My Sweetest You (Plot Love) 金牌甜妻, 总裁宠婚1314 (亲爱的柠檬精先生) by 云起莫离 Yun Qi Mo Li (HE)

A story about the seven years of love-hate entanglements between elite designer Su Bei and the overbearing CEO Lu Nan. As Su Bei approaches Lu Nan to investigate the truth about the death of a loved one, she is surprised to learn that he cannot remember her.

Fashion designer Su Bei who was ostracized by everyone she knew and forced out of the country after being framed for plagiarism finally makes her grand return to China after a lapse of seven years. Now a renowned modelling agent, Su Bei is determined to investigate the truth around the death of her only relative, Aunt Lan, who committed suicide by jumping off a building.

Su Bei restrains her emotions and pretends to be a virtuous wife in approaching Lu Nan, the ex-husband who forcibly sent her away and has not contacted her since. When they meet again, Su Bei discovers that Lu Nan has forgotten her. Fortunately, they are still husband and wife on paper. Su Bei utilizes her strengths to her own advantage to flirt with Lu Nan.


[Ebook][Drama][Audiobook][Manhua][Manhua in Eng]


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