Love in Space (Love Has Fireworks) 我们住在一起 ( 爱情有烟火) by 红九 Hong Jiu (HE)


Her gal friends asked: What is your relationship ?

He boasted : We live together.

Her anger from the heart : live what live ! It is shared, shared rental okay!

In short, this is from a shared rental to getting involved with story.

All love, no matter how tortuous the road is, but some people will successfully reach the finish line, wedding or something, like that.

Female: Investment bank female worker

Male : Elite investment bank manager









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  1. Peanuts
    Peanuts March 3, 2016 at 1:45 pm |

    I’ve just heard part 1 of the radio drama by Always. It is pretty funny & interesting. The book is a bit more realistic yet not too realistic until becoming too serious. The author is famous for her humor so it feels quite light-hearted. The guy is an ordinary working class man but I’ve a feeling he is more than that. The girl is too nice to be true. Individually, they seem rather lacklustre but their interactions are rather real & heart-warming, not belly-black or off the wall funny.

    The story started with the girl getting dumped by her long-time boyfriend bcos he found a rich girl. Thus she ended up having to pay for the mortgage of their apt in Beijing. Not wanting to trouble her family, she decided to rent out a room to help out. As in all romance novels, the tenant will surely be the male lead. But this time, he was living with his gf who is rather annoying.

    She also found a new bf who I feel is another jerk. The male & female lead got on quite well. As it turns out, they were working on the same coy or project together. Then one day the annoying gf wanted to break up with the guy bcos she wanted to date her rich boss. Of course, he was heart-broken. The girl consoled him & helped him to get thru the dark days. That is where the radio drama stopped so I’ll continue reading the rest. Wah, 2 books, so long winded

  2. anniaxx
    anniaxx May 27, 2016 at 4:59 pm |

    OMG!! I love this book! I remember how I waited for it to update every single day! This story is very realistic and heart-touching! I am so happy that they are together in the end. Li Yi Fei is one of the male leads that I just can’t ever forget. He is the beautiful, smart and black-stomach kind~ ~

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