The Wind Goes, As He Knows (Where the Wind Blows) 他知道风从哪个方向来 by 玖月晞 Jiu Yue Xi (OE)

Such a definite love only happens once in a lifetime.

Peng Ye, a man who is able to tell the time despite not having a watch on him; a man who is able to differentiate all 88 stars in the vast wilderness; a man who has the rifle skills of a marksman; a man who is able to yield and rise for his beloved; a man seemingly capable of nearly every single thing on this Earth.

Cheng Jia, a woman is able to coolly sit on her jeep and smoke despite being trapped in the wilderness; a woman who is able to help the shy Neymar express his feelings in a bold fashion; a woman who is able to remain silent despite being shot; a woman who is finally capable of understanding love because of Peng Ye.

Where there is wind, one would think of Peng Ye – him being as strong and steady as the wind;

Where there is sea, one would think of Cheng Jia – she being as soft and gentle as the sea.

One still remembers the sunlight that streamed through his fingers, and the eagle that soared in the sky.

He said to the eagle, “Cheng Jia, tomorrow will be a good day.”

If he said it’d be a good day, it would definitely be a good day.

Because — the wind goes, as he knows.

[Ebook] [Anh biết gió từ đâu đến][Drama]


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    tueysaloewa March 14, 2016 at 2:23 pm |

    someone who already read this novel, could you tell me what it this novel about?

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