Beauty Difficult To Marry Off 美人难嫁 by 是今 Shi Jin (HE)

Gong Qing was the daughter of the director of board of rites. She was smart and beautiful and called the number one beauty by the people. On the night of the Lantern Festival, Gong Qing and her mother enjoyed the lanterns together. Unfortunately, she was kidnapped. A man with the mask of the mythical lion-like animal saved her. Gong Qing felt something about this man who she had never met before.

  • Lantern Festival: the night of the 15th of the first lunar month

At the palace, mother Gong was determined to find a handsome and talented husband for her daughter. Coincidentally, Gong Qing showed grace many years ago to the newly top-ranked at the imperial exam Chen Zui Shi. The two families were just about to talk about marriage, they got to know that princess Ah Jiu fancied Chen Zui Shi. Gong Qing who had encountered many troubles deliberately made by princess Ah Jiu and crown prince Mu Chen Hong, deeply felt that life was truly difficult…

The heart of people were sinister and it was difficult for the beauty to marry. Gong Qing had fallen into the state where no one dared to take her as wife.  Fortunately, prince Rui of the first rank, Mu Zhao Lu fancied Gong Qing and asked for a decree from the emperor to marry her. Just when Gong Qing was happily preparing for the wedding, it was revealed that Gong Qing had the fate to be the mother of the world…

Prince Rui of first rank Mu Zhao Lu was elegant and graceful. The top ranked of the imperial exam Chen Zhui Shi’s behavior and appearance was out of the ordinary. Crown prince Mu Chen Hong was outstanding and a black belly. Savior was mysterious…

Everyone asking for her hand was out of the ordinary. The aristocracy and handsome and talented heroes; who would be her husband in the end?

(Credit: Rosyfantasy)



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