I Can’t Be In Love With My Girlfriend (My Girlfriend) 我不能恋爱的女朋友 by 喂小饱 Wei Xiao Bao

Ten years ago, at a shopping mall’s fitting room, Ding Xiaorou was mistaken for a third party (in a relationship) and got cursed by a pregnant wife – that she’ll never find happiness in her lifetime!

She never thought that the curse would come true. From then on, every time Ding Xiaorou dates, it’ll end with the guy breaking up with her. What’s worse, these ex-boyfriends would find their one true love after they broke up with her!

When her 30th relationship ended, a dejected Ding Xiaorou attended a “The Reason I Cannot Date” group meeting that her good friend, Sasa arranged, and there she met outdoor TV host, Chi Xin .

Chi Xin then asked Ding Xiaorou to date his friend and break up, so as to help him find his true love… At the start, Chi Xin just wanted to give it a try, he didn’t quite believe in this supposed ‘curse’. But to his disbelief, after his friend broke up with Ding Xiaorou, he really did find his one true love.

Finally, to get back together with his ex-girlfriend, Chi Xin also requested to date Ding Xiaorou……

(Credit: Dramapotatoe)

[Ebook][Drama with Eng Subs]


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