Pen Down A Marriage (Luobi Chenghun) 落笔成婚 by 欣欣向荣 Xin Xin Xiang Rong (HE)


Faced with a chronic heart condition, Xia Xi Jin had a difficult life as an orphan. Upon graduating, she carries on leading an unambitious life as a small time internet novelist who struggles even to sustain her daily livelihood.

After breaking up with her boyfriend who found her lack of drive to improve herself  unacceptable, a drunken Xi Jin had a one night stand with wealthy tycoon Xi Mu Tian only to have the course of  her life changed entirely. Xi Mu Tian is not someone who can be messed around with, Xi Jin discovers this too late, because by then, he had already forced marriage upon her.

Trying to adjust to a new life and new lifestyle as Mrs Xi is hard enough, she then finds out that Xi Mu Tian’s brother-in-law, Rong Fei Lin is also deeply in love with her and has no intention of giving her up.

Thus starts a series of entanglements leading to startling surprises surrounding Xi Jin’s background and the actual relationship amongst all three of them. Is Xi Jin really a poor orphan baby abandoned at birth? Is Xi Mu Tian really the one  her heart truly loves or will she succumb to Rong Fei Lin’s relentless pursuit at the end?

[Ebook] [Đặt bút thành hôn]


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  1. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn August 5, 2013 at 8:22 am |

    My heart went out to Xia Xi Jin over the way she was described by the writer. Scrawny, dirty, dowdy, unkempt, smelly, sickly and quite pathetic that she even has to rely on her best friend cum roomie to feed her and fend for her.

    Along came Xi Mu Tian, overpowering and domineering, bulldozed over her and life was never the same again. Try imagining a little sparrow being slowly transformed into a swan with an elegant wing full of credit cards!! But she has no where to spend the money becoz by then everything was luxuriously provided for her. Xi Mu Tian overpowers her completely, he controls everything from what she wears both internally and externally to what she eats!!

    There are sufficient sweet moments to drool over, some sad moments that draw tears and certainly enough of surprises to keep this book a page turner. And of course, Xi Mu Tian is just the type that I like!!!

  2. Cloudandsea
    Cloudandsea August 7, 2013 at 2:37 pm |

    Hi! Xi Mu Tian is the kind of strong male lead that I adore :p can I know if the female lead is really that dirty and has no “survival instincts”. Would love to give this book a try. 🙂

  3. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn August 8, 2013 at 4:13 am |

    Haha….yes, Xia Xi Jin doesn’t clean herself up very often. But, she has got a gorgeous body (which she doesn’t realise, of course). Her survival instincts are not really tested becoz she always had her best friend/roomie looking out for her. The roomie pays for the rent and food!!

    The income from her writing is too little and not stable, but she doesn’t care, she just love to write and hope that one day people will appreciate her literary works, if not, too bad! That’s why her boyfriend finds her unambitious and ditched her.

  4. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries July 17, 2014 at 7:50 am |

    This books remind me of the Taiwanese drama SUNNY happiness by mike he , poor orphan, rich man, 1st and 2nd male lead r related ( brother in law in this case)…XiJin is really a modern version of Cinderella. How not to be jealous of her where she is surrounded by handsome, wealthy and powerful men..I like her r/s with her best girlfriend most..Rong fei Lin was so well written in the beginning and even help get her novel published. But poor guy, he just can’t take no for an answer…Now, the hero XMT… I really find the arc that such a shrewd biz man will marry her just base on impulse, unbelieving.He is a widower for the past 10 years. It was later mention he feels indebted to his late wife and end up marrying a woman that looks a little like her? XMT is very charming a bit cold and very feel blessed to be loved by such a rich and Powerful man..but in real life, I think it will be very suffocating…the plot of having women threatening their marriage is repeated used…it’s a sweet story but not very memorable….I can’t decide if the writer is from China or Taiwan…cos the plot is just too dramatic.

  5. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn July 18, 2014 at 4:03 am |

    This is a book for easy reading. No dramatic plot twists. No terrible angst. The writer is from Mainland. I like her writing style, I’ve read 9 of her books so far.

    But I definitely don’t mind having a XMT by my side, even in real life. Then I’ll have all the time to read, read, read, occasionally watch a drama or two, read again…..without a care about anything….haha…that’s life.

  6. queenofpho
    queenofpho May 27, 2015 at 1:30 pm |

    I love this novel so much that I have finish the whole novel between 5-6 hours without resting. XMT is definitely captured my heart from the beginning to end. I seriously need to find a guy like him in real life 😀 I was kind of shocking about XXJ have something to do with the Rong family…overall, it is a good novel that is not long winded, but I wish it was longer just so I can “stay” with my XMT for just a little bit longer.

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