Charming and Countries (Legend of Twin Sisters in the Chaos) 十国千娇 (浮世双娇传) by 西风紧 Xi Feng Jin

There’s a nursery rhyme that the Fu Family’s daughter is destined to become the empress. The two sisters Fu Jinzhan, Fu Yuzhan, young prince Xue Rong and chivalrous hero Jiang Shao gather together as they grow in experiences and love despite being caught in the disputes during a time of war.

Set in the late Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, the Fu family has two daughters who compliment each other through their difference in personalities. The eldest daughter Fu Jinzhan is skilled in the literary arts. She is extremely intelligent and often uses her wit to resolve tricky situations even though she does not know martial arts. Being acquainted with prince Xue Rong who constantly needs to strategize and watch his step due to his precarious position in the palace, Fu Jinzhan strives to help him.

The youngest daughter Fu Yuzhan is is no lesser than any man. She is strong, brave even though her recklessness tends to cause a little trouble for those around her. Jiang Shao is a chivalrous hero who wields his sword as he travels through the pugilistic world. He swears to support his brothers no matter what happens.




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