Two Ex-Husbands on One Stage (Choice Husband) 两只前夫一台戏 (择君记) by 电线 Dian Xian (HE)


The story begins with Shen Miao having been married twice with two ex-husbands. If you think that the story will be old-fashion revolving around the rivalry and jealousy of the two ex-husbands, then you are wrong. The story is really sweet and funny, with many twists and turns in the plot . It turned out that the two ex-husbands are actually staging a play together with a motive.  Thus, Shen Miao who is clueless about it from beginning to end is in fact performing a monologue as no one gave her a script beforehand.

True feelings?

Fake feelings?

Who took advantage of her?

Who often protect her?

Who is willing to wait five years for her?

Who is willing to give up the throne for her?   

This book is from the author who wrote Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost so expect plenty of funny & hilarious scenes:)

[Ebook] [Audiobook] [Radioplay – till 9] [Hai ông chồng cũ một vở diễn][Eng Translation (Chapters 1-14) (Chapters 15-on)][Drama]


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  1. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 10, 2012 at 2:20 pm |

    Lucy from Peanuts gang commented:P

    Btw: I’ve read the first 9 chapters of 2 Ex-Husbands on 1 Stage. I tried to read more but alas, darn you sleep for beating me^^. I think 2 Ex-Husbands is funnier than Heavy Sweetness if that’s possible b/c Heavy Sweetness is pretty hilarious. There’s a part in the story where about the female lead character visits a brothel for men who are homosexuals (so it’s guys going there for other guys not women). She meets her 2 ex-husbands there, and all three end up fighting over the same guy…LOL!. Her ex-husbands are in love with her, but she mistakenly thinks their jealousy is b/c ex-husbands are secretly in love with each other but won’t admit it so she wants to play matchmaker and get them together…LOL!!! The story is so crazy funny (so far). I wouldn’t recommend reading this or listening to the audio in public b/c you’ll be laughing like a loon and ppl will think you’ve just escaped from an insane asylum XD

  2. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 10, 2012 at 2:38 pm |
  3. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer August 10, 2012 at 3:13 pm |

    Ahh! My beloved Wallace! But why is he always the second male lead? >:O

    I kinda want to read Once Promised next since I’ve heard so many good things about the male lead Chi You, so this book will have to be put on hold.

  4. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 10, 2012 at 3:30 pm |

    Because when those MVs were made, he wasn’t famous enough:) Btw which drama did they got the clips from? He looks really young. Must be the old drama that I skipped for a reason.

    I have read everything good from Tong Hua except Once Promised so I am saving it. You go ahead & read it. Chancy & Raini will love to discuss more with you. I think after that you need this book to help you recover:P

  5. chancy426
    chancy426 August 10, 2012 at 4:39 pm |

    happy happy happy! Yah, you better have a happy book to go after Once Promised, like candy after drinking some super bitter herbal tea.

  6. lidge (a.k.a. Lucy)
    lidge (a.k.a. Lucy) August 10, 2012 at 5:54 pm |

    Woot! Woot! Thanks for giving 2 Ex-Husbands some PR.
    Have you started the audiobook yet?^^
    I’m at work right now. Will post some of my thoughts when I get home 🙂

  7. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 11, 2012 at 7:22 am |

    I am still listening to Tang Qi’s modern novel. Will download & probably start this next week. I saw the MVs so I ship Wallace’s character more but I know she’ll end up with the other one so I am not really keen on it, heehee…Bad of me to see the MVs, now spoilt my eagerness to listen to this:(

    I’ll hijack this thread to rant abt TVB:P I saw 3 Kingdoms ending last nite. What a stupid stupid ending !!! I won’t spoilt it for you but sufficient to say it is bad. Witness Insecurity also got bad ending. Not that I expect happy ever after ending but those 2 endings really suck. I probably can write & film better one, haha..TVB tried to make the endings touching but unfortunately I didn’t shed a tear. I shed more tears over a good novel than TVB dramas inspite of the added visual effect. This shows how bad TVB is getting. I am also an ardent DIF trilogy fan & I miss the good old days.

    Hey, I think you are really my long lost sister because I am also into Kdrama for romance, Tdrama, for comedy Cdrama for historical & Jdrama for something original & different. I don’t watch Thai because I find most of their storylines hard to stomach due to the culture diff. I don’t like those super alpha males, you get my drift:) I usually watch the Mandarin dubbed ones as I always multi-task plus I am lazy to read English, haha…

  8. lidge (a.k.a. Lucy)
    lidge (a.k.a. Lucy) August 11, 2012 at 5:43 pm |

    Can you give me link for the Wallace’s MV? Thanks.

    Haven’t seen 3K or WI yet, but will try to see do a marathon for both when there’s time. I read that my poor Bosco got the ax? sigh~~ . A lot of TVB fans have been complaining about how everything’s steadily going downhill for a number of yrs now…lol. I like the cop/detective genre a lot and wish TVB would produce more of these series and less of the OTT family dramas that go nowhere, filled with newbie actors that can’t act, and have bad endings.

    I loooove DIF w/ Michael & Kenix!!! Michael & Kenix have awesome chemistry as a couple. They were pretty funny in Love Bond too with Moses and Bernice.

    Currently, I’ve got 2 months of reading for school that I’ve got to get done in 3 days. And next semester is my last where I can’t goof off anymore so unfortunately, I’ve got to cut down on reading Chinese novels/TV watching…ehhh pretty much all the fun stuff XD. So I prob. won’t be able to comment often^^

  9. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 12, 2012 at 6:50 am |

    Yes, yes, read more text books, not story books:P Good luck with your study. Comment whenever you can as reading is a leisure activity:) Let me catch up on my reading then we can discuss more after you finish your study. Btw, I finished that Tang Qi’s modern novel & you can read my rants:P

  10. chancy426
    chancy426 August 12, 2012 at 7:25 pm |

    I’m thinking of starting this book next. Was gonna do Peach Blossom Song, but decided on this one since everyone seems to be swaying here.

  11. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 13, 2012 at 5:28 am |


  12. lidge
    lidge August 13, 2012 at 5:35 am |

    Poor peanuts! Is your PC OK now? If it’s spyware, then an anti-virus program won’t work. You have to use something like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Spybot Search & Destroy. Don’t use both at the same time b/c I don’t think they’re compatible with each other.

    I use a combo of Avast!, Malwarebytes, and CCleaner (all free at and haven’t had a virus infection in a long time. Using just an anti-virus program isn’t enough anymore nowadays.

  13. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 13, 2012 at 5:41 am |

    I am only half way through in cleaning my pc:( Somemore it is my office’s pc:( Yes, it is malware but I consider all of them as virus. I am following some online instructions. I’ll use your combo, thanks for telling me. Once bitten twice shy. I never expect this, too complacent. Wah internet is a dangerous place:(

  14. lidge
    lidge August 13, 2012 at 6:00 am |

    Is your office’s PC on a network? If you can, you should disconnect the phone line or if it’s wireless, then disconnect from the Internet. You can d/l the spyware software, burn it on a CD, and run in on the infected PC. If the PC is hooked to a network, other PC’s might get infected too.

    If it’s spyware, then an anti-virus program won’t work. You can use either Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus, or Spybot Search & Destroy. All of these might not be compatible with each other since they’re the same type so don’t run them all at the same time. I’d go with Spybot first since it’s the easiest to use. If it doesn’t work, uninstall it, restart your PC, then go with Malwarebytes. If not, uninstall, restart then go with Ad-Aware.

    To be safe, you should use:
    -Virus program like either Avast (free), AVG Anti-Virus (free), McAfee (not free), etc.
    -Also need to use for spywares either Malwarebytes, Ad-Aware, or Spybot. This is crucial b/c the PC infections these days are sophisticated and it’s not just a simple virus anymore. Hence, the virus program won’t pick it up.
    -The CCleaner cleans up extra files and frees up space on the computer, but isn’t necessary in terms of protection. Just makes your PC run faster since it’s not loaded with temp files.

    I’ve learned all of this the hard way!^^

  15. Melanie
    Melanie August 30, 2012 at 8:19 am |

    Peanuts –

    Which link were you talking about that gave you the virus? I clicked on the two MV links that led me to tudou and I go to that site all the time without any problems.

    Anyway, the Wallace Chung clips from the two MVs you posted are from Four Detective Guards. Wallace played Zhui Ming. I tried watching that series, but couldn’t stomach it after a few episodes, since the leading male was not Wallace but some Korean actor, Cha In Pyo, who played Tie Shou. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Cha In Pyo didn’t look so constipated with a slight hunchback ALL the time! Plus, I heard ALL the girls in the series fell in love with Cha’s character, and NO ONE loved Wallace’s character! What was wrong with those female characters? Couldn’t they see that Zhui Ming was much cuter? However, I heard that Wallace so humorous and cute in that series that the female viewers started taking notice of him. Then, shortly afterward, I think he filmed Ni Shui Han, in which his popularity exploded as most fell in love with how hot he was as the villain.

  16. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 30, 2012 at 12:34 pm |

    Hi Mel, I am talking abt the download link. Don’t worry, I’ve fixed it. Initally I was interested in this book becos of the MVs. But when I found out that the girl doesn’t end up with Wallace, my interest drop drastically:(

    Thank you for the info but you might not know I’ve been a Wallace fan since his TVB days:) When I saw him in TVB’s A Journey Called Love as a retarded boy, I already like him & feel that he is destinated for stardom. Then he acted in TVB Chord of Victory as the young Kenny Bee. Later, I found him in Meteor Garden 2. Much later, my mum’s friend lend me Ni Shui Han DVDs. I was excited to see Julian Cheung but ended up fast forwarding most of his boring scenes & concentrated on Wallace:P Want to rant abt his permed hair:)

    Last year, I finally found him on my cable TV jumping between train carriages in Too Late To Say I Love You. He looks his best in uniform but unfortunately he is paired with sister Li & his character sucks especially the middle bit. Most of his dramas either have terrible storylines, bad characters or horrible female leads. Thus, sorry Wallace, I don’t love you enough to sit thru them:P Luckily he has the look, acting chop & charisma to pull them through & become popular. I am pinning all my hope on Secrets so pls don’t disappoint your loyal fan:)

  17. Melanie
    Melanie August 30, 2012 at 10:58 pm |

    Ha. Peanuts, I didn’t realize you’re such a Wallace Chung fan. How come you never speak up at spcnet? Poor Wallace doesn’t have many supporters at spcnet compared to HG. 😀

  18. Peanuts
    Peanuts August 30, 2012 at 11:48 pm |

    Haha, I am a fan of many people:P I know most of them in spcnet support Hu Ge, Jimmy or the other Wallace. I am not active in spcnet bcos I always forget my password:) Also, honestly speaking, there is nothing much to talk abt Wallace as I didn’t watch most of his dramas:( When Secrets is out, I’ll rave abt it in spcnet, haha…

  19. Pm
    Pm July 8, 2013 at 12:28 pm |

    Hihi folks…..I’m back….. 🙂

    Im thinking of trying tis book out…but how come the chapters in VIP cannot open? They ask for some arh ?.

  20. Pm
    Pm July 11, 2013 at 10:49 am |

    Wahhhhhh……..slobbery wet kisses from me….muacks…hehe…..I love peanuts so so much…..hehe….second time I got VIP…hehe…..many many many thanks. 🙂

  21. Pm
    Pm August 28, 2013 at 3:12 am |

    My favorite part:

    During the wedding rites between pei da ren and Miao er…..the bridegroom got abducted…..but he returned riding on a horse….

    Totally nonchalant and well.. What do you call it…. Too forthcoming ……Miao er blurted out this sentence in front of everyone…..

    ” is your chastity all intact?”

    Tat cracked me up…

    Can’t imagine the big missy of an ancient period spouting such things in front of guests…while removing her own wedding veil…..hahah….ESP when girls of that period blush or faint whenever trival intimate clothing pop out…

  22. serendipity
    serendipity September 1, 2013 at 4:19 pm |

    Hi Pm, can you give a background intro to the characters in the book? Have you finished reading it ?

    Loved heavy sweetness and want to try this book. Xiaoyuer website was very helpful in understanding heavy sweetness but since she hasn’t read this one got no intro to help me :p

  23. Pm
    Pm September 2, 2013 at 9:21 am |

    Hihi…will try to give some..without spoiling the plot….. :p

    Basically the book is about who loves miao er the most and who is taking advantage of her. Hard to go into details without reveiling too much so i will try to outline abit….

    Pei yan zhi is Miao er’s 1st hubby…..he is an official in the palace, married to her for 2yrs….he appears to be older than San gong zi. PeI da ren’s personality is more stable, serious and down to earth.

    San gong zi is more flirtatious, rich boy, family owned assets…..Miao er’s family is considered the number 1 family in terms of $$ followed by San gong zi’s.

    Miao Ed was married to pei yan zhi for 2 yrs..but we’re forced to divorce coz they are somehow related and was forced by an imperial edict to divorce. Later San gong zi came knocking the door for her hand and they got married as well…. But only for 2 months….

    The trouble starts when Miao er is found to be pregnant but all 3 doctors gave 3 different gestation months….so no one is sure who the father is….and there starts the fight of the 2 husbands over her and the baby…and also….fight for the throne…….

    Miao er is caught in between the 2….. Who is really truthful to her and who is not…..who is using her for the ultimate goal… And who really loves her?

    From my point…I honestly think both love her…..

  24. Melanie
    Melanie September 15, 2013 at 9:57 am |

    Hi Pm. Thanks for the outline. My Mandarin is horrible. Why I continue to struggle through these Chinese audiobooks, I don’t know. Ha. I love Heavy Sweetness, thanks to xia0yuer’s translation efforts. If this novel is even funnier than Heavy Sweetness, then I must give it a try! However, I don’t want to miss any juicy parts (as I seem to be missing in Heavy Sweetness), so please post spoilers for me. Are Miao Er and Pei Yan Zhi in some sort of incestuous relationship? (No!) Why were she and San Gong Zhi only married for 2 months? Please give me as many spoilers as you have time to write. Thanks!

  25. Pm
    Pm September 15, 2013 at 4:06 pm |

    No worries Melanie…I can tell u the whole story…but I dunno if I will get strangled for posting spoilers….

    Define incestuous rlsp…. They are related…but rather far….she calls him jiu gong or sth like that..related on the mothers side of the family….but think its not direct rlsp….but they didn’t know before they got married….I think or at least it’s not stated…either tat or pei yan zhen did know but didn’t want to divulge.

    San gong zhi and her were only married for 2 mts coz she fd out she was preggie, but coz of the confusing pregnancy dates, she didn’t want him to be a cuckold, so she divorced him.

  26. Melanie
    Melanie September 16, 2013 at 9:07 am |

    Hi Pm. Thanks for answering my questions. So I’m up to the part when Miao Er is at the brothel for gay men. I have several questions because my Mandarin is so bad.

    1) How did Pei Yan Zhi and Miao Er meet? They must have met somewhere before marrying right? Why else would Pei Yan Zhi come to ask for her hand in marriage? Also, he was abducted on his wedding day? By whom? Why? How did he get back safely?

    2) How did San Gong Zi and Miao Er meet? Something about her falling into the river? And he just fell in love with her on first sight? I think Pei Yan Zhi was there when she fell into the river, too, right?

    3) How long was she divorced from Pei Yan Zhi before she married San Gong Zi? Was Pei jealous of her marrying again?

    4) Why did Miao Er go to the brothel for gay men? Why were Pei and San there? Why were they fighting over the same guy? I’m very confused.

    Hmmm… Somehow, this audiobook is not as engaging as the three I’ve listened to previously (Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, Please Listen to My Chatters, and Floating Dreams Promise of Three Lifetimes). Perhaps it’s because this reader is kind of monotone. I also prefer audiobooks with multiple readers. I especially prefer a guy reading a male character’s lines and a woman reading a female character’s lines.

  27. Pm
    Pm September 16, 2013 at 3:16 pm |

    MAJOR Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!

    Oky…I can’t totally remember the fine details….but let me see how much I can remember….

    1. He actually had it planned, to marry Miao er so he can make use of her to get the throne. But both San gong zi and pei yan zi met miaober when she was abt 3-4 yrs old at her grandfathers birthday celebration….but they only mentioned sang gong zi remembering this mention if pei yan zhi remembered it. He was abducted by the emperors younger sister I think…or some relative of the emperor whoo was in love with him. How he got back….according to pei yan zhis own explainationwas…..he told the princess that he is unable to perform on the bed…and she let him go…..

    2. Sang gong zi met her when they were young….but at the end of the whole story, there is a chapter that talks abt this particular section…. He met her before….when she was attending a play dressed as a man…with hilarious results….u shd read it…really funny….and was fascinated by her character. And thus he was taken by her..unfortunately before he could find out more abt her..she disappeared and he didn’t have the chance to find out who she was..he tot he would have time, but he had to go out of town…and it got dragged for a few mths…..when he came bk, he had to attend. A wedding n was there he fmet her again, but unfortunately she was the bride. So when he found out she was divorced..he quickly came……but I’m not sure at that point he had a hiddent agenda in marrying her like pzy did.

    3. 2months I think,l.she was married for 2 yrs… Yep he was…he tried to find ways n means to disrupt their wedding…but sang gong zi he brought forward the wedding time and thus pzy didn’t manage to foil the rites.

    4. She went to go look for some guy who was acclaimed to be very good looking / pretty… All she wanted was to look at him and chat to see if he was really as good as what they say. San was there on a business thing….pei was there on some official business…. But why they wanted the same man, I’m not sure….but it was more a matter of face to get the person, and the brothel owner prob used it to her advantage to get more money I guess.

    Think tats abt it I can remember.,,,,hope it helps…

  28. Melanie
    Melanie September 16, 2013 at 9:10 pm |

    Hi Pm. Thanks so much for the detailed answers! That clarifies so much! I’m now on chapter 23, but the whole story is not making any sense to me, because I don’t understand anything and I’m obviously missing all the funny parts. Could you do me a huge favor? Could you write a summary of the whole story, with as many details as you have time to write? If the summary is too long, you can write it in several parts. That would help me so much, since I don’t understand anything when I listen to the audiobook. (The only way I could understand Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost is by listening to the audiobook and reading xia0yuer’s English translation.)

    Also, I have so many questions!

    1) So Pei Yan Zhi is the one using Miao Er! I never would have thought that! But why would he need to use her? If he wants the throne, he could have married the princess, who loves him, anyway. Then, as the emperor’s son-in-law, wouldn’t it be easier to plot for the throne? So was Pei really unable to perform in bed? I assume no, because he is fighting for ownership of Miao Er’s baby, huh?

    2) Haha! San Gong Zi’s reason for falling in love with Miao Er is so cute. I think I like this guy. Is Wallace Chung casted as San Gong Zi in the MV that Peanuts posted at the beginning of this thread?

    3) I don’t understand why both guys aren’t more concerned about whom the baby belongs to. (Maybe they are, but I just missed it because I don’t understand Mandarin that well.) Also, whose baby is it anyway?

    4) Whom does Miao Er end up with? What happened to the guy she doesn’t end up with?

    5) What did Pei Yan Zhi do to interfere with Miao Er and San Gong Zi’s wedding?

    6) How come Miao Er was looking for a 3rd husband at the beginning of the story? I thought in the olden days, no man wants a wife who is no longer a virgin and pregnant, too! (I guess San Gong Zi didn’t mind that Miao Er was already married once, too, huh?)

    I’m sure all my questions would be answered in your summary, so I want to thank you first for helping me understand this story.

  29. Pm
    Pm September 17, 2013 at 3:01 pm |

    Sighz…my long post got lost 🙁 dunno y my iPad keep crashing…..think I’ve over abused it… 🙁



    Answers as requested by Melanie 🙂

    Pzy planned the whole marriage to align himself with Miao er…the richest family in town. He didn’t or can’t marry the princess coz the emperor did not approve of it…whether he likes her or not..Im not sure if it’s stated……and no…our pzy definitely is mobile in bed…..
    After abt 2yrs of marriage…someone informed the emperor that pzy and Miao er are related and thus was forced by an imperial edict to divorce……it was after the divorce that Miao er and her maid went out to view the dumpling festival…..but they were pushed but the crowd when they saw San gong zi….unfortunately, ME who was not interested in Sgz happened to be pushed into the water, and was saved by Sgz…..and pzy who saw it came rushing to her side as well……I guess love must hv grown over these 2 yrs together….
    Thats when Sgz came asking for her hand…Me’s dad agreed to the wedding…and on the wedding say, pzy sent his personal bodyguard to foil the wedding by taking Sgz into custody…unfortunately for pzy, Sgz anticipated it and brought forward the hour…so when the bodyguard came, the rites were already done n irreversible…..then Sgz had to stay in interrogation…so can’t consummate…..when he got released..pzy sent ppl to burn his waRehouse…so that Sgz has to deal with it and stay away from Me.

    2mthsmlater…me found that she’s preggie…..sgz’s elated….and news spreads to pzy…who brings his own dr along… comes the confusing trimester….one says 4 mths, pyz’s dr says 2 mths….so this conflicting things travels to the palace…..emperor sends his dr..who says its 3 mths….so coz of this….me wants to Sgz to divorce…to prevent him from wearing a green hat…but he refuses…so while he is away on business…she serves him the divorce papers and goes back home…

    Why this baby thing is important…I’m not too sure….I’m abit confused as well…but anyways….

    So me tries to look for a daddy for her bb….but she can’t coz the 2 guys disrupt her match making session….later on she thinks abt it…and realizes that the reason why others need a man is coz of financial support, but since she is rich and the bb will be ok…she forgets abt remarrying…and the child takes her surname.

    Thinks that’s abt as much as I can remember in detail… was a long detailed story…..hehe…..sorry dearie…I will try to recall and continue k…but feel free to ask…n I will try to answer them k.

  30. Melanie
    Melanie September 17, 2013 at 8:58 pm |

    Hi Pm. OMG, thank you so much for clarifying everything for me! Now it all makes sense. It’s pretty funny about how PYZ arranged for SGZ to get arrested on his wedding day and then burned his warehouse. Hahaha! But I am not sure whether he is doing that out of jealousy because he loves ME or if he is doing that to make sure no other guy gets ME’s family fortune. SGZ is hilarious, too. How did he know PYZ was going to cause trouble on his wedding day? I guess PYZ wasn’t able to stall SGZ and ME’s consummation of their marriage forever, since it was obvious that SGZ and ME were eventually intimate as he thought the baby was his.

    I’m not sure why her pregnancy is so important that the emperor is sticking his nose into her business… So whose baby is it, anyway? Is the father revealed at the end of the story?

    So what happens after the gay brothel encounter? I am beyond that point in the audiobook but the whole thing is a blur to me because I am having a very difficult time understanding everything that is said. Please tell me everything you can remember. Does ME give birth in the middle of the story? Whom does she love? Whom does she end up with? Which guy actually loves her? In story introduction at the beginning of the thread, it mentioned that someone waited 5 years for ME? Which guy is that? And do both guys want the throne? Any why does the emperor not approve of PYZ marrying the princess?

    Thanks so much, Pm!

  31. Melanie
    Melanie September 17, 2013 at 10:01 pm |

    I just started listening to the radioplay. Wow, it’s so much more enjoyable to listen to the radioplay than to the audiobook. Perhaps it’s because the radioplay has male voices and the reader for Miao Er has a much sweeter voice than the female reader in the audiobook. Also, thanks to Pm’s answers and summaries, I am able to understand the first 9 radioplay episodes much better. Too bad the radioplay only has 9 episodes. Will the radioplay ever finish the whole story?

  32. Melanie
    Melanie September 18, 2013 at 1:22 am |

    Hey I’m up to chapter 9 of the radioplay. So PYZ marries someone else?! I was starting to like him. So he acquires another wife? So does ME end up with SGZ then?

  33. Pm
    Pm September 18, 2013 at 5:21 am |


    Yep yep….I finished it already…hehe…I made peanuts fix the VIP section.hahah

    As requested….the answer is…..Miao er ends up with pzy, bb is pzy as well :p

    On pzy and me’s wedding day….sgz was there…when pzy got abducted….me lifted her own veil and went out….she was thinking since the rites were not completed..she can go back to her home….coz she wasn’t too imterested in marrying pyz….but the moment she got out of pyz’s house…pyz came riding back on his horse..and that’s where she blurted out the famous…did you lose ur chastity yet? In front of everyone….that is where sgz remembered her from the time he first met a grown up me at a tea house……..ah yes..I rem this part……it was confusing….but at the end..where sgz aired his tots…was where most of the answers became clear…..

    Sgz met me when she cross dressed as a male with her maid to watch a show… Me loves sword fighting and her ideal mate is a swordsman or fighter kind of guy..that’s why she didn’t like pyz in the beginning coz he was a refined scholar……but yes..back to the tea house drama… was watching the exciting part..she grabbed her maids hand out of excitement…but she didn’t realized her maid wasn’t there anymore and rather it was sgz…….sgz was rather upset thinking a male grabbed his hand..but me apologized…later he tot me look funny and then realized it was a girl… of her fake mustache fell into her tea cup…..and using sgzs word…she didn’t bat an eyelid nor be embarrassed..she just said thank you, fished out her mustache and pasted it back on…..he was taken by her wit…he wanted to know more abt her but she disappeared immediately after, and he tot he would have time to track her down, but he went out of town for business..and by the time he came back and found her, she was pyzs bride.

  34. Pm
    Pm September 18, 2013 at 5:29 am |

    Part of the story I dun really why the emperor is butting his head in, but I think it’s coz pyz has some royal blood…and is going to fight for the throne…so he is wary….but honestly I’m not too sure either…,

    She gives birth somewhere in the middle….but the book just jumps in time…..they both waited for her actually…just that pyz was willing to give up his claim to the throne to sgz, so that he can have me…..but sgz gave her up to get the throne….

    But in my opinion…I think sgz would not hv the chance, coz there are subtle hints that Miao er actually likes pyz…..where she thinks of him and how she feels different with him..

    Pyz makes use of her in the beginning, but sgz makes use of her in the end…but both definitely love her.

    The son is closer to Sgz coz hes more a playful person whereas pyz is more strict with him…

  35. Melanie
    Melanie September 18, 2013 at 6:54 am |

    Thanks, Pm!

    So SGZ also has royal blood? Does he become emperor in the end while PYZ gets the wife? The thing is, both guys are really likable at this point. But like Peanuts, I prefer a guy who gives up his jiang shan for his mei ren, so I guess I am slightly in favor of PYZ. Does this mean that SGZ loves ME less than PYZ does? I believe actions speak louder than words. What has each guy done for ME? Ultimately, PYZ sacrifices the grand prize (throne) for ME, so I suppose he loves her the most by placing her always first on his list of priorities.

    SGZ’s meeting with ME at the opera is really cute and intriguing, much cuter than PYZ’s random proposal for her hand in marriage because he wants to marry the richest girl in town. But too bad SGZ had to disappoint in the end by choosing jiang shan. 🙁

    How did they figure out the baby belongs to PYZ? I thought they couldn’t figure who the father was because the baby was 3 months gestation?

    But wait a minute! Did PYZ marrying another girl? I thought he married another girl by royal edict in episode 9 of the radioplay? Boo on PYZ! And what about PYZ and ME’s family relationship? I thought they were uncle and niece? So suddenly it’s ok for them to be husband and wife?

  36. Pm
    Pm September 18, 2013 at 2:27 pm |

    No worries mel,


    Nope..sgz has no royal blood…he wants to be emperor coz he overheard pyz saying that if he becomes emperor he will either imprison the whole family and take their possessions or kill them all…coz of this it trigged sgz want of the throne….. Sgz used part of this conversation and taught the talking parrot which he gifted to me. So me was tricked into believing that pyz is the one who said that abt her family.. Coz of it, she in turned betrayed pyz’s love. She helped sgz to wrestle power from pyz, and pyz was under house arrest, while sgz became emperor.

    Hhmm…actually it is quite a complicated story to summarize now that I’m beginning to remember bits here and there…..try listening to the whole story, coz I think I’m missing out here And there….

    But yep..I think maybe pyz loved me a bit more than sgz….
    Since the time pyz got married..he has been feeding me with contraceptive to prevent pregnancy, when me learnt of it she was upset….but then he explained that her getting pregnant with his child was dangerous, coz the emperor would kill either the child or her..and he could not risk that….so when they after they were divorced, I think they had an intimate moment..which resulted I the pregnancy. PyZ knew of it a long time ago, coz he placed a spy in sgz household, and the physician diagnosed it before shz’s dr did. So the bb is definitely pyz….and I think somewhere in the last few chapters, me did say that the child’s character and physical movements/demeanor were like pyz.

    Pyz didn’t go thru with the wedding rites….but I’m not sure if it was planned by him to gain the trust of me and her family again…..

  37. Melanie
    Melanie September 18, 2013 at 4:31 pm |

    Wait, so SGZ overheard PYZ say PYZ was going to kill ME’s family if PYZ became emperor?! I just needed clarification on who said what. And how in the world did ME help SGZ wrestle power from PYZ? Overthrowing the current emperor is not easy. How did ME manage to help SGZ do that? So what happened after SGZ became emperor? He just discarded ME? He started off loving her and ended up discarding her? He didn’t think of making her his empress? Did he discard her because he found out the baby wasn’t his?

    What was PYZ’s reaction when he found out ME had betrayed him? How did ME eventually find out that she had helped the wrong person become emperor?

    Hmm… It is interesting that SGZ ends up being the villain of the story… I never would have thought of that! What happened to the original emperor? Also, was there more mention of the 9th princess, the one that likes PYZ?

    Eh, how did PYZ have an opportunity to be intimate with ME after they were divorced? When did this happen? Wasn’t ME remarried to SGZ quite quickly after her divorce from PYZ? So did PYZ sneak into SGZ’s household to sleep with ME?! Also, if PYZ was secretly giving ME contraception all along, how come he suddenly didn’t use any contraception after they were divorced? That slip up just doesn’t make sense. Even after they were divorced, the emperor could still suspect the baby was PYZ’s and so the baby and ME could still be in danger. Not good planning on PYZ’s part… So PYZ knew all along that the kid was his?

    So PYZ was pretending to reject his second betrothed (the one he was suppose to marry after he had divorced ME) just to gain ME’s favor so she would help him gain the throne? It was all a strategy and show? He didn’t do it because he truly loved ME? I am so disappointed in PYZ. I was actually starting to like him. If I were ME, I would leave both PYZ and SGZ at the end, since there were just too many lies and deception to ever trust either one again. How could she ever be sure either men’s actions from there on after were truly from love or from ulterior motives and hidden agendas?

    Ugh, this story sounds really complicated! The problem is that the audiobook is so boring to listen to, because of the monotone voice of the reader. Plus, it is just one reader in the audiobook, making it very difficult for me to distinguish between the two leading men Not to mention that I hate hearing pretend “male voices” from female readers; it just makes it so hard for me to get Into the story and imagine the male characters when I keep hearing a fake “male voice.” Yuck. Too bad the radio play, which is so much more engaging because it actually has real guys reading PYZ and SGZ’s lines, is only up to chapter 9.

    Pm, if you are re-listening to the story, would you be able to write a brief chapter by chapter summary? It would make it so much easier for me to follow along with the bland audiobook if I actually knew and understood what was going on in each chapter. It is ok if you don’t have time to do this, but I thought I would ask, anyway. Ah, I wish I could read Chinese! 🙁

    Thank you so much, Pm, for helping me understand this cute and funny book! Who is your favorite guy in the book, SGZ or PYZ? Whom do you think ME is cuter with?

    What happened in the end? PYZ ends up remarrying his niece, ME? Was that uncle-niece relationship ever addressed at the end? I thought it was taboo for them to be married? Also, what happened to SGZ at the end? He just becomes emperor and lives happily ever after with his concubines? :p

  38. Pm
    Pm September 19, 2013 at 2:31 am |

    Wah…….long long post….hahaha….sorry Mel….I read the story…didnt listen to the radio thingy…..hhmmm….dun plan to re read it…think I will faint…hahah..only 2 I re read was lichuan and he yi shan mo….. :p

    Let me see how much my brain can recall…it was a funny story…but loses its flavour after being translated tho 🙁 that’s the sad thing….

    Pyz wanted to kill sgz’s family…reason..I’m not very sure….pyz gave strict instructions not to hurt me’s family…coz he already loved her by then….but sgz overheard it….and plotted to rid pyz of the throne..if not his family would be in danger….so he used me to gain pyz trust and get the seal from him…..

    Coz pyz already over they the emperor and is now the regent…his original status was some 6 marquis or sth like that….so after some stuff….me returned to his side…but it was all a show..coz she ganged up with sgz to overthrow pyz…..pyz knew of this plan, but coz he loved me, he allowed her to do it, hoping that it would ease her hatred of him, coz me found out he was just using her all along…even tho he admitted and apologized and told her he was really in love with her, she was angry…

    Oh yes….coz sgz turned what pyz said abt his family, and made me think that it was going to be done to her famil….actually, sgz just taught the talking bird to say those lines……and illy me didn’t even bother to double check…..she just asked pyz if he said those words, and he admitted, but neither did he clarify that it was not abt her family….so it was a huge misunderstanding..if not me would not have helped sgz to overthrow pyz…

    She found out when her son said that sgz was the one who taught the. IRS those lines….by then it was too late, coz sgz was already the emperor.

    But pyz allowed it to happen to show how much me means to him.. So the end…..he got me and sgz got the throne……but whether me really forgave him, I’m of sure.

    Think the slip up was coz she was drunk and he was in the garden or sth like that…I can’t rem either…..but the contraceptive was some stuff in the food. She also found put. Y accident she was being fed the stuff…coz she fell sick and some physician came to check on her.

    If I only had a choice….prob pyz…coz he was honest enuf to say he used me….unlike sgz who didn’t admit to it…..

  39. Pm
    Pm September 19, 2013 at 2:32 am |’s a silly book so well…no mention of the uncle niece thingy…’s so far up the line to make any difference honestly…
    No mention of any of the other ladies….they were just for the moment people.

  40. Melanie
    Melanie September 19, 2013 at 7:22 am |

    Pm, you read Chinese?! Aw, you’re so lucky, as I would love to be able to read these novels, rather than depend on audiobooks or radio plays. I don’t like to be reliant on the audiobooks or radio plays. Take this novel, for example. I cannot bring myself to finish the audiobook because it is hard for me understand with only one reader. I already have enough problems understanding the language, and I also have to decipher which character’s lines that one audiobook reader is reading. It’s too confusing. The radio play is much easier to understand with different voices for the characters, but unfortunately it is incomplete. I wonder why the radio plays are always incomplete. Surely, the radio station doesn’t leave its audience hanging! Where are the rest of the radio play episodes?! 🙁 (Peanuts, do you know?!)

    Anyway, thank you so much, Pm, for posting so many spoilers to help me understand the story. I still have a few more questions.

    I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the timeline of events in the story. So is this the order of events?

    a) ME has her baby in the middle of the story. Then what happens? Do PYZ and SGZ come see the baby?
    b) Then what happens? ME finds out about PYZ’s deception? How does she find out?
    c) PYZ overthrows the emperor and becomes regent?
    d) PYZ says he wants to kill SGZ’s family? Why in the world? Sure, PYZ and SGZ are love rivals but not all love rivals resort to murder. So why did PYZ want to kill SGZ’s family?
    e) SGZ manipulates PYZ’s words so that ME misunderstands PYZ? Right?
    f) ME pretends to go back to PYZ’s side to steal the emperor’s seal? And PYZ knows about this and just deliberately lets her “steal” the seal right under his nose?! I guess is turning a blind eye to your love one’s actions, even though you know her actions will hurt you. :p Was he still slipping in contraceptive medication into ME’s food when she returned to his side to steal the seal?
    g) SGZ becomes emperor. How come he didn’t make ME his empress? SGZ just let her continue to stay with PYZ? As emperor, he could have very easily reclaimed ME. Did he or did he not? If he didn’t, why not? Did SGZ stop loving her by then? Or did he ever love her at all?
    h) After ME discovers that she has misunderstood PYZ’s words, does she finally believe PYZ has truly fallen in love with her? To be honest, if I were ME, I don’t think I could ever trust PYZ’s words ever again. How will she ever be able to tell if he is telling her the truth or simply saying pretty words to her for ulterior motives? This reminds of the situation between BFX and HFX in Who Gets the World. According to Peanuts, there is just too much distrust between the two for BFX to truly fall in love with HFX.
    i) What made ME decide to stay with PYZ in the end?
    j) What is the ending like? Cutesy? What happens in the last chapter? Did SGZ ever miss ME and his past with her? Did PYZ and ME have other children?

  41. Pm
    Pm September 19, 2013 at 4:01 pm |

    Hhmmm…..let me see..I’m not too sure of the time line either….

    Yep pyz and sgz all come n see the bb and are part of his childhood…..the kid is closer to sgz and calls him san san, but is fearful n respectful of his real dad….at this pt he does not know who is his dad.

    Can’t remember how she fd out abt the deception…only the contraceptive in the food….also dunno why he wants to kill sgzs family….prob too rich? And yep sgz manipulates pyz words to make me misunderstand pyz..erm…..the rest of the answers…..Im not too sure..sorry Mel….too long ago already….now my heads all bfx Hfx and ying to sort them out…. :p

  42. Melanie
    Melanie September 19, 2013 at 9:17 pm |

    No problem, Pm. Thanks for clarifying so much of this story for me already. I will try to manage on my own from now on. Of course, if you ever remember any more details about this story, please post it here to help me out. Enjoy WGTW!

    Peanuts, no way! The radio plays are done by amateurs?! That’s incredible! I love the radio plays. I think they are really good, despite the fact that they only summarize the story and gloss over some minor details. I am able to enjoy this ex-husband story thanks to the radio play (and Pm), for the audiobook is just too boring. I started listening to the audiobook first, but didn’t find the story funny at all until I started listening to the radio play. Too bad the radio play for this story has been abandoned but I completely understand that time and commitment are factors for people doing radio plays as hobbies. It is sort of like reading a really good fanfic only to have the writer abandon the project for a year because she no longer has time to update her chapters. 🙁 Oh, well. I completely understand.

  43. serendipity
    serendipity September 21, 2013 at 6:44 am |

    Hi all! Thanks Pm for the posting the character description ! It was really helpful. I finished the book some time back but skipped through some parts. Was quite busy preparing for shifting houses so didn’t have time to check back here.

    Maybe i can help with some of Melanie’s questions. I skipped the part where the two guys were fighting for the throne so am not sure of the details there.

    #Spoiler alert

    I think the two guys loved Miaoer a lot in their own ways. Sangongzi and Peiyanzi are actually half brothers(please correct me if I am wrong!). PYZ was actually adopted by his current family so he is not related to ME at all. I think that is why he can’t marry the emperor’s sister cos they are actually half siblings. PYZ is also actually half brother to the current emperor. Yup a lot of birth secrets!! Not sure if SGZ is related to current emperor.

    Actually SGZ and PYZ were working together to overthrow the current emperor until SGZ overheard PYZ telling his henchmen to get rid of SGZ and his family after coup for the throne succeeds. That is why SGZ decided to become emperor himself to protect his family. Don’t think it was explained why PYZ wanted SGZ dead but I think it is because of ME.

    ME and PYZ remained a loving couple. In fact PYZ loyalty to his wife became so well known that many rumors spread about ME’s beauty that people wanted to catch a glimpse of her face. From PYZ’s bodyguard point of view, ME isn’t a legendary beauty, just pretty. However, it is her enchanting eyes that can sear your soul with a glance. So PYZ got so annoyed with all the rumors that he had to build a higher wall to prevent all these intruders from climbing in.

    PYZ realized that ME meant more to him than the throne when she was lost to him and injured. So much so he cried until he became blind. ME actually helped SGZ to catch PYZ because she thought PYZ set her family up. Then one day she found out the truth and she realized how much she wronged PYZ. PYZ also knew that ME was going to betray him to SGZ but he didn’t let her know because he wanted ME to trust him again. Eventually ME and PYZ got back together after a funny incident when she thought PYZ had a illegitimate daughter.

    Because I skipped some parts I am not very sure but this is my guess about ME’s feelings. I think initially she was indifferent to both guys. But along the way she developed more special feelings for PYZ (my impression, haha don’t ask me what scenes cos I can’t remember) But because she thought he wronged her family she couldn’t forgive him and took revenge. (Hazy on what happened to her family. something to do with a parrot saying certain words. also she tried to fake her death and her family’s death.) Then she realized how much he loved her when he chose the throne over her and accepted her betrayal without any qualms. (Plus he went blind !!) So ME realized she loved him and decided to spend rest of her life with him 🙂 (note: PYZ recovered his sight eventually but pretended not to so that ME would not be embarrassed. ME was working in his estate as a servant because she was sorry about her betrayal)

    Although SGZ became emperor, he still respected ME’s decision to a certain extent but he still loves ME a lot. After many years passed, he still did not elect an empress and crown prince. ME eventually remarried PYZ and had more kids. SGZ would always send beautiful servants and dancers to PYZ’s estate hoping that he would fall for them and then ME would be sad and leave him. Until ME’s son told him not to that anymore and make his mum sad.

    Oh yeah I think because the current emperor didn’t have any sons yet it would be dangerous for PYZ to have a son that could potentially be an heir to the throne. So that is why he didn’t want ME to be pregnant as the emperor suspected his true background. ME mentioned how envious the emperor looked when he held the baby boy in his arms.

    P.S. just read Pm’s comments and realized I repeated some stuff hope you don’t mind :p

  44. serendipity
    serendipity September 21, 2013 at 6:51 am |

    I think I still prefer heavy sweetness to two ex husbands although it had some funny scenes. Found the storyline of heavy sweetness easier to follow. (Also thanks to xiaoyuer’s summary) Too many birth secrets here, it gets confusing.

    Character wise- PYZ reminds me of night deity and SGZ like Phoenix. Maybe this is the story that would have happened if they got reincarnated as mortals :p

    So night deity got a happy ending here with his Mi-er/ Miao-er. Again the winner in love is the one who gave up the throne :p

  45. Melanie
    Melanie September 21, 2013 at 9:37 am |

    OMG, thank you, serendipity! You and Pm are so kind and generous with your time to help me understand this story. Now it all makes sense. I bet I can go back and listen to the audiobook and understand 70% of it now.

    Ok, so SGZ and PYZ were plotting together to overthrow the current emperor. BUT was having both of them marry ME part of the plan? PYZ married ME initially to ally himself with the wealthiest family in the kingdom. So when PYZ was forced to divorce ME due to the “uncle/niece” relationship, did he ask SGZ to step in and marry ME so that he (PYZ) would have the Shen family’s wealth on his side no matter what? I mean, since SGZ was PYZ’s co-conspirator, then having SGZ marry ME would guarantee that PYZ would still have the Shen family’s backing, right?

    Or was SGZ’s proposal to ME independent of the plan to overthrow the current emperor and that was why PYZ was ticked off at SGZ since SGZ went behind his back and stole his wife after he was forced to divorce ME? If that was the case, then I guess PYZ had started falling in love with ME by the time he was forced to divorce her. Plus, it also explained why PYZ wanted to kill off SGZ. I believe PYZ never planned for SGZ to marry ME, since there was a scene (in the radio play) when SGZ was kissing a drunken ME in the Shen family courthyard during ME’s dad’s birthday party and PYZ found them locking lips. PYZ was furious and beat the living daylights out of SGZ and left his unconscious body in the courtyard. The following day, SGZ sarcastically said to PYZ that he wanted to sue the hooligan who had beat up a good citizen (SGZ was referring to himself) for no apparent reason. PYZ responded that the “good citizen” was molesting someone’s wife and so he deserved to be beaten up. Haha.

    When ME returned to PYZ’s estate as a servant, did he know that she was there as a servant? What did ME hope to accomplish as a servant? Make sure he didn’t trip? :p When did she find out he wasn’t blind anymore? I don’t understand why PYZ continued to pretend to be blind even after he recovered his eyesight. Why would ME be embarrassed if he were no longer blind?

    Serendipity, do you remember the funny episode when ME thought PYZ had an illegitimate daughter? If yes, could you summarize that incident for me?

    Also, did ME ever see SGZ again after she left him to return to PYZ’s side?

    Now that you have mentioned it, I agree that PYZ reminds me of Night Deity! Both PYZ and Night Deity are very proper, polite, and gentlemanly on the outside, yet very manipulative and scheming on the inside. SGZ doesn’t seem as arrogant as Fire Deity, though. He kind of reminds me more of the serpent spirit in Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost – more playful and mischievous. Of course, since I have not read the novel nor have I listened completely to the audiobook, I can only base my opinions on the incomplete radio play. Therefore, I could be completely wrong.

  46. Melanie
    Melanie September 21, 2013 at 9:55 am |

    Ooops, forgot to say this…

    I like it that in this story and in Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, the winner in love goes to the man who is insightful enough to realize that he cannot have it all – the jiang shan and the mei ren. You can be the all powerful emperor (or warlord or whatever) or you can have the women you love, but you cannot have both. Sometimes, you just can’t have it all. And so far, Dian Xian’s leading men realize this concept. They choose one (either the mei ren or the jiang shan) and are content with their choice. In contrast, Fei Wo Si Cun’s leading men are too greedy. They want it all, their jiang shan and their mei ren, and that is why they usually end up empty, lonely, and unhappy.

  47. Pm
    Pm September 21, 2013 at 3:06 pm |

    Hihi serendipity…

    Thanks or adding in…hehe…I rem the going blind part… funny when he tried to pretend to be blind and she pretend to be mute…..hahaha…..he must be laughing so hard and getting internal injuries….

    But the part where pzy says he and ago are related is fake…..he said that coz someone was spying on them and he said it for them to hear, so they will not use sgz against him….he told this to me much later…..but I can’t remember if he and the emperor are related….but I guess to be the 6marquis..heh as to be somehow?

    And yes I remember now the part where sgz kept sending pretty girls into pyzs household… Haha….but pzy never batted an eyelid to them…

  48. Melanie
    Melanie September 22, 2013 at 7:43 am |

    Eh? So ME is hanging around PYZ’s estate, sweeping floors and pretending to be mute so PYZ can’t recognize her voice? Meanwhile, he SEES it’s her but has to pretend he can’t see? What does he do? Pretend to trip around and bump into walls all day? 😀

    So SGZ and PYZ are NOT related? How did the two men meet and cook up such a plan to overthrow the emperor then? Also, was having SGZ marry ME part of the plan after PYZ was forced to divorce her?

  49. Serendipity
    Serendipity September 22, 2013 at 2:34 pm |

    Ohh I must have missed the part when pyz said he pretended to be related to sgz.

    I think PYZ didnt want anyone to marry ME. SGZ was already in love with her as explained by Pm about the epilogue where he met her at the opera. So when SGZ was free to marry again, he immediately took his chance. PYZ wanted to prevent it but SGZ outwitted him. PYZ explained all this to ME when she questioned him. I think it was some time after SGZ marriage that PYZ enlisted his help. But I can’t remember why SGZ agreed to help him (maybe he thought he was related to PYZ? Pm do you know?)

    Yeah when PYZ was blind he also deliberately tried to make ME jealous by flirting with some girls :p I think he enjoyed the attention he was getting from ME!

    Hmmm I think they were walking in the streets when this little girl grabbed him and called him dad. Then ME was so angry she walked away. PYZ went into a panic and called ME and tried to explain he didn’t know the little girl. So their deception to each other was exposed. Later on they found the girl’s father who said his daughter would call any handsome guy dad. Because the girl brought them together again, PYZ gave a souvenir to the girl’s father in case he was in any trouble. Later on when the girl’s father died, he sent the girl to PYZ and ME who raised her like their own daughter.

  50. Melanie
    Melanie September 23, 2013 at 12:14 am |

    Was PYZ still blind when he was flirting with the other girls to make ME jealous? Or had he already recovered his eyesight and was only pretending to be blind at that point? Wasn’t he afraid that his flirting plan would backfire and ME would just leave him again? Is this toward the end of the story? Since the audiobook is so boring to listen to, I think I will skip around to the funny and good parts rather than fall asleep listening to the entire story.

    By the way, how was ME injured? Was she so seriously injured that PYZ cried himself blind? So ME did not find out about his blindness immediately?

    What about the incident with the little girl? So PYZ was still pretending to be blind and acting helpless? Let me guess… ME was helping “poor, blind” PYZ down the street when some random little girl ran up to him and called him daddy. :p Do you remember if this incident is toward the end of the story? Again, I would like to listen to it.

    Pm said that PYZ and ME’s son was closer to SGZ. When was the son’s father revealed in the story? Did PYZ know all along that the son was his? What about SGZ? Did he know all along that the son was NOT his?

  51. Pm
    Pm September 23, 2013 at 6:10 pm |

    Oky..taking a break from wgtw… eyes are popping……

    Sorry serendipity… Can’t recall why sgz helped pyz…. 🙁

    Mel..dun skip..listento the whole thing coz most if it links the story together…if u skip will miss out the info…

    Me tried to protect pyz at the moo cake festival thing she had with pyz…..think it was accidental…coz if I rem correctly, it was supposed to be a staged thing with sgz, but there was a real assassin hanging and…rite serendipity?

    Eh..I can’t remember which part of the story the incidents were at..probably midway I think…it jumps are abit.l.but all the parts of the story leaves bits of info….

  52. Melanie
    Melanie September 24, 2013 at 12:25 am |

    Too late! I’ve already started skipping around because the audiobook reader is so boring. I will go back and listen to the other chapters later, but right now, I’m right at the spot when ME was injured. So…she was injured by an arrow due to an assassination attempt by SGZ on PYZ? Did she stand in front of PYZ and take the arrow for PYZ? I listened several times but don’t understand what happened afterward. Can someone tell me what happened afterward? Somehow, she left PYZ’s side after she got injured? So PYZ just let her go that easily after she got injured? I’m very confused. 🙁

  53. Melanie
    Melanie October 8, 2013 at 11:16 pm |

    Ok, so I’m finished with the audiobook. With the help of everyone’s comments here and skimming through the ebook using google translate, I think I have a pretty good understanding of the entire story. However, there are still some parts I am foggy about, so if anyone remembers any details, please help me out.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the story. The radiodrama brought out the humor of the story. The audiobook, unfortunately, was really bland. If it were not for the radiodrama, I would not have even realized that this was a comedy. :p I thought the story became less funny toward the last half, which was laced with a very sad overtone. I could be wrong, as Mandarin is not my forte. However, I felt that Miao Er was less cheerful when she realized at the middle part of the story that PYZ had married her for her family’s wealth. She had just started to fall in love with him at that time, only to find out that he had faked his love for her those two years they were married. That realization must have hit her hard. It was no wonder that she tried to fake her own death twice to escape him, for how could she stand being with him anymore? I thought PYZ deserved to be doubted by ME and actually didn’t feel much sympathy for him, even after he had gone blind for her and had given up his claim to the throne for her. If I were ME, I probably wouldn’t be able to love him again. In fact, I couldn’t understand how she could so easily forgive him. How could she ever trust him again, after all those deception and lies? How could she ever tell if he was telling the truth or simply feeding her lies with every word he says in the future? How could she be sure he wasn’t putting up an act so he could gain something from her (like her wealth, her son, etc)?

    SGZ could never be trusted again, also! He also used ME for his own gain. Love cannot be built on such a rocky foundation of lies and deception.

    Now, for my questions…

    1) Did ME deliberately get “discovered” by PYZ at the Buddhist temple after faking her death for 2 years? Was this her and SGZ’s plan all along? In fact, what was the plan? I am very foggy about how ME helped SGZ. Something about ME stealing PYZ’s imperial seal? How did she steal it? And what happened after PYZ found out about ME’s deception? He just accepted it and walked off? I don’t get it… 🙁

    2) How long was the time period between ME’s betrayal (by stealing PYZ’s imperial seal) and when she went back to PYZ’s estate to work as his “mute servant?” Was it only 2 months? I think PYZ waited patiently for ME to realize that she had wrongly blamed him for wanting to kill her family, and sure enough, 2 months later, she appeared at his estate. Is that correct?

    3) After ME was working at PYZ’s estate as his “mute servant” for several months, there was one part I didn’t quite understand. There was this part when she saw a group of pretty dancers enter PYZ’s chambers. She was jealous but didn’t say anything. Eh, what happened afterward? She just waited outside his chambers, and after a while, went inside to pour him tea? I am extremely confused about this part. Did they have a confrontation about the dancers? What happened to the dancers who had entered his chambers? WHY were they in his chambers in the first place? Was this PYZ’s ploy to get ME jealous? Because if it was, I didn’t think it was a very nice move on PYZ’s part. It was kind of a mean joke, actually, in my opinion. What was PYZ thinking of?! that ploy to get ME jealous hurt her and I thought he vowed to never make her cry again! Then the story jumped to the Lantern Festival. Did I miss something between ME seeing the dancers in PYZ’s chambers and the Lantern Festival?

    4) At the Lantern Festival, how come PYZ didn’t chase after ME after she ran off mad, thinking he had fathered that little girl who called him “daddy?” I also thought ME and PYZ’s reconciliation after the mistaken daddy incident was rather abrupt. They just simply got back together and remarried after that? Wasn’t that a bit sudden? PYZ didn’t explain to ME why he pretended to be blind and why he had those dancers in his chambers! Eh, that just didn’t make sense to me. 🙁

    5) Could someone explain the epilogue to me? I think the last part of the very last chapter (the epilogue) was cut off in the audiobook. I got to the part when Pei Shen Xiao (ME and PYZ’s oldest son) was 18 years old? Is that correct? He met SGZ (the emperor now) at some restaurant and Pei Shen Xiao told SGZ that ME would be at some opera house tomorrow. Did SGZ go to see ME? I wish there would be some closure scene between ME and SGZ, like the closure scene in the epilogue between Jin Mi and Night Deity in Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost. The closure scene between Jin Mi and Night Deity was what won me over to Night Deity’s side. I even cried a bit for Night Deity after listening to the brief encounter he had with Jin Mi. Therefore, I wish SGZ and ME would have a similar closure scene in Two Ex-Husbands.

  54. Pm
    Pm October 11, 2013 at 4:16 am |

    Ahahaha…Mel’s managed to slog it thru…..hehe

    Let me see how much I can remember k…considering im just done wgtw prequel and main….

    I think me was already living with pzy at that time…she was the mole who was learning stuff n passing it onto sgz….think pzy could see at tat time and he knew wat was going on..but allowed it to earn mes trust again….think he got placed under house arrest after giving the seal to sgz.

    I’m not sure abt the time frame, but I think pzy was already able to see by that time. The pretty ladies were all placed there by sgz to try and entice pzy to fall for one of the, thereby making me upset and then he can move in and take a go at her.

    Eh..I think there was only one dancer, but I can’t rem that part very well…

    I think he did try to look but couldn’t find….so he went back home and waited for me to come bk.

    I’m not sure wat u mean but I think that was the end…..sgz just resigned to his fate that he was too late to get me.

  55. Melanie
    Melanie December 18, 2014 at 12:54 am |

    Does anyone have plans to translate this novel? I’ve been waiting and waiting, hoping some kind soul will pick up the translation. 🙁 I’ve listened to the first 3 chapters of the audiobook by Ah Shou and it is so fun and lovely. Plus, I love the voice of the voice actor who plays Pei Yan Zhen. It’s so soothing, mellow. Too bad the audiobook stopped at Chapter 3. I don’t mind paying to download the rest of the chapters, but the website is in Chinese and I don’t know how to navigate it. 🙁

  56. decembi
    decembi December 18, 2014 at 7:57 am |

    Hello Melanie,

    Haha for audiobooks, I have to leave that for Peanuts.

    I plan to translate the parts relating to Heavy Sweetness from this novel. But not the whole novel! Hopefully it gets picked up one day 🙂

  57. Melanie
    Melanie December 19, 2014 at 11:59 am |

    Hey decembi! Ha, you’re everywhere. 🙂 Peanuts has already come to my rescue regarding the audiobook dilemma.

    I’m looking forward to your translation of selected excerpts in Two Ex-Husbands. I don’t know why, but somehow I am more forgiving of Pei Yan Zhen than I am of Night Deity in Heavy Sweetness.

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow
  58. decembi
    decembi December 20, 2014 at 7:20 pm |

    Hello Melanie, lol! Am I everywhere? Not as truly omniscient as Peanuts?

    I completely completely agree with your comments on Pei Yan Zhen and Night. I’m a huge Phoenix fan but also a huge huge Night fan and I have always wanted to do a character comparison of Night and Pei Yan Zhen (and even Phoenix and his lackluster counterpart) after I finish the Heavy Sweetness translations!!!

  59. Quynie
    Quynie June 30, 2015 at 12:34 am |

    I just finish reading this book so if anyone had any questions about the storyline, it is still fresh in my memory.

    Really like this book. The beginning was a bit long but from the chapter 20 and on I read it very quickly.

  60. BreezeC
    BreezeC August 28, 2015 at 2:47 pm |

    I just finished listening to this story and I have to write down my thoughts somewhere lol… I think this is a pretty good story. The beginning is really hilarious and I enjoyed it tremendously and then in the middle, things start getting more and more complicated as all the events we perceived as comedy in the beginning suddenly turn into scheme with hidden agenda. This is the first time in a story that I dislike BOTH male characters. At the beginning, I like both of them, one is considerable and romantic, the other is amusing and sweet. When I found out both of them are using her, I was shock. Even though I know at the end they were deeply in love with her, the damage had already been done. At this point of the story, I felt the author is trying to redeem PYZ for the wrong he did earlier by making him as pitiful and remorseful as possible. And I do think the author make me feel sorry for him because of his sincerity. The four letter words, falling a kingdom in exchange for her hand in marriage, which deeply touched me. On the other hand, I believe SGZ is just a scheming as PYZ but we never really get to see his side of the story because we know ME love PYZ but only like SGZ which is why when she thought they both used her, she hated PYZ but was only angry at SGZ. SGZ really never have a chance. At the end, I pity him because he had everything but his true love.

    The epilogue is not part of the audio book so I looked it up and read it. I love the two epilogues so much. One is in the point of view of PYZ’s loyal guard (I think he is my favorite male character as well as PYZ’s son). The story is back to being funny because of this epilogue where people are climbing walls to see ME and SGZ continued to send beautiful maids to PYZ’s mansion. The second epilogue has a bittersweet feeling to it because SGZ recalled seeing ME for the first time and how the second time he sees her it was already too late. Make you wonder what will happen if SGZ entered ME’s life first and have her hand in marriage first. No doubt, PYZ and the king will try to destroy the two riches family to merge but…that will be another whole different story.

  61. jay
    jay October 18, 2015 at 5:48 pm |

    This is one of the better novels set in historical times that I’ve come across. I really enjoy Dianxian’s writing too for it’s lyrical yet controlled at the same time, revealing only certain emotions and leaving the rest up to the reader’s imagination. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a high-quality c-novel full of bittersweet romance, second chances and of course, comedy.

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