A Speck Amid the Dust of the World (Sweet Teeth) 世界微尘里 by 木浮生 Mu Fu Sheng (HE)


She poured all the longing and hope of her adolescence into writing that love confession letter, but it accidentally ended up in the hands of someone unintended. That night, an overseas, long-distance phone call caused Zeng Li to remember that someone: Ai Jingchu.

Zeng Li, a girl who was very insecure in herself, as if she was merely a speck of dust, had once thought she would never be able to gather the courage to love anyone again. So, when she was faced with the undercurrent of attraction that was happening between the two of them, she chose to ignore it, run from it, back down from it.

Until he forced her to give him an answer: “Zeng Li, is your heart still here? If it is, I am going to take it away.” He loved her, empathized with her, cherished her, understood her, and accepted her. There was only one Ai Jingchu in the world. What was fortunate was, in such a vast world, she still was able to encounter him.

[Ebook][Cũng chỉ là hạt bụi] [Audiobook][Drama][Eng Translation]


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  1. Wen
    Wen September 2, 2014 at 2:10 pm |

    Randomly picked up “Exclusive Memory” 独家记忆 by the same author and loved it. Decided I had to go read her other works and ended up loving this as well. Like what hoju says, this novel gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling as you read about how two likeable characters fall in love and get together. *happy sigh*

    Although if you do think about it, the reason why they ended up together was due to them interacting via a series of coincidences that could only happen in dramaland or fiction-land. Nonetheless, I enjoyed immersing myself in the 2 leads’ world.

  2. Wen
    Wen September 5, 2014 at 5:00 pm |

    I’ve also read 良言写意 Liang Yan Xie Yi but didn’t really like it. Next up on my to-read list is 衾何以堪. Have you read that and would you recommend it? 🙂 Seems it was posted here too but the reviews weren’t all that good.

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