did not know it was going to be such a harsh battle, thus left most of her army with HFX. Then she did manage to take down most of the opposing enemy’s army through her smart tactics but however her own army is still quite limited, she told most of her army to escape down the hill. Then her and JiuRong and a handful of her men went up the hill, where the opposing general sent like basically all of his forces after her. She did not even bother asking HFX for back up, and after HFX knew of her situation, somewhat wanted to send her back up… but Ren Chuan Yu was like it’ll weaken our own forces or some crap. So he didn’t. Then Jiu Rong basically protected her, until her own forces… Qi Shu or something came along to save her. After that she did not even ask HFX why he didn’t save her, maybe she knew all along she was not as important as acquiring the world for him.

    Then the birthday thing happened after this event, no? BFXHFX left to roam before 5 years was up so Han Piao was searching after, then met Lang Hua on the way. He actually dissed her pretty hard that it was her own fault. I found her ending was bittersweet, I think it was the best ending for her down that path.

  212. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 18, 2014 at 4:07 pm |

    @AcrossTime Big happy sigh. Thank you. You are such a wonderful person. You are like Christmas come early! Giving me three new posts to read & reread. I’m totally spoilt. If you think you butchered the novel, I myself have done grave injustice to it for not wholy understanding the beauty of it! Sad sigh. When I listen to the audiobook, I understand enough to roughly catch the gist of it. When I read your translations, I’m like, oh, my goodness, that’s what it’s all about! I have indeed missed out on the best parts. Compare my previous impression of Zui Ge Qi Yi & your translation. Guess what? I’m going to listen to all my favourite parts while reading your translations so that I can catch their beauty this time! =)

    I totally love a jealous & possessive FLX! From that Zui Ge Qi Yi scene alone, I can’t believe that FLX & FXY don’t realise that they like/love each other. But I guess you’re right about the trust issues coming between them. I’m so sad when you said that FXY thought she wasn’t as important as getting the world to FLX. No wonder they finally got together when he saved her from HC’s arrow. The way he screamed “Xi Yun!!” as she fell, the way he carried her to safety, the way he felt fear.. I don’t know if you would care to translate this part because it’s so sad. But if you like, you could just do the part when the arrow hit FXY until when FLX yelled at RCY to get out of his way as he carried FXY to the tent. It must be the first time FLX lost his temper & I loved it. RCY needs more people yelling at him. He’s such a selfish b*stard.

    FQW rightly told RCY that the whole world couldn’t compare to FXY at that moment. I was like, FINALLY! FLX finally knows how important FXY was to him & how he could not live without her. FLX finally knows he loves FXY! YAY! When he gave his life to save her, FXY finally knows that she was more important to FLX than getting the world. I hope this was when she finally knows that she loves him too? So, double YAY!

    One thing I didn’t understand is when FXY told her people to announce that the Feng Wang had died, was Feng Wang resurrected at the end of the battle? When Feng Wang was reported as dead, she suddenly met YWY and they both said, “Long time no see,” to each other. I was surprised he didn’t show more reaction at seeing her alive. He did feel sad at the news of her death, didn’t he? Like how HC was regretful & XXK cried.

    “Xi Er, if at that time, what will you do?” This question, Jiu Wei originally did not want to ask, however in the end he asked, because the answer… he wishes the answer…

    What was he referring to? What was FXY planning to do? What answer did he expect?

    *Shriek You’re going to translate that FLX/FQW scene? Oh, boy, here we go again! My heart literally went on a roller-coaster ride as I listened. I’d definitely want to read about FLX’s train of thoughts after he nearly asked (my heart skipped a beat in a bad, bad way) FQW until when he heard the qin. Gosh, I totally missed out on the hunting for fruit part!

    I was wondering why the Di Wang was being challenged if he was the rightful king of kings. Thank you for your explanation. If FXY was going to be Feng Wang & join forces with FLX to get the world, why did she allow the Xuan Zun seal to fall into HC’s hands?

    Don’t you think that JW has loads more scenes with FXY than she did with FLX? It’s a good thing I love him & I enjoy their conversations & special relationship. It’s no wonder FLX was darn suspicious of him! Haha. JW could pull FXY into his embrace & hold her hand & all that.

    @AcrossTime If you could allow me one translation request, could you please do the last scene between JW, FXY & FLX before JW was “forcibly” taken away to leave FXY & FLY alone when they finally became one (is this considered a consummation of their “marriage”?). I love this part onwards & poor me only caught bits & pieces of it. I know FXY said she had to leave & he should know and understand. He said to know & understand is one thing but to be able to accept is another. After the conversation ended with FXY telling FLX that she’ll always be watching & missing him her whole life, what happened when FLX started “cursing” her.

    When FLX was cursing FXY for the umpteenth time, she suddenly appeared laughing at him. I know a whole lot of thoughts went through FLX’s mind but he asked, “I thought you’re living freely in the jianghu. Why are you here?” She said that she returned because she forgot to do something & even if she died, it’ll be one thing she regret not doing. He asked what it was & she said, “To take you away with me.” I bet he was over the moon she came back for him or was it planned between the two of them? If not planned, I guess he planned to look for her after making all the arrangements?

    Why did FXY want to show the world that BFX has captured Xi Wang to be her husband? Even FLX asked her why she did that. So, why?? When she took him, people recognised her as Feng Wang even as she declared she was BFX. Did people just accept that Feng Wang left? What were the rumours & legends surrounding their disappearance?

    I know that I’m missing the whole beauty of chapter 150 to 154! And yes, I have finished listening. I’m happy. This has become one of my all-time favourite books. =)

  213. Peanuts
    Peanuts June 19, 2014 at 11:25 am |

    Liz: ok I will also email u a copy of the epilogues later. I will let acrosstime translate and answer your queries but I will help her with one lol.

    You need to understand your timeline. BFX did not really help HC to get the seal. She just did not compete with him to get the seal. That is bcos she is still BFX the carefree heroine who enjoys roaming the martial arts world and wants no part in palace politics.

  214. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth June 19, 2014 at 4:08 pm |

    @Peanuts Thank you! Sigh. 154 chapters were daunting when I first started but now that I’m done, I miss having new chapters to catch up every day. I might start Google-Translating the book to see if they made any sense now or I’ll just listen to the whole audiobook again. Haha! Right now, I’m picking my favourite chapters to listen again.

    It’s really amazing how FLX was willing to give up the jiangshan for the meiren. He totally has my admiration and love for that. When I think back of his conversation with his dying father, it dawns on me what a big “sacrifice” he made but one that he gladly made no doubt. He told his father that he wanted the world and also the person who will be beside him to help him get the world.

    I was already sold when he said he wanted both the world and FXY then and now that he’s giving up the world for her, I’m dead albeit happily. Haha. I guess it’s because he already achieved what he set out to do after his mother was murdered and in the end, he was wise enough to choose a simple and happier life with the one he loves. I love that their story came a full circle. Meeting as teenagers in the palace. Roaming the world as Bai Feng Hei Xi. Ruling half the world as Feng Wang and Xi Wang. And finally, back to roaming the world as BFX and HFX.

    I must confess that I was heartbroken when FXY surprisingly left just as all seemed to point towards a happy end with she and FLX finally getting together. But he made me laugh out loud every time he cursed her “d*mn b*tch” (Google Translate shows this instead of “the woman who should go & die”). I was doing cartwheels (figuratively) when FXY appeared out of nowhere to take him away to be her husband and she did it in grand BFX style. How long was the time lapse between when she left and when she came back?

    These two are truly my most favourite kind of people whether when they are singular or together. They are incredible.

    @Peanuts Did you ever come across another book like this? Or another heroine as kick-ass as BFX/FXY? I need a new drug. =)

  215. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime June 22, 2014 at 3:46 am |

    @Peanuts baby come back from your vacation, I need my epilogues ASAP! T_T

    I think I’ve never disliked FQW because throughout the whole novel it seems like she’s got her head on properly. She did not attempt to steal HFX nor was she capable since she knew from the start he had a special spot for BFX. I take YWY as some guy who foresees the future cus he’s from the Yu clan. Based on my interpretations FXY might do something FLX wouldn’t like aka fight for the world herself. She’s capable, but she doesn’t want too. I’m not too sure what JW meant actually, maybe @Peanuts will know?

    Translation tymee: tralalallala

    “Actually today is Wang’s birthday, it’s just that he has never celebrated.”

    Duan Mu Wen mumbled as he lightly sighed, FQW was a little stunned, within her heart rises a silent ache.

    Nearing midnight, the palace’s light are being turned off one by one, the gathering was over, everyone was getting ready for bed.

    Within Ji Tian Gong (palace)’s sleeping chambers, Zhong Li, Zhong Yuan was helping Lan Xi to get ready for bed, when everything was ready, they both retired, as they were closing the doors, they saw their king sitting on a chair beside the window sill, with wine in the snowy white jade cup, the window was a little creaked open, cold night winds blew inside, lifting that jet black hair in the air.

    blarblar FQW wants to see him, she enters. I’m just going to translate dialogue.

    “Feng Gu Niang (refers to her in respectful manner), it’s already so late, what did you need to see me for?”

    “When I was young, I was spoiled so I did not like doing such girly things, and then I sang for a living so I did not learn how to cook very well, today I made a little something for Wang (you) to taste.”

    “Mm?” Lan Xi raised his brow, looking weirdly at the beautiful maiden under the pearl light, it’s late night, asking him to taste her cooking?

    “Even though it is late, but this is the first time I’ve cooked, Xi Wang would you bestow your honour to try? Feng Qi Wu took out the noodles, lightly placing it upon the table. “It’s still hot” “This… should be… edible?”

    All of a sudden, a long long time ago, a warm voice gently said: ” Xi Er, you have to remember, our Dong Chao (Dong dynasty) tradition is that on the day of birth, mother and son will personally make a bowl of noodles for the other to eat. Xi Er is still young right now, so you will eat what mother (I) make first, when Xi Er is all grown up, you will have to make a lot of bowls for mother to taste…” gentle warm hands lightly patted his head, that warm voice surrounding him…

    Birthday… Noodles….

    After mother died there was no one to make him noodles, even if it was his birthday, ever since that blood red night began, no one mentioned, no one dared to mention. Forgetting what every year’s today was, remembering every year on today, what happened… as time passed, it all seemed so far away, almost like it sank into the bones somewhere deep, however…

    His gaze resting upon the person infront of him, this person whom is always so cold, that kind of person that does not treat any one of her equal, at this moment, her ears are all red because of this bowl of noodles! On this cold winter night, when everyone is retiring into their dream lands, she went into the kitchen, just solely to make a normal bowl of noodles, not saying any celebratory phrases, or any warm comforting words, only asking him to try the first bowl of noodles she’s ever made…

    A stream of warmth like this lightly floated within his heart, a sense of warmth he has not felt in twenty or more years, at this moment, once again he’s able to feel it, a light smile came upon his face, the smile was real and bright, gentle like water, “yes it’s edible.”

    So he ate it. Then FQW put away the stuffs.

    Lan Xi silently looked at her putting the utensils back into the box, lightly putting the lid on, then slowly closed his eyes: “All these years, other than Zhong Li, Zhong Yuan’s things, I’ve basically never eaten anyone else’s cooking.” The corner of his mouth raised into a feint smile, rather than saying that was a taunt, it was more desolate.

    “Before… a lot of people who tasted the foods all died… then after only eating Zhong Li, Zhong Yuan’s foods did not die.” “After mother died, sleeping and eating did not come at ease.”

    Vision all of a sudden blurring, there was something the flowed down from the face, it was very cool, blinking, wanting to see clearly the person standing infront, but when the vision is cleared, there was a sudden pang of suffocating pain. Looking at the one infront, jet black hair down the shoulders, covering his face, not being able to tell his expression, an unclear voice sounded,” Every year’s today always reminded me… however… this kind of noodles is the first time I’ve ever eaten. Qi Wu, this is the first bowl of noodles I’ve had since my mother died.”

    “Qi Wu is very lucky”

    “Qi Wu…” Long sighing, he reached out his hand to lightly wipe away the tears in the corner of her eye, this cold night was suddenly hot like fire, “Qi Wu…”he lightly called her.

    He knew she had feelings for him, but did not know her feelings were this deep! This maiden outwardly expressionless yet embodying such elegance was willing to follow him. When called for, would play him a piece on the pi pa, sing a song, when not called for, would quietly stand upon her place, she did not have any requests, nor any regrets… this life, it’s the first time someone has treated him like so! Even if it was her… she would never do this! At this moment, emotionless Lan Xi was deeply touched.

    Within those endlessly dark eyes, at this moment has real warmth, that kind of sympathy that has never been seen before! This is for me… for I, Feng Qi Wu! Closing her eyes, with the warmth of his hands, a heart filled with empty aches, at this moment has endless feelings of content and happiness! Not caring of reasoning or consequence, not caring of things that happen before or after, at this moment, she was satisfied! “Qi Wu…” lightly raising her hand, that thought that he never before thought about lightly came out:”Qi Wu, are you willing to become…”

    After saying that, a light qin sound was heard, making the two in the palace momentarily stunned, thinking that it was just an illusion, however instantly, Lan Xi jerked up, walking towards the window, quickly opening up the panels, then after that qin sounds clearly transferred in.

    When the song was heard clearly, Lan Xi’s eyes suddenly widened, those calm eyes at that moment became ans wild as the wind, eyes gazing upon that night sky, like it has crossed to the night sky’s qin sounds other side. “This .. Qing Pin Diao?!” That voice shaking lightly as he spoke as if he was afraid he would scare away the qin tunes, that kind of cautiousness, that kind of disbelief!

    Qing Ping Diao? What is that? Why would he have such a reaction? Qi Wu stared intently at Lan Xi, looking at the different and complicated expressions on his face, her heart had all sorts of complications, who is this playing the qin at such late night? Who is capable of making him so startled?

    As a musician herself, she knew how to distinguish from the good and bad, the qin player’s abilities, this tune is not a well known one, the tune is very simple, everyone that knows how to play can simply play it, however at this moment the qin player is highly skilled, such a simple tune can be played with such clarity, like the flower in the deep forest, with such capabilities to soothe the soul. “Qing Ping Diao… so… she’s never forgotten!” This phrase was said like it was spit out from the heart’s deepest place.

    At that moment, all of a sudden she understood, in this world that only person that could make him reaction like this, other than her who else could it be! That handsome and elegant face, at this moment was lost, in pain, was happy, wu nai(term that means he can’t help it, there’s not other way, etc, english has no good translation for this word :/)… everything appeared! That kind of him, has never been seen before! At this moment all of the aches and happiness mixed together in the heart, one half is for herself, one half is for him!

    Lifting the basket of food, then bowed and retired.

    “Qi Wu, these noodles, Lan Xi will never forget!”

    “Mm” she smiled lightly as she left.

    Inside outside, two person’s world, inside brightly lit, warmth like spring, outside pitch black, cool skies cold ground.

    Inside outside, two people, person inside is restless, delighted almost happy, person outside is aching, pitiful yet gratified.

    Qin sounds continued, clear like winds.

    Person outside lifted her head looking at the night sky, cold stars flickering with dim light, raising the still warm basket to her chest, continuing with a bitter smile.

    Person inside lifted his hand to cover his eyes, his whole body relaxed, the corner of his mouth lifted into a smile with such warmth and feeling of pain: “Has the world not given up on I?”
    “What kind of tune are you playing? It’s so good!”
    “Qing Ping Diao, before my mother… mother would play it for me every year today.”
    “Before? She doesn’t play anymore?”
    “She’s… not here anymore.”
    “Yee?… that’s not a problem, since you know how to play it, why don’t we do it this way, if you give me your roasted duck, I’ll play for you.”


    The person standing in Ji Tian Gong’s window, the person silently sitting beside the qin in Feng Ying Gong, suddenly flashed those words in their heads, infront of them floating upon the memory of the very beginning, the first meeting when they were young, under that old cherry tree, with the fire lit beside, that handsome yet silent young boy, that beautiful young girl who loved to smile, that night they relied on each other for warmth, that night they spoke about the everything…

    That time, they were still youngand pure, that time they were strangers that met by chance, the him then loved learning with warmth elegance, real like no other, the her then was quick witted, loved eating and playing, the them then did not diverge onto separate roads, did not have today’s scheming, the them then cherished each other, two hearts stayed close…

    The tune ended, qin sounds came to a stop, the lonely deep palace returned to its silence, the person beside the window is still drawn in, the person beside the qin all of a sudden was lost in thought.

    Why was it remembered? Why would it be played on this night? They both did not know, or they both knew but did not want to admit?

    No matter how beautiful yesteday was, they could not return, no matter how hard they try, they cannot take the same steps, those deeply engraved memories, today you and I cannot ever have again, we can only bury or… abandon!

    It was a nice snippet, I didn’t proof read though XD Sorry if some stuff was poorly translated, chinese is a beautiful language, english translations really doesn’t do it any justice! Anyways I’ll translate other parts after my final XD

  216. lemonsalt
    lemonsalt June 23, 2014 at 12:04 pm |

    Thank you for sharing the translation Across Time 🙂

    I haven’t read the book yet but I enjoyed reading all the comments about it. Good luck for your finals!

  217. lin
    lin July 9, 2014 at 2:43 pm |

    Help!!! Does anyone know what happened to the link to audiobook? Ximalaya website been down for weeks!!!
    Across Time, thanks for all the translation. I’m keeping it like treasures 🙂
    Peanuts, can you email me the epilogue too?
    Thanks for recommending this book… my all time favorite…the audiobook is the best yet. 🙂

  218. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime July 9, 2014 at 3:29 pm |

    @lin Apparently it says on ximalaya that the page has not passed some law/government related inspections, thus not available. But if it’s possible to download the app on your ipad or tablet, you can still access it. I use the ximalaya app and it’s still working fine, after that you just type the title of this book into the search bar on the app and it should appear. You can also download the whole audiobook so you can access them while offline as well.

  219. lin
    lin July 9, 2014 at 4:26 pm |

    Thanks Across Time, I check out the Ximalaya app.

  220. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth August 31, 2014 at 10:25 pm |

    Hello, hello! Is anyone still here? I’ve just marathoned through the compilation of epilogues that Peanuts (thank you so much!) kindly sent me and my heart is filled with both joy and sadness. Let me start with the sad bits. Sadness at the childhood memories of FXY and her cousin brother, Feng Xie Yue. I loved how she protected him as he was weak in health and how he has always supported her as the heir to the White Feng country throne. This is definitely the happier version of my Zhuan Xu-Xiao Yao ship.

    @AcrossTime Thank you for pointing me to Chapter 27 to read more about Xie Yue Ge Ge as it tied in nicely with the related epilogues. I finally understood why her father and Jiu Wei called FXY Xi-er instead of Xi Yun. But why did Xie Yue say that since he is Xie Yue, she should be Xi Yan instead of Xi Yun?

    The other sad part is Han Piao! Gosh, my heart positively broke when I read how he was searching high and low for his Jie Jie and how he wondered why she didn’t come to fetch him from the mountain after his five years of training was up. Why didn’t she? Did BFX forget? She remembered her vow to bathe in the lake that HC made for her, so I don’t think she forgot her pledge to her brother.

    Did HC really only live for 10 years after he married HCR? Gosh, that isn’t very long. Huang Yu was looking so hard for a cure for him, so what was he sick with? I loved that his final day was filled with BFX. I guess he really did love her in that sense. I marvelled that HCR even let him go to meet BFX at the lake.

    Did Han Piao ever marry? FXY was trying to propose marriage for him to someone he had known for 20 years? But that someone turned out to be something else and disappeared? Was I mistaken or but did he fake-marry someone he found at his Han household?

    Here’s to the happy parts! I hope I didn’t read Google Translate wrongly but FLX and FXY have three children? Omg. I was over the moon! Their eldest is Feng Xu (a son) followed by Feng Hong (a daughter) and Feng Mo (a son)? Did HC really want to matchmake their firstborns but it turned out that he and FLX both had sons?

    @Peanuts Were all the epilogues written by the original author? I loved the first one on the very first meeting between FXY, FLX, HC, YWY and HCR best.

    Call me crazy but I think I’m going to make this novel my research project. There is still so much that I need to understand. Hence, anyone still in this ship? =)

  221. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime September 13, 2014 at 2:31 am |

    Hiii! I’m still around but barely cus of life 🙁 I’ve still been listening to the audio actually, just finished the series for the nth time around. But I haven’t finished going through the epilogue yet, only to the part when Han Piao finally found BFX. I feel like BFX didn’t really forget her promise to Han Piao XD More like she didn’t feel like keeping to it. The ending for Huang Chao was pretty damn good. I don’t think it was worth it to live 10 years and be at the top but not have the one you love in your arms. In my opinion HCR really respected and treated BFX as the purest friendship she’s made so I’m not really surprised. In the end, HC knew HCR liked HFX, and she knew HC liked BFX. XD Same thing with Xiao Jian (Xue Kong) and Pin Yu (or Pin Guan?) I forgot her name, the woman with really high medical skills.

    I’m currently listening to Killing of Three Thousand Crows on my bus rides and trying to find time to finish reading Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost. Also in the middle of trying to translate that missing chapter from the audiobook, the chapter with Xie Yue @_@

  222. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth September 17, 2014 at 1:41 am |

    @AcrossTime I was so happy to hear from you! School has been taking up all my time and I haven’t been revisiting anything WGTW since the semester started. But I really think I will always be here because I love WGTW so much. Please, please write whenever you can. I miss your translations and comments. =)

    Oh, no! Why do you think that BFX didn’t feel like keeping her promise to Han Piao? I got that vibe too (but I tried to deny it) when HFX told her that HP has been looking all over the world for her and she said, yes, it’s already time. That kind of broke my heart because I remembered how she promised him that no matter what, she was going to fetch him personally from the mountain when the five years was up.

    Hmm, speaking about Huang Chao, I seriously wonder if he really loved BFX or he just wanted her because he couldn’t get her. Between HC and YWY, I’d sooner believe that YWY loved BFX and that’s why he understood why FLX could give up the world for FXY.

    On the other hand, among all the men who seemed to love BFX, I could only see or remember what FLX/HFX, Xiu Jiu Rong and Yan Ying Zhou did for her, which truly reflected that they love her. My heart breaks for XJR. That poor guy. And the way FXY mourned his death always brings tears to my eyes.

    I tried to check out Killing of Three Thousand Crows here but had nothing much to go on. The summary seems interesting enough. If you ever had free time (after those to-dos on your current list, hehe), would you do a character list or a more detailed summary on it? So that I could see if I should labour through Google Translate or the audiobook for it. Hehe.

    Oh! Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost! Who do you ship there? I like Night, so.. =(

  223. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth September 17, 2014 at 1:45 am |

    I don’t know if Translatisms ever come here but I just want to tell him/her that I really appreciate his/her work of translating Qie Shi Tianxia chapter by chapter. However long it might take, I will look forward to each new post. And every time I see a new post, I feel so happy.

    Darn. Maybe I should just sign up for Tumblr to communicate with Translatisms. =)

  224. chang'er
    chang'er February 3, 2015 at 4:47 am |

    Peanuts, were you ever able to find chapter 105 for the audiobook? I started listening to this (and you’re right, it’s one of the best audiobooks!) and love it even though I probably understand about 70% of it since all the war stuff gets lost in my head somewhere. I wanted to burn it on a CD so I could listen to it while driving. How sad I didn’t find out about it earlier so I could’ve listened along with you guys! But my Mandarin sucks. It probably improved within the last year. I’m glad I picked up this audiobook and the main reason was because I saw how many readers it had!

  225. Peanuts
    Peanuts February 3, 2015 at 10:37 am |

    Ya this is a great audio book. I hope the drama will also be good. I also can’t understand everything bcos the Chinese is too difficult. If u’ve an qns, Acrosstime and I are here to help you 🙂

    I forgot tat 105 is spoilt. I used to pay cxt8 but bcos not many updates lately, I’ve stopped paying so I can’t get it now. The reader Mian Mian used to upload her version to ximalaya but it has been deleted due to infringement of copyright. All those pirate sites copied fr the the same broken source so you are too late 🙁

    Acrosstime, if you are reading this, do you’ve chap 105? If yes, pls email it to me so I can send it to chang’er. Anyway I also need a copy 😛

  226. chang'er
    chang'er February 4, 2015 at 5:49 am |

    Haha. It took me a while figuring out what qns means. I’ve even tried googling it to no success. I guess I’m not familiar with online acronyms. And then I realized it meant “question”, right? But yes, thank you, Peanuts!

    I realized I really like the beginning of the audiobook. I started getting a little lost when they joined up going to war against Bai Guo. All the marching to war and military strategies leave me going ??? I also find the Ren Chuan Yu’s conversations with others confusing too. I could tell he’s a “xiao ren”, but I can’t ever understand him and what he’s planning. Lol. Also his brother.. Is his brother as evil as him?

  227. serendipity
    serendipity February 4, 2015 at 7:26 am |

    so excited for this one. saving it for my midterm break though. two weeks left to go!!!!

  228. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime February 5, 2015 at 5:08 am |

    Hey @Peanuts, email sent 🙂 And if anyone has a question just ask away like point to a chapter or something, I can probably help ^_^ (As you can tell I am a diehard fan of this novel)

    @Chang’er No, his brother seems to be the opposite of his scheming brother! As BFX said, maybe because he has such an older brother that the younger one gets to be carefree.

    Also, I still have the full WGTW files on ximalaya though so I think if you look around via the mobile app you should be able to find it!

  229. chang'er
    chang'er February 7, 2015 at 8:06 pm |

    Cry me a river!!! I just finished the part where Jiu Rong died. T_T I listened to it 3 times (I must be crazy to inflict myself with such emotional pain – I was listening to this while driving and was teary-eyed! Thankfully I was near home already), but I couldn’t picture what was going on! This is what I pictured in my head: Jiu Rong lead Xi Yun into the cave, he “froze” her, then killed himself to activate a magical protection spell with his blood to spread over her to protect her because he’s a part of the magical Jiu tribe. And then his eyes closed and head dropped onto her shoulder in her embrace. T_T Did I picture this correct in my head?

    I am really upset at Lan Xi. One moment he’s thinking about her after his younger brother came to visit him and asked him about her, and then next minute, the envoy comes from Xi Yun asking for reinforcement, and he was shocked and concerned, and then he allowed his advisers to convince him to not send reinforcement! Even that conversation I was a little confused. Did Ren Chuan Yu pretty much confess that Xi Yun is too strong and will threaten Lan Xi’s position and Lan Xi just listened to him? Or was that what he said to the other 4 advisers in the midst?

    AcrossTime, I tried downloading ximalaya on my iphone and cannot get past all the Chinese characters and I’ve totally forgotten my QQ password and have no idea how to reset it. Therefore, I have no idea how to use the app. >_<

  230. chang'er
    chang'er February 10, 2015 at 1:57 am |

    Questions and possible spoilers below:

    @Peanuts and @AcrossTime, I am bawling and angry at Lan Xi! I just finished chapter 127-129. How she walked out of the cave like a corpse.. How she talked to Jiu Wei.. How she mourned for Jiu Rong at the river?? holding her clothes.. How did you guys forgive him? How did Xi Yun forgive him? I guess there will always be sacrifices and bad decisions in wars, but it still hurts. She is so loving and compassionate. Just seeing how Fengyun ji loves her more than the world shows how wonderful of a person she is. Ahh, I’m crying even writing this!

    Also, why did Lan Xi all of the sudden show up at the mountain? Didn’t he listen to Ren Chuan Yu’s advise to not send troops or was Lan Xi just delayed? Give me a reason to not be mad at him.

    And what was the meaning of the note and character “she” that the general was suppose to relay to Feng Wang? Was Dong Di Wang (or whatever he’s called – the guy who is only interested in calligraphy) wanting to surrender to Feng Wang? I believe that was in Chapter 128.

    Also, is there another way to get Chapter 105? I would like it in my collection to make the story complete. (:

  231. Peanuts
    Peanuts February 14, 2015 at 12:41 pm |

    Sorry for the late reply, u know how busy I m 😛

    I skipped Jiu Rong’s death bit bcos I’ve a very weak heart, not like u who can listen so many times 😛 Hence, I’ll leave AcrossTime to answer all your qns but do be patient as she is busy like a bee:) You would have finished the audio book by now & understand why HFX deserves BFX? Mistrust in a relationship is pretty common, more so in their situation when so many things is at stake. Also, ppl do make mistake and judgement error. HFX is not a perfect hero. He also said he is no hero. It is bcos of his flaws and how he changes that make him so endearing to me 🙂

    Acrosstime did send me a copy of chapter 105 but it is also the spoilt one. Your only option is to ask the reader Mian Mian for her version. By the way, nothing in life is perfect so you can live without chap 105 which I feel is unimportant 😛

  232. chang'er
    chang'er February 14, 2015 at 9:28 pm |

    Yes. I know you’re busy managing your site and real life as well. Congrats on reaching your 2 years! Also, Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Actually I still haven’t finished the audiobook. >_< I'm a little slow. I just finished Chapter 143. I think the reason why I slowed down is because I don't want it to end. Haha. But it could also be because the war and war strategies are more complicated and I have to listen to it twice to figure out what is going on.

    I think I understand why Xi Yun forgave Lan Xi. I'm no longer mad at him. Haha. How fickle my heart it. I know he's no hero, but I just needed time to calm my emotions. Lan Xi also has to accept the choices he made. I love Jiu Wei and was sad that Xi Yun sent him away before the last battle. And Jiu Wei questioned her heart; that was the last thing he was able to do for her. He wants her to be happy. And it was so cute when she pointed at him and accused him of bullying her. Haha. I love their relationship. Xi Yun is so protective of Jiu Wei, not letting and not wanting him to get blood on his hands. She wanted him to stay away from the war and wanted to keep him "clean". And it was so sad that Jiu Wei mentioned how Jiu Rong was his last known relative and he never even knew.

    I always wondered what it was that Xi Yun told Jiu Wei when she gave him that military seal (Fei Yun Ling) that shocked him. I think AcrossTime might've translated it. Since I haven't finished reading it, I'm not sure if it's in the future chapters, but I wondered if she told him to move the 50,000 soldiers from Qi Shu back in Feng country if Lan Xi fails to back her up at the last moment. "If they win, they both win. If they lose, they both lose." That battle, indeed, due to Fengyun ji coming on time, they did win, but they also lost so many. But it's also because of this move that showed Lan Xi that Xi Yun had 50,000 "secret" soldiers back-up that she never mentioned. Ren Chuan Yu was more suspicious of her after that. But at the same time, Lan Xi knew that he also let her down (and that she was really near death), therefore, he didn't even question her about the 50,000 Fengyun ji that came out of nowhere. I'm thinking that Xi Yun sent Jiu Wei to Feng country to ask for back-up with the seal since it's that seal that can move that many soldiers. After all, how would Qi Shu know that Xi Yun was in danger when the countries are far from each other? It's just my thought. I could be totally wrong. AcrossTime would probably know best. ^_^

    I find it pretty interesting how Bai Feng Xi and Hei Feng Xi knew each other for 10 years, and Huang Chao and Yu Wu Yuan also knew each other for 10 years. I'm still a little confused about the background about Yu Wu Yuan. His forefather was the one in the painting with his back facing us and he was not given a position like the other 8. He was cursed by Jiu Luo's first king. He was the original mastermind of the initial war and it was due to his wisdom and military strategics that the Dong guy was able to win? Is that why Yu Wu Yuan is such a formidable opponent because his forefather was the best military strategist behind the Emperor who refused recognition? At times I wonder if Xi Yun did end up with Yu Wu Yuan, what would be Jiu Wei's response. Of course it didn't happen, but the relationships would've been so complicated.

    Ay, Chapter 105 is not an important chapter, but it still feels incomplete without it. LOL. I've been listening on baidu and it could be downloaded on Android I think. Unfortunately, I don't have an Android. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to accept my loss.

  233. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime February 17, 2015 at 7:52 pm |


    I decided to go ahead and translate parts of this chapter because XiYun is just an impeccable general. Her tactics are brilliant for the battle against the opposing Dong Shu Fang General. Pretty much she predicted what the enemy force was going to do and acted accordingly, outsmarting them by like a mile despite having considerably less army men on her side. Even the opposing Dong General praised her for living up to being “Feng Wang’s” descendent.
    So basically at the end Xi Yun’s Feng Yun Qi (her personal army) tricked the general into believing that they have fled but then he saw a reflection of a weapon and realized that they must still be on the mountain (the peak in this case) and ordered his men to chase after the remaining Feng Yun Qi at the top.
    When the river’s waves have settled, Xi Yun listened closely then lightly stated: “Lin Ji and the others seems to have successfully escaped.”
    “Mm” Jiu Rong nodded, “Wang’s plans have succeeded!”
    “Wang should have left with Lin Ji.” Xiu Jiu Rong peering through the forest, piercing at the opposing army force, his elegant eyebrows slightly worried, “If they find out…”
    “If I didn’t stay, then they would’ve been drowned with the opposing force.” Xi Yun gave a weak smile, “Although, me staying…” She turned her gaze upon Jiu Rong, with her lucid eyes, “Jiu Rong, you should know why.”
    “Mm.” Jiu Rong nodded, his white appearance became whiter, “I know.”
    “Mm.” Xi Yun gave her light smile again, that smile is translucent with a slight hint of warmth.
    Wang, I understand. If it wasn’t the last resort you would have never allowed the men to take such risks! Wang, this has always been your principle that you held onto! During battles you are always the one that stands at the very front! Even so, in this battle when our force is exhausted and worn out, you chose to stay on this Luo Ying Feng, chose to stay on these dangerous grounds surrounded by the enemy force, so our men’s will won’t break, because they still need to rescue you out of here! My wang, I completely understand, that is why I will protect you! I will swear upon my life, I will never let you get hurt!

    I will post this much for now cus I’m lazy and got a billion things to do T_T I listened to the chapters last night and cried again. So yeah I’ll continue translating it cause it breaks my heart omg. and omg I wanted to smack Lan Xi a couple of times across the face but yeah. It was a really sad moment for both Lan Xi and Xi Yun. I’ll elaborate more after and probably have an annotated, cleaned up version of this up on my tumblr in due time.

    But just letting you know Jiu Rong’s death was super bloody so yeah 🙁 But the thing is Xi Yun had more army men then she claimed to Lan Xi. And he found out when he finally came to the battle. At that point it ended already. So that was the moment of truth where it hit them both like, wow we’ve known eachother for 10 years but we still couldn’t trust each other. Lan Xi broke her expectation of having her back. And Xi Yun broke his trust by having more army than she declared with him. It’s super sad 🙁

  234. chang'er
    chang'er February 22, 2015 at 5:29 am |

    Thank you, AcrossTime! 新年快樂!

    Ahh.. so I was right about the army and stuff. So that’s why she was still on the mountain! General Dong didn’t think she would be on the mountain, else, if he had known, he probably wouldn’t have set fire to it. I was a little confused about that part at the beginning.

  235. chang'er
    chang'er April 24, 2015 at 2:55 am |

    Thanks Peanuts for the heads-up on 105 being on ximalaya. I’ve listened to it, but still can’t download it to complete my collection. Haha. Oh well. But like you said, it’s not that important. ^^

  236. Sai
    Sai July 26, 2015 at 3:49 am |

    Omg I just recently found this and this story is so awesomeeee. So is the audiobook! And I love all these translation since my mandarin is not too good I wish there was a canto audio book but then their names wouldnt match! D:

  237. Sai
    Sai July 26, 2015 at 3:52 am |

    Ah..I forgot to write above… what happens in 105? Idk if I can find it :/

  238. peanuts
    peanuts July 26, 2015 at 6:51 am |

    If you click on the audiobook link above, u’ll find chap 105. The audiobook is saved in ximalaya with a diff name bcos of copyright reason. They are the original bcos they are posted my Mian Mian who is the anchor for the novel, Bai Feng Xi’s voice.

    I’ll give u a summary of chap 89 when I’ve time to listen to the audiobook. In the meantime, if Acrosstime has the time, pls do that for our new WGTW fan 🙂

  239. Lan
    Lan December 27, 2015 at 11:19 pm |

    Does anyone know where I can read the epilogue for this novel? I recently finished listening to audiobook and I heard the epilogue were missing from the audiobook.
    Or where I can find the summary for the epilogue?

  240. serendipity
    serendipity July 1, 2016 at 3:53 am |

    Hi EVERYONE!!!

    Ive been saving this novel for forever and I have decided to finally start the novel during my “vacation”. I am going to be isolated in a ”lovely” area that has NO WIFI AT ALLL…… I have tried to download this novel from a million different sources, but i keep getting alienese (aka. Notepad does not show chinese characters. it shows a bunch of signs like :”!@#@$#$#@). Does anyone know a credible source where I can download the novel, so I can read it without wifi? A program like microsoft word or pdf would be amazing~~~



    PS: I am getting desperate, hence the annoying message above.. I am sorry… LOLS.
    PSS: I hope everyone is having a great summer!

  241. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime August 21, 2016 at 3:17 am |

    Welp, serendipity I hope it’s not too late but I have the whole novel and epilogues on a word file it you still want…

  242. Crystal clear
    Crystal clear April 23, 2022 at 11:02 pm |

    The Ximalaya link to the audiobook seems to generate an error message & dead end. Does anyone know where else to access this excellent audiobook everyone on this page is raving about? Thanks!

  243. Peanuts
    Peanuts April 28, 2022 at 12:31 pm |

    I’ve updated the link. In the future, you can easily search for it by copy & paste the novel title in Chinese and 有声小说 (meaning audiobook).

    Don’t get your expectation too high. It is a good audiobook abt 8 yrs ago bcos it was very rare at that time to have multiple voices. But it is pretty std nowadays. Anyway, I still like it & have fond memory of it. Enjoy.

  244. Crystal clear
    Crystal clear April 28, 2022 at 12:50 pm |

    Thanks, Peanuts, for updating the link and the tip on how to find it in the future. Much appreciated! It’ll be my first time with this 有声小说 format, I can understand Chinese but can’t read it well. Are you watching the drama adaptation? It diverges quite a lot from the novel.

  245. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 4, 2022 at 5:08 pm |

    Hi Crystal, did you manage to listen to the audiobook? Do u like it?

    I am watching the drama slowly, only a few episodes but up-to-date with the trailers. Unfortunately, without the author involvement, the adaptation is a far cry from the novel. Basically, the framework is there but many changes to the characters specially the supporting roles. It is a big budget idol drama that is enjoyable for those who have not read the novel or don’t like the novel. For die hard novel fan like me, it is not the epic wuxia drama I’ve in mind.

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