A Hidden Love Marriage / You Are My Best Love 隐婚挚爱: 总裁请离我远点 by 东坡姐姐 Dong Po Jie Jie (OE)

Three childhood sweethearts, three different lives, a tangled nasty love triangle with a vulgar man!

Three years ago, someone frame her and made her disappear. Three years later, when they met again, he still hated her. It took her three full years to forget Xia Yu Sheng but she still couldn’t give up her desire to see him and planned to see him for the last time.

She didn’t expect to be involved in another conspiracy, facing the disgusting eyes of the person she likes. Her heart is still hurting. It’s not like love is too bitter but it’s just because you haven’t met someone who makes your love sweet.

(Credit: Manga Sy)

[Ebook][Manhua in Eng][Manhua][Donghua]


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