Blissful Days After Widowhood 丧夫后的滋润日子 / 金玉满堂 by 骨生迷 Gu Sheng Mi (HE)

Gu Yin fainted after working overtime. When she opened her eyes, she had transmigrated into a farmer’s daughter-in-law. That daughter-in-law had a tragic life. She was sold as a child bride when she was young. After a few years, she finally had a happy life when her man was called by the court to be conscripted into the army.

Gu Yin did not suffer herself, she set up a stall and opened a shop relying on her family’s craftsmanship, and still lived a prosperous life.

Seeing that life was getting better, her mother-in-law advised her to remarry while she was young, and she also found an honest and handsome poor scholar for her.

Until a man who should have died in battle suddenly came back on the Ghost day.

(Credit: Wordrain)

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