The Left Ear 左耳 by 饶雪漫 Sharon Rao Xue Man (OE)


The book is a teen fiction series about a bunch of 17 year olds maturing and growing up into adults. It depicts their pain as well as happiness in growing up.

The plot is about a girl whose nickname is ‘little ear’ and her hearing on her left ear is bad so if you’re speaking from her left she won’t be able to hear. But supposedly all the sweet nothings can only be heard through the left ear. She’s an average girl who’s an introvert, but one day she meets Xu Yi. He gets together with Ba La, a girl who always wears green eye shadow and is very loud and open and happy. ‘Little ear’ becomes friends with Ba La and meets the guy Ba La really likes who is called Zhang Yang.

(Credit: epikey)

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