Because of Love 爱你是最好的时光 (今生有你) by Fei Wo Si Cun (HE)

There is a type of love, no matter how long it is separated, a miracle will occur once encounter again. Dong Yuan Group Chairman’s only son, Nie Yu Sheng finally come back after studying overseas, he become a famous cardiac surgeon in the local hospital. Everyone is curious why would such a handsome rich guy choose a career in medicine. Perhaps only he himself will know what change him seven years ago. For the past seven years, Nie Yu Sheng imagined countless times on his quiet reunion with former girlfriend, never will he thought he will become the doctor of Tang Jing’s son, Sun Ping, life once again allow two person who were very much in love before intersect. The many misunderstandings from seven years ago are not solved, and now there is a new worry.

Tang Jing’s distress situation affected Nie Yu Sheng deeply, her helpless marriage hurt Nie Yu Sheng all the more. Always calm and self-discipline, Nie Yu Sheng became confused and puzzled when face with the one he loves…..sometimes life has its own plan, Nie Yu Sheng’s father, Nie Dong Yuan was admitted to the local hospital due to an illness, where he met the son of Tang Jing, Sun Ping. The extraordinary love expressed by Nie Dong Yuan to Sun Ping reminded Nie Yu Sheng……for the past seven years, how much did Tang Jing hide from him? What are the secrets? Can two person who were very much in love overcome all obstacles?

[Ebook][Audiobook] [Nợ em một đời hạnh phúc][Drama]

Loving you is the best time


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  1. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 9, 2016 at 12:20 am |

    A rare happy ending book from the famous step-mum. Unfortunately the novel is a big disappointment. It is draggy & cliché so I skipped a lot. I may not like FWSC but she did write some good & memorable novels. But this is not one of them 🙁 This novel is a bit like that Jerry & Tong Li Ya’s drama Loving, Never Forgetting based on the novel called No Love to Bring Happiness.

    If you are really interested in this kind of novel, I’ll advise you to listen to the audio book bcos it is a pretty good production. You can feel that the female CV put in a lot of time & effort into making it such a vivid experience. I don’t really like the male CV, maybe bcos his voice is 2 soft/weak. Anyway he is not that bad & will grow on you. The post production & music are nice so I give this novel an extra star just for the audio book 🙂

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