The Reality 人间烟火 by 桔子树 Ju Zi Shu (HE)

s4575593The Reality is the sequel to My Love Begin With Loving You, both books in the ‘heaven and earth’ book series.

This is a warm book about a woman’s view on love and family, longing for everything to be good.

Once, Miao Yuan thought that marriage is the final destination of love.

She found the real life replica of the ideal husband in her heart: upright, strong, will always be able to protect her and only love her.

All she has to do is obediently be a happy little woman, support the husband and raise children.  This is the most perfect life.

Later, she realised, actually getting married is just a new beginning –

The disastrous wedding banquet, difficult mother-in-law, inability to get pregnant. It is a tough world ……

However, she is still extremely fortunate: indeed good at least we still love each other!

This is a little woman’s story of growth, see how life is giving one wisdom and strength.

It turned out tolerant is the salvation for each other, the most beautiful relationship in love is the partner.

With the fusion of love and responsibility, that is our warm and wonderful married life, our real marriage.

[Ebook] [Nhân gian khói lửa][인간연화][Audiobook]


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  1. HuiEr
    HuiEr April 18, 2013 at 2:41 am |

    I like the conflicts/set up in book 2 more than book 1. Book 1 was simplistic… guy girl get married or not? Whereas in book 2 they explore more themes like what it means to marry someone your parents disapprove of, the point between guiding your child and being dictatorial, the effects of the one-child policy, the difficulties of being an army wife and what it means to be “successful” in china?

    The conflicts are way more interesting… and MY grows up a lot like right at the end, she decided that she’ll be herself and finally, how she and CM resolve conflicts. Unlike last time, everytime she meets with difficulties, she wants to run away – break up but after she got married, she realised that a thrashed wedding doesn’t mean that her marriage will be a goner too…

    I found it so cute that their peace treaty is him peeling an apple for her and her cooking supper for him. It doens’t mean that their conflcit has been miraculously resolved because of that but it is a sign that both parties are willing to call a truce to work it out.

    The broadcaster killed me but towards the end when the conflict with mom-in-law boiled over it was GREAT both Chen Mo’s reaction and MY’s decision in the end.

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