Ambiguous Relationship 跟你扯不清 by Ming Yue Ting Feng (HE)


Mistake in regarding malicious mouth as  humorous so before the relationship begins,  the ‘love’ die early.

The most painful experience is when the nervous insurance salesperson.

Meet the poison tongue and brazen doctor on ‘white horse’.

——Have not seen whose white horse will insist on going back to eat grass!

“Dr. Meng, what is the difference between cheerful & witty and malicious mouth & thick skin?”

“You love me and you do not love me.”

Chen Ruo Yu chased Meng Gu , got hurt, so she ran away.

Meng Gu provoked Chen Ruo Yu, she got anxious, so he got bitten.

Of course he will not just suffer the bite, so he bit back.

Biting each other, they turned into kisses. Kissing each other, they went out of control.

Oh no, the relationship becomes ambiguous, what to do?

She likes lively and humorous man, because she herself is a rough female, so she does not know how to appreciate the delicate, gentle and sensitive kind of man. However she made a mistake, in that she did not distinguish the difference between cheerful & witty and malicious mouth & thick skin.

Consider skin thickness, he wins! Consider the amount of poison in the mouth, he wins! Consider temperament size, he wins! Consider playing the rascal, he still wins!

Save my life ah, Dr. Meng!

There is a prequel on Dr. Meng Gu’s good friend Yin Ze and Chen Ruo Yin’s good friend Gao Yu Lan in Hey, Don’t Act Unruly! 


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  1. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn December 25, 2013 at 1:54 pm |

    Hey, Merry Xmas to everyone and especially to my shifu. And yes, guilty as charged, I’ve been AWOL for some time. I’m planning a comeback in 2014!!

    And thanks for the Xmas present. I remember the doctor very well in Hey, Don’t Act Unruly. I will start on this book right now.

  2. decembi
    decembi December 26, 2013 at 5:23 pm |

    Hey Peanuts,

    Did you buy the actual book? 🙂

    I read this after reading your recommendation, Hey, Don’t Act Unruly!

    It was really addictive at the start and kind of got bogged down at the end, but I think it was a very fun read from start to end <3

    I really love the ancient c-novels from Ming Yue Ting Feng as well!

  3. decembi
    decembi December 27, 2013 at 3:32 pm |

    Haha I still can’t believe you cannot read Chinese! 🙂

    Oh not yet! I just started reading her works. I really love her style – because she’s firmly anti-tragedy and wasted angst. The only problem is she probably has problems with pacing and ending her story – it drags on and on at times, but I persist because I love her sense of humour.

    Hmm, I don’t think she wrote a book for Lei Feng. Didn’t see any of her modern titles which suggest it. I will tell you if I do see it! I also read her ancient c-novel, 三嫁 (Three marriages). Oh, it was a truly wonderful book. <3

  4. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn January 2, 2014 at 5:13 pm |

    A long but utterly delightful book. Peanuts was absolutely right about it being a ‘sit back n laugh along’ book, which was exactly what I did. About half way through, I thought the author would do well to shorten the book but after crossing the finishing line, I didn’t think the length was that bothersome afterall becoz it was a great feel good new year book for me!!

    And Dr Meng Gu and I have something in common, both of us hate durians. But the stolen durian part was about the funniest in the book.

    But aawww….too bad there isn’t a book written on police officer Lei Feng and his qing mei zhu ma sweetheart.

  5. Pm
    Pm October 13, 2014 at 2:36 pm |

    It was a funny story but I hated having reading it and realized some chpts we’re missing…oh well…I finally found this site…it’s even got the epilogues….

    Ruo yu is just hilarious…not stupid but not the brightest bulb either…….more like easily bullied and timid.
    Dr meng is just plain evil tongued…..ahh…but I wished I had his gift of a gab… insult without using foul language…..that’s a skill to be learned I tell you!!!

  6. hoju
    hoju October 14, 2014 at 5:00 am |

    Oops! I thought I had put in my 2 cents on this months ago, but I guess not.

    First off, here another link to the *complete* novel, including the extended ending that was written for the book specifically when it went to the printing press. I searched long and hard for this, and this was the only site that I found that had the extended ending, which is on pg. 84.

    @Pm, even the link you posted doesn’t have it. It’s got a nice scene with Chen Ruoyu verbally KO’ing Meng Gu’s annoying ex-girlfriend, who tried to pick an argument with Ruoyu. Very satisfying reading as Ruoyu was completely in her element. But the absolute best part is Meng Gu, who we have come to understand as not having a romantic bone in his body, proposes to Chen Ruoyu in a very romantic way that shows how much he notices the little details about her.

    I really enjoyed this novel. This author’s humour really agrees with me, so I burst out laughing many times.

    Meng Gu:
    Handsome surgeon with a very promising career in the medical field. His parents are well-off and both doctors as well, so as a young, single man, he has pretty attractive qualifications as a potential boyfriend/spouse. His tongue is sharp and his mind moves quickly. He is not the least bit romantic. He does have his own ideas on what his future spouse should be like, but the most important criteria is a girl who wants to genuinely be with him for who he is on the inside, not because of his other “qualifications.”

    Chen Ruoyu:
    She seems a little bit dazed and bumbling, but when she is in her element, her mind actually turns pretty quickly and she can give even Meng Gu some good competition in an argument. She sells insurance (which is not regarded as a job to be proud of by most people) and, as a side job, supplies birth control to retailers. Her family, while not dirt poor, is definitely not well-off and very much worries about face and what people may say about them. Hence, Chen Ruoyu lies about her job to them and instead, tells them she has a white collar job as a manager (can’t remember the details… sorry).

    If you read Don’t Act Unruly, you’ll already be familiar with these two characters. However, you don’t need to read that novel to understand this one. Chen Ruoyu originally was tried to pursue Meng Gu because she, too, liked his qualifications as a potential spouse, and she could “marry up.” However, a misunderstanding caused her to drop that idea very quickly. Meng Gu knew her intentions but played dumb since Chen Ruoyu definitely did not meet his vision of the girl he wanted to spend his life with. A series of incidents and coincidences kept bringing these two into each other’s lives, and they progress from awkward acquaintances to bickering acquaintances to close friends to… Well, until they both realize that they really like each other’s … heart.

    The author puts much effort into developing, not just their romance, but their entire relationship. Their progression is natural and we as readers completely understand what is happening between them and why. Interspersed into this are hilarious one-liners and bickering, which keeps the relationship lively and sweet but not overly lovey dovey. Regarding the observation that the novel seems to drag around the middle, the author seems to want us to understand without a doubt what these two are thinking and why their relationship is moving the way it is. A lot of time is spent on writing out inner thoughts or dialogue to tell us explicitly. However, when you get to the end, like Xinn said, you feel like everything, at least event-wise, should have happened just like that, so I can kind of overlook the draggy bits.

    It’s a fun novel. Yes, it probably could have been made shorter by cutting out some dialogue but the humour is great, and I like the author’s insights on how a relationship can develop between two people and what it takes to make a relationship work. *thumbs up*

  7. Pm
    Pm October 14, 2014 at 3:59 pm |

    Hoju…link does not exist. :'(

  8. hoju
    hoju October 14, 2014 at 4:37 pm |
  9. Moonblossom
    Moonblossom January 8, 2018 at 10:40 am |

    I totally love this! The romance and humor builds up naturally and although our Dr Meng is a poison-tongue – he is a far, far cry from a romantic prince – he came up with the most romantic proposals at the last chapter ever. Totally cool!

    No point writing a commentary so let me just share a humorous bit. The term 烂桃花 or ‘rotten peach blossom’ is often used to refer to bothersome, unwanted romantic interests. However in this story, we don’t really hear a lot of this term as the female lead Chen Ruo Yu does a lot of reflection. This is from an early part of the book where Chen Ruo Yu and Meng Gu are at a gathering:

    Yin Ze pats Meng Gu’s shoulder in consolation. “Dear brother, life must be really hard on you with the constant stream of rotten peach blossoms that keep popping up. For someone who has women constantly throwing themselves at you and yet not being able to find even one to love at your age? Brother, I truly pity you.”

    As a saying goes – the sayer has no intent but the listener has the heart. Chen Ruo Yu chews on Yi Ze’s statement and figures that she fits the bill of ‘a rotten peach blossom’ totally. Did she not pursue Meng Gu at the start simply because he is good looking, well-off with a prestigious job? But just as he is a good catch, she is an equally lousy catch in the opposite direction with her mediocre looks and income. If she is honest, she probably even cannot make it to the ranks of a ‘peach blossom’ – rotten or not – and at most, only qualify as a ‘rotting peach branch’.

    And she constantly refers herself to a rotting peach branch thereafter

  10. couchpotato_md
    couchpotato_md August 23, 2020 at 9:04 pm |

    After reading “please be more serious” , looking for more of the authors work brought me here. I enjoyed this novel. I can understand what some have said that it could get draggy, but i am just probably one to enjoy mundane interactions from characters than angsty plotlines with poor character development . I just love the type of wit and humor the author had injected into their mundane conversations. I also love how the female character can hold her own when it comes to retort. Would recommended this to anyone who loves rom com genre.

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