Cherished Marriage 宠婚 – 欣欣向荣 Xin Xin Xiang Rong (HE)


Zhou Zi Heng is the fox; cunning, wry and playful.

JiangDong is the lion; straightforward, rigid and serious.

Both are childhood friends. Both are high ranking military personnels.

Xu You An is a young doctor estranged from her mother following her father’s death. Jiang Dong secretly loved and cared for her since becoming her step-brother nine years ago. Zi Heng barely knows her, having met her only a couple of times.

After discovering her boyfriend of six years was two-timing her with another sexy doctor, You An decided that love does not need to be a criteria of marriage. You An also wanted a man who’s more matured and older than her ex-boyfriend who will pamper her like her father did. The ideal man should also be more powerful than Jiang Dong so that she can thwart him as he’s always underfoot and a constant irritation to her.

Zi Heng fits the bill to a tee. She offers herself to him as a marriage partner. One month later, they got married. Meanwhile, Jiang Dong still carries the torch for You An, never giving up, still watches over her from afar.

Zi Heng says he will live for another 70 years. He says You An will live for another 69 years and 364 days, one day short of him. This is because he has promised to love and care for her for the rest of his life, so he has to live a day longer than her. But is this meant to be? Can Zi Heng fulfill his promise to You An? Or will Jiang Dong’s love for You An eventually triumph in the end?

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  1. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn May 28, 2013 at 3:07 pm |

    Zi Heng loves You An and dotes on her like a prized kitten. He’s a big strong soldier but always so sweet towards her, teases her and spoils her rotten. And she calls him Uncle Zhou because he’s one cycle (chinese zodiac) older than her.

    This is the first time I’m torn between the two male rivals. Both are so strong. It’s so heartbreaking to see one has to play second fiddle and lose the girl to the other. As a surprise (and maybe compensation) the book has an alternative ending, i guess the novelist wanted to pacify both sides of the fans. However, I graciously opted not to read the alternative ending because in my mind, I always like my female lead to stay forever loyal to one man.

    A cautionary note here, I find the yellow content a tad heavy, very similar to 然后, 爱情随遇而安 (Xiao Bai), so readers’ discretion is advised

  2. silhoutte
    silhoutte March 14, 2015 at 5:17 am |

    Hi XinnXinn,

    Could you give me the link to this e book as I couldnt find the novel with the link you have listed?

    Thanks, I like books with some hot spice not too bland as its part of love……hehe

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