The Road Turns White Tonight 1 & 2 (The Endless Love) 路从今夜白 by 墨舞碧歌 Mo Wu Bi Ge (HE)


Time flies, he and she had graduated for several years. However,  their story still continues to be widely circulated around G University campus, streaking across the night sky and passing through fleeting time. There are also numerous totally different versions of the story.

Yet, one thing is for sure is that, a few years ago, the ordinary her abandoned him who is known as the genius in the Faculty of Fine Arts. His feeling for her runs very deeply, resulting in him almost perishing in the flames and because of her, gave up the opportunity to get a scholarship to further his study overseas.

A few years later, they met again.  He is successful in his career, has a new girlfriend and a happy life.

She also has a happy and easy life.

Just that, no one knows, from the night they separated, the dewdrop has began to turn white. Her longing  has also long ago since the night they separated been flooding with disaster ……

Book 2 is the prequel which tells about their lives in the campus, how they got to know each other, started to date each other and their sweet times together.

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  1. LilZah
    LilZah March 21, 2014 at 6:42 pm |

    I haven’t read the novel, but I started listening to the radiodrama. I’m only in the beginning and I’m not quite sure I want to continue listening or even read the novel. I think I’m on the hate this novel side.

    I don’t like either of the leads. The parts where Xiao Bai takes care of You Yan are quite sweet, but I really can’t see how much she likes him. Also, she’s always the damsel in distress, doesn’t feel like she has a backbone…good thing Xiao Bai’s so good to her and so capable.

    The unrealistic gangster stuff is also a little too far-fetched for me believe. It’s pretty awesome that Xiao Bai can take on so many people and be all cool and awesome about it…but I can’t buy into it.

    Sad…I was looking forward to this novel. Will have to find another one to read now. 🙁

  2. LilZah
    LilZah March 22, 2014 at 7:55 am |

    Definitely agree with you on Silent Separation being miles ahead. I didn’t like Mo Sheng that much, just like you, but after this I’m starting to appreciate her and Yi Chen more. I suppose in terms of the relationship, this book is more realistic when he didn’t wait for her…but that’s why we read novels, right? To escape from reality for just a little while? At least that’s why I love reading. 😉 Yi Chen was pretty perfect in all aspects. <3

    I think I am open to different genres, besides those detective/mystery ones that are on the front page. I'm not too fond of the scary or gruesome stuff. This is definitely one of my favorite genres along with the boss/employee ones. I read your English translation of Come & Eat Shan Shan and am planning on reading it again in Chinese.

    Li Chuan seems promising, especially with Godfrey Gao. *swoon* Will comment on that post once I get started reading! Thanks for the rec, hopefully I'll understand the humor…probably unlikely though…

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