A Tall Tree in the South (Only Side by Side with You) 南方有乔木 by 小狐濡尾 Xiao Hu Ru Wei

It tells the story of Nan Qiao, a career woman who catches her fiancee having an affair. She breaks up with him but also loses an important business partner as a result. Desperate for another solution, she meets potential investors at a bar where she butts heads with the bar owner Shi Yue. She seems to be someone related to his past so he purposely gets close to her to find out more, ultimately falling for her in the process.

(Credit: Mydramalist)

[Ebook][Drama with English Subs][Audiobook][Cây lớn ở phương Nam]


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  1. luciddream
    luciddream July 24, 2018 at 12:04 pm |

    Hello, there. It’s nice knowing someone like you because i also love reading Chinese novels a lot!

    And recently I was infected with a disease hahaha :3 with William chan and baihe’s drama which is ‘only side by side with you’. I love the drama a lot that it turns out them become my ultimate pairing. But this drama has finished airing and I still couldn’t get enough with their love story. I need more, like really more. whilst I’m still getting tortured like this, I need to read the real novel.

    And, with you incoming replies, I’d be happy if you could find some bye! Love you !

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