Blazing Trail (Falling Into You) 炽道 by Twentine (HE)

“A good athlete must possess positive and vibrant energy. He must be proactive and optimistic, and he must have an indomitable spirit. Even if he faces countless setbacks and is experiencing an all-time low, he would still possess inexplicable strength. Looking at him, it would be as though one is looking at the sun.”

In her heart, he always represented the bright sunshine, the salty droplets of sweat, as well as the blazing hot race track. It didn’t matter whether it was their initial meeting, when he was akin to a bright ray of sunshine dressed in his black and gold uniform, or whether it was during the time when he poured his entire heart and soul into training and competing for his new event – the decathlon, he always shone from within. It wasn’t a bright, dazzling glare, but a warm, lovely glow that enchanted all who met him.

In his heart, she was his future, and was his motivation. He strived to become someone who she could be proud of, to become someone who monopolised all her attention and affection. That day, his nimble figure leapt lightly across the bar, and won her admiration and praise. Casually removing her sunglasses, he was immediately attracted by her gaze – it was a memory he could never forget. Another summer arrived, delivering not only the familiar summer breeze which trickled into every corner of A University, but also his hollers of recognition. Turning back in confusion, she saw a refreshing figure plastered against the fence, waving at her – he was here to fulfill the promise he made a year ago.

I’ve seen you now, and have committed your looks to memory. When I enter A University, I will definitely head to the track & field team to look for you!”

He was always charging ahead, filled with an unlimited supply of courage and bravery. The secret kiss he planted on her beneath the shade of the the trees finally wormed its way into her heart. Her happiness and joy was complete; love had arrived, quietly and silently, whilst the race track blazed with glory.



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  1. dramasbooksandtea
    dramasbooksandtea July 31, 2019 at 6:12 pm |

    I’ve actually read Blazing Trail a long way back, when I was in the mood for a campus novel, with sports elements built into it. Based on my hazy memory, this novel details the journey of our male lead, Duan Yu Cheng, in his sporting journey. How Duan Yu Cheng started out as a competitive high jump athlete, and how he eventually transitioned into a competitive decathlon athlete (as he was not born with the requisite “build” which truly distinguished excellent, genius high jump athletes from the remainder of the hardworking, good high jump athletes). The realization that, no matter how hard he tries, he would never be as good as other “naturally talented” high jumpers is one that nearly crushes Duan Yu Cheng – but he managed to get through that lowest point of his life, and refocuses his energies to challenge the decathlon event instead; all with the help of our female lead, Luo Na.

    Now, when we are first introduced to Luo Na, we meet her as a “scout”, as a coach who frequents high schools in order to scope our potential athletes and offer them a preferential position in the university which she coaches at – A University. She is mature, decisive, and, being older in the relationship, is often the one who dictates the pace of the relationship, and, when things go awry, is often the person who decides on how to best protect Duan Yu Cheng, and effects it immediately without any hesitation.

    But this novel, is more than just about the love between a man and a woman; it is also about the love of the sport – the determination to overcome one’s shortcomings, the passion for the track, and ultimately, believing in oneself and forging through all difficulties and overcoming all obstacles in order to create a different, somewhat wayward path in order to achieve one’s dreams.

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