Gifting You With A City That Will Never Be Isolated 送你一座不孤城 by 师小札 Shi Xiao Zha (HE)

In a quiet and secluded corner of this world, the ordinary and unspectacular sparklers which you held in front of me was the single, most romantic experience I had ever encountered in my entire life.

You gave me a city that would never be isolated; in return, I would gift you with a simple and quiet eternity.

[Ebook][Eng Translation (Chapters 1- 9) (Chapters 10-on)]


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  1. ChocolateMorn
    ChocolateMorn April 1, 2017 at 6:44 am |

    Hi dramasbooksandtea,

    Thank you souch for the synopsis and comment, it hd led me here!

    This novel is now being translated by woodear from Novitranslation. We also used your synopsys and quoted your comment to add skme seasonings! I hope you do not mind, and i am sorry if we haven’t talked it with you yet. But we did mention your name in the credits for the synopsis and comment.

    If you have some free time, please visit us here:

    I think it’s a good book, though i have only read couole of chapters, but i can tell that it’s pretty interesting. It definitely has its own charm. I hope it would lure out more people to read it, so we all can spread it!

    We will do our best! Thank for the support.

  2. kitai
    kitai July 29, 2017 at 2:13 am |

    I think this is an excellent novel. Good length, and great character progression. A simple, well-written love story.

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