Because The Wind is There 因为风就在那里 by 玖月晞 Jiu Yue Xi (HE)

He is as cold as a mountain. He appeared as he does not know how to love a person.

But the way she smiles reminds one of love.

The flags are blowing in the wind and the prayer wheels are turning. The guest inn at Yading, Sichuan is isolated from the world and free from the problems of the world.

She came to look for the secrets of the mountain and he was also looking for the truth.

She was an unexpected surprise and trouble to him. However, the more dangerous something appears to be, the closer one wants to get.

Why does one climb the dangerous summit? Because the mountain is there.

Why does one trek and begin on such a lonely journey? Because the road is there.

Why do you fall in love with such a dangerous person? Because he is there.



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