Blazing Sun Book 1 骄阳似我 (上) by Gu Man (HE)


“If a little more than fondness is love, then what is a little more than love?”

“Even a little more than love?” He turns his head to look at me, then smiles slightly and says, “As far as I’m concerned, it is you.”

In the future, we may not meet again.

In the future, even if we meet, we can only have a quick reunion, then we have to part again.

Maybe at that time, we will not feel as sorrowful as we feel now. Because we are no longer so important to each other or because we have become strong.

However, at this very moment, you gotta go. I can only cry while walking on the train platform.

Goodbye, our last days of youth.

We cannot live like a child anymore.

We have graduated.

After about more than a decade Book 1 was written, Book 2 has now been published.


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  1. lidge
    lidge July 18, 2013 at 12:30 am |

    I like the female lead’s name Niè Xī Guāng, which I think means light which is kind of similar to my name lol. Her nickname is watermelon. This novel will be published on 15 Aug but there are 2 parts so probably like Pillow Book where part 1 is published first. GM released 34 chaps so far, probably to drum up interest for the book.

    I’ve read 32 chaps and it’s a mix of Shan Shan and He Yi Sheng. The beginning chapters detail XG’s last days in college where she’s in love with someone like the male lead in He Yi Sheng. He’s handsome, smart, one of the most sought after guy at uni by the girls. XG shamelessly chases after him until she finds out he’s childhood friends with one of her roommates and they have some kind of “dubious” relationship. XG is brokenhearted so when college ends, she purposely goes to another city and works in a company as a lowly staff. In reality, XG’s father owns a huge conglomerate and she’s agreed to work in business, starting from a low position, so as to be groomed to take over for her father some day. It’s kind of confusing, but I don’t think XG is working at her dad’s company but rather her dad’s friend’s company to gain experience.

    XG’s boss is like Feng Teng & Dong Hua becos he’s very “fu-hei”, it’s just plain awesome lol. Their interactions are hilarious and off-the-wall adorable!!!! Their first meeting occurs when she uses the company computer to download a drama ep and she hides under her desk when she hears someone coming. He walks up and sees her like that lol. They get off to a bad start so she goes to a temple to wish something bad would happen to him. Next thing she knows, she hears he’s off from work becos of a car accident lol. So she feels really guilty so volunteers to deliver work papers to his house, to soothe her conscience but also to check on him to make sure he’s OK lol. He tells her he doesn’t understand why she looks guilty lol. Then there’s also the time where her roommate forgets the house key so XG climbs up the window ledges attempting to get into her room on the upper floor, but he sees her doing so and she falls on him because she’s startled lol.

    It’s hard to know who’s the male lead. When the book opens, I thought it was the college crush. But they part after college and she goes to work where she meets her boss so then I thought it was her boss because there was no mention of the college crush, just the boss. But now the college crush is back so I don’t know and there’s part 2. At first I was certain it was the boss but after reading the comments, I’m not so sure. Oh, this is so frustrating because I don’t know which guy to ship. I can’t tell even with my ‘extensive’ knowledge of romance novels/dramas, which enables to pretty much guess how the plot would usually turn out. Both guys are awesome though so I’ll feel bad either way when one of them loses.

    I feel really bad for the supporting lead, he works hard to improve himself so he can be a match for the female lead, except they don’t communicate with each other so they mistakenly thinks the other person is in love with someone else………….ahhhh the angst is just so heavy~~~ Except the male lead is awesome too……’s like 2 awesome male leads, thank goodness i’m not in the position and have to decide becos i’ll just take them both and be arrested for polygamy lol.

    Personally i feel the male lead is Lin Yu Sen, the boss becos the book is abt growing up and when we do, we learn to deal with broken heart and learning to accept someone new, we join the workforce and learn that ppl are not all they seem with ulterior motives, as Watermelon learns this the more she interacts with her college roommates and when she meets them again after college. Actually, Watermelon’s college roommates really suck but ppl have pointed out that GM’s books are abt first love so that’s why there’s supporters for Zhuang Xu.

  2. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn July 18, 2013 at 9:57 am |

    I have been waiting for this but looks like I have to restrain myself since there is a second half of the book yet to be out. Sighhhh…..why is GM tormenting me??? If I finished the first half hanging and then have to wait until tortoise GM comes up with the second half, I will probably die in agony. So, I’m definitely with Peanuts on this, I’ll wait it out until i know who’s gonna end up with who ultimately.

    But I agree with Lidge, I hate it if there are two strong male leads, I hate to choose, I am greedy, I want both!!!! Just like Ying Hui in He Yi Sheng Zhao Mo, I was so torn between him and He Yi Chen.

    And looks like GM’s comedy touches are also present in this new book. Love her sense of humour…..

  3. ChiNovelQuotes
    ChiNovelQuotes August 16, 2013 at 8:02 am |

    Just popping by to say Hello – I am so glad to have stumbled upon this blog!

    I am actually the owner of the twitter account @ChiNovelQuotes, which shares quotes of some of the all-time favourite novels and books.

    Glad to find someone who shares similar interest in reading. Personally, Gu Man is one of my favourite authors, and I am also anticipating her latest comeback with the new book ‘Blazing Sunlight’. Wheeeeeeee!

    I personally love Lin Yu Sen, and I will be rooting for him.

    I actually can’t find any details of the owner of this website – are you an American-Chinese of sort?

    Do let me know if you are interested in any collaboration with my twitter account, to spread the love of reading. (=

  4. shiyi
    shiyi June 26, 2014 at 4:42 pm |

    dear All,

    may i know if this books already finished ? does the second book already out? If it already does, pls tell me the full name of the book 🙂

    thanks for your all info.

  5. shiyi
    shiyi June 28, 2014 at 4:08 pm |

    huhuhu i already started and finished it. >< really cant wait . but for now i'll just forget that there is book no2, and be happy with the ending of book1. i totally ship Lin yu shen here. and thats be enough for now ..

  6. Joanna Kuang
    Joanna Kuang July 30, 2014 at 2:07 am |

    Very late to the party, but my cousin kept raving about this book so I decided to look up the reviews here.

    Is the main character’s boss a doctor (from a rich family) by any chance? She’s been obsessed with the male lead (who she said was a doctor) since finishing the book and has been pushing me to read it.

    LOL, but she’s been very stingy with the details, just this:

    rich girl and poor man falls in love in college, her parents disapprove, college guy aka first love has self-esteem issues and they break up due to an misunderstanding, enters rich doctor with a handicapped hand (his disability was supposedly due to the fault of the female lead??) who’s been in love with main character, they fall in love, college guy aka first love reappears – end of book 1.

    and then my cousin tells me it took Gu Man 7 years to finish book 1, so now I’m indecisive whether or not to pick this one up; and she liked it more than Silent Separation, so very tempted to pick up the book.

  7. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries February 25, 2015 at 12:43 am |

    Gu man is really slow……I give in after 7 mths wait and finished reading this book 1. peanut synopsis is correct. Xi Guang ( nickname watermelon Xi Gua) comes from a rich family…but her parent are divorce…She starts working in a newly start-up by her dad’s company and another big company.

    XG live with her uncle and ZX first appear to be the tuitor of her cousin. That’s when she had a crush on him and starts to pursue him till she was make aware of his r/s with her roommates…so their “love” is about 1 year.

    LYS actually first get to knew XG 2 years ago at her god-mum party but she has no recollection of him. Her god-sister takes a liking to him and dates him out but refuse to see him after his car accident. But LYS always though the invitation was from XG hence purposely get transfered to the new start up to hunt her down.

    XG uni roommates are terrible. I suspect one of them knew that ZX n Rong rong was never an item yet purposely hold the truth fr XG due to her jealousy. ZX family burden is too heavy for him to consider any relationship but I feel he likes her….Him writing her thesis and their long silent walk from train station back to school. Their communication is always vague so I think ZX thought she gave him a commitment that she will “ran back to him” and hence his disappointment when he met her and “her BF” at the wedding dinner. Can see he is working so hard to be of similar “financial status” to date her.

    Both guys are great….I just hope it will not be another “secret hidden in time” ending where LLC NEVER get the girl. Cos thanks to Wallace Chung….LLC is my nos 1 dreamboat….So for now I am also throwing my support for LYS 🙂

  8. Riley_Elizabeth
    Riley_Elizabeth April 24, 2015 at 2:39 am |

    Did Gu Man really take seven years to finish Book 1 (34 chapters)? Omg.

  9. silhoutte
    silhoutte May 22, 2015 at 3:07 pm |

    I was hoping that the second male lead will have a chance with XG as I think that he deserves a chance after so many misunderstandings that have led to XG thinking that he likes the second female lead. I think that having worked so hard to better himself, I hope GM the author will let him have his days in the sun and let both leads compete evenly as it is LYS won hands down……..too cliche

  10. Adnana
    Adnana August 15, 2015 at 6:39 pm |

    silhoutte said: “…having worked so hard to better himself, I hope GM …will let [ZX] have his days in the sun and let both leads compete evenly”
    This. I agree 100%. I think both male leads are great characters and I want them both to have one real, honest-to-goodness chance with the heroine before she makes her choice. Which means, I’m really rooting for all misunderstandings with ZX to be resolved, and for Rong Rong to get her comeuppance for all her machinations and lies.
    That said, I’m Team LYS all the way. I just feel that he loves XG more than the other guy. She’s the only girl he’s ever liked, he only saw her once yet hasn’t stopped thinking about her in 2 years, he was able to forgive her and love her in spite of his misunderstanding (regarding the car accident that ended his career as a surgeon). He went down to Suzhou, to a lower position in the company, for the sole purpose of hunting XG down, and he did lots of swoon-worthy things for her.
    Whereas the other guy, ZX, never actively pursued the h–worse, he actually let her believe that he disliked her & that he was in a relationship with another girl. He never admitted that he liked her and made assumptions about her “running back” to him when the poor girl was clueless. He doesn’t deserve the h, but for her sake (and for his sake), I do really want all misunderstandings resolved.

    Question: any spoilers available about the 2nd book? Do we know for sure that ZX will be back and playing a more prominent role in XG’s life? Because last time we saw him in Book 1, he seemed really angry/bitter and didn’t seem like he even wanted to hear XG’s name ever again. (P.S.: I don’t even understand why/how come ZX likes XG. And how deep could his feelings for her possibly go, given his cold treatment of her during the entire year she chased after him? There’s practically not a single positive interaction between them to tie them together. At most, only mutual physical attraction.)

  11. Mega
    Mega March 2, 2016 at 4:34 pm |

    Hi All,

    I really like blazing sunlight due to the 2 male leads that are awesome. Can anybody share whether there are updates regarding book 2 ?

    Can anybody enlighten me that at the end of book 1 did LYS and XG has a relationship?


  12. zskyfish
    zskyfish June 8, 2016 at 4:01 am |

    I have seen the raws of Book 2 on line up to Chapter 10. I don’t read Chinese just searched it. Does anyone know anymore about it? Very happy that the wait is no longer years.

    I did Google translate enough to know it begins with work environment. Won’t say more.

  13. zskyfish
    zskyfish June 12, 2016 at 3:33 am |

    Also, so sad. Was hoping it would be sooner than later but I did think if it was really coming out someone would have posted that. I guess you can’t nudge the turtle.

  14. ashachan7
    ashachan7 December 22, 2016 at 10:00 am |

    Are there any new information about Blazing Sunlight Book II

  15. MiniHaha
    MiniHaha December 31, 2017 at 1:11 pm |

    Hello Peanuts,
    Thank you for translating the first part of Blazing Sunlight, I have waited for a long time and it is now new years eve 2017 (2 years since I read it, but re-read it again last night, and totally enjoyed it, I am on ship LYS, he deserve XG because he is so loving, he lost out on his career as a surgeon because of her supposedly invitation to see the plum blossoms ((hope something awful happens to the B**** MNY)),
    is it likely that Gu Man will give us part 2 in 2018?
    So grateful to you and Lidge for your awesome dedication in translating these amazing novels for people like me who can not read Chinese.
    Happy New Year everyone

  16. SnowFlake
    SnowFlake July 21, 2019 at 6:27 am |

    I enjoyed reading this book. Thank you for the translation.
    Looking forward to book 2- but it seems like that may never happen. Which is fine since, book 1 ended happily. Doctor-Boss at least knows how to pursue a girl and make himself understood. I’m satisfied, but the promise of a book 2 makes me so curious. What’s about the first crush? Will he be okay?

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