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  1. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 19, 2013 at 11:53 am |

    Wow Eugene, you can soon rival Lidge in reading all of XYW’s books:) I am not such a superfan, only read 4 & a qtr books:) All except 1 of her books have been posted here so her books are indeed very good & diverse. So, which book next lol? How to you like Let Me Look at You? So far, how you rank them?

    I did plan to read this book but never find the time. After I read, XYW is going to revise this book so I decided to read it after the revision bcos I think the ending is open-ended right? I hope, she can write a more definite ending but hopefully not a tragic one.

  2. lidge
    lidge May 20, 2013 at 1:42 am |

    The ending is abrupt so seems like open-ending, but it’s happy ending. I don’t think there’s any other possible ending given how deeply Ji Ting loved Zhi An. There’s a short epilogue that more or less confirms it’s happy ending, but I don’t know if it’s by XYW or fan fiction.

    Rarely do I identify with the male lead in a novel, but this was one of those rare instances. I sympathized with JT for being an only child and feeling torn between what his parents expects and what his heart wants. I also like ZA’s rebellious nature and feel JT is better off with ZA who challenges him and makes life colorful rather than ZY who just mopes around all day.

    This book reminded me of Gu Man’s He Yi Sheng Zhao Mo because of the male lead’s love for the female lead and his willingness to wait for her.

  3. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 20, 2013 at 2:38 am |

    You can ask me but I’ll let Lidge answer you, lol. Although i didn’t read all of XYW’s books like Lidge, I do know all of them very well, heehee…I’ll advise you not to read it bcos that hubby is a jerk. Let Lidge fill you in on how boring that book is. If you’ve read thru all the comments on XYW’s books which are many, you would have read our discussions on it:P

    I know there are just too many comments to vet thru to find the gem so if you are interested, you can read my feature on XYW to see our rankings:)http://hui3r.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/featured-author-xin-yi-wu-%e8%be%9b%e5%a4%b7%e5%9d%9e/
    Please feel free to add your own ranking.

    I dislike EH but Lidge loves it. I like Mirage but Lidge dislike it. This is all a matter of taste as both of us love LMLAY the most. I am glad you also like LMLAY bcos I feel it is XYW’s best book. We don’t really fancy Lost Youth but you like it bcos we dun like coming of age romance.

  4. lidge
    lidge May 20, 2013 at 3:44 am |

    This is the only epilogue I know of. I assume it’s by XYW. Please forgive any mistakes because I translated quickly. I don’t know of any side story.


    He often asks me, why that day, I forced him to choose.

    Why? I have also thought of that question myself.

    Zhi Yi said, “All the hypothetical questions, they are like our sibling relationship, I don’t know why myself, just because of a man, is it worth it? Zhi An, even when I hated you the most, before I went to sleep, I still remembered you as my little sister. So think of it as betting on the answer, betting on giving him a chance, don’t you think it’s worth it?”. I have never seen Zhi Yi so adamant.

    “What about you, what did you bet on?” I then asked.

    “I bet that my love would grow cold from that moment.”

    I do not know who the winner is in the end.

    Is there a small island on this planet that will never disappear?

    He says, yes. As long as you believe.


    From this, it’s reasonable to infer that JT and ZA are together in the end. Oh, I forgot to mention that the epilogue of Evening Twilight confirms it’s a happy ending because it opens with “He often asks me…….” This means that JT and ZA are together in the end. Otherwise, he would not be with her and asking her why she forced he to choose.

    @ Eugene
    Thanks for posting about Evening Twilight and all the other books. Unfortunately, I’m just too lazy, lol, and also I read everything in Viet so usually I don’t know what the titles and authors are in Chinese. Most of the translations don’t include this information and trying to trace it is difficult since I don’t know Chinese.

    I’ve read The Moon Doesn’t Understand My Heart? but I didn’t like it, mainly because of the female lead. I couldn’t understand why she set her heart on the older brother when the younger one was much better and more importantly, loved and adored her to pieces. Another problem is that I found the business part of the novel detailing how the female lead gained control of the husband’s family’s Corp. and used tactics to save it really boring so I ended up just skimming through it. Open ending but the epilogue has the younger brother surviving so happy ending.

    I enjoyed Eclipse Heart but peanuts didn’t like it. Peanuts also said the feedback from Chinese readers aren’t that great.

    I didn’t like Mirage. I’d say it’s XYW’s worst book but everyone else here liked it, haha.

    I posted this ranking somewhere but copying/pasting it here again for your convenience.

    #1) Let Me Look At You: A story about two people fated to be together despite coming from different backgrounds and the hurt they have caused each other. Love this good book.

    #2) Waiting 4 You: XYW’s saddest book. Should come with a warning just because of the ending. I love the plot & heroine though.

    #3) Evening Twilight: A bit like Gu Man’s He Yi Sheng Zhao Mo but with lots of family drama & angst

    #4) You’re Still Here (old version): XYW’s first book so it’s her “happiest” book. Plot is a bit thin. [May move up in ranking depending on how good the new version is]

    #5) The Moon Doesn’t Understand My Heart: Lots of boring business talk. The Ye family is as dysfunctional as a family could get.

    #6) Lost Youth: XYW’s most famous book. Personally dislike both main guys so it’s hard to like this.

    #7) Mirage: No plot! All the characters are annoying!! Worst is the main guy!!!!

  5. chancy426
    chancy426 May 22, 2013 at 3:00 am |

    haha Lidge, I don’t actually think it’s the book we love, it’s more the readers for the audiobook that made us love the book. lol

    Is this XYW’s new book?

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