After Waking Up I Found Love 先醒后爱 by 菊文字 Ju Wen Zi (OE)

What price do one pay because of a glass of alcohol? Some people get drunk and end up in trouble; some people have s*x after drinking; some people drive while being drunk and end up getting fined, jailed or their license get revoked— these were nothing compared to the price he paid for his drunkenness.

Jingxing, a pure-hearted gentleman, just drank a little wine, and accidentally fell over from the top floor. He woke up to find his small pee-pee wasn’t there.

He turned into a she!

After some considerations, Jing Xing decided to start a magnificent new life with Lin Jingwei’s new identity and gender!

Then he also started to cohabitate with the most eligible bachelor in the country…

(Jing Xing said, “I will definitely beat him after I have money!”)

(Credit: Worddrain)

[Ebook}[Eng Translation]


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