My Poseidon 我的波塞冬 by Miao Juan

She has lived happily for many years in this capacity: an intelligent marine geology student, the daughter of a navy ship captain and dancer, experiencing a crush on a young scientist and collecting her favorite stones.

Until that day she meets the handsome young man who always brings her bad luck.

Who is he? Arriving out of the blue, he calmly and arrogantly creating twists and turns in her life?

Who is she? Why she has so many contradictory associations with him?

[Ebook][Thần Poseidon của tôi][Audiobook][Drama]


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  1. therainhouse
    therainhouse June 14, 2018 at 9:51 am |

    Any other urban fantasy romances like My Poseidon? I’ve also finished the books in the Love Knot series.

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