Picturesque Empire 帝业如画 – 慕容湮儿 Mu Rong Yan Er (OE)


She is the youngest daughter of a powerful clan, and the Empress uses her as a marriage pawn.

He is her enemy, also her husband.

He is the eldest son of a provincial governor, but with the ambition to overthrow the Yuan Empire.

He has his reasons, she has her reasons.

Side by side in the war of life and death, with loyalty to opposite clans, two hearts gradually merge into one.

He promises her a picturesque empire, she fights with him for that empire.

Armored cavalry, blood splattered on battlefields, he destroys all obstacles to become an imperial phoenix.

Secrets in the palace, each step is calculated, she rises to become the emperor’s favorite concubine.

But endless favoritism will ultimately result in destruction.

Love is like a flower that will eventually fade with time.

He had once said: “If I die, do not bury me, but let me live forever in your heart……”

Armored cavalry, a country torn apart by blood and tears, a pure love flourishes, but it is difficult to resist the conspiracies behind palace walls.

When he orders the cup of poison wine, with bitterness she smilingly drinks it.

A picturesque empire, the mountains and lands remain the same.

The world has not changed, but the hearts have changed.

She smiles and says: “In the end, I helped to give you a picturesque empire, but you did not give me my picturesque empire.”

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

In the end, wealth and power become nothing but sand.

[Ebook] [Radiodrama] [Đế Nghiệp Như Họa][Audiobook]


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  1. chancy426
    chancy426 December 4, 2013 at 5:12 am |

    Interesting plot, but seems like it’ll be a sad ending.

  2. Trangie
    Trangie March 13, 2014 at 5:01 pm |

    I just finished reading this novel, too. I loved the male lead in here so much. What I get confused is the ending, I’m not sure who is the guy that appear at the last screen. I think 99% it’s the male lead, but when the female lead said the screen in the wood reminds her of 8years ago when they first met…
    So who do think that guy was? I’m so confused at that part :(( I cried so much to think that maybe there isn’t anyone at all, and it’s her imagination that there’s someone is staying there. and she will lives her life alone until death 🙁 SAD! I love my female lead 🙁

    The story is similar to so if you liked Cold Moon-Like Frost like I did, you’ll like Picturesque Empire.The only thing I’m disappointed with is that the ending is open and left to each reader’s interpretation, which I find irritating more than a conclusive ending whether it be happy or sad.

    This author also wrote Qing Shi Huang Fei (倾世皇妃), which was adapted into a drama starring Ruby Lin, Yan Kuan and Wallace Huo.

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