The Overflowing Fragrance of the Fish 鱼香四溢 by 抹茶曲奇 Mocha Qu Qi (HE)


Being an extremely ambitious fish with great aspirations,

A Lian’s only wish in her entire lifetime was to become the main dish of the most beautiful man in the Celestial Realm – Rong Lin, the God of War.

A Lian invested enormous amounts of effort into eating, successfully grooming herself into becoming an extremely white and plump fish. However, just when she thought she would finally get cooked —

A Lian: Supreme God, do you like to eat braised fish or steamed fish?

Rong Lin: …… I’m a vegetarian.

A Lian: QAQ


After N amount of time has passed

#Amazing #TheMostHandsome,RichAndTallCelestialBeingRongLinWasFinallySnapped…ByAFatHeadedFish!

In short, this is a sweet and loving story about a silly and naive fish who spends every single day trying to convince her vegetarian idol to eat her. Of course …… A Lian would finally be eaten by the War God Rong Lin _(:з」∠)_

[Ebook] [Ngư hương tứ dật][English Translation]


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  1. tueysaloewa
    tueysaloewa August 24, 2016 at 2:27 pm |

    the story sounds interesting…., well now vegetarian diet including fish though, i wonder why he wouldn’t eat her or he prefers eat her raw (T_T)

  2. Boredsilly
    Boredsilly August 27, 2016 at 3:59 am |

    I gave up reading midway. The story moves a little slow and very redundant. If it was more humorous or had more defining characterization maybe i’d continue but the story keeps saying how the male lead is so generous and well-tempered and yada yada but all you really see is someone too proud and stuck up to be truly endearing at all. I dare you to count how many times the story says how generous and well-tempered the male lead is and how simple-minded but still clever the female lead is.

  3. Lifenlifen
    Lifenlifen April 13, 2017 at 5:59 pm |

    Its a good one 😀 make me laugh all the way, the plot kind of slow down in the middle, but in the end the finishing is satisfying and unpredictable

    Pssst in the end will be revealed that the female main character isn’t a fish what is she? Just read!

  4. Seyrie
    Seyrie June 8, 2017 at 5:32 am |

    The story seems simple but i think the male lead is not a good character…he seems amiable and good temper outside but his facade seems blackbelly and haughty as He is a God and the bachelor that most girld and fairies dreams about..i feel that i dislike the male lead and want the female lead shipped with other male suitor that is better than him…the girls is also play innocent but the male leads often think she had tried to seduce him by asking the male lead to teach him some belt to tie their relationship…the male lead seems happy with the girl chase and sometimes think that he doesn’t have a heart to reject the girl persuassions..but i feel that actually it is the male lead that has been hooked off by the female’s beauty…not one of my favourite novels..but i will continue with the story..hope thr ending is good

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