Back to the Palace 凤还朝, 妖孽王爷请让道 / 妖孽王爷小刁妃 / 鸾凤替, 王妃天下第一 by 千苒君笑 Qian Ran Jun Xiao

Ye Song, a fan of fujoshi culture in the new era, one day, she travels across the space and time, and she becomes a Rani who is crazy about her husband!

In her previous incarnation she died of extreme anger after seeing the Lord flirts with another woman, in this life, she will mess up in his palace! She goes to the brothels, read novels written for adults, fight with others. Can it become a bit more exciting!

“I love the King, I also kind of like the Lord, can I date with both of them?”

The king said, “You can only be mine!”

(Credit: Animation Dong)

[Ebook][Manhua][Donghua with Eng Subs][Phượng Hoàn Triều: Vương Gia Yêu Nghiệt Xin Tránh Đường]


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