Almost Lover 谁都知道我爱你 by 月下箫声 Yue Xia Xiao Sheng

A story about a romantic love and the reality of adulthood follows He Xiaoran and Xiao Shangqi. A past regret from their youth and a love that has been hidden under the guise of friendship is ignited after they meet again in another city with mixed feelings in their hearts…

He Xiaoran and Xiao Shangqi were inseparable “buddies” from high school to college. He Xiaoran’s feelings for Xiao Shangqi have long surpassed that of friends as she’s been crushing on him for eight years. She was around when he pursued Chen Fei’er and chose to keep her love a secret for the sake of friendship. She also saw how carelessly Chen Fei’er treated Xiao Shangqi over and over again.

A series of incidents on the eve of their college graduation causes the three people’s friendship to fall apart. He Xiaoran and Xiao Shangqi completely lose contact and their lives change dramatically. Feeling doubly betrayed, He Xiaoran who used to be like a “little sun” flees from Shanghai to a surrounding city. She then becomes an anchor for a late-night radio show.

Three years later, Xiao Shangqi has come to the same city under immense pressure to run a four-star hotel that is on the verge of bankruptcy. The two are reunited once more in a different place still harbouring misgivings towards each other. While they hurt each other yet still continue to care, they come to fall in love.




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