Darling 心肝 by 长着翅膀的大灰狼 Big Grey Wolf With Wings (HE)


Big Grey Wolf with Wings has written another serial called the Willing Series.  The first one is called Darling with Xin Gan & Zheng Pian Ran. The second book is called Who to Share My Love?, with Xin Gan’s cousin Xin Chen & Pian Ran’s friend Yan Jun. The last novel is called Fulfilling Dream and Wishes.  It is divided into two books called Dream and Wishes.

I don’t really like this serial compared to the Streamer Series because they all sound the same. No character can compare with Xiao Bai in Go With the Flow of Love and the brotherhood. Thus, I will only include the synopsis translated by Seoul in Love Now on Darling which is the only book in this serial which I have read.

The person that should give her unconditional love, gave birth to her after 10 months of pregnancy, name her after Xin Gan, and abandoned her years ago, without hesitation and never look back. She has been staying with the Song family ever since, a dubious and awkward identity, until she climbed onto Zheng Pian Ran’s bed. Been fooling around with him for a decade, even during times of intimate moment, the thought of marrying him never cross Xin Gan’s way of mind. Or should we rephrase…..been fooling around with him for ten years, even during times of intimate moment, Xin Gan never dare to think of marrying him.

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  1. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn January 13, 2014 at 7:27 am |

    Hahaha….dare I dream that I’m developing my Shi fu’s taste? I read Darling some months back and I hated it too. What motivated me to read it was mainly the promise of Xiao Bai and family’s exciting cameo but it turned out to be so bland and dull. I was sorely disappointed.

    I will check out the second book after I’m done with Beijing University’s Weak Student (almost finishing).

    Btw, I was browsing through Seoul’s site and she also posted another book, 白算计 by Big Grey Wolf with Wings which is of ancient genre and the male lead is named Chen Yu Bai whilst the female is Ji Xiao Li. Maybe Xiao Bai is back after such popular demand but in ancient times (?)….and An Xiao Li becomes Ji Xiao Li…..

  2. decembi
    decembi January 13, 2014 at 4:52 pm |

    Oh thanks for the recommendation! The summaries on Seoul’s site is AMAZING. I love it. Haha.

    I’ve been under the weather but decided to read this since it’s supposed to be short haha! I actually like the female lead – i think she’s intelligent, strong and yet vulnerable. But, the plot is so ridiculously obvious and convoluted and I think the male lead did not go through a process to redeem his selfish decision.

    The book is also filled with characters who believe their love justify any selfish and cruel decision – that was really hard to swallow. But the female lead’s family members were interesting and quite loving in the end. Shall check out Xiao Bai since your praised it so much! And oooh ancient version!

  3. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn January 18, 2014 at 3:28 am |

    @decembi, if you’re under the weather, you should read a silli funni book, didn’t Pian Ran increase your blood pressure?? If he didn’t, I’m sure Xiao Bai will (I can vouch for the modern one, not sure abt the ancient one though…lol).

    @shifu, I started reading Who To Share My Love, so far I believe it’s much better than Darling. I’m upto chap 6 and to my dismay, I suspect it contains one of my allergies, which is none other than a very strong second male. Boohoohoo…..can’t take it, first it was City of Mercy, and now this. What a blow. I’m going to practice what I’ve just preached decembi…..rehab myself with a funny in btw book.

  4. decembi
    decembi January 23, 2014 at 2:37 pm |

    Hey XinnXinn, just realised I didn’t reply your comment! I read Xiao Bai! 🙂 Hahaha. He was awesome. I love him and An Xiao Li. But, ugh dislike the other part of the novel with San San and Li Wei Ran. Hahaha.

  5. decembi
    decembi January 25, 2014 at 4:27 am |

    Not yet! Taking a break from Big Grey Wolves’ novels haha. I did not read the 2nd brother’s novel, but I may read the big brother’s wife’s older sister novel – I think she fell in love with the 2nd brother’s older brother.

  6. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries August 3, 2014 at 12:13 pm |

    I chance upon this and wanted to give my 2 cents worth of the ancient Xiao bai book..白算计…I think it is way better than 然后,随意而安…I don’t like the close relationship between Xiao bai and Qin San in the latter, especially how he say if there is no XL in the world, he will be interested in QS. In the ancient setting, it is repeatedly mentioned that even though QS is very smart and pretty, XB has zero interest in her. He only love XiaoLi and his last attempt to try to save QS was due to her being XL’s sister. The pairings r very clear and Murong Song (6th brother) is not involved in the lover triangle of QS and LHR. I love the siblings of the Ji household and the logic flow of XB eventually falling in love with our blur heroine….He is just so cool as the grand tuitor

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