Phoenix Shadow Coming from the Sky 凤影空来 by 倾泠月 Qing Ling Yue (OE)

s24934138This is a story about the founding ruler of Dong dynasty called Dong Shi Xiu who faithfully kept his promise by conferring the title of king to his seven generals. As a result, the land is divided and power is decentralized. Such action planted the seed for future turmoil.

That seven generals who have been bestowed the title of king are Huang Di,  Ning Jing Yuan, Feng Ji, Bai Yi Ma, Hua Jing Tai, Feng Du Ying  and Nan Pian Yue. Dong Shi Xiu became sworn brothers with them to conquer the world together and establish Dong dynasty empire. When mentioning the eight of them,  the future generations remember fondly and admire the way they conquer the world together and share the world’s prosperity together, which is not seen anymore in the future generations. Moreover, there is a woman in this group of eight people – Feng Du Ying is the only woman among the seven generals as well as the only queen among the seven kings.

Later generations are curious, what kind of woman  can be on an equal level with the seven men. In the end what kind of woman can topple over the brave and famous general who is the founding ruler? That is the legendary in the legend!

This is the prequel to Who Rules the World.

[Ebook] [Summary: Fan-made MV] [Radiaodrama] [Phượng ảnh không lai][Eng Translation]


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  1. Pm
    Pm September 13, 2013 at 5:40 am |

    Oky…I’ll post short synopsis…but it will have a lot of spoilers k…coz I’m not good at giving synopsis….I just rattle the whole tale….haha

    Cast members:

    Dong shi xiu (zhào wén xuān)- big bro….king of da dong…. Generous kind and big hearted….has many women but no one crowned as empress. Love of his life is feng du ying.

    Huang ti (adam cheng) – #2 – best martial skills. Undecided who has the best skills between him and feng du ying.

    Ning jing yuan( hu ge) -#3 – playboy figure…smart, sly, calculating and crafty.

    Feng ji (leslie cheung) – #4 – best of the lot. Most handsome, smartest, skilled, everything possible….skilled in medicine and magic arts as well. Love of his life is feng du ying.

    Bai yi ma (wu zun) -#5 – nothing much on him….except he is the softest hearted….and very undecided…..sits in the fence a lot.

    Hua jing tai (yuan hong) -#6 – money minded

    Feng du ying (brigitte lin) -#7 only girl…peerless and matchless in wugong. Queen who loves her people. Love of her life is feng ji.

    Nan pian yue (eddie peng) -#8 – baby of the group.

    Jiu Yao (louis koo) – mysterious 3rd prince of the jiu luo clan. Posses some magic skill/arts. Has 2 other brothers . Jiu Miao is the 1st brother…king of jiu luo. Posses extremely skilled magic arts. Jiu yi is the 2nd brother…posses fantastic medical skills.

    Gu yun yuan (Zhào hóng fēi)- mysterious man who is part of the court/ministers. Repeatedly asks for feng du ying’s hand in marriage….. Which results in his constant demotion. However his working skills and character is good and thus earns him lots of promotions. But with every promotion. He asks for feng du ying’s hand in marriage which infuriates big bro and the the rest…and causes his instant demotion….but he does not care.

    Bei xuan ji (Cecilia Liu) – princess of bei hai country….country fell and ceases to exist coz her silly father overrated his skills and tries to fight and take over da dong. Hence causing the downfall of his country. He flees the country with his youngest son.

    Du kang (huang xiao ming) – feng du ying’s most loyal and trusted body guard….inseparable. Follows her every where like a shadow. I personally think he loves feng du ying as well.

    Think these are just about the major characters of the book.

    Qīng rǎn gōngzǐ/fēng qīng rǎn – wallace chung
    Yù yán tiān – Wallace Huo
    běi yì hè – Peter Ho
    běi yì yè – Yan Kun

  2. Pm
    Pm September 13, 2013 at 6:54 am |

    At this point..the world is already in peaceful times under the rule of dong shi xiu. The 7 siblings all hold the major posts I the court, which ires the rest of the court especially the Liang clan. Thus as expected..minister Liang is wrecking his brains to trash these 7 so he can hold utmost power…..

    At the same time…there is still some minor fighting going on which requires that feng du ying still fights.

    Becauses of greed, meng guo and bei guo decided to ally themselves in marriage and make a pact to fight da dong. However because of internal strife, on the day tat the two countries were to fight da dong, only bei guo shows up….. And dong shi xiu and feng du ying go out to fight….they manage to win the fight…till they reached bei guo’s capital…..

    Da dong gives bei guo a choice of fight or surrender….at this point… Bei guo’s princess bei xuan ji, who is renowned for her extreme beauty, tell her father to flee with her youngest brother….and to make a comeback and fight again. So they decide to surrender…..and one the day of the country’s surrender, bei xuan ji decided to jump off the wall but was saved by dong shi xiu., who makes the silly and fatal mistake of taking her back as a concubines. And a most beloved one as well.

    Anyways…feng du yin realizes that the fake death of bei guo’s king was to coincidental and thus realizes that they have been tricked, so she chases after them……only to have them flee out to sea. Not trained in sea battle, feng du ying still decides to go after them coz her take is that if they don’t kill him, there will be future problems. Unfortunately, the seas and skies do not cooperate, and in order to save her men, feng du ying got injured and fell into the water. However she orders tat no one is allowed to jump to save her. Just at this point, a mysterious man comes riding on a boat, pulled by 4 dolphins…the soldiers take it that he is the sea deity and pleads with him to save their beloved general. He does save her, but due to the raging seas and wind, they were. Of able to retrieve feng du ying, and they disappear into the storm, while the rest of the men were forced to return to land. The bei king escapes.

    To find feng du ying , dong shi xiu moves the entire nation, putting her face up and sending soldiers to find her….ultimately they do find her, but this cause is used by minister Liang as a reason to censure dong shi xiu as an unwise ruler.
    Later feng du ying returns to the capital and is hailed as a hero, but minister Liang and his gang wants to impeach her for endangering the lives of the men and losing the bei king.

    Just at this point, feng ji raises the issue of 500 missing soldiers in luo country…and feng du ying is sent to quell this problem…unfortunately, this causes a unwarranted and totally uncalled for massacare of the luo tribe….reason is that this mysterious luo tribe is ruled by jiu Miao. And these people are cut off from the rest of the world. The country is atop the mountain and protected by magic. Who ever goes in never comes out, including the 500 soldiers. So feng du ying goes in, but she senses the weird environment and only allows herself and du kang to enter, with the rule that no one is allowed in. And if for any reason, they do not make it out by nightfall, to inform the rest if the brothers.

    So our 7 brothers gets panicky and they charge for luo country, with feng ji leading. By this time. Feng du ying and du kang have been lost for 10 days. (by the way, the forest is shrouded in magical powers to protect them).

    No surprise, the person who saves her for the sea is also the prince of this country… And well, this prince asks his brother to lift the magical spell so that he can find these 2 lost people, who at this point, he does not know who they are. And because of the lifting of the spell, feng ji manages to charge thru and thinking that his beloved feng du ying is dead, he also annihilates the entire luo country….just at this point, feng du ying the luo Yao return to the top, coz they realized that da dong troops are headed up there..but they are too late, coz just as they reached, they saw the destruction….and luo Yao is shot in the chest by 8 bro….but feng du ying saves him with a magic pill that feng ji gave him…and she stunned everyone by saying that jiu Yao has saved her twice and she cant repay, and with the destruction of his country, she can only repay by marrying him.

    This stunnes everyone….But they leave with a badly injured jiu Yao in tow back to the capital. This creates fuel for minister Liang and his cronies. So in a bid to save his siblings, first he kills all the evil ministers and their families, and he splits up the country into 7 states and splits the siblings to rule each state. (I personally dunt understand this part and why he had to do it)

    So anyway..the story goes….lovers feng du ying and feng ji never got together….but she ends up marrying jiu Yao….and the story goes….the ending of the prelude is that the fatal mistake of bring princess bei ju xuan back as the beloved concubine is that she betrays dong shi xius 17 years of love by collaborating with luo country’s king to assassinate the 8….which had sad consequences…..

    So well….Tats the gist 🙂

  3. Pm
    Pm September 13, 2013 at 6:55 am |

    Peanuts… can I pls have my other half of the story….hahahahahah :p

    Ooppss….I gave a summary instead…. :p spoilers spoilers… with extreme caution.

  4. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn September 15, 2013 at 12:26 am |

    Wow….wow….Pm, I’m so impressed. You’ve moved on….lol….reading such high flying books!!!!

  5. Pm
    Pm September 15, 2013 at 3:58 pm |

    Hehe….Xinn…I was rather curious why everyone kept talking abt the book…so I tried to read it….abit difficult to understand some parts tho….yes yes….I’m trying to improve my deplorable Chinese..

    Most welcome peanuts…hehe..ive earned my keeps…now I wun feel bad finding all the broken and missing links…hahaha :p

    I’m now reading the actual wgtw…which I ink is easier to read than the prequel…I took almost a week to finish tat one….hope this one is faster…but I’m already sad….so fast and one handsome yan ying Zhou is dead?? He it’s just a suspense corner….

  6. Pm
    Pm September 15, 2013 at 4:37 pm |

    I get seem to get the mv to run well…it plays abt 51 secs..than stalls been trying a couple of times…dunno if it’s coz traffic is high..

    Managed to watch abit….it’s stalled again so here I am….sorry..can’t help you on this one…I have no idea who the actors are 🙁 only one I recognize is the guy who acted in bbjx…13th prince..whatever his name is

    But feng du ying is is 4th bro and jiu Yao…..Sheeze..a fry cry for what I imagined the, to be……..

  7. Pm
    Pm September 16, 2013 at 2:56 pm |

    Thanks thanks :p. eh..who is Jin yong? But yes..I like this writers stories…quite interesting..

    Let me guess…only 3 possibilities…. Hfx, the little Han pu er or Hfx herself….one r the ther…writers love to make us feel these horrid heart wrenching moments……ooohhh…I can’t stand heart break moments… 🙁

    Sorry lidge…but I really dun fancy him? pictured jiu Yao is more like well….hhmmm handsome, cute, boyish but masculine….that guy does not cut it…..sorry…..who is Leslie Chung?

    I only think Godfrey Gao is for now…and only in remembering Li chuan..,..coz I goggled to see some pictures….and nope…he does not look good anywhere else…wat a let down…hahaha 🙁

    Hahaha..tell me abt reading the wrong book…I was so caught up in the story..waiting to read abt bfx and Hfx…but nope….but the story was well… Not upset..haha

    I think it’s more like feng ying arriving from the sky……coz in the book, they kept comparing feng du ying to a feng huang… fact her pet name is feng huang er which literally means Phoenix….. So maybe it’s like saying Phoenix coming/appearing from the sky. Sometimes it’s hard todo a direct translation….sorry….not too good at it either.

  8. queenanon
    queenanon September 16, 2013 at 5:50 pm |

    Thanks thanks :p. eh..who is Jin yong?

    One of the most famous wuxia writers that ever lived. AKA Louis Cha, the author of many wuxia novels including: Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes, Heaven Sword & Dragon Saber, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, Smiling Proud Wanderer, Duke of Mt Deer, etc. His novels have been made (and re-made) many times into TV series.

  9. queenanon
    queenanon September 16, 2013 at 5:55 pm |

    I only think Godfrey Gao is for now…

    YES to Godfrey Gao 😀 😀 😀

  10. Melanie
    Melanie September 16, 2013 at 9:29 pm |

    Hahahaha to Pm’s comment about Louis Koo, Leslie Cheung, and Brigitte Lin being ugly! I guess I shouldn’t laugh, because a few years ago, I didn’t know who Leslie Cheung was, either. I discovered him after his death many years later in my cousin’s collection of old TVB dramas (The Fallen Family). I thought he was quite handsome in that series, but a little short for a leading male. Anyway, I started watching his movies and liked him a lot. I thought he was a decent actor and had a very good singing voice. May he rest in peace.

    I’ll have to disagree about Louis Koo being ugly. I think he’s hot, but I do agree his wig was horrible as a young Yang Guo, which were some of the clips used in the MV. I think Louis looked really handsome in Against the Blade of Honor.

    I agree with Pm that Brigitte Lin is not beautiful. Her features are too…harsh…and not soft enough to be considered a classical beauty. I haven’t read this novel, so I am not sure if Feng Du Ying is suppose to be a classically feminine beauty or is she considered a “beauty” because of her commanding presence on the battlefield. If it is the latter, then Brigitte Lin fits the description, since I feel that Brigitte indeed has that strong, masculine aura that commands attention and respect. However, if Feng Du Ying is suppose to be a classical feminine beauty (with intelligence and military competence), then I don’t think Brigitte is the best pick for the role. Plus, Brigitte Lin looks really mature next to all the men in the MV.

    Well, I guess I should be happy that Pm doesn’t think Wallace Chung is ugly. Hahahaha!

    I do think that MV was really well made and summarized the story very well. If only the character casting was a little different…

  11. queenanon
    queenanon September 17, 2013 at 3:01 pm |

    Leslie = King. Legend. AWESOME.
    Brigitte = timeless QUEEN, especially in wuxia roles

  12. queenanon
    queenanon September 17, 2013 at 3:05 pm |

    Godfrey in ancient attire? I doubt he is suitable to be a wuxia hero. I think he looks too modern? Don’t think he has acted in any ancient drama before.

    Godfrey is hot and is great for my eyes but I also think he looks too modern/chic for ancient roles.

  13. Pm
    Pm September 17, 2013 at 3:10 pm |

    Peanuts…I must say this is my first time reading Chinese books…..I have never touched anything Chinese till last year!!!! Haha..and I seldom watch Chinese shows either…this crazy craze all started coz of bbjx the drama..and I’ve been hooked…..never listed to Chinese songs either….maybe 1 or 2 in my frens place…..hahahaha…can u believe it??!!

    Melanie..feng du ying is supposed to be a beauty…a real beauty with porcelain/jade like features….graceful and whatever not…..feminine but never done feminine stuff….that Bridgette person looks abit…hhmm….transgender?? And who is Wallace Chung?

    I am guessing those scenes are from ancient wuxia shows? Coz the color and makeup look like the 70s and 80s….

    I know who is Kevin cheng, nicky wu..haha and the yuan hong guy from bbjx… :p so sorry folks….I really must go google these people up..

  14. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 18, 2014 at 8:42 am |

    I was beginning this and read a scene with BFX and HFX. Thought it was cute. Here’s my attempt at translating (for you @peanuts):
    Da Dong Jing Yian Fifteenth year, summer.

    Ba Huang Ta (tower in the royal palace) is Di City’s tallest tower, far away is the Ling Xiao Dian (palace) that stands opposite of the tower, is a palace of forbidden grounds, persons with no permission are prohibited to enter.

    At this moment, under the beautiful red sunset, a shadow in the sky flew across the palace gates, but the speed was too quick, the suddenly looked up only to see a flash of white light.

    In a blink of an eye the shadow is already infront of the Ling Xiao Dian, because it is forbidden grounds, there was no one infront of the palace, the guards are all on watch far away.

    Under the skies of red light, the shadow is actually a girl around the age or 13 or 14, dressed in a robe of white with long black hair and beautiful face, in the middle of her forehead rests a string of black beads with a half moon like accessory, despite her young age, she reveals a presence of grace beyond her age.

    The white robed girl lifted her head to look at the sign, which engraved the three letters, ‘Ling Xiao Dian’. She smiled slightly thinking, ‘this is the place!’

    Lightly opening the palace doors, she entered, then again lightly closed the doors, then looked inside and saw multiple paintings hanging on the palace walls. After seeing the paintings, she quickly walked over.

    The wall had a total of 9 paintings of 8 men and 1 woman, the peoples in the drawings looked almost real, embodying their souls. The girl’s gaze stopped at the only woman’s painting. The woman in the picture wore an emperor head piece, dressed in a white empress robe, with an elegant face perked a bit upwards, hinting her proud and strong personality, and the gaze in her eyes feel like they carry a sharp sword-like force.

    “So she was like this…” the little girl quietly mumbled as she looked at the woman in the painting.

    At this moment there was a small burst of excitement in her heart, right when she calmed and regained her senses, she felt another presence coming, but it was too late, foot steps were already outside the door. She quickly turned her body and the palace’s doors lightly swung open, there stood a young boy dressed in a black robe.

    The black robed young boy was also surprised since he did not expect someone to be in the palace.

    Two people with four eyes gazing at each other, with a feeling that they’ve met before, but did not know when or where they’ve met.

    To be continued… This was like the first page XD

  15. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 19, 2014 at 6:00 am |

    Here’s the rest of it XD It’s so adorbs, totally HFX BFX. So this was their first meeting :3 So this book was written after who gets the world right? Well I’m thinking I’ll go ahead and read the back story/history then read the other spin off book.
    Facing this sudden change, the white robed girl decided to speak first, righteously spoke, “who are you?” at the same time closely observing the black robed male. Around 15 to 16 years old, handsome face like jade, movements bring a certain grace, however the most odd thing is the string of white beads with a black half moon accessory in the middle of his forehead, other than the different colours, it was exactly the same as hers.

    While the white robed female was observing, the young black robed male was also strangely observing her, when he heard her question, he politely said, “I am the oldest prince’s study partner, may I ask you are…?”

    The white robed female was already prepared, opened her mouth, haughtily spoke “ My (she originally said ‘ben gong’, aka what queens or princesses refer to themselves) name is not one you can ask!”

    “This is a forbidden ground, you’re just a study partner, why are you here?” the young white robed girl asked again.

    “Oh, I heard the first prince say that this palace has paintings of the first lords who founded this country, I was curious so I snuck in to see.” The young black robed male replied at an unhurried pace, when he saw the white robed girl’s eye flash of light, his heart secretly smiled, before the white robed girl can open her mouth again, he spoke “Since princess said this is a forbidden ground, why are you also here?”

    The white robed girl blanked, then suddenly returned to her royal princess posture, “I (ben gong)was also curious about this palace’s paintings, if you dare to tattle tale, I (ben gong) will tell my royal brother to behead you!”

    “I do not dare.” The black robed male lightly lowered his head, then lifted it once again looking at the young girl then said, “Since we both sneaked here to see the paintings, then why don’t we both keep each other’s secret?”

    When he spoke those words, his eyes were clear and expressed sincerity, however not knowing what, the young white robed girl saw his face, she wanted to reach over and claw off that face that wrote ‘modest gentleman’s’ skin. But, at this moment, she restrained her impulses, lowered her voice and said, “Okay, let’s keep each other’s secrets.”

    After the young black robed heard the reply, he nodded his head and smiled, stepping into the palace. His eyes gazed upon the paintings, looking at them one by one, when he swathe second painting on the left side, his gaze paused upon it. The male in the painting wore a emperor head piece, body in a black emperor robe, his handsome yet beautiful face greatly surpasses the normal person, at this moment only looking at the painting made one instantly mesmerized, yet if it was the real person, you don’t know how much more captivated one would be.

    “This is Feng Chao Wang, namely Da Dong’s (country) most handsome male in his day, only looking at this painting do you know who is the real ‘beauty (mei ren)” said the white robed girl with a hint of mockery.

    The black robed male turned his head to look at her, softly smiled, “history’s ‘exceptional elegance’s appearance is of course not the average.”

    This smile as an orchid’s tranquil blossom, subtly bringing a faint fragrance, making the young white robed female blank out, in a moment’s time regaining her senses, felt angered. She’s originally a carefree person, but not knowing why at this moment this young boy’s heart seems to emitting a precautious guard, and this guarding has a kind of feeling between admiration and dislike, so seeing him smiling so well, she cannot help but suppress his smile, “You’re still less than him by a bit.”

    Did not think the young black robed male would not mind, in exchange said, “Thank you for your highness’s compliment.”

    The young white robed female was in a daze again.

    “Since this Feng Chao Wang is Da Dong’s number one handsome man, and princess said I’m still less by a bit, that means I’m considered the second. However Feng Chao Wang has long passed away, by that means I’m this world’s number one.” Black robed male smiled warmly with grace.

    The young white robed female was originally mocking him, however now has turned to be a compliment, making her chest uncomfortable, looking at the person infront of her just feeling very like a kind of animal she really dislikes, especially like that face with that kind of smile, she then scrunched her nose, corner of her mouth lifted, “Fox is smiling.”

    This time, it’s the young black robed male to blank, thinking that since young, everyone compliments him as a beautiful as jade, like an orchid’s grace, but has never been ridiculed as an animal before.

    The young white robed female saw him blank out, finally feeling her breath calm, then turned to continue looking at the painting, looking as she was praising, “This person’s whole body is shining brightly with such a vulgar essence! Ai ya, this person’s baby face, looking as though she’s young than me…”

    The black robed male saw her observing the paintings, also turned over and lifted his head to the painting, as his gaze moved, softly made a sound “yee”

    The young white robed female heard and looked at the direction the black robed male is looking, seeing him stare at the right side’s last painting, strangely said, “Who is this person? Da Dong founding country only had one king and seven emperors, originally 8 people, but why is there another person’s painting?”

    The young white robed female wanted to know more about this painting, so she concentrated fully on the female painting so she did not realize there was an extra person, this time hearing the black robed male’s words, again placing her gaze to that painting, as soon as she saw, a curiosity grew.

    The wall had 9 paintings; all the persons had an emperor head piece, dressed in emperor robes, with an aura of authority showing their noble ranks.

    However within all of the paintings, in the right side, the person on the painting was dressed in normal clothes, on top of that the out of the 9 paintings, 8 persons’ paintings is of their front side, yet only this person in the painting is of his back.

    “Who is this person? Why is his back facing the whole world?” The young white robed female spoke, unable to hold back her words.

    The person in the painting seems like a male, high up on a mountain peak, stand as welcoming the wind, but only the back, however that unrestrained aura is seemingly flying out of the painting, leaving awe. Also, since this person’s painting is in Ling Xiao Dian, means that he must’ve been one of the contributing people of the country, but why is this person’s back facing the country?”

    “Back facing the world?” The young white robed female unconsciously said, this phrase caused the black robed male’s heart to shake. Back facing the world, is it not willing to face the world? Or is it cannot face the world? He looked at the man in the painting, eyes flickered a ray of bright light, “This has much meaning, Ling Xiao Dian does not only have 8 person’s paintings, however who is this person with his back facing the world?” He mumbled to himself, face peering a smile that has much depth.

    The young white robed female also did not understand, “this is weird, history books clearly stated that Ling Xiao Dian only has 8 founding emperor’s paintings, it did not say there were 9 people ah.”

    Two people facing this painting, one full of puzzled bewilderment, the other with playfulness.

    Sight once again gazed at the other 8 paintings, they are in the same standings as this person, they obviously all know the answer, however they will never be able to answer.

    “Wei Li Di, Wang Wu Wang, Ning Rui Wang, Feng Shao Wang, Bai Wen Wang, Hua Kang Wang, Feng Shao Wang, Nan Yi Wang.” The black robed male’s eyes swept through the paintings of the past’s heroes, his heart forming excitement. After his gazed fell upon the last painting, “Eight people were the founding country’s founder king warriors, formed a sacred friendship for the future to admire, however in their 8 person’s Ling Xiao Dian, hangs another person’s painting, the reasoning behind it must not be simple.”

    “This person… I will find out who he is!” The young white robed female’s gaze locked on the man in the painting.

    “Oh?” The young black robed male turned his head to the young girl and with a light smile, not knowing why, at the bottom of his heart has a feeling, he will see this white robed female again. “Why don’t we have a bet, let’s see who can
    find out the full details.”

    The young white robed female turned her head to look at him, eyes shining bright, “Okay! However what does the loser have to do?”

    “The loser…” The young black robed male looking at the bright little girl, then turning his head to look upon the painting’s past legendary persons, “The loser will never abandon the winner!”

    “Eh?” The young white robed female was dazed by this bet.

    “Do you dare?” The young black robed male turned his gaze back on the young female, those flawless black eyes that do not have an ending to its deepness, however having a slight venomous lure like awaiting.

    In a moment, the young girl’s heart skipped a beat, bringing her palm out, “There’s nothing I do not dare, I promise!”

    “Okay!” The young black robed male reached his hand out.

    “Pa!” Two person’s palm clapped against each other for the promise.

    “Next year’s today, we will meet again to decide the winner and loser.”
    Done looking at the paintings, their goal has been set.
    Walking out of Ling Xiao Dian, the two left in their own ways. When they meet again, both know in their heart to “forget yet cherish” that promise. Of course, that is another story.

    Yet during that year, that time..

    The young black robed male went home and secretly looked for his family’s hidden away family books.

    The young white robed female went home and looked for her brother: “Xie Yue Gege, why are there not only 8 people in Ling Xiao Dian? Who is the other person?”

  16. lin
    lin May 26, 2014 at 2:36 pm |

    AcrossTime, thanks so much for translating. I totally love BFX HFX. But did not come across their initial meeting in WGTW audio. They are cute. Will you be translating more of their interactions?? 🙂

  17. Pm
    Pm May 27, 2014 at 9:39 am |

    Peanuts…. We have a problem…. 19lou now requires a password to open…so links from there are now stuck.

  18. Pm
    Pm May 27, 2014 at 1:24 pm |

    Think will not change…coz I might end up deleting it instead…..and wat u say its true…..change and then the other site gets it too…oh dear…then how are we going to get free stories to read in the future?

  19. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 27, 2014 at 1:25 pm |

    @lin This novel is about their founding ancestors though, so they probably won’t have anymore interactions and without an audiobook it’s hard to digest so far. FengDuYing is just not an awesome of a main lead as BFX. I just might translate a chapter from WGTW that wasn’t in the audio though, I found that part super touching.

    @Peanuts&pm I’ve never read on baidu except on my tablet since I could never access it on my laptop for some reason :S All I know right now is works for this novel and WGTW but for WGTW the epilogues weren’t included. Oh just figured out your weibo or QQ works to login into 19lou.

  20. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 27, 2014 at 1:38 pm |

    @Peanuts No problemo XD Those poor dedicated souls! It’s a pity you just don’t get the same genres out of english books. is free, just gotta double check if it’s the complete ebook. I will persevere through this novel! Maybe! I’ve been super busy these days to read anything though. I’ll let you know how it goes after I read a couple more chapters.

  21. Pm
    Pm May 27, 2014 at 1:40 pm |

    Eh…tats abit way off my scale of Chinese reading…..can someone pls guide thru trying to get the login for 19 Lou? Must pay??

  22. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime May 27, 2014 at 2:03 pm |

    @Pm I’ll let you know how it goes later today. I logged on but it says I’m unable to access the threads and it says they’re upgrading something on the site.

  23. Pm
    Pm May 28, 2014 at 2:50 am |

    Oky folks…..I just applied for the pass for 19lou. Simple job……hopefully no hidden charges :p
    Can use hotmail to apply already……so n worries to those who wanna read this book…just sign up for user name….but dun understand why they need it tho.

  24. neha
    neha September 16, 2014 at 10:27 am |

    Hey whats next.. who did win the bet ?

  25. AcrossTime
    AcrossTime September 22, 2014 at 4:27 am |

    It was just a prologue to introduce the story of the founders of Dong Chao (Dong dynasty). Unfortunately I didn’t have the will to read past the prologue and chapter one, so I have absolutely no idea XD

  26. Vico SDL
    Vico SDL April 22, 2023 at 7:12 am |

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