To Our Pure Little Beauty (A Love So Beautiful) 至我们单纯的小美好 by 赵乾乾 Zhao Qian Qian (HE)

Television and novels called  male and female comrades who live close to each other since childhood like us as green plums and hobby-horse. (childhood friends or sweethearts). It is generally divided into two categories. One is the kind and love one another type. Another is the look and loathe one another type.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen and I are neither. In a very long period of time, he and I are just neighbors who live across each other. Everyday he will practice his piano, whereas I relish in watching my Japanese anime. Occasionally, when I forget the content of my homework, I will press the doorbell of his house. He is always very sarcastic and impatiently asked me why I didn’t remember. Probably because I am asking him for a favor, so I never argue with him. Of course, maybe also because I do not like to argue with people since young. I am someone who is calm and collected, plus a little extraordinary.

This is a beautiful and full of comedy jokes story. It is warm, and vivid about a pair of happy young lovers’ beautiful love. Chen Xiao Xi’s father is sick and is admitted to the hospital where her ex-boyfriend works. Jiang Chen who is her former boyfriend of three years ago has now become the doctor in charge of Chen Xiao Xi’s father. In the midst of some funny jesting, is it possible for the two of them to reignite their former love …… inside this story there is zany humor and  also funny and happy moments. Further, there is no shortage of  those unmatchable very pure and unforgettable beautiful romance. In the midst of some hilarious buffoonery, you will believe love has always existed and has never been far away.


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  1. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn August 29, 2013 at 2:53 am |

    I always know I’ll be compensated if I sound sad and pathetic enough……

    I’ve not started this yet becoz I did nothing but devoured another sworn brother book the last three days. Just finished it, hardly slept at all. Pure & Beautiful seems very comedic but looks like a rather lengthy book, are you done with it??

    This other book 可不可以不嫁人 that you mentioned, yeah, I know it’s by the same author as TuTu, it’s also in my future read list…..just didn’t hv time to even check it out….becoz temptations are all over. My octopusal body is growing more and more tentacles….my list of unfinished books have grown so very long. Definitely need to consolidate.

  2. hoju
    hoju July 2, 2014 at 10:46 pm |

    This novel came highly recommended on teiba and by peanuts, but in general, it’s a relatively lesser known story.

    The story is about two former university sweethearts, Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi who had grown up together but ended up breaking up. 4 years after the break-up, an unexpected pocket dial from him to her cell phone leads to their interactions again. Within a short period, Chen Xiaoxi unexpectedly finds that her relationship with Jiang Chen has been reignited again, although how it all happened she is still not sure about. But, their relationship picks up where they had left off…

    Chen Xiaoxi:
    She is often described as being unaware, bumbling, out-of-the-box thinker. However, she is NOT the “dummy” girlfriend. Chen Xiaoxi comes from a poorer background and understands how things are when they are not handed to you on a silver platter. This story is told from her perspective in a first-person voice, so you get direct insight into her thoughts, and she is absolutely hilarious. Literally, an outside-of-the-box thinker. She is happy-go-lucky and chooses to see the humorous side of things. She is labeled as “clueless,” but I think that in most scenarios, she actually does understand the whole situation but chooses to ignore the unhappy parts and put a positive (or at least, funny) spin on it.

    Jiang Chen:
    25 year old doctor. Top of the class all throughout his life. Comes from an affluent family high in social status. His cutting tongue is “poisonous,” and his sarcasm is soooo funny in his banters with Chen Xiaoxi. He needs face, so he will never admit to how much he needs Chen Xiaoxi, but beneath the aloof exterior, he loves her dearly and puts her absolutely first. Jiang Chen’s family background, on the surface, is one to be jealous of for he has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. However, he grew up observing his parents’ loveless marriage, and his relationship with them is cold and formal. He does not have a single romantic bone in his body (you should read his hilarious marriage proposal… I burst out laughing as I imagined the scene), although that doesn’t mean he is not sweet to Chen Xiaoxi. It’s just the sweetness is hidden behind the scenes and not wide out in the open.

    This story is set when the two of them are ~ 25 years old (if I recall correctly), several years after the break up. Flashbacks happen frequently throughout the story, however, for these two had known each other since childhood. Most of the flashbacks take place in their high school years when Chen Xiaoxi was doing a “reverse pursue” of the guy. We learn about their past: how much effort Chen Xiaoxi put in to try to “catch” Jiang Chen, how they finally started dating in uni, and how the relationship ended due to parental pressure (because Chen Xiaoxi’s financial/societal status was not “on par” with Jiang Chen’s). While there are some bumps in the relationship, there is very little angst. The funny, tongue-in-cheek way the events are written make you devour the story up.

    These two sweethearts are hilarious. I use the term “sweethearts” rather loosely because there are very few sweet nothings whispered between the two of them. Most of the time, mocking, teasing, bantering with each other and cutting each other down (usually with Chen Xiaoxi being on the losing end of the battle), but that is how their relationship works. Beneath the banter, their love for each other is deep, and they know that about themselves and each other. That’s why, when there is a serious moment and sweet utterings do happen, they are almost like exploding bombshells of sweetness.

    Summary: Firm LOVE for this story. I literally burst out laughing many, many times reading this novel. The “magic” of this novel is not how outwardly sweet and warm the relationship is. The magic is that it tells about a relationship that anyone can have — the ups, the downs, the good, the bad — but then writes it in such a funny, yet insightful way. The relationship is sweet and warm because it can happen to anyone. There are real life Chen Xiaoxi-s and Jiang Chen-s out there. Be prepared to laugh along and enjoy these two.

  3. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries August 28, 2014 at 11:47 am |

    This book has the same feel as 兔子 and 如诺有你一生何求…..she seem to like him since primary school and start her “chase” in high school. It was not as clear cut as the former 2 books as to when exactly he start to love her. The flash back are all over the place and could sometime be confusing. At time, she would recalls their relationship in University ( I guess this is where officially they are a couple, mid year of year1), then back to their high school, back to present, and then flash back again…Jiang Chen is basically her EVERYTHING…for a couple that start dating after such a long time , their break up 3-4 years ago seem very childish and out of character…Doesn’t make sense for JC not to look for her if he really hold her so dear in his heart. the book is written from XiaoLi point of view so it is hilarious at time. She is not stupid and for that I faithfully finished this novel….I don’t find the ending rush. His parent did not accept her at the end and they just have to live and work on it…a very realistic feel..I rate this just as a nice read cos JC is not as memorable as LingCao or Song An Chen in the above 2 novels

  4. Trisha G_eun (@3shahartsiu)
    Trisha G_eun (@3shahartsiu) July 11, 2018 at 1:47 pm |

    Can someone recommend me a novel like this one?
    A love so beautiful is the first chinese novel that I’ve read and I didn’t regret it.
    The book was so funny and at the same time the romance is not cringey at all but a heart fluttering one.
    I cannot say that Chen Xiao Xi is dumb but I must say she just view the world in a unique way all the time hahahaha

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