Amazing Sisters 金·小气家族 by 典心 Dian Xin

The Qian family is the top florist in Hualing City. In order for their family to become a royal merchant, Qian Jinjin pursues the young master of the Yan family to ask for his hand in marriage. Eager to help, her 4th sister Qian Baobao asks to marry the young master’s uncle. Two sisters end up marrying uncle and nephew turning things into one big mess.

The five sisters of the Qian family which is considered to be the wealthiest in the capital are called the “Five Beauties of Qian.” Each sister has their own role to play. Qian Jinjin who is the oldest and the person in charge is obsessed with making money. The second sister Qian Yinyin with her top visuals is a well-known socialite. The third sister Qian Zhuzhu is highly skilled in martial arts. The fourth sister Qian Baobao is cute and kind. The fifth and youngest Qian Beibei is the resident troublemaker.

As the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Qian Jinjin’s bold move to pursue Yan Yaoyu becomes a huge sensation. Yan Yaoyu, who is known as the most beautiful man in the capital assumes that Qian Jinjin fell for him because of his looks. Little did he know that Qian Jinjin was actually after the imperial qualifications that she can secure for her business through their union.

Right after reaching her goal, Qian Jinjin immediately gives Yan Yaoyu their divorce papers! Yan Yaoyu who lost face as a result decides that the only solution is to win his wife back. Qian Baobao doesn’t want to see her older sister sacrifice her happiness for a marriage of convenience. Hence, she secretly asks to marry Yan Yaoyu’s uncle, Yan Qi who is the the head of the Yan family.


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