Falling Leaves Without Trace 叶落无痕 – 简暗 Jian An (BE)


In a person’s life, you will definitely experience love at first sight at least once,
But similarly, in a person’s life, you will surely experience the feeling of utter defeat at least once.

Outside the window is a heroic glow,
The gathering rosy clouds  interweave to form an orbit——
It is said that, after death, the soul will pass by there,
Then have a final glimpse, looking down on the world of the living ……

[Ebook] [Radiodrama with English Subtitles][Audiobook] [Lá rơi không vết]


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  1. mich
    mich May 21, 2015 at 12:42 pm |

    Thanks Peanuts I have listen to the audio book n towrds ending I cried non stop..please advise where do I find fei wo si cun? If there is English translation I like to read and as well as audio book.

  2. catharcity
    catharcity October 23, 2017 at 4:20 pm |

    I agree that the audiobook is amazing! I love the author’s take on Xiao Huan. He’s a little different from the usual callous male leads the way he thought the world of intelligence, and the way he measured a person’s worth based on whether they could keep up with him. It’s a very realistic way of depicting why he never thought favourably of Cheng Siyin, who is a very simple and unpretentious person in comparison… Very realistic and plausible characterisation, because his thought processes really resembles what I’ve seen in a lot of the overachieving people I know in real life…

    I saw someone make a comment in the audiobook that given Cheng Siyin’s character/ personality, this book was destined to end in a tragedy… I agree… but I like her character though. She isn’t smart, she isn’t super talented, but she is the kind of friend we want to make in real life. She treats everyone with sincerity. And I love Xiao Bei too, the best friend Cheng Siyin needed.

    The ending… It was expected, but it still hurt. I don’t know who had it worse – Xiao Huan, after realising that he couldn’t see past his ‘intelligence’ to treasure the things which really matter in life, or Cheng Siyin, whose happiness was built on her misfortune and was never meant to last… It was a little abrupt too. I understand that since we followed Cheng Siyin’s perspective, after she dies, the story should end. But… it was just over, just like that. In a way, this abrupt ending emphasizes the finality of death. We would never know what happens to Xiao Huan afterwards, but does it matter? Cheng Siyin has gone. There will never be anything else in their story. It’s over. All the could-have-beens and might-have-beens. There is no ‘if’s. T_T

    I listened to this audiobook after 一夜一日一年一世 and I agree with everyone who said that they’re very similar… Both are extremely beautiful stories.

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