Piao Piao’s Desire to be an Immortal 飘飘欲仙 by 柳暗花溟 Liu An Hua Ming (HE)


At midnight she tried to cast a ‘peach flower’ spell at the riverside, but didn’t get any peach flower luck. Instead she attracted the thunder. As a result, modern female Le Piao Piao was reborn in a different time and space. She became an immortal cultivation loser, but got to make money, supported the family and there was also three superb masters who spoiled her rotten. Inadvertently her unique lively aura attracted the admiration of two capable persons, causing frequent unexpected incidents – a chance encounter with a mysterious purple hair golden male and mistakenly  irritated a cold and arrogant prince. One always made her want to cry inexplicably, one always made her feel silent resentment.

In order to earn a living and protect her life, she “illegally” established a “stupid immortal sect” (Er Xian Men), helplessly and shamelessly scuffling between the six realms, from being a good ordinary civilian to become a member of a criminal group.

Since she is a natural born immortal cultivation failure, does one still need the bottom line to conduct oneself?

Who said the avenue is merciless, ‘stupid commodity sect’ (Er Huo Men) is joyous and harmonious!

Our cultivation life: Hilarious! Rebellious! Joyous! Crafty!

At Kunlun swordfight, she was just passing through, but mistakenly got embroiled in some secret circumstances.  Since then, the dragon spirit awakened again, affected reincarnation, karma of thousand years ago emerged one by one ……


Didn’t join Shu Shan, nor Kunlun, but mistakenly cultivate to become an immortal among the people …… a village!? In the village, everyone is slow and crazy, uses farm tools to refine magic weapons and disguise spirit as poultry. Join “stupid immortal sect” (Er Xian Men), good welfare, good pay, promising future, can take turn to take holidays all year long and stress free lessons. Master and seniors are honest, can simply bully without resistance. But need to remember one important point: Be sure to act in a low-key manner, must not build up any relationship with the imperial household. Because immortal cultivation locally, without a license is illegal!

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