Beautiful Dreams from Nine Palace: Sorrow Ending Knife 九华春秋·解忧刀 by 步非烟 Bu Fei Yan


Endowed to Jiang Hu is a new level of interpretation – one that concerns righteousness, friendship, and love.

The Wind dances for nine days.  Fierce horses neighing wildly. The glint of blades flashing everywhere. And a storm of smoke rises again.

There is a knife, named Jie You (Ending of Sorrow). It appears to be there, yet also not. It is like a knife, yet also not a knife. It be falling leaves, or drifting snow, or a peony taken off from the side of a Beauty’s hair.

Every person that was injured by the sword will forget the sorrows that they once had. Only remembering, that young man who wields that knife, with a fur coat like snow, long brows like a painting.

In this world, there will be many myths circulating. Like the Seven Rainbows, like the Unfeeling Potion, like the Holy Mother of Miao Jiang, like the Mystical Kunlun Mountains.
There are ones that were too bizarre,  ones that were too strange, and ones that were too sad.

And so, everyone only listens with a grain of salt, and during leisure time, take these myths to spread one to the other. Those many years ago sorrows and tragedies pass this way through tens of thousands of mouth, being unconsciously chewed up time and time again, until becoming dregs.

Yet there was not one who believed; that these tragedies had once truly happened before.

But one day accidentally, you will discover that all these myths are all real. And everyone will then realize, that amongst those dregs that they had discarded, sunken at the very bottom are one and another inimitable sorrowful memory. Had once been that heart torn and lungs split, engraved into the bone and unscripted onto the heart, would through the passing of tens of thousands of mouths, gradually become apathetic, put off like smoke and drifted away like ashes.

Everyone is telling the story of another’s, using one sigh after another, in sadness dilute these stories.

When memories become stories, and stories become legends,….yet unknowing, that many years later, who would it be that is telling your legend?
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The first book in Beautiful Dreams from 9 Palace, the Jiu Hua sect’s moral prestige is immensely high. The headmaster, the elderly Jiu Hua moreover is the Taishan Mountain and Big Dipper of Wulin, respected and admired by many. The elderly Jiu Hua during his late years have encountered his perfect match, sending note throughout the world, that he would be receiving a delicate wife. Xin Tie Shi was the elderly Jiu Hua’s beloved disciple, the most prospective new talent of Wulin, who had specially came back to Jiu Hua Mountain. He would have never thought, that this Shi Niang (wife of Shi Fu) would be his childhood love – Ruo Hua. Xin Tie Shi was extremely heart broken, turned to alchol to drown away his sorrows. After waking from his drunkenness,  was terrified to find out that Ruo Hua who have already become his Shi Niang had died tragically under his sword.

Blood flowing like a sea, evident as firm as a mountain. Xin Tie Shi with a thousand mouth could not dispute, the elderly Jiu Hua personally preformed his sect evacuation,  but was injured by Xin Tie Shi who was in a demented state. Under watchful eyes, the most prospective young hero of Wu Lin, had in one night become one who killed his Shi Niang, injured his own Shi Fu, transacted with the Evil Clan, a evil doer who committed Heinous crimes, one who everyone who sees would want to kill and punish. Friends of former days have turned into enemies, and the only one who open heartedly looks after him was the friend from the Evil Clan, Jiang Yu Lou. In a moment the top of the Jiu Hua Mountain has become a battleground between the righteous and evil side….

Xin Tie Shi facing the teacher from former days who he is greatly indebted to, lover, and friends of today, was not a choice he wanted to make. To accept this fate, or to fight it? He choose to use his own life, to return his innocence. But while doing so, he realized that a fearsome conspiracy was closing in on him, no mater what he does, all would turn out abominable, endangering Wu Lin. He can only resort to fleeing, fleeing, fleeing….



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