A Smile from Fu 符之一笑 – 读读 Du Du


Tang Shao said confidently: “Fu Xiao, you like me.”

Fu Xiao replied in shock: “Madman.”

“When I kissed you, you were affected.”

“That was my first kiss. Anyone who suddenly kisses me, I will be affected, OK? I’m not a dead person!”

“Your first kiss?” Tang Shao is very satisfied: “See, you are destined to be my wife.”

…… So his gentlemanly elegance is a facade. He is actually incorrigible!

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  1. lidge
    lidge September 1, 2013 at 2:22 am |

    The male lead is very thick-skin and shameless. A huge twist occurs in the middle of the story, near chapter 50-something.

    At first, this seems like a typical Cinderella story, After knowing the twist, I realized it’s not simply that but instead contains a heartwarming message about the power of forgiveness. The female lead is very admirable for the difficult decision she made when she was just 16 and after experiencing such a huge loss.

    A reader commented this is not a Cinderella story but more like a frog prince story where the male lead turns from a frog into a prince after meeting the female lead. This story is not really funny but quite meaningful about how good deeds are rewarded and forgiveness can not only change your life for the better but other people, including the person you’re fated to be with.

  2. cloudandsea
    cloudandsea September 1, 2013 at 8:29 am |

    I like thick-skinned male leads too *blush

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