An Inch of Lovesickness / One Inch of Yearning (Love in Between) 一寸相思 (少年游之一寸相思) by 紫微流年 Zi Wei Liu Nian

While on the search for a missing scroll of a prized landscape painting, Zuo Qingci, a young noble disguised as a skilled physician, meets Fei Kou’er, a thief who is a master of disguise and skilled in qinggong. She is later revealed to be Su Yunluo, a young girl who steals valuable medicines from various sects to save her teacher.

Zuo Qingci steps into the murky waters of jianghu / the pugilist world to help Su Yunluo, and belatedly realises that his actions have caused the deaths of his loved ones at the hands of political rivals. Zuo Qingci ultimately decides to enter politics to avenge the death of his family members and purge the court of corrupt officials once and for all.

(Credit: Cfensi)




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