A Heartwarming Decade (To Our Ten Years / Ten Years of Loving You) 十年一品温如言 by 书海沧生 Shu Hai Cang Sheng (HE)

Years later, the grandchildren gathered around their grandmother in front of the fireplace, listening to her telling a story during winter time.
Wen Heng smilingly, told a story that spanned a decade. Well kids, to start it of, this is just a story.

In the first year, from a crow in the southern small town, she became a glittering phoenix. She came across a pair of man and woman kissing. The male looked rather delicious, my heart delighted.
In the second year, sick with a strange disease. She took the opportunity to occupy the magpie’s nest, hanging around his home.
In the third year, the adulterous husband flew back from Vienna. All was lost so quickly fled.
In the fourth year,  under her father’s arrangement, she became the child bride of another family, she almost forgot about him.
In the fifth year, the prospective fiance did not like her so ran away with another woman. She was gratified by others’ trouble.
In the sixth year, have no impression.
In the seventh year, a pair of  adulterous couple, damn it.  Continue to have no impression!
In the eighth year, she went abroad to study, she completely broke off relations with the family for another man.
In the ninth year, she was forced to marry and have children with him.
In the tenth year, a child was born. Because of an embarassing incident, the family of three was deported.


Yan Xi protested and pointed his trembling fingers. Wifey, you have been telling lies as the story is actually like this.

In the first year, the pork ribs she made taste very good, very delicious to eat.
In the second year, because of illness, have no impression.
In the third year, he went abroad on vacation, she was expelled from Wen family.
In the fourth year, she was missing for a whole year. He was angry with her, so do not want to go and look meant do not want to search.
In the fifth year, he was hidding in the corner, following her for a whole year.
In the sixth year, the man she cared most in her whole life made an appearance.
In the seventh year, have no impression.
In the eighth year, he had a car accident, she was out of the country.
In the ninth year, he chased all the way to France.  He carried her and walked on the snowy ground for the whole winter.
In the tenth year, the number one rival was born, so returned home.

Wifey, this is the complete and true story, did you know?
This is their story, a kind of love in their light fleeting years. Who is right, who is wrong is just one chuckle. Ten years passed like the smoke, woke up from your dream and rubbed your eyes. Those youthful years, such a heartwarming decade.


[Ebook] [Mười năm thương nhớ][십년일품온여언][Audiobook] [Radiodrama][Drama][Eng Translation]Movie]


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  1. Cloudandsea
    Cloudandsea April 25, 2013 at 12:32 am |

    Hi! I read this book halfway. It was really touching at first as the story focus on the female lead being abandoned “mentally” by her family who is related to her by blood. Her brother and mother didn’t really welcome her. Her brother’s close friend, Yanxi, helped her during the most difficult period of her life. I stopped reading after realizing that her brother is a gay and is in love with Yanxi. And apparently, another close friend of the brother is also a gay. I’m not against gay but it doesn’t make sense to have so many guy-guy relationship in a story. I checked the forum and to my horror, the reason why Yanxi is slightly weird is because he has been raped by 3 guys before?! This is what I checked from the forum so yeah… But in the earlier part of the novel, they kept emphasizing on how Yanxi likes pink to the extent that his whole room is pink and how he has a bear on his lunchbox. I didn’t notice at first but after reading the part where his old classmates hinted to the female lead to stay away from him, I checked the bai du forums. The plot is pretty absurd so I stopped reading it. 🙁 pretty sad cos I spent a lot of time reading half the story!

  2. cloudandsea
    cloudandsea April 25, 2013 at 10:21 am |

    Hi peanuts! Thanks for liking my name *blush. I love the sky and the sea. After reading Yun Zhong Ge, I was inspired to create this name so I guess that’s why you feel like that’s a name in a chinese novel heh.

    One of my fave author is Ye Luo Wu Xin, Tong Hua and Xue Zhi Ling 雪之灵! Ye luo eu xin’s works end with a happy ending and the male leads are the typical handsome and caring kind! Tong Hua’s works reaches another level… you can’t cry after reading but your heart wrenches and that feeling stays for 2-3 days. That’s my feeling after reading Yun Zhong Ge. I have also read Da Mo Yao. Both story are really long but definitely worth the read! Xue Zhi Ling really had many good works that made me cry like a baby but I’m quite surprised that it’s rarely recommended. Thanks I have read some posts on the blog and I must say that im amazed by your standard of english! How can you understand chinese so well when you didn’t even learn it? Im ashamed of myself :S

    I will definitely be commenting more in this forum! It’s like I have found my soul mate

  3. RenChouka
    RenChouka February 18, 2015 at 12:23 am |

    I REALLY LIKED THIS NOVEL, IN FACT, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST NOVELS I HAVE READ!! I really liked the main guy’s determination, responsibility, and most of all, his beauty!

  4. No one but a passer
    No one but a passer February 22, 2015 at 10:28 pm |

    This is such a good book! That’s all I can say but if you can, read it. I didn’t realize what happened until the second I read the words that prickled my eyes all the way through my heart… Surprising and … Terrifying. Kinda hurt but I like it. Don’t wanna ruin the book so now I’d rather keep my mouth shut. Figure out yourselves. Don’t worry to me it is an HE.

  5. catharcity
    catharcity December 17, 2017 at 4:14 pm |

    I’m a bit late, but to anyone who dropped this novel after reading the spoilers like me, or dropped this novel because the first few chapters were confusing, READ THIS.

    Hang in there a little and things will begin to make sense, and you will slowly find yourself clinging onto every word of the book.

    The spoilers make the plot appear to be something no one will want to read, but the author really has a way of writing that makes you ignore the fact that this isn’t usually your cup of tea. It’s like the book you never knew you wanted.

    Yan Xi and Wen Heng are extremely vivid and memorable characters – realistic, like people you know in real life, and theirs is a story that will stay in your mind for a very, very long time.

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