Cry Me a Sad River (River Flows to You) 悲伤逆流成河 by Guo Jing Ming

Girl Yi Yao develops some subtle affection for her next-door neighbour Qi Ming. Later, Gu Senxiang and her younger brother Gu Senxi appear in their lives, Qi Ming and Gu Senxiang naturally fall in love. Gu Senxi, a “”bad boy”” in the eyes of the adults, takes a liking to Yi Yao.

When Yi Yao and Qi Ming find their own love, and are gradually drifting apart, Yi Yao inadvertently forwards a message to Gu Senxiang, which indirectly kills her. Thus, the four people’s love and fate are entangled and torn apart.

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[Ebook][Eng Translation][Drama with Eng Subs][Audiobook][Movie]


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