Great God, I’ll Support You 大神,我养你 by 浅淡语 Qian Dan Yu (HE)


What is Attacking Power and Defence Power? Go away!

Accuracy and Avoiding Powers are all useless! Get lost!

Ning Xin is the most clueless and innocent rabbit amongst all the other clueless and innocent rabbits. The first time Ning Xin entered into the gaming world, she somehow managed to transform her character into a miserable and pathetic ‘unbelievable character’ that would effortlessly incur the wrath of the gods and the resentment of the people.

Ning Xin isn’t able to increase the level of her character by battling various monsters. Oh well, at least she could still try to increase the level of her character by digging for rocks.

The operating system indicates – Mo Shang is currently looking at your equipment.

[Nearby] Mo Shang: ……

[Nearby] Ning Xin: ???

[Nearby] Mo Shang: How did your character manage to survive for so long?

[Nearby] Ning Xin: I increased my levels my digging for various rocks – they help me gain experience points too! However, it is true that there are fewer experience points to be gained by digging……

[Nearby] Mo Shang: Boss, you’re the one who is more deserving of the idol title….

Ning Xin didn’t agree – she knew her limits, and being an idol is something that she would probably never be able to achieve. However, that doesn’t mean that she can’t sponsor a male idol!

[Nearby] Ning Xin: Male Idol, why don’t I sponsor you?

After recovering from the initial shock, the male idol Mo Shang, the current champion reigning over the leaderboards, successfully found himself an innocent and clueless sponsor…..

[Ebook] [Đại thần, em nuôi anh][Eng Translation (Chapters 1-4)(Chapters 5-7) (Chapter 8-on)]












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  1. sparklingdawnlights
    sparklingdawnlights February 23, 2016 at 7:22 am |

    What is the rough synopsis of the story? Is it something like 微微一笑?

  2. jacesparkles
    jacesparkles February 23, 2016 at 1:49 pm |

    It is not like 微微一笑. The female character is not very smart. Entirely different from Wei Wei. But it is a great read:)

  3. keiosukagami
    keiosukagami February 25, 2016 at 3:01 am |

    I’m so happy that I finally know of the novels instockee(?) illustrated. Or was it another artist? Either way, I loved Wei Wei and the teeny bits of MMO life from Shan Shan. The MMO genre isn’t something I’m totally immersed in, but .hack/AI buster was my first introduction into translationed novels many years ago. I hope that this gets translated, too~

    Thank you so much to@dramabooksandtea for writing this synopsis~!

  4. metamorphline
    metamorphline August 3, 2016 at 9:38 pm |

    Could you suggest another ebook link as the site seems to be temporarily down? Thanks!!

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