Play the World is a Big Stomachache 玩个天下好胃疼 – 老娘取不出名字了Lao Niang Qu Bu Chu Ming Zi Le


To much surprise, the little kid is actually getting married, but, the bride is not me.  I am reminded of that phoenix crown and cape in the warehouse, and feel wronged. However, even so, I still really want to go take a look at those things that I had once prepared with love. And so, I quickly got onto the horse, and headed towards the warehouse. Unexpectedly, just a few steps out, and was hacked to the ground. The screen instantly turned black/white. Holding the large saber, the guard of the plains calmly walked past. I wanted to cover my face in tears, how can I forget that right now my name is red?

Explanations for those who have no clue on game terminology:

  • Guard: The guard that killed the girl in the intro is a NPC (Non Playing Character that the game creator placed into the game). This guard moderates the plains (territory/region) of the map.
  • Red Name: When she says that her name is red that means that she has killed just massacred people in the game. When you are in a friendly fight with another player, it is called PK and no mater who lost no one will die. If you massacred someone in the game you pretty much caught them unaware and your name will turn Red which makes you target for the guards to kill you when you come in radius to them.
  • Warehouse: In this game in the novel and in some games, besides your attached inventory bag you can store additional items in a warehouse so that you can free up your attached inventory space to store things more important for you during your journey.
  • Phoenix Crown & Cape: Kind of like the Chinese wedding costumes.

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  1. chancy426
    chancy426 December 3, 2012 at 5:44 am |

    waaaaaah? u going vacation again so soon. if all goes well i might get my job in december. i want to go to china toooo! i think c is verry secretive. did u know that 水姐 is his sister? i dont think i interpreted wrong because it seems thats what she meant. im surprised.

    today i had the game guild’s yy chatroom up and left it on since no one went on. left it minimized on my computer while i browsed through the comments on shushengbar and forgot about it being turned on. suddenly some guy’s voice came up and freaked me out. haha

    i think itd be interesting to get them to talk to us in requested character’s voice like fan service. thatd be so interesting.

  2. chancy426
    chancy426 December 3, 2012 at 8:46 pm |

    I’m not sure either, but she keeps calling him 老弟. It’s just some other fan said something about them being siblings, so I’m assuming they are? dunno.

    Have you tried that Xiao Meng and Cgege book yet? I complain that Xiao Meng has too many ongoing books up. I prefer she puts all her effort into one book and release more chaps a day instead. lol I do know that Cxt8 restricts each book to 2 chaps a day, not sure if this is why they are uploading multiple books at a time.

    hehe I’m trying to find a job where I will love my job and like spending time at work. My future job will still be in the US, but I’m working towards being self employed so I can just take my laptop and work anywhere. 1 year ago, I actually planned to go live in China for 3 months after graduation because my side business was doing pretty well, but my vendor cut the string with me and I haven’t been able to find such a good business relationship that can keep me fully self employed. Have to restart everything after graduation and hopefully I can go back self employed and be able to travel around like you. ^_^

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