Love as Sand in Fingers 爱如指间沙 by 靡宝 Mi Bao (HE)

For the once passionate love, she paid back by going to jail for 5 years.

But when she was released, everything was no longer the same.

And so, she left and led her quiet life alone.

But then, a familiar person came and all the memories started to flow back…



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  1. sweettooth
    sweettooth September 19, 2014 at 11:35 am |

    Hi, I am gonna try to read this! Thanks for posting! p(*o*)q

  2. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries September 19, 2014 at 1:43 pm |

    This plot sound like the Kdrama “Secret” which is so under rated but is so good…Will be my next many chapters?

  3. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries September 21, 2014 at 3:22 am |

    I was a little disappointed that Mobao did not write more about GuXiang and QiRui…The male lead of the story seem to tilt toward DongPing 🙁 I believe DP truly love both ladies but I really hate his two-timing. How can he kiss another woman when he is already engaged? There are so little mention of QR in the story! He might be those “still water that runs deep” but there are only 3 scenes that I feel his “love” :- 1. when he shielded GX from DP during their high school mate wedding 2.their final hug in the hotel lobby at the end and 3. his classic statement “I can’t stand you not being well”. In the earlier part, it feels more like he just act as a friend who wanted to help her out. There seem to be slightly more insight on his love life while he was dating JingYun during high school. I like how the writer touch on how both guys feel about their first love 8 years later…DP can’t seem to let go (maybe cause DP and GX did not have a closure and it was at their most beautiful moment) but QR seem to do a better job letting go and moving on.He still care for JingYun but more like a close friend. JingYun is a perfectionist so I understand her final decision.In the end, GuXiang was the only lead in this story. It pains me that she is just so unfortunate. Technically, DP doesn’t owe her anything..even if she did end in jail indirectly due to him. It is her fate….just a note, the Ebook link did not show the final chapter on the published book. BTW, is this Mobao the same as MobaofeiBao who wrote “beautiful bones”?

  4. cloudandsea
    cloudandsea September 21, 2014 at 6:56 am |

    Hi Snowberriessssss 🙂 I was actually very pissed and angry when the author wrote intimate scenes of Dong Ping and Jing Yun. I felt like regardless how Gu Xiang pushed him away, he could have actually done more to find her back (something which Qi Rui pointed out). Did he actually really make the EFFORT to go and find her after she was released from jail? And he actually gradually stopped writing letters to her. From once a month… to gradually none. He has moved on with his life, so why go and bother her and she is starting to pick herself up?

    Yeah, very few scenes of Qi Rui. They actually started out as a platonic r/s, even when Qi Rui was her boss… but I think this relationship started to change into something more but because of Dong Ping-Gu Xiang r/s, they couldn’t have changed it into anything more. Wish there were more scenes of Qi Rui. 🙁 He is more mature and all…

    I don’t think for what has happened, it was because of Gu Xiang’s fate. I felt that it was because of how Dong Ping handled his previous relationships… and instead of taking revenge on him, Gu Xiang unfortunately had to take the responsibility. 🙁 They are so many “what ifs” in this story. What if she was a few month younger… and then she would be below 18. What if Dong Ping didn’t pull her and run, then she could have gotten a less harsh sentence, and used self-defence to mitigate her sentence. What if… she actually didn’t get together with Dong Ping… 🙁 This girl had a bright future. She always wanted to run away from the place she was born, break through and lead a better life. All these, using her knowledge. Sigh.

    All in all, I think Dong Ping doesn’t know how to handle relationships at all. A screwed man, arghhh. Broke 2 girls heart. Argh…. (although I can understand a bit lah. he tried his best alr…?) But Qi Rui is the man 😀

  5. Luna
    Luna September 21, 2014 at 6:57 am |

    I just finished reading this novel. I feel sad. I keep thinking of “what if”, “what could be”. If GX did not go to jail, I think DP and GX could be happy and together. I don’t know why, but DP reminds me of CZ from You Are Still Here. Maybe because the writer did not write more about QR and GX, I don’t really can feel that QR loves GX. Maybe not as deep as DP loves GX. QR is good but I like DP more. I regret it a lot that DP did not end up with GX. At first I thought the second male lead would be an a**hole that leave the female lead, that turn out to be wrong. From the flashbacks, I really think DP was quite sweet, all those things that he have done for GX except his womanizer side but I can feel that GX was special than those other girls.

  6. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries September 21, 2014 at 8:15 am |

    I root for QiRui from chapter 1, that’s why I felt cheated!!!! Can’t the writer write an epilogue for QiRui..I want to know when he started having special feelings for GX..Till their hug at the hotel lobby at the very last line of the Ebook, I was still asking myself if the link contains missing chapters. This is a story for the 4 of them, with QR having the least airtime. DP and his neuro surgeon half brother are Casanova who see nothing wrong with loving/caring for many women at the same time, so marriage with this kind of men will only end miserably. DP is just too wishy-washy with his r/s. Lucky the story did not end with JW-QiRui and DP-“cabbage”…then I will really hate this book….

  7. Dreamer
    Dreamer September 22, 2014 at 4:39 am |

    Thanks for the recommendation, cloudandsea. I marathoned through the 94 chapters and epilogue over the weekend.
    Love the female lead, Gu Xiang. It is heartbreaking how ill-luck she was. And Zhang Qi Rui is my type of leading man. Haha. Really wanted to hate her first love, Sun Dong Ping, but couldn’t in the end. Theirs was really a sweet love teenage story that was rudely interrupted. Even the 2nd female is not a hateful character. This story would have been perfect if author shed more light on ZQR’s feelings/ thoughts and GX/ ZQR developments. Just too much on second leads’ instead. All in all, I have enjoyed this book. 🙂

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