Arrogant Meets Passionate / Just Want to be With You 娇纵遇多情 / 只想和你好好在一起 by 明月听风 Ming Yue Ting Feng (HE)

Being betrayed jointly by the boyfriend and best friend, Qin Yu Fei felt deeply hurt. She dared not fall in love easily again, but unexpectedly her heart was moved by the gentle and affectionate Gu Ying Jie.

Gu Ying Jie looked clear and bright, smiled and declared his love: “I treat each relationship seriously.”

It’d be a wonder if he was serious! Qin Yu Fei just felt that she was getting more and more serious about him. Too bad!

An erroneous feelings between two persons must be ended quickly. Both of them agreed to delete each other’s contact details, no longer keep in touch, no longer meet up.

Gu Ying Jie said: “This time I’ll do as you say. If we see each other next time, if you still love me and look at me with such expression, then we must be together!”

Since then, Qin Yu Fei began to do everything possible to hide from him and to avoid him. But Gu Ying Jie joined forces with a friend, to “deceive” her to join their gathering.

He said, “Like you, like you very very much. I want to be with you.” He held her in his arms, and she heard her heart pounding.

When we encounter love, we are always timid and nervous. But fortunately, there will be such a person, who will gently capture our heart and strongly hold our hands.

Glad to have met you, glad that we can be together.

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    Thank you so much bongsd for the recommendation. Sound like a great novel. Will check it out soon.

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